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Female, 43 years old
Akron, OH, Eastern US

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Fat Bottom Girls Queen

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Birthday:12/19/1977 (43 Years Old)
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Fav. Car: Nissan Versa - I got the red one!
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"Do you feel bad about going on vacation without your spouse/significant other?" - Mood:Good
Monday January 15 200710:41:14 AM |
Apparently this question was too "narrowly focused" . So, what's your answer, YT?


Okay, so, this weekend was a good one - went roller skating for the first time in 14 years, had Mongolian Grill for the first time (yum!) & just sort of hung out.

I got my part of the feast book done for the feast in March. Half of my feast budget is done and all that is required is doing a little grocery shopping to finish that!

School starts Weds - last French class!! And my other class is on Saturdays! That leaves a lot of free time during the week - thank God!

The 'diet' is going well - besides the mongolian on Saturday. But, I have lost 3 lbs in a week - that's a good goal & I hope to keep it going.

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I`m bending to the will of technology... - Mood:Good
Friday January 12 200710:44:47 AM |
What can you folks tell me about the Razr?
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I`M GOIN` TO MAINE! - Mood:Good
Thursday January 11 20074:14:46 PM |
I'm so excited! *wiggles*
We're booking the ticket tomorrow!!!
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Overwhelming sense of homesickness... - Mood:Overwhelmed
Thursday January 11 200711:03:52 AM |
And it's not even for my home, perse. It's more for my parents. I haven't seen them in a few months & that always gets me; now when I do see them I notice how much older they look to me.

I was looking at their webpage & I just remembered how good I felt when I was there - less stress, lots of relaxation (even when I was helping mom clean the rooms) & just an overall sense of completeness...

I wish I was still there. :'(

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What the hell, yo? - Mood:Good
Tuesday January 09 20079:43:03 AM |
What is with all the goddamn alters lately?
Geezus, kids, aren't you supposed to be in school?


Okay, so, the Bucks lost - losers. God, that was a sh*t game.

Also, I have tons of folding to do here at work - makes me wish YT was streaming so I can fold & read at the same time.

Otherwise, it's a boring day.

How's it going, YT?

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I`ll see you soon again...I hope that when I won`t be on a plate. - Mood:Good
Sunday January 07 200710:17:05 PM |
I'm bored.
Yes, not too much news there.
My SIL came for a visit - that was nice.
It's -finally- getting colder here; again, nice.
Uhm, not much going on.
I've picked up a cough. *cough cough*
I also believe that I may shoot Stephen Sondheim if only for getting 'Into The Woods' stuck in my head.
Tomorrow is work. And work. And work. Hopefully no one else in my co-worker's family has croaked & she'll be back to work. I think one more day in my assinine boss's company may lead to temporary insanity in which I'll bludgeon her to death with a three whole punch.
I just ordered 3 new bras & a pair of happy pance (purple plaid flannel = yum).
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Homemade Ice Cream? - Mood:Good
Friday January 05 20078:46:22 PM |
*looks at new interface for profiles & soforth...* Huh...

Anyways, I just made icecream with this:

Limited success.
They say roll the ball for 10 minutes. 15 minutes later we had 2/3 ice cream, 1/3 milky slush (excellent tasting on both, I might add). But I was hoping for soft-serve ice cream!

Oh well.

How're you all tonight, YT?

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Is it wrong...? - Mood:Good
Friday January 05 20072:31:17 PM |
....that when my boss is speaking I have a little song playing in my head saying

"F*ck you...f*ck you...ohohhhh f*ck you..."

It's actually quite pretty...

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I`m in ur bedz, cuddlin` your bunz! - Mood:Good
Friday January 05 200710:36:40 AM |
It's friday!
I friday!

And tomorrow my SIL is comin' to visit & we're going to hang out, have 'za (oh, the forbidden food!) & since it's her birthday, we're gonna have ice cream cake! TEH YUM!

We're going to watch the first season of GhostHunters & 'Clerks II' as well! So much fun 'round the corner!

Oh! And I found a place that'll sell me 25lbs of ground chicken for $1.69/lb!! Fantastic!

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Feelin` all rated F & everything... - Mood:Good
Wednesday January 03 20079:12:29 PM |
I want to swear.
A lot.
Unfortunately, swearing here on line is not going to make me feel better OFF line.

I'm cooking 1/3 of a feast coming up in the beginning of March. Yay for me. First time I've ever contributed THIS MUCH to a feast. W00t!

Downside, apparently I'm being forgotten about when it comes to deciding to announce this little shindig; apparently the first 3rd of the feast isn't important, cha?

