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Female, 43 years old
Akron, OH, Eastern US

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Takin` time off from homework when I get home... - Mood:Good
Thursday April 30 20097:49:37 AM |
..because I will have two cavities filled. Not a great trade-off I realize, but one night off will be nice.

This weekend I have 2 papers to write - one for Propaganda and the other for African American Lit. Thankfully the Propaganda one is pretty much written - did you take my survey yet? I have 66 responses - a few more and it'll look really grand. I'm still not entirely sure how I'm going to use the results, but it should be interesting.

Aside from that, my buddy Alicia's coming over this weekend to have an X-men marathon before we go see the new one on Sunday morning. Ex-cell-ent.

How's it, YT?

I should probably get some breakfast...

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Corn chips + french onion dip = a fantastic combo. - Mood:Good
Tuesday April 28 20095:30:01 PM |
Yes, it is.
But I've run out of dip.
And I shouldn't be eating the chips.
Blah! *puts the chips away*

Now I'm watching 'Gilmore Girls' (the one where Logan is seen smooching on another girl by Rory and Lorelai) and waiting for the Mike to come home.

I have 1.25 of 6 pages done. Due Thursday. Wewt. I'll most likely be taking a solid hour after dinner to work on the paper. Damn my lazy bones!

This weekend I have 2-10 page papers to write.

Very quite here. And cold, too. Rainy as well. I turned off the A/C and turned on the heat. Creepy Ohio weather, will you ever end?!

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Well, guess you won`t be doing THAT again, now will ya? - Mood:Good
Monday April 27 20098:13:31 AM |
Eris got out last night.
She followed her favorite 'auntie' (April, my sil) outside and no one noticed.
This from a cat that NEVER goes outside. Ever. Like, the one time I took her out on the leash she freaked the f*ck out and was all "IWANTBACKINNONONONO!!!"
I noticed that she was missing this morning, tho, so we searched for her and we heard mewing, but we couldn't figure out where it was coming from.
Turns out, it was from under the car. Outside. *facepalms* My sil crawled under the car and dug her out.
Now Eris is wandering around tryin' to figure out wth happened. Silly kitty.
But glad she's safe - she's the tiniest of the 4!

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All clean now! - Mood:Good
Saturday April 25 200911:02:04 AM |
I hate cleaning.
I think I've told you folks this before.
But I always like the results.

Oh, thank you Orba for vomiting. You're damn lucky you're cute. >.< *gag*

N-E-Ways, my SIL is coming to down for a couple days. She's going tonight to get a tattoo; Mike may be getting one as well.

I think I've started a trend.

I have to write a paper this weekend as well. My Women's Lit one. Meh. I may have to sequester myself in my bedroom while she's here so that I can get some work done. Bor-ring!

How's it, YT?

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Can I burn the mazes I grow? Can I? I don`t think so... - Mood:Good
Friday April 24 20098:16:55 AM |
I don't have class again this morning. Yay!

I've finally figured out what 2 of my final papers are going to be about -

Women's Lit - mothers & daughters in various works
African-American Lit - Josephine Baker & her involvement in the anti-slavery movement

That's about 16 pages right thar. The Women's Lit one is due next Thurs. Next week is gonna be a really busy week.

Only have a few weeks to go!

Then it's PARTY TIME.

I'm up early b/c this is just the time I get up, I guess. I have muffins for brekky. Then I'll be going to have lunch at some point with my buddy Alicia.

I've decided I want to work for Food Network - but that'd require moving to...well, somewhere not here.

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Announcements, announcements, announcements! - Mood:Good
Wednesday April 22 20098:15:11 AM |
After four long years, YT, I have decided to stop. To stop using my *actions* that is. But there are a few caveats.

1) Even though *bol* (boobs on lenin) is now catching on, I will be exempt.

2) If you don't understand what I'm saying or you think my "panties are in a twist" or I'm upset, then that's going to be YOUR problem. Not mine.

3) I will also not be using smilies. I think they are ghey.

4) If an internet-based hug from a complete stranger ever made you feel even a TINY bit better, sorry. You're now on your own.

