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Male, 76 years old
montclair, belair, Eastern US

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Interests: Music / Nudism / Traveling / Science / Cats
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Birthday:8/12/1945 (76 Years Old)
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Occupation: geekxcore
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Preference: Straight
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Politics: Moderate
Fav. Movie: barney goes to hell
Fav. TV Show: I hardly watch Tv
Fav. Book: one fish two fish red fish blue fish
Fav. Song: if ionly had a brain
Fav. Food: poop
Fav. Car: stationwagon
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My throat commited suicide - Mood:Exhausted
Thursday February 17 20057:35:12 AM |
I woke up this morning and it died. It was just dead. It hurts so much, I can't talk and I can hardly drink (with a certain amount of pain). My lungs are in pain, this is really not cool. So I am tkaing the day off in hope I can get better for friday when I leave for Vermont to go snowboarding. I better, that would suck so much if I don't...
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Score! - Mood:Good
Saturday February 05 200512:18:59 PM |
So I am at my aunts in the city (NY) and highjacking someones connection in her building is great. She doesn't have her own internet connection, she just uses her laptop to tap into other peoples wireless networks. It's so fun... Free internet!
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Uhhh sooo cold..... - Mood:Good
Friday January 28 20059:07:20 AM |
My mother dropped me off at school at 8 to take my last exam and it turns out it's not to till 10. So I called my mother to pick me up and started to walk home. She didn't pick up the 6 times I called her and it was -1 F outside and I have to say it was probably the coldest I've ever been. The inside of my ears started to hurt, never mind the outside of them, couldn't feel those. I put my mouth and nose in my scarf and then some of my breath was fogging up my glasses and then that froze onto my glasses. All in all it was crappy trip home, I never got picked up because my mom sucks. Moral of the story don't leave your house.... ever.
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MEOW! (= I got a cat today) - Mood:Good
Saturday January 08 20059:50:29 PM |
So I have a cat and I'm very happy. She's so cute! I haven't decided what to call her yet, the people at the shelter named her "Dancer" but I'm not to sure about that... She's 11 weeks, pretty freaked out at the moment but she should start to warm up soon.
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OO man - Mood:Spent
Tuesday January 04 20059:15:40 PM |
I returned from England on Sunday evening. It was good to be back even if it was only for a week. I managed to see most of my friends, went into London a couple of times, saw some movies. I house hopped which was fun. New Years I went to TWO parties. Yeah the parties were actually kinda crap but that's ok but I juggled a squash, a banana and an orange for my drunken friend’s entertainment. It sucks to be back at school. I just found out I get a grand total of ONE, yes ONE, whole day off for Easter opposed to the two weeks that I had in England. I wanted to go back then but it looks like that won’t be happening. Ahh well…
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Now that I can be a whore.. - Mood:Good
Thursday November 25 200412:50:25 PM |
... I'm going to be!