*all frustrated n' sh*t...*

And I have to have my budget for it done by Jan 28th...and have my section of the feast booklet done by Jan 28th.

*makes all kinds of faces n' stomps around the internet* Goddamn it.

I'm so never doing this again!

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May croak soon... - Mood:Good
Tuesday January 02 200711:39:25 AM |
I started laughing at this:
(my bro's -so proud!- business plan timeline)

Dec. '09: Expected Graduation (Chris)
Feb. '10: Move to STL ?????
Aug. '10: Expected ETS (Jake)
2011: Openning Buisness Day
2012: Flying cars according to Back to the Future II
Dec. 23 '12: The claimed end of the world according to Aztechs (we better hurry)

And I almost hurt myself...god, can anyone tell me what to do for bruised ribs?!

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I`ve been up for 8 minutes & the day has just been LOADs of fun! - Mood:Good
Tuesday January 02 20078:14:03 AM |
At least I'm alive, right?
I just pray I don't sneeze. My ribs are still paining me from Tuesday mornings oral pyrotechnics. Blech.
So, on today's agenda - I have the day off, so of course I have a list.

1) Get car e-checked. Sure you don't have to pay for it, but it's still required. Yay.

2) Apply for scholarships.

3) Call financial aid to see if I can go to school part time next fall - then full time in the spring & it won't eff everything up.

4) Call packing plants & try to locate a good deal on 25lbs of ground chicken.

5) Call grocery stores & veggie places & try to find 13lbs of already cut-up baby portabellos.

6) Reformat cookbook so that when I print it out, I'm not wasting half a sheet of paper.

Thankfully only one of these requires leaving the house.

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Feelin` better/Yo, what`s up? - Mood:Good
Monday January 01 20077:38:19 PM |
Okay, so a few hours ago (4am?) I was feelin' like shat. So I slept in until 10:30am or something, then took a 4 hour nap at 2:30....

...I'm up now...still not all that together, but at least I had spaghetti w/out sicking it it's all good.

So, what's up, YT?

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I want my mommy. - Mood:Bad
Monday January 01 20073:15:11 AM |
It's 3am.
I'm not normally part of the "night crew", but since my stomach decided it hates me & I need to be near a toilet - 10 steps away, if you please - then you're gonna have to deal.
I'm sick.
I think.
I have no idea. Taking my temp now...97.6. Not too much of a "fever" (my norm's 96.8 - I know, weird), so that's good...
Geezus, I hate nights like this.
Someone come n' talk to me?
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Done De-Xmasing... - Mood:Good
Sunday December 31 20063:23:24 PM |
Got all the cards down, all the lights, the wreath, xmas decorations, my santas that hang the stockings, the stockings, and everything else down from this holiday season.

We are de-christmased.

And now I'm feeling a bit sad and nostalgic; I don't want this season to end, but this year it seems to have flown by. I miss my family & friends.

On another note, we did have some fun yesterday. We went to Tar-get & bought ourselves a new microwave (& it's RED) & paid for repairs to the car ($400 - Nissan '98 with a penchant for having desintigrating oil caps - they've all been replaced 3 times in the last 4 years), then did a little more shopping for ourselves. Picked up Clerks II. I that movie.

Today it's raining & probably near 50F...I think I want to move north...

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I`m afraid.... - Mood:Good
Friday December 29 20064:49:08 PM |
..we're going to have to mow our lawn!
It's 51F outside...crazy!!
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Power to be, power to give, power to see, yeah yeah... - Mood:Good
Friday December 29 20068:18:22 AM |
*kicks all manner of people who come to work f*cking sick...* Woke up this morning with what felt like my entire brain resting on the left side of my head - because I'd been sleeping on my left side. Now face feels ppppuuuffffy. *mutters, kicks*

Today is friday & I get another 4-day weekend. That rawks!

So, hurry up 5 o'clock!!

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OMG OMG OMG!! - Mood:Good
Thursday December 28 20068:37:32 AM |
Ever year our company pays for our sick days - if we don't use them then we get paid for the end of the year...

...and this year it was $700!!!!

Go me go me! Go go go me! *rawks out*

Thank GOD!

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`All the sh*t that will stick...` - Mood:Good
Wednesday December 27 200610:37:46 PM |
*lol* Gotta love Steven King.

I'm reading his book "On Writing" at the moment. It's about how he became a writer and what has influenced his writing throughout his life. If you're an English major or an aspiring writer, it's worth a read. At least it's funny.