In other news that will undoubtedly get caught up in the first part of this post...

My cousin, Sarah, didn't bother to invite me to her wedding, but I was nice and sent her an invite to my graduation party. She did respond on FB that she was not going to be able to make it (cont)

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Here`s one he, ya know, CAN`T delete. - Mood:Good
Tuesday April 21 20093:23:14 PM |

Today my day involved meeting LIA's boyfriend. He's kinda douchy. And OLD. But hey, if she loves his old, wrinkly, grey balls, who'm I to say that's bad?
*shudder, twitch*

So how's it going, YT?

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This is a nap-time kind of day. - Mood:Good
Monday April 20 20093:56:16 PM |
To bad I don't have time to do that.
Nor did I have time earlier.

School today was a damp mess. It rained on the way to my first class, piddled on the way to my second class, my third class was cancelled (again) and at least the walk to the car wasn't wet.

It is now pouring, however. (THUN-DAH!)

I'm almost done with my paper on my children's book and I'm starting the book-binding process now.

And for mail today we got 6 "Texas" paper-weights, a Starbuck's travel cup and a gigantic stainless steel flask. From my sister-in-law. No, I don't know what that's all about.

So how's it going, YT?

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That is rilly a lot of work. Rilly rilly. :-/ - Mood:Good
Sunday April 19 200912:10:00 PM |
I just went through all of my syllabi to see what I have left for my last official month in school. I think I scared myself.

April 24th - Children's book and paper on said book is due.
April 27th - Group presentation.
April 30th - Women's Lit paper due (5-7 pages)
May 5th - Propaganda paper due (10 pages)
May 8th - African-American Lit paper due (10 pages)
May 13th - Final exam for Brit & Irish Lit
May 15th - Final Essays due for Children's Lit (4 of them - 2-3 pages each)

Geezus feckin' Christ. *sighs n' facepalms* This is doing NOTHING for my stress management. >.<

Now I haveta go vacuum the house. MEH.

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Children`s books should NOT be this much of a pain in the ass! - Mood:Good
Saturday April 18 20097:15:04 PM |
I'm writing a children's book for my Children's lit final. I wanted to get it DONE this weekend - b/c I really don't have time to DEAL, you know?

So I start it. I set up the page size, get it all laid out and have it done.

Go to print.

Stupid printer refuses to print because it's a 'custom size' needed. >.<

So I reformat. Try it again.

Of course I forgot to readjust the paper size. *cry*

Third time's a charm, ffs! But it's alllll done now!

Well, the printing is.


Anyway, now I'm just hanging it, waiting for the printing to get done so I can start putting the whole thing together.

The story?
It's about ants.
Yes, exciting, I know.

How's it, YT?

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I really should stop just causes all kinds of messiness... - Mood:Good
Friday April 17 200911:10:25 AM |
...runny noses and swollen eyes, for one.

I'm frustrated with myself. My mom is 55 years old today, go her. I called to wish her a happy birthday and she asked me what was going on with the baby stuff. I hemmed and hawed my way through it because I was talking to my MOMMY - a thing I desperately want to be - so of course my eyes welled up and my breath got weird.

So I got off the phone with her and indulged in 20 seconds of bawling my eyes out.

Yes, I am.
Really? YES. Stupid and pathetic.

BUT ANYWAY...I don't have class until 2:15, so that's excellent and I'm watching 'My Best Friend's Wedding' - a silly-ass flick almost not worth the cell it's printed on (imo).

How's it with you, YT?

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I want to live on the ocean. - Mood:Good
Thursday April 16 20091:29:20 PM |
No,, really!

Think of it - a gorgeous apartment, sailing around the world, being able to eat either on-board or in your own kitchen. OMG. And those ports-of-call? OMG. Yes, that's what I want to do. I want to live on the ocean.

Anyway, it's been a boring day. I had two classes and then I came home. I'm now just watching TV and trying to figure out if I can paint/draw/crayon an ant for my children's book that's due next Friday.

You, YT?

