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Female, 43 years old
Akron, OH, Eastern US

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YT is way too boring today. - Mood:Good
Wednesday March 04 200910:53:26 AM |
I'm sitting here second-guessing the mexican leftovers I had for breakfast and wondering why the hell I'm so goddamn tired.

I honestly just want to go back to bed. But I have classes in an hour. *sighs*

Other than classes I don't really have much else to do today. It's kind of nice, tbh.

Tonight we're having spaghetti for dinner with garlic bread.

I may need a nap.



How's it going, YT?

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In two weeks we`ll know if our lives are going to change. - Mood:Good
Tuesday March 03 200912:18:45 PM |
Until then? I'm freezing.
I will be so excited for warmer weather to arrive again - this winter has been one long, cold bitch and I'm tired of it.
I think I'm tired in general.

I went to bed at 9:30pm last night and got up at 6:30am this morning. 9 hours of sleep should have been plenty, right? But now I feel like taking a nap. Meh.

So how's it going, YT?

I have a kitty sitting against my shoulder - cute, but kinda irritating w/the new tattoo.

Ah well.

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So...getting up at the ass-crack of dawn every damn day is just training, right? - Mood:Good
Monday March 02 20096:32:14 PM |

Friday we were up at 6:30 am for the ovulation check.
Sunday we were up at the same time for the same reason.
This morning?
We did it! Finally! His boys + my girl = they have met!
And we haveta do it tomorrow morning again, too. *falls over*

I think I just need to sleep. A lot. With much abandon. Yes.

In the meantime, I'm just trying to make it to all my classes and get all my homework reasonably done.

Thankfully my first class is cancelled for Weds and my B&ILit class prof has struck out one day's worth of homework. I complained loudly in class today that I was buried under all the reading we had to do (not just for her class) and she was generous. Yay!

So, uhm, how's it going, YT?

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Dammit, I hate bein` all sad...*sniffles* - Mood:Good
Sunday March 01 20098:07:14 PM |
My sister-in-law went overnight to a friend's house and just recently came home to find her kitty had passed away. He was only about 5 years old.

But Rex was a giant of a cat! He was a big tom that she inherited when he was about a year old when she was in college from a former roommate. He was her roommate - her first "kid".

Meh. You all know how attached I am to my I'm all sad.

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Tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow.... - Mood:Good
Saturday February 28 200912:08:24 PM |
...can you tell I'm excited about tomorrow?
Or rather hopeful?

but right now I'm tired.
And I have to work on MORE homework. Meh.
Waiting for Mikey to get home with groceries.
Then lunch.
Then more homework.
But tonight my buddy's coming over. Yay.
So...I'm bored.

How's it going, YT?

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Some days you just haveta say "screw it". - Mood:Good
Friday February 27 20099:17:39 AM |
I'm not goin' to school today.
I have a doc's appt at 10:30, and then I'm just gonna come home.
Part of it is the tattoo - I can't carry my book bag at the moment.
I also didn't sleep well last night.
And I had to be up early so that Mike could help me this morning before he left for work.
I think I'll come home and take a nap then get started on school work for Monday.

How's it going, YT?

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Now that I am bleeding all over the place and experiencing a signifigant amount of pain.....wanna see pics? - Mood:Good
Thursday February 26 20099:47:57 PM |

Got it!
Got Stitch!
And before anyone says anything, SAVE IT.
I it!
OMG, lots of love!

Here (kinda gross b/c I'm still bleedin'):

It was a great time, too! The guy (Steve) was really nice, the owner of the place, and was all "hey, I rawk, you rawk! we all rawk!" He also disciplined his newest apprentice by giving him two piercings in his neck and making him eat an entire bakery cake by himself. Hehe. Kid needed to gain weight anyways.

So how are YOU YT?!

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I`m all backwards and flip-flopped. - Mood:Good
Wednesday February 25 20098:31:07 AM |
I have been failing myself.
With friends visiting and baby stuff, I have neglected my schoolwork.
I only have 80 days left.
That's not too long.
So if I'm behind now, I'm going to be behind forever.
After graduation.
So, YTers, if it's not friday afternoon and I'm online, yell at me.
I need to NOT be on the computer after school - I need to read.
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I am freezin` my damn arse off! - Mood:Good
Monday February 23 20095:27:26 PM |
And the sun is all shiney outside.

I just got back from an early dinner - chinese food () and now I'm just relaxing. I still have some housework and some homework to do, but I figure "eh, I'm on my own tonight; I'll get it done in my own sweet time". Probably means I won't get it done at all.

But I'm alone tonight. Mikey's in KC, MO for business, but it's just overnight so he should be home tomorrow night.