Anyways, how's YT doing tonight?

I'm doing fairly okay. I should head to bed soon, but I'm still winding down from my day. I made 2 CD's for Xmas gifts for a couple friends of mine - used hella cute pictures for 'em (will show in a minute) & so that's ready for our party tomorrow night. Fun fun!

Still the work-day to get through, though. I have to rewrite my objective on my resume. How does this sound? -

"Objective: To become a contract editor, editor or junior editor with your company."

I think it's a bit short, but it's to the point.

What do you think?

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Okay, so next car question... - Mood:Good
Wednesday December 27 200611:25:51 AM |
What is your opinion on Chryslers?
Has anyone heard anything bad/good about the Pacifica?
I'm really wanting a vehicle that has the same footprint as a Pacifica - not quite the length of a mini-van, but with the required height & space that I want - well, hell, I'm 6ft tall, all legs, so it's more of a 'need'.

Anyway, I've looked at the Nissan Marino - I Nissans, but I refuse to buy from the Nissan dealership in my area - I may end up looking around for used from another dealership.

We already have an Altima (2nd one for me and a good lil car, but it's a '98) & an '02 Sebring, which as you can see by my previous thread, has suddenly decided to start falling apart.

So, opinions would be welcome!

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More Car Problems. - Mood:Good
Wednesday December 27 20069:32:54 AM |
Can anyone in the know give me some info on this?

We have an '02 Sebring. Recently we had the tire rods replaced. Seemed like the next week it didn't want to shift from Reverse into Drive right away - Bookbyte said it may be a transmission problem. Oky-doky. No problem. It needs to be fixed.

Now this morning it's pulling another fun trick - when I go to break it acts like it has those anti-lock breaks, but it's only for one "bump" (you know, how it feels when the ABS breaks go on?) - it's usually in the middle of breaking and towards the end of breaking.


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The "American Holocaust"... - Mood:Good
Tuesday December 26 200610:20:18 PM |
I really shouldn't watch "30 Days" late at night. I recently recorded an episode where a pro-choice woman was bunking down for 30 days in a pro-life half-way house for women who were either pregnant or just had their children. It made me REALLY irritated because the pro-choicers really had only one arguement - it's wrong in the face of God. Well, that's good, but my question (as was the pro-choicer's question) was are we, as a country, prepared to deal with the outlawing of abortions? Are we ready for the influx of unwanted children into an already over-crowded adoption system (which, in and of itself needs help) or are we ready for the back-alley "doctors" who will take advantage of the situation when some young teen decides it's utterly terrifying to tell her parents that she's pregnant? I'm not sure if we are.

>.< Anyway, that's my vent for the evening. *huffs* No need to respond - I'm not out ot cause an arguement tonight - just had to get it off my che

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I`m gonna do it! I`m really gonna do it! - Mood:Good
Tuesday December 26 20064:07:54 PM |
I'm gonna learn now to Knit.
Or Crochet.

Or both.

Bought the needles n' everything. do I do this? hehehe...

I'm such a geek - I'm printing out instructions right now...'ll give me another "skill" when the technology age ends & we have to make our own clothes again. Ha!

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What`d I get for Christmas?? - Mood:Good
Monday December 25 20063:08:22 PM |
A good deal of awesome!

Ghostbusters 1&2
The Devil Wears Prada
Pelican Brief (Never saw it - any good??)
Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead
Into the Woods
House, Season 2
Scrubs, Season 3
Die Hard 1&2

....I think that was it for the movies. Some were really Mikey's, but it was such an impressive collection this year, I had to put them ALL!

I also got a gift card to World Market, an LLBean Ice Cream Maker, a little black-n-white checked traveling jewelry box, and $150 cash...

Who's shoppin' tomorrow?
Who's shoppin' tomorrow??

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Have a holly jolly ChristmakkuhkwanzadanSaintyunalia!! - Mood:Good
Sunday December 24 20068:26:34 AM |
Or, Merry Christmas Eve!

It doesn't feel like Christmas here, there's no snow on the ground, no family around, but I think that it will be a happy one anyway.

Christmas dinner consists of a roast chicken (a smaller turkey was $15 yesterday, so I was like "uhm, no, we'll go for the chicken"), stuffing (homemade - none of that Stovetop crap), corn, mashed tatties (b/c Mike won't eat the stuffing) & broccoli casserole (it's tradition, dontchaknow?). Also, an apple pie & a coconut cream pie. I think that will last us for leftovers for about 4 days. *lol*

How are your holidays shaping up, YT?

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