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Female, 43 years old
Akron, OH, Eastern US

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Shameless Self-Promotion <3 - Mood:Good
Monday May 14 20078:40:46 AM |
So, school is over & now I'm free to do what I like! What am I gonna do with myself??


All items in my shop (some new as of yesterday!) are now 25% off ~ prices as marked! Great necklaces, anklets, earrings & even a few beading supplies!

Sale lasts until May 20th!

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Meatloaf... - Mood:Good
Sunday May 13 20076:58:37 PM |
That's what we're havin' for dinner...yup.
With baked potatos.

*is totally bored*

I need to clean.

And I don't wanna.


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My house, is a very very fine house (pics!) - Mood:Good
Sunday May 13 20073:32:00 PM |
Because yes, I AM that bored!

So here's my house - see all those evergreens? TRASHED. *nods* We're going to get the hell rid of themmmmm...and soon!

I'm very excited!

This is the side yard; it's all grassy b/c I took these pics before Mike mowed the lawn.

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The semester is over & I made it! - Mood:Good
Saturday May 12 200710:24:02 PM |
I think I even averaged a "B". We'll have to wait for sure to see if that's what I got, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

In celebration, I'm having a 25% off sale at my shop! Cause I you guys I'm telling you about it the night before the sale. w00t!

I'm watching 'Raising Helen' on Oxygen. Not sure if I like it.

I also saw 'Georgia Rule' today. It's not too horrible, but it was a bit disjointed. So I'm still up on the air about the whole thing.

So how has your day been?

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I can breathe again! - Mood:Good
Friday May 11 200711:38:11 AM |
Okay, so, my boss's boss, Grace, came down & discussed with her the possibility of me going from full-time to part-time starting in August - and my boss was okay with it!

Or, at least she's acting okay with it. Her true feelings? I may never know - and I know that I don't care.

I'm so excited!!

I'll be working 8:30-2:30 M-F. *beams* Starting August 27th!!

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Hey hey! Didja see?? - Mood:Good
Thursday May 10 20074:13:12 PM |
I got a B- in FRENCH CLASS!! OUI OUI!!

I'm so goddamn happy I could just scream.
But I'm at work.


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Why, how very presumptuous of you. - Mood:Good
Thursday May 10 200711:33:07 AM |
The last few members that have walked in have said "Happy Mother's Day!!" cheerily as they walked out.

I am less than impressed with this & very slightly offended. How does that person know if we have children? True, we are women, but M, Mam & I don't have kids & B lost one of her's to a brain aurism about 10 years ago.

So it's not like we're ALL mothers (B does have a son, but the point remains.)

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They Were LIARS!! - Mood:Good
Tuesday May 08 20076:02:07 PM |
Beware new home owners!
You may end up getting screwed - and not even know it!
Spend some time with your new house - and discover it's secrets for YOURSELF!



For the last 4 years, Mike & I believed that there was no screen for one of the only 2 windows in our living room.


Cause guess what I just did??

I put a goddamn screen (IT FITS, no less!) into this goddamn window!

So in other words, we have been SWEATING TO DEATH in this room for 4 years!!

*kicks former homeowners* F*ckers....WE GOT IT, YOU DIDN'T BWAHAHAHAHAHA!11

*/end of rant*

I'm okay. I promise.

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YT, I need your help! - Mood:Good
Tuesday May 08 20079:17:44 AM |
The life of an inn-keeper is precarious at best - in the month of April my parents had 210 nights they could have booked - but they only got 7.

Now, out of desperation (and a sense of wanting to make their business a success) they need ideas for convention weekends, theme weekends, etc.

This isn't just for them, either. This is for pretty much all the inns in Freeport, ME.

Here are the ideas I have so far (so you know where I'm going with this):

-- Scrapbooking Weekends
-- A Renaissance Weekend
-- A Stitch & Bitch Weekend
-- Harley Weekend
-- BBW/BHM Weekend

So give me your ideas, people!

ALSO, they're already planning on having a Murder Mystery Dinner once a month.

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DON`T PUMP GAS ON MAY 15TH!! - Mood:Good
Tuesday May 08 20078:07:47 AM |
Or do. Who the f*ck cares?
When are these morons going to realize that the day before & the day AFTER the 15th even MORE people are going to get gas??

So anyways, no boss today. I'm very excited. w00t!

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I had a dream last night... - Mood:Good
Monday May 07 200710:42:10 AM |
...that I shared a smoke with my brother..and then my mom comes up & says "hey, can I bum one off of ya?"

And I wanted that smoke b/c lately I've been feeling all stressed again - why? NO reason. No reason at all!

Sure, I need to have quite a bit done by Memorial Day weekend, but that's still a couple of weeks!

And the stuff I need to have done for it (jewelry) isn't like...bad or anything - it's rather fun!

But jeeeeez.

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Sunday May 06 20079:49:26 PM |
Anyone else seen these commercials?

They feature some young punk doing something punky (okay, I'm old) & the end is "I like my life; I'm not going to mess it up with a pregnancy."

Strange commercial...kinda creepy...

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I need sounds!! - Mood:Good
Sunday May 06 20072:42:08 PM |
Where can I get some sounds for my computer?? The boring dings n' bongs are drivin' me up the hizzouze!
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Bored bored bored bored... - Mood:Good
Saturday May 05 20077:38:40 PM |

Though today's been a busy one.
I went to class this morning, then Mike went & got groceries.
Then we went to Peninsula & rented bikes & rode the trail for 3 miles. I was impressed with myself - I haven't ridden a bike in 15 years! But it was GREAT.
Then, as a treat, we went to Handels - SO THE YUM ICE CREAM!
And we came home.
I added stuff to my little Etsy & now I'm bored. *blahs*

I'm also hungry b/c the ice cream was about 3 hours ago & so I'm thinking of making a couple of eggs for myself. What think you?

