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I want you to notice, when I`m not around... - Mood:Bored
Saturday October 13 20078:52:35 AM |
Radiohead... Discography... Done... *Gets overly excited*.

Anyways, in other news - Firefox just started working again! (W00T!) *Refuses to stoop low enough to use IE again*

I'm trying to get out of going shopping with my mother... Blah.

How are you my dears?

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I Am A Hobbit... With Paticularly Hairy Feet - Mood:Bored
Wednesday October 10 20074:02:00 PM |
I love mine and my brother's little MSN conversations.

*Clears throat*

Him: Download LOTR online.

Me: I'll do it later, I can't be bothered atm.

Him: But you can learn to play instruments!

Me: You can do that in real life.

Him: Aha! But can you choose between a hobbit, elf, human etc in real life?

Me: I can!

Him: No you're just a hobbit...

Him: With incredibly hairy feet.

Me: Well you are an elf with freakishly pointy ears who is abnormally tall - How do you like that?

Him: Your words hurt me.

I miss my brother.

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Oh my darling, will you be my melancholist? - Mood:Shy
Wednesday October 10 20071:31:04 PM |
Melancholist is such a pretty word. *Makes mental note to use melancholist in everyday conversation.* No idea how I am going to get into conversation - Perhaps, "You are such a melancholist"? Now I just need a guinea pig for my new favourite word...

In other news; Conversation With My 13 Year Old Self by Pink has become my new favourite song, I like depressing music - It makes me happy.

I need some boots, well, want - Don't know what kind yet. I need a coat - It does get rather cold in the UK at this time of year surprisingly and I don't have one that fits me, I do appreciate having the right to breathe.

I also need a new phone, mine keeps switching itself off. *Sigh* How materialistic our way of life is these days.

How are you my darlings?

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I`m moved to Canada! - Mood:Indifferent
Tuesday October 09 20072:07:14 PM |
Not really... But I could have done. And Canada is a prettier word the Europe - It looks better with my avy imo.

Anyway my dear YT people - You know I love you dearly so please could you do me a favour?

I'm waiting for someone to come on msn, but they said they won't be on for another hour or so... I need to talk to them.

Anyway I'm not doing anything for an hour, so - Talk to me, entertain me, or ask me questions - I'm not to fussed tbh.


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I swear, you`re just like a pill, but instead of making me better - You`re making me ill... - Mood:Bored
Monday October 08 200712:40:59 PM |
That song. I'm listening to it now.

That's my favourite Pink album. Missundaztood (Sp?) It's got Get The Party Started on it too. The only song I don't like is Family Portrait.

I want to get my ears peirced... AND STRETCHED! Not too much though, only about 5mm. I bet that's a bad idea though.

How are you my dears?

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I do not have a crush on Pink! - Mood:Shocked
Sunday October 07 20075:16:21 PM |
TCK15 is convinced I have a crush on Pink... Because I just downloaded her discography... I don't! Know I look like I do, but meh... What you gonna do?

Anyway: Post your celebrity crushes! Or who people think you have a crush on.


1) Kate Nash

2) Emily Browning

3) This is the MOST embarassing IMO because I don't like her music at all... But I think she's pretty. I'm ashamed. I'm a freak.


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So all alone I keep the wolves at bay, There is only one thing that I can say <3 - Mood:Bored
Friday October 05 200711:56:51 AM |
The Clash are cooler than you and anyone you know. Except perhaps Jarvis C-cker - But I doubt any of you know him but if you do... I love you. So much.

I wanted to whore a picture of my kitty... But the image-thing won't come up. Oh well.

I got four Will & Grace DVDs for £10 today! Blockbuster.

I'm tired. Really tired. Just sayin'.

My stepdad's going out for a few hours, I'm pretty happy at this new tbh.

How's life treating you anyway?

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Apparently I look about 12 - Mood:Exhausted
Wednesday October 03 200712:41:42 PM |
My friends say such nice things to me.

Real conversation:

"How come you weren't on msn last night?"

"I was at the cinema."

"Oh, what did you go see?"

"The Bourne Ultimatium."

"How did you get into a 15?"

"It's a 12..."

"Oh right, because you don't look 15 - you look about 12."

You're such a nice friend.

So how are you anyway?

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OH MY GOD!! I`m the only person EVER who can lose two £10 notes in three days! - Mood:Anxious
Tuesday October 02 200711:19:13 AM |
I lost £10 in town on Saturday. That was for food. I starved ALL DAY. (Mum and stepdad where taking my brother down to uni)

I've lost £10 to go to the cinema. I need it! I need it quickly!

Help me - You're a forgetful 14 year old - WHERE do you put £10 I've got to go in a hour and I'm not even ready.

Help me!

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My brother has moved out. - Mood:Lonely
Saturday September 29 20072:55:44 PM |
It's a rather strange feeling. I feel kinda lonley, kinda sad but I have gone through the whole "sibling going to university" thing before so it's not as bad as I thought it would be. I'm lonely though.

I feel like an only child! It's strange.

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Seriously Amy - I`d rather you where injured than my PS3... - Mood:Bad
Friday September 28 20071:22:52 PM |
I feel so loved.

I lost my phone. I can't ring it as it's on silent, I don't like ringtones, and it's f-cking up so it keeps switching itself off.

If you where a clumsy, forgetfull 14 year old girl WHERE WOULD YOU PUT YOUR PHONE?!

I feel so isolated, I hope no one has text me...

Oh well, I'll survive. Just.

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No - I`m not going to add your friend on myspace because I don`t know who they are and the obviously don`t want to know me because they don`t talk to me and if they really wanted me on their friend`s list they add me there self! Jesus F-cking Christ - Mood:Good
Saturday September 22 20077:34:05 AM |
Yes, yes, I took Jesus's name in vain I'm a bad christian.

