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Be warned, the majority of this journal is about my dickhead of a bf: - Mood:Enraged
Saturday October 18 20084:42:46 PM |
Switch mood to pissed off... Because that should so be there.

Anyway, two things happened to me at the same time:

1) I got a text from my bf telling me that we "need to talk". Hmm... I think he is soon to be my ex - I really don't care. I value my friendship with the closest, greatest friend I will ever have more than anyone I ever get into a relationship with.

She was really upset, so I went to see what was wrong... Me, her and him where actually in the same room. So I gave up cuddling him for about 5 minutes to go give my friend a shoulder to cry on.

Dear god I'm an awful person.

2) Me and my step-dad had a rather huge argument. I'm still not sure what it was actually about... Ugh. Bastard.

That's it.

How are you people?

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I saw Sean Lock`s and Alan Carr`s love child today. - Mood:Good
Monday October 06 20085:02:18 PM |
Just thought I'd share.

Three main things happened today:

1) I got asked to the prom. (End of high school prom) Wow. I didn't realise how much my high school was similar to a American teen movie. I was so stunned I said "no" without thinking... But then added at the end that I'm not going.

2) I managed to finish all my English coursework and almost certain I'm going to ace the exam. (Or is that a bad sign? )

3) Bit of topic, after spending all of yesterday and a couple of hours today on "Project Free TV"... I managed to get to Episode 10 Season 2 of Scrubs... I'm really just that unsociable.

How are you people doing?

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When you look with your eyes, everything seems nice. But if you look twice, you can see it`s all lies. - Mood:Good
Tuesday September 23 20083:17:12 PM |
I don't believe Lily Allen wrote that song about London, I think she actually secretly wrote it about my home town and named it London. For two reasons:

1) It fits the song better, and probably true about London too.

2) More people have heard of London than Halifax I assume.

Anyway, today was good and bad. Good because it wasn't bad. Bad because it wasn't good.

It was generally dull.

My brother failed his exams, therefore he has to take a year out from uni. He is spending the time moping around the house - I am trying to cheer him up. If he works hard and passes his retakes... He can go back for his second year come September... Yay?

Bordom is flying over me and I have little more to say.

How are you all?

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It`s been too long. - Mood:Happy
Wednesday September 10 200812:33:01 PM |
It's been a while since I wrote a journal. Hi! How are you all?

I went back to school. Last year of high school. I have less than a year left at school. That's quite frightening to me at the moment!

Everyone's talking about what they're going to do next year at college. So I've been asked repeatedly - I've had this conversation so many times:

"What do you want to do at college?"

"Chemistry, biology, maths, possibly English lit - don't know what else." The worst part is they usually reply with this:

"Wow. You must be really boring or your parents chose them for you." Oh my god.

Actually - I chose the myself. I want to become a doctor. Is it so hard to believe that I want to do something with my life? Dear god. I also got my targets for GCSE:

B's for everything except Chemistry and Art, for which I'm predicted to get A's. Not sure what I think about that.

The end.

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Yay! I`m home. *smiles smugly* - Mood:Happy
Friday July 25 20087:14:15 AM |
Finally I'm back home after a week at my dad's place... Now, as much as I LOVE my dad.

He's married to a complete stupid, irritating bitch. She makes my step dad look like a puppy.

ARGH. Seriously. When she isn't basically talking about how much of a faliure I am... She's making remarks about my mum... Which made me so angry I felt like lashing out at her.


But yay, I'm home. Home is where the heart is and all that jazz.

Talk peoples.

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If found please return to PO Box 854 Newcastle Upon Tyne NE992DE - Mood:Spastic
Thursday June 05 200812:34:34 PM |
Hey stranger. It's been too long.

I finally get my laptop to be alive and I realise how little I've been on YT.

(I've been using a mixture of school and connexions, the only time I've been able to get on YT is when I went out of my way to use the libary.)

I have a question, if anyone owned/owns a motorola phone ... How on earth do you change the date & time??

That will be all.

How are you all?

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I don`t care if she thinks she`s "indie". How she`s different is anyone`s guess - Mood:Happy
Wednesday April 30 20082:03:58 PM |
That song rocks.

So anyways, I'm bored. Really bored.
No one's on msn.
And even facebook isn't entertaining me as much as it usually does.

And Corination Street isn't on for another half an hour, therefore a half hour of bordem awaits me.

In other news, teacher training day Friday. *Squees*
But my sister's coming home *groans*
We're really not getting on at the moment. But oh well, it's only for a few days at least.
I'll just have to virtually live at a friends for a few days.

But Paul Weller concert this Monday!!!
Ahh, I can't wait!