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This post dedicated to the amazing, mighty and now-gone, Almasy. - Mood:Good
Wednesday April 15 20098:03:07 PM |
I called him 'Moshi'. I think that's how Almasy was pronounced. Anyways, he was my friend Fahe's kitty. Died today. Don't know why, she didn't want to talk about it. But I figured I'd honor him.

Now watching 'Bones'. I Bones. And it's ewwie as expected.

I'm going to take 2 Tylenol PM tonight, yes I am.



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Did you know that blu cheese was invented in Iowa? Well, it WAS. - Mood:Good
Tuesday April 14 20093:10:49 PM |
N' I'mma have a mug made that has the lyrics from "All I owe I owe Ioway" circling it and has an Iowa emblem on it that says "Queer Eye For the Hawkeye" on it.

Okay, I'm tired. I think I need a nap.
Unfortunately, I should do homework. Just reading tonight, tho.

I'm looking for a new job.
Go me.

So how's it, YT?

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*pssst* I`m turning ginger tonight... - Mood:Good
Monday April 13 20097:21:40 PM |
Okay, I've had the bottle sitting on my counter for 2 months. I was hoping that I'd get knocked up so I didn't do it.
But tonight?
I know I'm not.
I'm goin' to turn ginger.
*evil cackle*

You bet, bitches....I'MMA BE A GINGER!
N' there's NOTHIN' you can do to stop me!!!


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Yaaay! Got my paper done!! - Mood:Good
Monday April 13 20094:05:18 PM |
Now I feel all relaxed.
For the moment.
I only have 4 weeks left until finals week.
3 classes will be having finals, I think, during that week.

So how's it going, folks?

Tonight I have to read about Guatemala for my Propaganda class. Yay.

I'm VERY cold today.

Uhm. Today I will be having chinese food for dinner. Leftovers. (LOAVES AND FISHES!)

So, yes.
There we go.


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Wake me up inside. Save me from the nothing I`ve become. - Mood:Good
Saturday April 11 20097:05:16 PM |
Today I took my buddy Alicia down to our dealership in the hopes of getting her a car. Ironically, her's died this morning by the side of the road. Not a great loss since the damn thing was breaking up for the past few months - the gas tank connection was rigged so that she could put gas INTO the tank, ffs.

Unfortunately, though she's ahead in everything else (she's going to grad school this fall) she's only 20 years old. As a full-time student, she only works part time. Of course, because of the economy, this precludes her from being able to buy a car. I felt bad for her so we went to lunch at Golden Corral.

Then we did a little shopping, came home and watched our friend's home-made movie then she left.

Mike and I watched 'Finding Nemo' and had dinner (sandwiches). Now I'm setting up to work on my paper (7 page min) and I really want to ignore the world.

How are you?

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Rejoice, YT. This the last baby-related journal you`ll see from me. - Mood:Good
Friday April 10 200910:06:14 AM |
The hits just keep coming today.

Period came.
I have 2 cavities.
I got warned because I dared to advertise my Etsy shop here.

Thank god when I came home my house wasn't burnt down.

Is it possible to hate God AND not believe in Him?

I have a 7-9 page paper to write today. I would have loved to do the research on my own laptop, but Mike shut off my internet before he left for work. So I'm on HIS computer - using the internet - and doing my research.

Anything else I need to know, YT?

Oh, and the baby thing - we can't afford the next step, so that also means adoption is out.

Strangely enough, I haven't really cried and I'm feeling all sorts of just...apathetic.

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Okay, I seriously have to ask a question... - Mood:Good
Thursday April 09 20094:05:30 PM |
What is with all the baby pics lately?
I mean, I LOVE lookin' at babies.
They're so cute.

But lately?
I just...I am gonna have to stop clicking on threads, seriously.

ANYWAY...enough of that.

I'm tired. I can tell you that. Obvious, eh?

Tonight we're having hotdogs. And doing dishes.

But tonight I'm free from schoolwork. I did make up my party invitations. Oh, did I tell you I'm having a party? Yes, I am. For graduation. It's going to be a grill-out with burgers and chicken sandwiches.
I'm also making develed eggs, spinache dip pinwheels, taco-dip; we're having french onion dip and Ballrich's.