My little sister abby

Little picture of I

What cats really think

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Best Day ever - Mood:Good
Thursday November 25 200412:04:48 PM |
I just bought a key, how fun. I've been coming on here for like 2 years. I thought it was about time. Look at the little key, hehehehe.
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Do they just go downhill from now? - Mood:Good
Tuesday November 23 20043:17:26 PM |
My birthday was yesterday (17 now) and it didn't really seem like anything. I always remember being really happy on my birthdays when i was younger. It was my day. Now its just like any other but with some stuff given to you.
Have you found as you go up in age birthdays are less and less exciting?
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oo that`s nice. - Mood:Good
Thursday October 07 20049:05:09 AM |
I found out I have a half day at school, yay! I also have a "study hall" now. A lesson where I can come on YT. I also have monday off and get to go home at 10:30 because of the PSAT on wednesday. Be jelous of the lack of work I have to do.
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"I want to smoke weed with the new kid." - Mood:Good
Friday October 01 20042:19:41 PM |
I was talking to this guy I have sort of befriended and he was telling me that some of his friends are saying they want to smoke weed with me Some other girl he knows randomly asked him if I smoke pot too. I don’t smoke weed, I hate the stuff. I guess I look like stoner though.
Do you look like you smoke the ganja even though you don’t?
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Does anyone know.... - Mood:Good
Tuesday September 28 20045:06:13 PM |
...what the Terra Nova tests are? My mother recieved a letter today saying I have to take this tomarrow and on friday. What are they for, are they on a specific subjects?
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1000 posts!! - Mood:Good
Sunday September 12 20046:58:09 PM |
*Does a little dance* Only took me a year and 8 months. I have two stars now, I am happy.
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Always call a plumber....I just found out why. - Mood:Hysterical
Tuesday September 07 20043:08:23 PM |
So my mom clogged our sinks about two weeks ago. She put some coffee grinds down the kitchen sink which also clogged the bathroom sink and we have been fighting with it ever since. We tried to use this "heavy duty drain opener", two bottles of it. That didn't work so today my mom told me to get soemthing else because if we used the other stuff any more our pipes would start to corroad (sp?) So I bought some of this drain opener for organic materials. I thoguht it was working after the first dose but I was sadly mistaken. So I put some more in bathroom sink and waited.
I went into the bathroom and one of the pipes had come loose and this crap was all over the floor. It has a choking smell to it. I got some rubber gloves on and an old towel and started to mope this sh*t up holding my beath. My head is spinning at the moment. I must have skilled a few thousand brain cells. I moped and washed the floor in there but the smell is still lingering around.
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working 5 an a half hours straight on my website - Mood:Good
Thursday September 02 200412:35:54 PM |
Yummy special fried rice for a reward. I re-did the layout, pretty much the same content. Do you like? Whatcha think?
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I have no friends - Mood:Lonely
Wednesday September 01 20044:40:14 PM |
My closest friend is in WI and she is like the only in the country. That sucks.... I have nothing to do and school doesnt start till the 9th. I took my friend that was visiting from england to the airport today, I was sad. I was going to go back to england tomarrow for 4 days but in the hour that it took to take my friend the the airport tickets cost $700 more (wft is with that?!) Whatever, will be my friend? I can juggle and entertain you!
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This is where I was today, what about you? - Mood:Good
Sunday August 29 20044:41:51 PM | friend is staying with me so we decided go to New York. Silly me forgot about allthe protest so we decided to walk with them for the whole day. We started here. After the fire was put out a small riot broke out. We run away to avoid getting trammpled by 6 men on horses and about 35 cops. What did you do today?
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Bedtime - Mood:Spent
Saturday August 28 20041:07:42 AM |
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I am new again - Mood:Shocked
Friday August 27 200411:03:37 PM |

August 27 2004
11:02:03 PM
[ Delete Post "> I feel like I am new to YT after not being on it for like 2 months. I know I know, it IS a long time. But I couldn't get to a computer at my dads. Well I could but roughing it ona 7 year old, AOL poisoned, dial up computer was beyond me. To many new people in 2 months.
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Moving home (kinda) - Mood:Good
Saturday August 14 200411:23:25 AM |
SoI've moved back to the states this summer after 6 years of living in England. It's going to be so wierd. I'm moving to New Jersey (I used to live in CT ). I have to go to an american highschool and ahh I am just worried. The schools over here are so much different. Lame as bob. I havent been able to come on youthink for like a month! I've been at my dads who has a super slow 7 year old computer, dail up and AOL! I can only handle checking and writing emails on that machine. Oo man home sweet home... I geuss
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*cries* terrible experiance for the past 24 horus - Mood:Ecstatic
Sunday June 20 20048:47:08 AM |
Don't worry I am ok now but I WASN'T ON THE COMPUTER FOR OVER 24 HOURS!!!!!!! It was horrilbe. *cough cough* I am not a loser *cough* I am on now so it is aaallll good!
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Am I a Newb target?!!?!?!? - Mood:Confused
Wednesday May 26 20045:48:23 AM |
WHY! In the past 4 days I've had 5 n00b pm me. Go away I don't to talk to you, your annoying me now. Does anyone else have this problem?
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Only 500 post and I`ve been here for over a year. - Mood:Good
Thursday May 20 20045:17:00 AM |
Umm I am going to post more from now on. I've been coming on You Think now just about every day for over and a year and I have few posts. I feel sad now. More post from me to come!!
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Study leave sucks - Mood:Bored
Tuesday May 18 20045:04:36 AM |
I'm off school for a month now. I only have to come in when I have exams and my first is next week. This is goig to be a long month.... I geuss it's ok, all I really have to do is sit on my behind and attempt to revise some. Thats going to get old very fast. Is anyone else in the UK on their study leave yet?
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My friend was hit by a car last night - Mood:Frightened
Sunday May 02 20043:31:29 AM |
He was hit at 40 miles an hour and theres about an 80% chance that you would be killed. He is ok though! He only has a hairline fracture in his jaw, and had to spend the night in the hospital for observations. Scary stuff though *sigh of rele
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My A levels - Mood:Good
Monday April 26 200411:22:33 AM |
This is what I picked to do in September:
Chemistry or Philosophy and Ethics (depending on what school I go to)
If your in the UK, what did you do? I'm really not going to have a life with these choices. I'm doing 2 of the hardest A levels and maybe a third. Oo well.
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