But tomorrow night we have a guest coming in.

Tomorrow they also find out if I'm fertile enough for the next step. This is the one thing I'm very excited about.

How goes it, YT?

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I don`t wanna be an English major anymore! *cry* - Mood:Good
Saturday February 21 20096:56:44 PM |

Because I'm tired of hauling crap outta my ass for these f*ckin' papers! *sniffles* Dammit.

Tonight, I'm writing on 'Howards End'. It's a boring book that I have to stretch to 5 pages of over-wrought commentary on English nationalism, materialism and modernism. For pete's sake, who the f*ck cares?! I sure as sh*t don't...ah...meh. I picked the topic, so here I go...

How goes it, YT?

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Huh, well. Good. Great even. Yay. OMG yay! Uhm...*tryin` to hold herself down* - Mood:Good
Friday February 20 20093:04:51 PM |
Okay, so this morning was my HSG test (HSG = make sure my little girls are all open and regular and normal) and though it was a tiny bit painful, it wasn't any worse than REALLY BAD cramps. So, good.

And so, the final verdict from the doctor?


Wait. Wat?

Yeah, he goes "I don't know why you guys haven't been pregnant many times over by now." No sh*t, rilly? step? He's gonna make sure my little girls are talkin' to Mike's little boys and bada-boom - in 2 weeks I may be pregnant!

Now, I'm sure people are askin' "why is she postin' all this crap?!" - well, it's because I know that we're not the only ones that have been down this road or will be down it and I wanna let people know it's okay to talk about it. Cause I, at least, am willing to listen. *wiggles*


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You know that whole `pics or it didn`t happen` thing? Well, I wanna show off what I`ve done so far... - Mood:Good
Wednesday February 18 20098:34:33 PM |
I told you guys about the cross-stitching, so I finally got up and got my phone so I could take pics of my progress. This is since Sunday (when I got it):

This is is a close-up (sorry it's so blurry):

Now I'm watching AI and chillin'...chillaxin', as what was suggested. My muscles have to get used to sitting prone for cross-stitching again...

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I`m all, like, tired. I`d take a nap, but it`s really too late. - Mood:Good
Wednesday February 18 20093:29:10 PM |
I had a baked potato w/cheese n' sour cream for lunch. It was yummy.

My left ear is itching. I'm not happy about that.

I may log off soon to work on my cross stitch project. Yay.

I'm cold. Boo.

My last class was cancelled AGAIN. He had a doc's appointment.

Tired. Poo.

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Damn me and my crafty hands... - Mood:Good
Monday February 16 20098:35:00 PM |
You all know I like cross-stitch, right?

Well, we had a little extra $'s and so now I'm on YT later at night.

Because I'm workin' on this:

See the very very middle of the middle butterfly? Yeah, that's where I am right now.

But I had to quit for the night to burn my dad a CD of music.

How goes it, YT?

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Lots of fun n` stuff... - Mood:Good
Sunday February 15 20097:59:09 AM |
For Valentine's Day, Mikey took me to Dave & Busters. It was A LOT of fun. We don't get to go often (maybe every 6 months or so), but that's because it's kinda expensive.

We had dinner - very good chicken fingers, dessert - awesome Bananas Foster pie, and then played the games. Mikey won me a stuffed pug dog. So cute! I won (on a giant claw game) a round MP3 pillow that says "Sweet Heart". Luna has now claimed it as her own. She has NOT gotten up that pillow since we got home. It's SO cute.

Now I haveta do homework. Though we are having pancakes and sausage for brekky. Hmmm...brekky.

I am now, too, taking 3 large pills. Can someone 'splain to me why they haveta be so damn big? Geez.

How's it going, YT?

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I...and...are...just...WTF?! But...really? Seriously? And... - Mood:Good
Friday February 13 200911:18:53 PM | just F*CKING FIGURES.

*deep breath* Okay, here's the deal - a friend of our's - full-time student, no job, no money, sometimes boyfriend - got knocked up.

I'm not going to be nice about this. NOT. Just last week she was freaking out because she didn't know where her next meal was coming from and was pondering moving home (she's in TX, her fam's in W.Virginia - and YES, this IS the stereotypical W.Virginian) and NOW she's going to be a MOM?!

Maybe Mike and I should just quit, move into a trailer park and start picking off squirrels with a shot-gun because APPARENTLY THE STUPID WILL INHERIT THE EARTH!!!

*end rant*

How are you, jelly-beans?

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OMG YAY! It`s here! It`s here! It`s here! - Mood:Good
Friday February 13 200911:44:05 AM |
My new AC adapter for my computer. Clarence is a happy laptop now!

