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Female, 43 years old
Akron, OH, Eastern US

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To My SS: - Mood:Excited
Saturday December 23 20063:55:03 PM |
I got my SS gift today and it f*ckin' rawks!

My SS got me a kit that has glow-in-the-dark stars, a huge poster of the moon in it's various phases and a star chart!

I it!
I can't wait to be able to put it up! We're going to be painting our bedroom (purple-blue color) and we'll put them all up afterwards (cause I simply LOVE going to bed by starlight! )!

When I was in college my best friend stuck about 5,000 of those stars around her dorm room. We'd go out drinking at night & she'd leave her room light on - then we'd come home, a bit toasted, shut off the lights & just watch the stars. It was FANTASTIC!

This is an excellent gift for a city girl who loves seeing the stars at night!

Thank you Thank you!!!

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All of the children were snug in their beds... - Mood:Good
Friday December 22 200610:33:34 PM |
Mike's gone to bed. I have the computer late tonight (w00t!) so here I am!

I am insanely bored. YT was quiet all day & it looks like it's going to be the same deal tonight.

I'm rather upset. It's been over a freakin' week & my SS still has shown noooooo signs of having received my gift! (Yes, I told this person who I am b/c I thought that's what we were supposed to do! ) Ah well. I just hope it didn't get lost in the mail!!

For the next 4 days there's not much to do. We're not going to see family this year for the holidays b/c of distance + money = no go. But it's okay. We're only a phone call away!

I can't stop staring at the background of my profile - so cute!

What're you up to, YT?

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I`m sitting next to myself! - Mood:Naughty
Friday December 22 20064:14:27 PM |
I'm such a lightweight drinker!
I just had 2 shots of Bailey' I'm hot n' doofy n' I feel like...disconnected...I love feelin' like that at work...ha!!
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Oh, PETA would have LOVED that one! - Mood:Good
Friday December 22 20062:46:14 PM |
One of our companies that we service is Park Farms - a poultry processing plant - and one of the reps just got done describing how away with...the chickens when they come in...

...this all stems from 3 employees from being written up - 1 because he kept throwing the chickens against a wall...and 2 because they had a chicken fight...they were pissed at each other & started throwing dead chickens at each other...


*still giggling...which is kinda sick...but there ya go...*

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9 Hours To Go! - Mood:Good
Friday December 22 20068:02:22 AM |
It's almost here!
The Xmas 4-day weekend, 3 day work week, then ANOTHER 4-day weekend for New Years!!
I'm so excited!
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OH NOES!!! Well, there goes MY life!!! *strikes a dramatic pose* - Mood:Good
Thursday December 21 20065:32:13 PM |
HammySammy doesn't like meeeee!!!

I just KNOW this is gonna ruin my marriage!
My life! My careeerrrr!!!

Cry with me everybody!!
Cry with MEEEEEE!!!!


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Insanely bored. - Mood:Good
Wednesday December 20 20069:50:33 PM |
I went to a new hair place tonight - fantastically nice place, a lil upscale ($40 for a haircut, not including tip), very nice location - not far from home, very nice facilities....

Bored now.

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The day after... - Mood:Good
Wednesday December 20 20068:08:13 AM |
...okay, so, I couldn't get onto YT most of yesterday. Why? Dunno. Maybe Buddy had a hard-on - no idea. But thanks to those who wished me happy birthday!

Mike & I went to Olive Garden last night - was teh yum - and I got 'Center Stage' & 'Chasing Amy' for my birthday - along with a $25 gift cert to World Market (think Pier One before they sold out to the corporate machine). SHOPPING!

Okay, so a couple of questions for you folks:

1) What does one do with a ChiaPet after it's done "growing"?? I never saw the use in those things.

2) My car is hesitating in the mornings when I shift from Reverse to Drive - what could that mean??

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What`s tired, but can`t sleep?? - Mood:Good
Monday December 18 200610:05:03 PM |
If you guessed "you", you'd be right!

My birfday is tomorrow...
Go mee! it's mah birfday!! go me!!!

I'll be 29!! EEK! finger is cold. No, just one finger - my index finger on my right hand.

When I get this tired I think of my ex's..and how I'd like to juice them on a large, sharp piece of kitchenware...yesyes.

Or how I might still like them - just a little.

Tomorrow we're goin' to Olive Garden for dinner - YUM. And he's makin' me open my gifties there..w00t!

N' I already got two of my gifties - Stephen King's "On Writing" & a lil stuffed penguin that I can talk into one paw & if you hit the other paw, it says back whatever you recorded. Much fun w/the furballs - hehe.

Annnd...uhm...that's it.

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Oh the gifts of the season! - Mood:Good
Monday December 18 20069:44:32 AM |
*yums* I baked 9 dozen oatmeal cookies - and got 9 dozen awesome varieties in return! Not too bad for a Monday morning!

