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Female, 28 years old
so small it`s not even funny, TEXAS!!! (as if you can`t guess from the layout!), Southern US

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`What Hurts the Most` Rascal Flatts
I love this song!!!

Interests: History / Books / Writing / Dogs / Dancing
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Occupation: student :)
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Fav. Movie: Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Remember the Titans
Fav. TV Show: Stargate, American Idol
Fav. Book: any mystery, historical fiction, sci-fi stuff...
Fav. Song: `My Wish` by Rascal Flatts
Fav. Food: steak and Dad`s homemade french fries!
Fav. Car: since I can`t drive.... any car would be nice!
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Hmmm.... Thinking about leaving... - Mood:Confused
Saturday March 10 20076:45:04 PM |
I think I might close my acount here. What do you think? Here are my reasons:

1. I'm not even supposed to have this accound or profile (parents have outlowed this sort of thing).

2. It's really distracting me from my schoolwork. Whenever I'm on the computer for school research stuff, I always come to this site and stay a good hour, and then lie to my parents and sister and say I've been doing schoolwork.

3. I don't really even know that many people on here, so I don't think I'll be missed.

I may open another account during the summer or something, after school is over for the year.

What do you think?

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Is there any point?!?! - Mood:Bored
Tuesday February 20 20075:24:29 PM |
Ugh. I just finished reading a book on Greek mythology for school. Normally I would love to read it, but the fact that it's for school kinda sucks the fun out. Why do all their freakin god have to have two or three names!?!?! ugh!

Anyway, how's life with all of ya'll who have the priviledge of NOT going to school, and instead have boring 9-to-5 desk jobs and weird co-workers to endure?

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Just a few things.... - Mood:Bored
Monday February 19 20077:36:04 PM |

1. Does algebra stink everywhere, or is it just my teacher? She sucks at explaining everything, so (over) half the kids are failing!

2. Are there people on here that actually *have* a life offline?

and 3. Have any tips on surviving a weekend trip to my grandparents? My little bratty 7 yr. old cousin lives near them, and always comes over when we visit. Don't people understand that I have a TON of schoolwork that I have to do over the weekend?!?! Kinda difficult when your cousin runs around calling your name even if you just leave for a sec to go to the bathroom! ugh!!

and last one... 4: Any tips on making the 4-5 hour long car ride to my grandparents house bearable? (I used to read, but now I've started getting carsick)

Ok, that it! Now that all that's out, how has ya'lls day been going?

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ugh!!!! Stupid school paper!! - Mood:Bad
Tuesday February 13 20075:37:30 PM |
I have a paper, short story, actually, due tomorrow, and I've barely done anything on it! I know, I'm a procrastinator! (procrastinators unite!.... tomorrow!) But I haven't really had that much time this week to work on it. Actually, if I spent less time on here, I'd probably have it done by now!

Oh, well!

Any ideas plot ideas for the next paper? Or this one, even?

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Anyone have any advice???? - Mood:Confused
Thursday February 08 20071:26:23 PM |
Hey, does anyone have any advice for what to do when everyone in your class doesn't like you now because your teacher does?

You see, my teacher has a habit of taking to people's papers and writing assignments and reading them to the class, one as an example of what to do, and one as an example of what NOT to do. For the past three times, she's picked my paper to be the 'what to do' paper and one of my friends as that 'dont do this' paper. I hate it when she does this, because I have a hard enough time making friends anyway (I'm really shy and hate being in the spotlight). I know that there's no way I can get my teacher to stop doing this, but is there anything I can to from keeping the kids in my class from hating me? I hate it when they make little comments like 'that's why she didn't get an A++ instead of an A+', and 'hey, stop writing like that. You're making the rest of us look bad'. Any adive?

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Yay!!! I`m going to be in a wedding!!!! - Mood:Ecstatic
Saturday January 20 20071:15:25 PM |
YAAA!!!! I just found out last night that my cousin is getting married! And she wants me and my sister to be her bridemaids!!! This is the first time I'm going to be in a wedding. I was almost a flower girl in my aunt's, but because of certain personal reasons, my mom wouldn't let me! The only bad part is that I'll have to wear a dress :( Oh well, I'll do it for my cousin!

Her boyfriend is really sweet, he came over to our house with our cousin for New Year's Eve. Anyway, they're going to get married sometime in August! Yay!

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AAHHHH!!! Talk about embarrasing! - Mood:Embarrassed
Saturday January 06 20075:21:57 PM |
ok, what do you do when the most immature 12 year old in the world tells you that he has a major crush on you?!?!

Here's what happened:

My sister and I were at my parent's friend's house while our parents went out for the night. We were watching a movie on the couch with our friend's son (he's a year or so younger than me), and throughout the movie he just kept on inching closer to me and nudging my feet with his and smiling all weird. I was half asleep and didn;t really notice until he was like a half inch away from me.

Then he started leaning over and saying stuff like 'you look lovely tonoght' and 'you have beautiful eyes'. He's always been a little 'different' so I didn't really think anything of it until after the movie was over and we went back to his room to look at his little lego stuff.

Back in his room, he said he liked me and kissed me on the cheek!?!?! It was like something out of a corny soap opera!
He was totally embarrased when I told him I just like him as

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Ugh....schoolwork..... - Mood:Overwhelmed
Thursday January 04 200712:20:57 PM |
ugh.... I just now realized that school starts up this next week, and I've barely done any of the stuff my teachers assigned over the holidays. So I officially have three days to do about a hundred Algebra problems, study for a whopping ancient history test, read a chapter and science, and a bunch of other stuff. Now I know why Mom always told me not to procrastinate :(
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