Okay, so, nothing new is going on. Today I don't have class until 2:15, so I'm totally being lazy right now. I love it.

And Luna just vomited. Niiiiice.

How's it going, YT?

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Well, that just stinks. - Mood:Good
Wednesday February 11 20096:31:35 PM |
Turns out, ladies and gents, that I'm having an enforced break from the internet.

Because Clarence is sick!

Clarence is my computer.
And he's not really sick - his cord is. His plug-in, rather.

So, I've ordered a new adapter, but it's going to be 2-3 business days before I get it. *irritated face*

Until then, I have to share time again with Mike's computer. And if any of you have an internet addicted spouse (besides yourselves - don't lie) you'll know what a pain in the ass it can be to catch time on their machine.

So, love you alls, I'll see you in a few days.

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Doctor`s Appointments part...uhm...3? Yeah. Part 3. (Possible TMI within.) - Mood:Good
Tuesday February 10 20093:44:49 PM |
So, part 3 of the "great wisebaker fertility quest" was today. I saw the fertility specialist for the first time this morning.

First impressions were that yes, he was pricy, but not like Prince had exploded all over the place (the last specialist we went to [only went once b/c I didn't like the guy] had a purple paisley waiting room). Second impression that they were all VERY nice, even through the physical exam (ladies, can we agree that vaginal ultrasounds are miserable things?) and then we discussed.

We discussed that I look fine - normal, healthy, etc. but that there were still a few more tests they want to do.

I also got put on prenatal vitamins. They are roughly the size of horse pills, BUT I hear that they'll make my hair grow like crazy. Which I think is awesome.

So, that was the morning.

This afternoon, me and one of my (slowly becoming best buds) (cont)

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Monday February 09 200910:31:27 AM |
Geezus, you freakin' WIMP.

I believes in ghosts, but not every single little piece of dust IS A GHOST!

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I`m reevaluating my timeline to achieve a win for this challenge. - Mood:Good
Monday February 09 20097:33:36 AM |
No, not really.

I AM tired, though. I have a paper to write this morning, but since my first class is cancelled this week (intentionaly - we're supposed to be doing our group projects or papers in the morning), so I don't have to be to school until around noon. That's kinda nice, but honestly I think I'd rather just go back to bed instead of working on OTHER things that I need to do.

I think I'm entirely burned out from school. Entirely. Thank god I'm almost done.

Tonight, tho, I get to get some chinese food for dinner. Yay me!

That's after we work out the Wife of Bath's tale with teddy bears.

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Have a heart, do your part YT! - Mood:Good
Friday February 06 200911:57:02 AM |

It's once again that time of year where I say click this link and donate - even if it's only $5! - it's the Akron Children's Hospital Radiothon! It's in it's 10th year and has been raising thousands for hundreds of needy kids that come through their doors every year without insurance. We donate every year - and hopefully we can again (we do our taxes, first, then see how much we can do). So, if you can, please do so.

Anyways, I'm home now and getting ready to have lunch (eggs). How's it going on your end, YT?

There are 24 comments on this journal entry. View/Add Comments I`m all worried-faced... - Mood:Good
Thursday February 05 20093:31:06 PM |

My bff just emailed me to let me know that, at the age of 31, they found a lump in her breast and even though they're "pretty sure" it's just a cyst, they're sending for a biopsy on Monday.

Send as many good thoughts to the universe as you can, folks, please??

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And the beat goes on....and the beat goes on... - Mood:Good
Wednesday February 04 20095:53:03 PM |
Okay, so, the continuing fertility saga...

...and I'm posting this now because we got good news today.

If anyone's been keeping up, yesterday I was all bent because I was afraid we'd have to pay for one of the more expensive tests upfront.

Well, it turns out that we don't! So, we're moving forward. I'm very happy about that. My next appointment is next Tuesday.

Anyways, I'm heading out soon to read 'A Room of One's Own' - yes, the whole thing tonight. Feel free to talk, however!

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Leave me out with the waste, this is not what I do. It`s the wrong kind of place to be thinking of you... - Mood:Depressed
Tuesday February 03 20094:12:48 PM |
I just got back from my 2nd doctor's appointment.

On the medical side, things look good. Apparently my hormone levels, my sugars, my thyroid - everything - is "perfect".

But, now they want to throw more tests at me. Well, us.

I don't think anyone here besides Cameronvance knows exactly what I'm going through right now.

I'm angry, frustrated, tired and completely without hope that all of this is going to work. Or that we're going to find out anything difinitively.

Financially, this is going to kick us in the ass, too. All costs need to be paid up-front, which means that you have to have a lot of liquid assets for any option - fertility treatments, adoption or surrogacy.

At this point...I see little hope in any of it.

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