I went shopping yesterday as well - and it was fab! I got xmas presents for my friends & a little something for me - namely a bit soft cuddly blanket.

I used my Kohl's giftcards for all the stuff. Got $100 from my employer, so I gave Mike $50 of it - he got himself a bright, shiney new red coffee maker!

I shopping! Especially if I only have to go to one place...

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Much to do today...and here I sit... - Mood:Good
Saturday December 16 20068:26:16 AM |
Okay, so there is a purpose to me sitting here. Still filling out the gd application for the editor job. F*ck. I just hope I'm giving them what they want. I don't really want to continue to do my current job for too much longer. I'd rather get industry experience, ffs.

I also hate that I'm up at 8:23am when I went to bed at 1am. Stoopid cats. You see that picture? *points* The grey fuzzy-ass one thinks that pounding on the door is a "cute" thing to do - oh, and she thinks it's going to get me up (it did) to feed her (they have food 24/7 - retards). FFS, let me sleep!

So, now I'm up. I have several things I need to do today. 10 dozen oatmeal cookies is the first thing to come to mind.

Second is all the computer crap I have to do.

Third is housework.

*falls over*

It never ends.

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Confessions - Mood:Good
Friday December 15 20068:22:55 PM |
I confess.
I love MTv's "Real Life" thingies. And "Made".

Watched the episode of "Real Life: I have Tourettes." & now I feel a bit twitchy. That'll go away, I know.

I also confess that I love winter - except for what it does to my lips. I can't smile w/out them cracking. Argh!

I also confess that I'm afraid to finish this application to be a contract editor because what if they say YES? I mean, if they say no, then life goes on as usual. If they say Yes! I'm going to freak out.

That is allllll for now!

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Ahhh...and now...the day off... - Mood:Good
Friday December 15 200610:09:22 AM |

Okay, so I slept in until 8am, diddled 'round the 'net for a bit, had breakfest, watched some TV and now I'm back.

I have several things I need to do on the computer, but I also neeeeeed to head out to do some shopping! I have $100 in Kohl's gift certs, too...

But that brings me to the next couple of hours - I'm going to do some work online & hang on YT...and I'll be havin' lunch, not at Panaera as I thought, but at King Buffet - so that's where I'm gonna be. *nods* A bud of mine invited me to lunch today, so she'll be pickin' me up in a bit...w00t!

I love days off!

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*taps her foot impatiently* - Mood:Good
Thursday December 14 20062:49:29 PM |
Ya know, you depend on nature. Those that live in hurricane zones depend on a hurricane to come & wipe out their homes every few years, those that live near volcanoes (or California) expect their homes to be burnt down every few years. Those that live on mountain tops expect, nay, TRIUMPH when lightning takes a special interest in them.

I expect Aunt Flo to show up ON TIME, EVERY GODDAMN MONTH.

That lazy bitch is bein' slow this month & it's pissing me off.


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I love it when stuff is paid for... - Mood:Good
Thursday December 14 20068:14:33 AM |
I just got mah gifts from my coworkers - all gift certs from McD's, Panera, Lion Garden (my fave chinese place) & Starbucks!!

Chinese food & Strawberry Fraps here I come!

Okay, so, I'll have to stick to veggies from the chinese place, smalls from starbucks, sandwichines from Panera (better than a cinnamon crunch bagel in the way of "health" no?) & uhm...maybe those snack wraps from McD's?? That's the one I'm unsure about. *chuckles*

So, anyway, what else is going on YT?
We're having our xmas party here today - totally fun! - and tomorrow I have the day off. I'll have to spend some time doing all of this:

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Fabuu Pancakes! - Mood:Good
Wednesday December 13 20066:55:03 PM |
A couple people asked for a good pancake recipe, so here it is for all to copy, paste & enjoy:

1 C. Flour
1 T. Baking Powder
1/2 tsp. Salt
1 T. Sugar
2 T. Oil
1 Egg
1-1 1/2 C. Milk

Mix & drop onto a heated, sprayed electric skillet. You can use a regular skillet, but I found it works better on the electric variety. Best with light or fat-free syrup!

And a note or two:

1) Some baking powders tend to make the batter a bit thick. If this happens, just add a little milk.

2) A note about the milk - start out with 1 C. Depending on how you're feeling, if you like a thinner pancake, use more, or a thicker pancake.

3) Non-stick spray the pan with each batch.

4) Be patient! Flip when all of the bubbles on the pancakes stop coming up (I'm totally impatient).

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Gotta go shopping for the hubby... - Mood:Good
Wednesday December 13 20069:37:08 AM |
...then I'm done with gifties!
I think.
Well, I have friends I need to get a lil something for...

MyTwitch(tm) has now moved to my right shoulder. He disappeared for awhile, so I was kinda worried; but he's back & twitchier than ever!

I'm having Lien Cuisine for lunch - the stuffed cabbage variety.