Anyways - how are you my darlings?

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Post myspace type mirror pics, why? For the sake of it... - Mood:Happy
Sunday April 20 200810:48:40 AM |
I just slept for 24 hours...
Which considering I haven't slept properly for like ages... That is f-cking awesome.

Anyways, with the pics...

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No biatch, I`M the best damn thing your eyes have ever seen. - Mood:Bored
Saturday March 29 20084:35:19 PM |
I'm so bored.
And can't get the song Best Damn Thing by Avril Lavigne out of my effing head.

I missed work today. Why? So I could to the most boring Leeds United match ever.
I would rather have been at work.

In other news, it's my birthday on Monday! W00t!!

Talk people.

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Oh my god, talk about f-cking over-reacting!!!! - Mood:Shocked
Friday March 28 200810:29:08 AM |
So yesterday, me and my step-dad had a little be of a arguement that got a little out of hand.

And by that I mean he grabbed me by the neck and tried to chuck me across the room. The scariest thing about the whole ordeal? He was stone cold sober.

But now I've had a couple of cans of relentless I'm fine. Caffiene works wonders when you don't sleep properly.

*Waits for someone to lecture her about drinking to much relentless and the continues*

Anyway, on a lighter note, I am offically inlove.
With this song

Talk people.

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Trying to find the magic, trying to write a classic... - Mood:Bored
Tuesday March 18 20086:23:49 PM |
I have TERRIBLE music taste.

Anyways, I called one person and spent hours on the phone to them... I don't tell them the one thing I plan on telling them. I really am a total coward.

And seriously, the friend in question, lets call her John. Why? Because I'm lacking in imagination at this very moment in time - keeps having crisis's at ridiculous times in the morning... Which I don't mind... Until I go an entire week with two hours sleep, which I'm used to - but usually sleep all day at the weekend... But no. Not this time.

God, I love Relentless. But I can't complain, because that would make me a bloody hypocrite.

Talk people!!

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Who`s smexi now biatch?? - Mood:Sexy
Saturday March 15 20087:19:55 PM |
Pffttt I'm feeling like a journal whore today, why? 'Cause I have two journals in like a couple of hours. But I haven't been on YT in a while.

Anyways, I feel like a smexi biatch. Why? Not sure. Probably the sudden mood swing of hyper-ness which is making me feel overjoyed and happy with my life right now.

Also Ana Matronic is hott. That's right, so hot that hot deserves two t's. Actually lets just call her smexi 'cause I'm liking that word at the moment.

Talk bitches.

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I could throw you in the lake and feed you poison birthday cake - Mood:Happy
Saturday March 15 20085:44:47 PM |
Scissor Sisters

Seriously, I've fallen inlove with the scissor sisters, I deserve to be shot!!

I started work today! It was awesome, apart from the fact I was an hour late due to over sleeping... But apart from the it was awesome. Good job it's voluntary.

I want to get something peirced. Dunno what, and my hair dyed, not sure what.

What would suit me YT...?
I don't have a recent photo that shows me very well so try and mix these two together.

Opinions people!!!

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Do you think my friend would mind if I stole her rat? - Mood:Good
Friday March 07 20081:32:47 PM |
Why do I want a rat I hear you ask?

Fricking gorgeous!
And they're pretty easy to take care of, and probably cheaper than my current dog and two cats.
Just one problem...

And I don't think my mum would appreciate it.

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Slytherin is not so simple we want something more... - Mood:Happy
Wednesday February 20 20085:16:28 PM |
If you don't have this simple skill we'll show you to the door

That song rocks.
Had to be said.

I'm tired. But wide awake.
How does that work? I'm not sure.

Anyways, I'm going to Newcastle to see Noughts and Crosses being performed at the theatre on Saturday, so since that is one of my favourite books of all time - I'm a happy chickadee.

How are you my dearest YT?

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Here in my mind, all these voices... - Mood:Good
Wednesday February 20 200811:05:51 AM |
Regina Spektor.

So now I have the whole story my rant yesterday was completely pointless. Not that any of you understood what was going on anyways.

I'm sleepy.
Dead sleepy.
But I don't want to go to sleep.
Not in a sleeping mood.

I'm bored - I suppose you could argue that sleeping would kill my bordem... But that's not the point.

How is the ever so delightful YT?

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I wish I`d kissed you before that Potter kid... - Mood:Happy
Sunday February 17 20083:30:08 PM |
That is one awesome song.

Everyone on msn but on person on msn is set to "busy". Should I just get the hint?? Oh well, the person I'm currently talking to is pretty awesome!

Ahhh, school tomorrow - fun. Oh well, I'll survive! Just.

