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Female, 43 years old
Akron, OH, Eastern US

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What is a mutated pural? - Mood:Good
Sunday October 07 20077:03:13 PM |
What language did Vikings speak?
What is a long consonant?
What was the major source of loanwords into OE?
What was the first alphabet used to write Germanic languages?

Okay, so now THAT'S over with...

Is it Friday yet??

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Strange Thoughts (10/06) - Mood:Good
Saturday October 06 20077:09:58 PM |
1) I want cookies - pumpkin ones. Or really good sugar cookies.

2) Orba's irritating me. She's getting more & more insistant about bein' on my lap when I'm relaxing with my laptop.*boots*

3) I want dinner. But that would require getting up & either going somewhere or begging Mikey to do it. SO not going to happen.

4) I still need to change my theme.

5) I have a TON of homework to do that I REALLY don't want to do - next on the list? Write another freakin' poem. I'll post it here once I know what the hell I'm doing for it.

6) I want chinese food really badly. Just mentioned it to Mikey..."sorry baby" is his response. Grrrrrrrrrr. Crab rangoons...arrrghhhh..*/Homer Simpson*

7) I am INSANELY bored of the internet. But I keep hoping something dramatic & interesting is going to happen...

8) I can't think of 2 other things of interest, so I'm going to stop now.

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Strange thoughts... - Mood:Good
Friday October 05 20077:08:44 PM |
1) I have a real problem with women who spend HOURS in labor, then take 2 seconds to name their children. Don't you love your children? (Shuntella is one example; Hung is another).

2) It's our 5-year anniversary today...Mikey got me 6 red roses & 6 purple carnations - so pretty!

3) Laptops are HOT. No, I Mean, I think my lap is on fire.

4) A Halloween theme is needed for my profile.

5) I hate my job so much I medicate myself so I won't go postal while I'm there. Should I look for a new job which I will quit in 9 months (when I start going to school full time) or should I just stick it out?

6) Luna's happy now. They've been out of food all day, so when we got home, we fed them - and she puked it all back up - and purred. Bulemic cat, anyone?

7) I can't think of 3 other things of interest, so I'm going to stop now.

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Maybe I just sleep better during the day? - Mood:Good
Sunday September 30 200711:04:44 AM |
I just got up 2 hours ago, had a booty-call, n' now I really just want to go back to bed. Yes. Sleep is GOOOoOOoood.

It's finally cooled down here, too, so I think that has something to do with it.

If there are different species of dogs, how come there aren't different species of humans?

Do humans really have any "instincts" anymore? I mean, REAL instincts? Do we really start eating more, for example, to prepare for the oncoming winter? Freaks we are.

Langauge is what sets us apart from animals, yet it also divides us. Hmmm.

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I am creatively unhappy... - Mood:Good
Saturday September 29 20077:57:49 PM |
I can't create anything new.
I'm in enforced creativity, poetry class...once a week, so it's MAKING me be creative.

But I don't feel like beading, I don't feel like writing, I don't feel like doing >anything<'s driving me a little nutz...

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Why I Can`t Be On YT for Long Periods Of Time - Mood:Good
Saturday September 29 20071:07:29 PM |


The white background is irritating me...blah blah blah.

How's it going on this gorgeous, if a bit chilly, saturday??

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Great Costume Caper `07 - Mood:Good
Friday September 28 20075:08:52 PM |
Yeah yeah...I'm a little late this year in picking out a costume...but I've got excuses!! School being the top one.

So, I'm trying to decide what to do...I could make a flapper outfit, buy one (we're a little shallow in the $$ dept this year, though) or do something ELSE...(like just dress up all real fancy for the dance)...any ideas?

What're YOU yahoos going as this year??!

And don't tell me 'nuttin' - I need INSPIRATION, PEOPLE!!

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Holy need a nap, batman! - Mood:Good
Friday September 21 20075:20:15 PM |
Yeah yeah I do. *yawns*

I haven't talked to you guys in FOREVER...
...I know you don't care.

So what's up, YT?

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I`m a crocheting fool! - Mood:Good
Friday September 14 20075:28:05 PM |
I learned how to last Sunday * I REALLY like it. No idea what I'm going to do with this little bit of talent, but hey, it could be fun!