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Cookie help! - Mood:Good
Tuesday December 12 200610:37:03 AM |
Okay, folks, this is where YT ingenuity comes in -

I need 9 dozen cookies by Thursday morning. I prefer that I don't buy them (cause that's cheating!) so I need a recipe that is:

1) Fast
2) Easy
3) Relatively cheap

Any ideas??

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More sushi! Smaller yuppies! - Mood:Good
Tuesday December 12 20068:48:51 AM |
Gotta love Dave Barry. Hehe.

So, a few thoughts running through my head this morning...

1) I listened to the song "NY City Xmas" on the way to work. Made my skin tingle & the one bit that really got me is the wishing for peace sometime in our lifetime. That peace has to begin somewhere...

2) So I decided that since a) I don't know any of you in real life & b) peace has to start somewhere - well, it's gonna start with me.

3) I'm too old to be fighting online with people I don't even know - and that don't know me. So it's not gonna happen anymore. Say what you will, boys n girls...

4) I have too much stress in my real life to add to it with my YT life - I am a pt college student who works full time as well as being the treasurer of a largish group, a cook for the group, writing a novel & writing a cookbook. (cont)

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Mini-YT MeetUp? - Mood:Good
Monday December 11 20069:37:39 AM |
I have Friday off with NOTHING to do - no school, no work, no homework, nothing. Mike's going to Kansas for the day.

I also happen to have a Panera card.

So, if you're in the Akron/Cleveland Ohio area & want to meet-up, I'll be at Panera on Howe Ave. to get lunch at 1pm.

Now, on to other stuff...
Not much going on here. Filing today at work, so it's going to be a LONG day.
Thursday this week we're exchanging pressies at work & having our xmas party. Very cool.

So, how's YOUR week shaping up, YT?

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My SS gift has been sent!! - Mood:Good
Sunday December 10 20069:29:25 AM |
And here I was thinkin' I may be late with it. RAWK!


Yesterday was awesome - we went to the post office & mailed out everything - so essentially our Xmas is all done! *yay!* Then we went to Ruby Tuesdays where I indulged in Ruby's Mini's (cheesburgers that are teh yum!) & then we went to see 'Happy Feet'!

It was a cute movie. The story itself is a bit blah, but it makes up for it in charm & charisma & just over-all cuteness!

Uhm...and that's it. Today is devoted to Homework. Blahhhhhh. But my finals are done Tuesday night! w00t!!

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*headdesk* - Mood:Good
Friday December 08 200610:57:42 PM |

Sorry to be a journal whore, but ya know how you just can't win??

Our phone number used to be the number of a carpet cleaning service - Rainbow Carpets. We've been living here for about 3 years. We still get phone calls after heavy rains for us to come clean carpets. Even though our voicemail says "we are NOT Rainbow Carpet Cleaning" - they still leave messages!!

Now, some dumbass law firm has misprinted the phone number in their little advertisement/flyer/dealy thing - and once again it's our phone number!!

"Hello! You have reached the Wisebaker residence. We can't come to the phone right now, but if you'd like to leave your name, number and a brief message, we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

If you'd like your carpets cleaned - we offer the low low price of $9,999 a square foot!

For legal advice, our attorneys charge $7,000 an hour.

Thank you and have a nice day!"

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Well, now, that was a mite embarassing. - Mood:Exhausted
Friday December 08 200610:08:57 PM |
Even after 4+ years of marriage, there are still things you do in front of your spouse that embarass the hell out of you - I did one such thing tonight.

Only, it's probably nothing you pervs are thinkin' of.

I was sitting with Mike, we were watching some recordered 'Daily Show' when I started yelling. A lot. Almost sobbing, actually.

Reason? A charlie horse of Clydsdalian magnitude had come to visit in my left calf.

What the hell is going on with my body?? First the facial twitch & now THIS?!

Mike was so worried he thought he'd have to call an ambulance for me!

After a few moments, it stopped cramping and started to relax - just to cramp up all over again. It did this three times...

Finally it's stopped now, but WTF, mate??!

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Meep! - Mood:Anxious
Thursday December 07 20061:01:38 PM |
I heard from the publishing company I applied for all those weeks ago - they sent me info on the job (editor/junior editor) & the application.

I'm afraid of the applicatin. It's a bit scary and I have no experience. Ugh.

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I Like Picard! - Mood:Good
Thursday December 07 20069:18:14 AM | stuck in...aarggghh!! *falls over*

So, we've got the mother of all snow-storms going out there right now - was supposed to hit last night around 5pm...didn't until about 8am this it's going a LOT slower than they all thought. It's a toss-up how much we'll get. I like snow, though!

Pissed me off b/c I had a plan, though, for our driveway - it's at a 45 degree angle, IsweartoGod! So, last night after class I backed both cars into the driveway so that at least SOME of the driveway would remain untouched by snow...arggghhh!! *falls over*

Ah well...hopefully I'll be able to get into the driveway tonight. *keeps fingers crossed*...

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