Ohh, but I'm going to Newcastle to see my sister this weekend! So that's something to look forward too!

So how is the delightful YT?

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I like to behave in an extremely normal, wholesome manner for the most part in my daily life. - Mood:Exhausted
Saturday December 01 20077:27:45 PM |
Why hello there, thank you for entering my delightful thread.

Well, I am tired and can't sleep - so YT seemed like the obvious option. If I'm still awake in half an hour I'll watch a film, possibly Sense And Sensibility, I haven't decided yet.

Why do I always feel the need to call people at half midnight? People I know all have social lives and have a tendency to sleep. Odd people.

How are you my dears?

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We used to talk about girls who play guitars... - Mood:Lovestruck
Sunday November 18 20079:51:09 AM |
Maximo Park

My day so far:

I've lost my mobile, again. I swear I left it on my desk... But apparently I didn't! I need my phone.

Anyway, it'll turn up... Or at least it better do. But any advice about where it could be would be helpful.

Also: I want a new ipod for christmas - I found one that's under £150 and holds 2000 songs. So I'm a happy chick-a-dee.

Anyway, how is your day?

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My mouth is dry and my heart goes boom... - Mood:Lovestruck
Friday November 09 200712:03:17 PM |
That's how I feel every time I lay my eyes on you. Ahh, the joys of having one gorgeous crush... And her being quite a bit older than your self. God I wish I was older.

Whoever said that your school days are the best days of your life should go choke and die. Seriously, I can't imagine EVER wanting to go back to my school days. EVER. F-cking nightmare.

Anyway, for some reason when ever I write a journal I see to be listening to Pink. Odd.

How are you my dears?

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I want a sega megadrive... - Mood:Good
Monday October 29 20072:43:39 PM |
Because the old consoles are the best!

I found one on ebay for £10... And I think I could pick it up from Rochdale. I'd just get someone to pick it up for me. BUT - I have £5 left on my card because I needed £10 credit. Damn money.

I'm also ill. Not good. I'm feeling so restless.

How are you anyway?

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I have decided that if I do anything for Halloween I am going as Ginny Weasley... - Mood:Good
Friday October 19 20073:59:55 PM |
Due to the fact that it would be the easiest costume ever as all I need it a Gryfinndor tie.

I might get a green and red and and make a Slythendor badge... Hmmm...

Anyway: Bellatrix Lestrange is hot.

I'm such a fangirl...

I've been denying it for so long...

Oh well.

What are your Halloween plans?

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Winky The Killer House Elf! - Mood:Good
Thursday October 18 20075:33:35 PM |
I am blessing you with a taster of my fanfic about Winky seeking revenge upon the evil force that is Hermione.

"SPEW. The society for the "protection" of elvish welfare. This has been the only thing keeping me alive for the last three years. Night after night planning my revenge against the evil force that is Hermione Jean Granger. Her desire to force us from our simple ways serving our masters is the driving force behind my many atempts at her life.

My first such attempt at her life ocurred not long after winter had ended two years ago. I had been following her for some time but the nature of my powers mean that, even with her amazing mind, she suspected nothing. Her weakneses were not easy to find, being a very able young witch. One of them being her obsession with her school work coupled with her suseptability to lose her nerve under pressure. However, weakness I initaly took advantage of what was purely her attitude towards house elves."

Feel free to c

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Bellatrix Lestrange And Sirius Black should so get together... - Mood:Bored
Thursday October 18 20078:13:50 AM |
I'm writing another fanfic where this happens, they fall in love at Hogwarts, I started writing it last night and didn't stop for a break until about 4 O'Clock in the morning. I just got out of bed.

Anyway, I was going to write a fanfic about Bellatrix falling in love with a half-blood girl... But I decided I could create it better as I know enough about Sirius and Bellatrix. Bellatrix is going to leave him for Lord Voldermort - That's why they hate eachother so much...

I might add an affair with the half-blood girl in there. I shall create a new character!

Ahhh, I love writing fanfics.

How is everyone?

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And on the radio, we heard November Rain, that solo`s real long - But it`s a pretty song. - Mood:Happy
Sunday October 14 20075:39:22 AM |
Why hello there young miss/sir who to my delight entered my journal.

I want to text someone - But it's sickeningly early... My friends will probably still be asleep. Sometimes, needing about 3 hours sleep can be a bitch - Seriously.

But I feel all refreshed, which is good. Where as last night I was exhausted - Therefore incredibly depressed.

I'm listening to On The Radio - Regina Spektor, now that IS a pretty song.

And the new text/journal subjects look pretty IMO. Yes, I know there have been many-a threads about it.

Talk to me!

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