Then possibly Tessa's cakeballs and a cake for dessert!
I'm exctited, but I seriously want to....WANT TO get this semester over with. I have a lot left to write.

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Day 26 - 2 more to go...(ranting and raving may happen in this journal - you have been warned) - Mood:Good
Wednesday April 08 20094:59:27 PM |
Maybe, maybe not.
I had a whole bunch to talk about here but now I am really kind of drawing a blank.

Well, my day - I spilled my Cheerios (Honey Nut) all over place. Wewt.
Then I went to pick up Chelby and got stopped for speeding. But I got off with a warning. Wewt.
And my third class was cancelled today.
And on Friday.
So I have on class on Friday. Lots of wewt going on there.

Now what's in 2 days?
THE RAG! *dum dum dummmm!!*
Well, potentially.
Most likely.

So that's how my day was.
I have a headache now and my fingers are cold.

We're having chicken n' ranch noodles tonight. Yum.

Now YOU go!

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Hey, finally stopped snowing! For the moment... - Mood:Good
Tuesday April 07 20095:10:31 PM |

My feet are cold.
My toes, actually.

I took a nap and it was pretty good. I was dreaming that we had a yacht. And so did my brother, his wife and my parents. And we were all in the Caribbean. And the water was so soothing, calm and warm - it was like being surrounded by comfort.The sun was shining and it was so so beautiful.

Man, do I miss it.

In other news, we bought generic peanut butter the other day (instead of Skippy or Jiff) and I smelled it in comparison to Skippy and it smelled like dirt. So we've decided that generic is BAD. *nods*

Anyone else hate FB on their computer? Meh.

Okay, done.
Now YOU go!

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I want more, darn it, and isn`t it supposed to be all about ME? - Mood:Good
Monday April 06 20094:24:06 PM |
I had leftover baked potato and steak for a late lunch. Still hungry. But it was SO TASTY.

We're having spaghetti for dinner. Hmmm. Yum.

Today was a good day. Especially since I found out I don't have any classes on Friday. Yay! But I DO have a 7-9 page paper to write that day. Boo!

But we have to do dishes tonight. And that sucks. I hate dishes. Would you like to come do my dishes for me?

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I just got these and boy am I excited...well, not exactly THESE...well...well, they`re good representations.. - Mood:Good
Sunday April 05 20094:27:47 PM |
pictures, you'd say....

and I only got 2.
And mine have rainbow sprinkles.
But I haven't eaten them, yet.

Mike got these:

And again, not THESE EXACTLY...
and only 2.
But...remarkably similar.

We're good on desserts. OMG. Yes.

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Saturday April 04 20099:28:50 PM |
Good lord, I'm so bored. >.<

I am listening to Mikey's show but I need some visual stimulation, too!

TALK or something, for f*cks sake!

Today we got groceries and I ordered 2 new pairs of shoes - for mah dress from a few threads ago:

because they weren't at Payless like I'd hope. Oh well. Free shipping to the stores!

Here are the shoes:

The 2nd pair has blue strappies instead of orange/red.

So..yeah, that was my day.


Thank you. *bows*

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I am just so stinkin` proud I can barely contain myself! - Mood:Good
Friday April 03 20097:26:22 PM |
"I've got Ioway in my hair!
I've got Ioway in my ears and eyes and nose!
Oh, I know all I owe I owe Ioway,
I owe Ioway all I owe and I know why.
I am Ioway born and bred,
And on Ioway corn I'm fed,
Not to mention her barley, wheat, and rye!"

Yeah, I'm an Ioway girl, and darn proud of it! ESPECIALLY today! You don't realize how proud of them I am!

Okay, enough of that.
Today was a good day. Alicia n' I went to Tip Top to have lunch - the best milkshakes and fries I've ever had - ever. SO GOOD.

Then we came back to my house n' watched 'Cruel Intentions' and 'Footloose'. No theme, but fun nonetheless!

And tonight I'm relaxing before tomorrow when Homework Hell begins. Ugh. How do you all get through all the work you have to do w/out feeling backed into a corner?? Argh.

Love you!

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