Anyway - More to the point:

Why do people do that?! Why? Do I care that your friend wants 1000 friends? No. Do I care that your friend has just got myspace? No.

If it's some I talk to's band I'm not bothered.
If it's a good band - I'm not bothered.
But why would I want to add someone just so they look f-cking popualar? Oh My God.

[Rantish type thing over]

Anyway - How is everyone doing today?

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if you don`t like Peep Show, you`re probably not worth knowing... - Mood:Exhausted
Monday September 17 20074:52:40 PM |
I'm cold, tired, and seriously considering buying the Peep Show DVD that Amazon recommends. It's awesome. Problem is I have no money. Why do I go on Amazon when I have no money? Why?

Peep Show

I'm still tired and cold though.

How's YT?

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I miss my sister... - Mood:Sad
Sunday September 16 200712:24:56 PM |
You'd have thought I'd have got used to her living away from home by now.

I haven't missed her this much since I started high school - It's just come on as well, I was just listening to the CD she made me ages ago and I just really missed her. That's natural right? I want to text her, but I don't know what to say...

I don't know when I'm going to see her next - It better be soon, or she could come on msn. At least I'd have someone to talk to.

Anyway, talk to me YT.

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This should help my shoe "fetish"... - Mood:Happy
Sunday September 16 20077:06:46 AM |
A shoe website - Go on, you know you are dying to...!

Also - I want these. So badly.

Awesome. Of course.

Anyway - How are you my dears?

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Post A Picture Of Your Shoes/feet! - Mood:Good
Saturday September 15 200712:40:15 PM |
From now, years ago, days ago, weeks ago blah blah blah.

Just post a picture.

My shoes, they're not Vans btw - I can't afford them. They just look like them...

GO! I want to see them, I have a fascination of pictures of feet/shoes. I always take pictures of mine/friends/family/random people in the street's.

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So I`m sorry that I`m not a perfect romance, just do me a favour and save the last dance... - Mood:Good
Wednesday September 12 200712:30:13 PM |
I love that song.

Anyway I want to use this excuse to post a picture of my dog I love her:

Ain't she adorable? *melts*

Anyway - Today's not been half bad. Apart from the fact I have loads of homework. *Groans*
I got an Edgar Allen Poe book for £2 from a charity shop on sunday.
I got two records from there as well, £1 each. UB40 and Elvis Costello And The Attractions.
Also got a Paul Weller tape for 50p.
And finally, a LOTR video - FOTR - My dvd is wrecked.

I Charity shops.

How are you fabulous YT?

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92% of teens blah blah blah... - Mood:Ashamed
Friday September 07 20075:25:28 PM |
Just looking at profiles, on one of my phases of bordem and I noticed something that kept coming up. Stuff like "92% haven't moved into Rap music if you're one of them copy and paste this into your profile."

Seriously, what? Why? When did this become a big thing to copy and paste this into your profile?

I would also like to know who came up with these statistics, because 92% of 13 year olds paste the same things that make them look like the minority into there profile.

Anyway - That was my reason for posting a second journal of a day... Which never do/will do again.

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I`m going to get killed tonight at 2am by the ghost of the man who myspace Tom murdered. - Mood:Bored
Friday September 07 20073:39:50 PM |
I hate those. I hate chain-e-mails, chain bulletins, chain texts... I mean occasionally you get pretty sweet ones - I've got one good one full of sweet pictures that made me giggle. But, how many people actually believe them? Honestly!

Anyway - My day pretty much rocked.

How is fabulous YT?

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Oh my god Marianne. You choose the pretty boy on a horse when you can have the sweet man who loves you dearly? Stupid girl. - Mood:Happy
Monday September 03 20079:51:30 AM |
Oh well, they get together in the end. I love the book Sense And Sensibility by Jane Austin, so I bought the film for £1:50 in a charity shop.

Oh my god. I had no idea Hugh Laurie was in it - Legend. As is Alan Rickman... Do not underestimate the power of both actors in the same film. I've never seen Alan Rickman do a serious scene like these before... Possibly not including Die Hard. But I'm not sure whether to call that serious...

Anyway - Because I was not intending this to be a movie journal:

Back to school tomorrow - Yay!

I gave in and got a facebook - Better than myspace more private and no random adding. But still kind of boring... Possibly because I have four people to talk to. I suspect it will get better

I've lost Restaurant At The End Of The Universe. It is probable that my brother has it.

Well that's all folks.

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Look at me! I`m a red hot chilli pepper, I`m too good to wear a shirt... - Mood:Ecstatic
Wednesday July 25 20078:28:41 PM |
I'm happy. No reason.
Watching music channels and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers came up... Hence the subject.

My legs hurting.
No reason why. It just started hurting.
Today has been the most boring day ever.
My computer got fixed today. YAY!

Read something on the internet about banning under 16 models (Good)
Might be going to see The Simpsons Movie tomorrow.
Any good?

So, hows YT treating you lot?

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This thread is so amazing! I`m getting excited about just writing about it! - Mood:Happy
Sunday February 04 20071:18:32 PM |
Well, no, not really. It's actually really incredibly boring. As you most likely did guess! Oh well... Don't you just hate it when you get a blue envelope taken away pointlessly?!

I got an ace book, it's called "The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy by Tim Burton"

Here is a poem from it...

Stick boy and Match Girl in Love

Stick boy liked Match Girl
He liked her alot.
He liked her cute figure,
He thought she was hot.
But could a flame ever burn,
For a match and a stick?
It did quite literally;
He burned pretty quick.

Wasn't that brilliant?!

I' in a strange and happy mood so decided to write a journal about it. OK, I'm done.

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