I'm SO glad that it's friday night. Yay. My sister in law is coming on tomorrow & we're going on a ghost hunt tomorrow night. RAWK!

Then I haveta come home & do 1 ton of homework. Blah. I also have to clean the bathroom tonight...yuck.

How's it goint, YT?

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I rilly hate, rilly. - Mood:Good
Wednesday September 12 20074:42:52 PM |
Stupid english professors. FFS, I don't want to write a one-page paper proving that I read something, dammit. Especially when that something is boring, over-written and completely useless to me. I DUN KARE!! YA HERE ME?! I DUN KARE.

Anyway, Orba's paw is doing fine. Doc says it could be a repetitive thing - it'll get all gross & irritated every few years & then she'll have to go on antibiotics (so much fun giving to a cat, oh yes) & it'll heal up & repeat.

Or, we can spend $250 & see if we can't fix the problem for good. This is what karma gives me for working part time instead of full time.

So, anyway...back to writing this stupid summary. The article? "What is Theory?" in the little book "Literary Theory - A Very Shrot Introduction" (MY GIANT BUTT!!) by Jonathan Culler.

I think I just put my audience to sleep, Mr. Culler.

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My poor booboo. - Mood:Good
Tuesday September 11 20073:27:36 PM |
I haveta take Orba into the vets tomorrow because her little paw is a bit swollen & irritated.

All my kitties are declawed in the front, but for some reason, Orba's got 2 claws, one on each front paw, that have grown back. Now one's all icky n' irritated. She's pretty much limpin' 'round & licking it because it's hurtin' her. Poor booboo.

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So much missed YT time... - Mood:Good
Saturday September 08 20078:35:35 PM |
How is everyone doing?

I spent all day at Kent's (OH) Art In The Park. It was....HUMID. And BUGGY. Tomorrow is more of the same. Thank god I'm driving tomorrow - I may leave early, ffs.

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In a pickle... - Mood:Good
Wednesday September 05 20073:43:27 PM |
Okay, so, I bought a bunch of clothes for my cruise in November & got it all today.

Good news - one thing (for Mikey, really) fits fine.

Bad news - everything ELSE is either too big or may not be big enough after being washed.

So my question - should I throw it all in the wash & hope the things that I hope will shrink does & the things that I hope WON'T shrink won't? Or should I just send it all back & try again?

There are 23 comments on this journal entry. View/Add Comments day of relaxation... - Mood:Good
Tuesday September 04 20078:07:25 PM |
Well, not really.
I had to work today - and wasn't THAT a f*ckin' irritating thing? But tonight I don't have to study...I can just sorta...hang out.

How're you guys doing??

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..such a crick in the neck! - Mood:Good
Monday September 03 20079:56:01 AM |
I slept wrong. *moan* Stupid neck has a cramp or something-or-other...dammit.

How's it going, YT?

I'm thinking of changing my profile theme again - don't know what yet, though.

Also, I have NINE items expiring in the next week... that I'd LOVE to sell - so go shopping now.

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Problems Getting Online.... - Mood:Disgusted
Sunday September 02 20071:08:34 PM |
Well folks, there seems to be a problem w/ the wireless Internet connection at home. I've been having problems getting online from the laptop. We're not sure if it's the wireless router or something with the laptop. (This is kind of a test post - we're at the KSU campus and I'm connected to their wireless network - if this works OK then the problem is with the router.)

We've still got the PC at home, which is not having any problems (it's hooked up to the router too, only wired), but that's Mikey's thing and I want my baby to be fixed!!! (Poor Clarence .)

Until/unless we get the problem fixed, I may not be around as much and I know y'all have been missing me - cause I'm not on a lot anyway, but I miss you already!

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The hills are a-live with the sound of music, bitches! - Mood:Good
Friday August 31 20079:50:55 PM |
And I'm singin' it! Ha!!
Okay, I'll stop now.

Anyways, how's it going, folks?

Not much here...I'm all set-up for a viewing of a classic ('Sound of Music' if you couldn't figure it out), complete with SNACKS!! w00t. I adore the snacks, oh yes.

And cats, of course.

So yeah, the first week is over - and I don't want to kill I consider that a GOOD thing.

I'm also writing a poem about my muse...stupid bitch. I'd like to kill HER, but I can't...cause she's not it were.

Okay...I'll stop babblin' now.