We're watching "Short Circuit" right now...w00t.

I have about 135 movies & about 21 seasons of various shows...and do you know I just don't have anyhthing to watch?! what're you guys up to tonight?

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Tin soldiers and Nixon`s comin`.... - Mood:Good
Friday May 04 20078:01:57 AM |
Geezus. It's May 4th again...and of COURSE I go to Kent State University (don't know what I'm talking about? Look it up!

Usually it doesn't bother me - I wasn't alive at the time and yes, it was a gross tragedy, but ffs, I do NOT want to wake up to "4 Dead In Ohio"!!

Blech. Not a great start to the day.

I had my first sale last night on Etsy!!! (Thanks Raph!! ) So that was a GOOD thing!

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Man, I feel like a woman... - Mood:Good
Thursday May 03 20079:02:46 AM |
...and NOT in the GOOD way!

Anyway, thank god it's Thursday. It's payday!!

And for those who missed it - I NEVER HAVE TO CONJUGATE ANOTHER FRENCH VERB FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!!! *tons of cheering & whoo-hooing* Yay!

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Personal Responsibility/New Hair/Nickelcrap/Nosey Bosses - Mood:Good
Wednesday May 02 20078:26:21 AM |
On the front page of the paper (to lazy to find a link unless you really really want me to) there was a story of a 17 year old kid who, with a buddy, hacked into his H.S.'s computer system & was caught. He was given an F for the class he was hacking (AP Biology), 5 days suspension & may have criminal charges pressed against him.

His parents have now turned around and are suing the school for "entrapment" (apparently the teacher's computer in question's password was "carl" - which is this student's name). They want the F removed from his official transcript (b/c it will prevent him going Ivy League right out of high school) among other things.

Personally, I think this kid should just suck it up, take his punishment for doing something wrong - and tell his parents to get a f*cking life.

Added to this is that the kid is here on student visa from China...what a moron.

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Red Flashy-Things on my screen do NOT a happy camper make.... - Mood:Good
Tuesday May 01 20079:11:48 AM |
Stoopid ads.

Anyways, today is Tuesday.
It's going to be a long one.
However...and so happily so am I...I am about 48 hours away from never having to speak, write, or do anything else in French unless I really really want to. I'm so excited about it!

Though I have to say the ending of Rarahu? Tres lame. *nods*

I've doofed around a little bit with my CafePress shop - instead of it being so darn politically correct, I basically wrote whatever the heck I wanted in the introduction...because it's not like I'm making any sales anyway!

I am thinking of creating a bumper sticker for it. Here are the options:

1) I'm going 60mph in a 55mph zone ~ this means I'm speeding ~ SO BACK THE F*CK OFF!

2) The closer you get, the slower I go.

3) Turning Signals Are Your Friends!

4) Bush Sucks ~ Need I Say More?


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I love spamming random chats... - Mood:Good
Sunday April 29 20076:19:55 PM |
...simply because it's hilarious to see what other chats look like. One place I use to frequent has totally gone down-hill...but who'm I to turn my nose up if I make a sale?


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Bitch deleted her thread!! - Mood:Good
Sunday April 29 200711:13:09 AM |
And just when I was bein' nice to someone!


Nix ~

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So, I finally gave my 2-weeks notice... - Mood:Good
Friday April 27 20074:25:07 PM |
Christ, I wanted to!

The uber-c*nt (my boss, for future reference) just wandered into the Credit Union (where I'm subbing for MaryAnn b/c she took a day off) & saw me reading a page of a book & said "What are you doing?? You KNOW there are OTHER things you could be doing!!"

I wish I had said "Yeah, and I'll remember that the next time you sit at YOUR desk reading the goddamn newspaper."

But I didn't.

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Okay, YT, lend me your imaginations! - Mood:Good
Friday April 27 200711:01:44 AM |
The young princess Arytea has has a name change as well as a personality-ectomy. She's no longer the spoiled brat of a rich prince, but the 2nd daughter of a wealthy Lord.

Her sister, Alayna, is to be married off in 2 days time (in the story) to a rich, powerful & devestatingly handsome (god, this is sugary) Count of some repute.

I neeeeed the NAME of his Countliness.

Any ideas?

It must be bold, brash, stunningly male & brazenly roostery, tbh.

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You`re going to have to suck it up... - Mood:Good
Thursday April 26 20079:30:28 PM | least until I make my first sale..
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I have a question!! - Mood:Good
Thursday April 26 20071:53:32 PM |
Okay, so, these last few weeks I've been awful to n00bs...just because I get tired of them not "carng if i tipe rite".

So what have they been doing?


Are these kids masochits (or is it sadists)??

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Well..isn`t that odd? - Mood:Good
Thursday April 26 20078:24:38 AM |
I Googled "TWisebaker" under Google Images & I got a ton of YTer's avys. I wonder why that is?

*yawns* I'm still tired - but at least I went a full night w/out a headache - that was fantastic!

I also forgot my Crystal Light today. >.< I hate when I do that; means I have to stay thirsty until noon.

So what should I do for lunch - I have $5 & I can do just about anything. No Panera, yet, but just about anything else.

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