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Poodlespoodlespoodlespoodlespoodlespoodles... - Mood:Good
Friday August 31 20073:08:19 PM |
No, not really.
But I am, officially, a part time worker now & ya know what?


Okay, maybe not LOVE...I still have to do homework on Mons & Weds after work b/c those are the biggest chunks of time I haveta study during the week, BUT!

w00t. I just love it.

How's it going, YT??

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Suffering the slings & arrows of outrageous fortune... - Mood:Anxious
Wednesday August 29 200710:43:24 PM |
I'm having tiny lil panic attacks. Attacklets if you will. In the past 2 days I've found out that I have 3 insane professors, all of them women & at least ONE of them aiming to make our lives patently M-I-S-E-R-A-B-L-E, but at least she does it with a smile on her face, right?

First prof is for poetry. She's a strange mix of artsy+intensity+romantic+laidback. It's a fun mixture. One poem per week is her goal. Yay.

Second prof looks like my SIL would look in about 20 years. She's just this side of trying NOT to be perky & has really flabby's...kinda distracting.

My third prof is the nazi-bitch from hell. least, hear homework schedule is one-page summary of a really long, intensely boring essay is due per class (2 per week) & THEN in the middle of the semester, a 10-12 page paper...then at the end...another one. Ugh. And a presentation...8-10 minutes long.


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Grrr...argghhh... - Mood:Good
Saturday August 25 20077:20:58 PM |
I haven't been this bored in a long long time. We're catching up on all our Daily Shows/Colbert Reports & I'm online. I'm so bored.

So, lets start a conversation.
*What's everyone up to tonight?
*Do you want me to make an avy for you (if you do, you gotta PM me a picture)?
*I need to pick out a pair of shoes for my fancy-ass dress for the cruise - pick from these three:





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Hey hey I wanna be a rock star! - Mood:Good
Friday August 24 20078:08:08 AM |
Well, not really.
I'd just like to sell more stuff & be able to be independently wealthy. Hehe.

Anyways, work again today. No boss again today. It's gonna be a great day. Even though...

...took the '02 Sebring into the shop last night & found out that a ball joint was trying to kill itself, so we're down to one car...again...because of this stupid car...again. It also needs new brake discs because the last assh*le that machined them ground them too thin. Thankfully the mechanic said that we don't have to do it rightnow!!! like we had to do with that ball joint - we're still down about $450, though. Blah.

Tomorrow morning we're taking the '98 Altima in to get new tires. I pray to GOD they don't find ANYTHING else. Grrr. However, it IS almost 10 years old, so I won't be surprised.

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I`m so HERE. - Mood:Good
Thursday August 23 20078:54:44 AM |
Yes, I'm here for the day. Well, on YT, hehe. Because my boss is off. Though, we may be on a network now. If we are, well, there's nothing to help it 'cause I'm here now. *nods*

Next week I start part-time working. w00t. I mean, a LOT. I'm so excited by it because that means only 6 hours in this hell-hole a day rather than 9! PHAT!

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If`n y`all want this necklace... - Mood:Good
Tuesday August 21 200711:55:19 AM |
Y'all better let me know now - b/c it expires in 12 hours & 50 mins.

Anyways, I'm tired, I'm cold (b/c of the AC) & I gotta pee. Not particularly hungry, either. I have some spicy chili for leftovers, but I don't want to die in the middle of the day. That would be bad.

I also just wanna go to bed. Period. I didn't sleep too hot the night before last b/c we didn't have the a/c on (it was sticky b/c of all the rain we've been having) & because of the stupid whirr-whirr-whirr of the ceiling fan downstairs (yes, I have super-sonic hearing; worship me.)

Tonight, though, our houseguest is gone & though I love her to death, there's just something awesome about bein' able to run around your own house nekkid. Yes, there is.

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Okay, so... - Mood:Good
Monday August 20 20078:38:58 PM |
*yawns a LOT*
Now that that's out of the way....

I'm tired, that's just about it. We're watching 'Funniest TV Moments' or some such...we've seen it before, though, so it's putting me to sleep rather than making me laugh...

*yawns 'gain*

So what's new, YT?

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Cell Phone Questions - Mood:Good
Sunday August 19 20077:19:33 PM |
1) Do you have a cell phone?
2) What company do you use for your service?
3) Do you LIKE the company/service?


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