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Female, 43 years old
Akron, OH, Eastern US

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Fav. Car: Nissan Versa - I got the red one!
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I enjoy being a girl... - Mood:Good
Sunday January 20 20088:52:36 AM |
NOT! >.<
Ah well, in a few days, this too shall pass.

It's early. I'm up early because I drank a bottle of water before I went to bed. Then I had to get up early to pee. Then the fire alarm went off because the gas guy came and checked all of our gas-things and turned on this big ole gas heater downstairs w/out our knowledge and since it was dusty, yup there go the fire alarms.

Today it's supposed to be colder than a witch's tit. I'm sort of confused by that saying - witches are like everyone else, so basically, why would their tits be cold? I'm still trying to figure out that whole "brass monkey" thing, too.

Question, why has it taken so long for humans to get where they are today in terms of technology? Maybe Plinkly on 'Lilo & Stitch' is right - every time an asteroid hits the earth we have to start all over again.

I have toaster strudel for brekky. Hungry, but once again, I enjoy being a girl...NOT.

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I.Haz.Ishues. - Mood:Good
Saturday January 19 20085:03:42 PM |
Today we went and ordered a new couch. We figured we'll bet getting rid of our gigantic furniture and I feel sad about it! I love my chair and ottoman. They're GINORMOUS! And OH SO COMFY. *nods* We also got them as our first set of furniture as a married couple. Very sad about all this.

Maybe it's PMS.

Happier is that I just had cheesecorn + caramel and peanuts popcorn. TOGETHER. OMGYO!

I have to go study in an hour...for about an hour...then I'm gonna bead tonight while I watch Bring It On 2 and 3.

I'd like to remove my bra. But I have to wait for my jammies to be clean.

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Jammie`s pwn... - Mood:Good
Friday January 18 20084:01:45 PM |
Yes, yes they do. My jammies, especially. I has purple plaid flannel pantahs...and a purple night shirt.

Imma waitin' for Aunt Flo. Silly bitch never gets here until night. Dammit.

It's also cold in here. *shivers* Poo.

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OMGYO, RAPH!! - Mood:Good
Friday January 18 20089:07:45 AM |
I got the beads yesterday! THANK YOU!! They are GORGEOUS; I ordered some jade a couple days ago that will be FANTASTIC with those beads...and that pendant? OMG. I have to do something special with that...*plots* Pictures of the pretties when I get home this afternoon!!

The only thing preventing me going home is that I was drvin' to work and noticed my lil car has a light on! It's the 'low tire pressure indicator'. So, poo. I have to take it to the dealership after work. Thankfully, the place is only about 3 blocks from work and usually they're pretty good about getting us in and out. They're payin' for the tires, though, if we need new. We JUST bought this car. And it's brand-new! Ah well...

Not doin' homework on Fridays, even though I think I may actually fail my logic course this semester...*frets* I honestly am worried about it. We'll see what the first test looks like.

How's your Friday, YT? (If it is still Friday there )...

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Scholarships - Mood:Good
Thursday January 17 20089:58:38 AM |
Mike is making me apply for scholarships. I do have student loans that pay for school, but the balance is rising exponentially higher every semester (we're looking at a bill of about $50K+ when this is all over.)

I don't mind applying for the scholarships, but what irritates me to no end is that I KNOW I won't get them. Why? Because I have a husband that makes quite a chunk of change, I make a little bit to help, we have no children, so there's no pity-party for us, etc. The only thing I have going for me is that I'm 30. I'm a non-traditional female student. THAT'S IT.

Ugh. Ah well...I'll apply for them, but at this point it's like winning the lottery.

And seriously, how many times can one say "I'm getting my degree so I'm not stuck in a sh*tty job for the rest of my life."?

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We`re having an old fashioned blizzard! - Mood:Good
Tuesday January 15 200810:44:07 AM |
And I am fighting YT!

Though, I love the snow...and the's SO pretty outside! I'm at work, so I can't see it as well, but it's okay.

Oh, and I am SO craving this -

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I`m gonna try something new... - Mood:Good
Monday January 14 200810:26:01 AM |
After watching two teen-distress movies on LifetimeTV last night (I know, I'm a girl, whatever), I'm going to try to be nice to the little teens here that come on and have problems, because those two movies ('Odd Girl Out' & 'Queen Sized') reminded me how I felt when I was in highschool. Yeah, this is online, but whatever. I'm going to try to be nicer and more patient with the come on to YT. Why not, right? Should be a riot.
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My Weekend - Mood:Good
Sunday January 13 20086:08:08 PM |
We went to the Renaissance Hotel in Cleveland last night - it's omg gorgeous. I love it! You can guess what we did, but we also watched TV as well, had roomservice (flourless cake = BLECH) and just hung out. King sized beds FTW!!

Now I'm organizing my Etsy account - if you like beading, here's some supplies I'm selling:

I've also got a couple new things on there. Not my best, but not bad.

Anyways, tomorrow night school starts - Intro to Psych. w00t. It'll be nice to get back into the swing of things...

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Spoiled much? - Mood:Mischievous
Saturday January 12 20089:07:38 AM |
Okay, so, I'm on - if you are, you can friend me - but anyway, the point is that I paid for a real membership - so now I get "dollars" every week. Anyway, my point here...

...suddenly all these little girls (16 and younger) are now "friending" me - and when they do, they demand (no, seriously) for me to send them gifts!

I'm all like "wtf, who are you?" and when I say "no" they say "ur mean" - I am, but that's beside the point. These children (some of them with their own paid accounts) are demanding, spoiled little brats! I'm mean because I don't send them something? WTF?? What kind of world do these little twitlets live in?

FFS, people need to grow up and realize that NOTHING is going to be just handed to them...geez.

Other than that, I'm hungry. I need brekky. Do I get up and and make eggs or do I have a nutrigrain - which is healthier?

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And the shin-kicks of 01/11/08 go to... - Mood:Good
Friday January 11 200810:01:24 AM | financial aid/bursars office. Because they're taking their goddamn sweet time in getting refunds out and school starts MONDAY. I need that $$ to buy my goddamn books, f*ckers. Grrrr..arrgh!!

Anyone going to Kent State get their refunds back yet (there are several of us, so that's why I ask)???

*kicks them all in the butts*

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Morbid Questions, but I`m curious! - Mood:Good
Thursday January 10 20084:16:13 PM |
Do you really want your casket to last forever? Or would you rather have one that's biodegradable?

Or do you want to be cremated? If so, would you prefer to sit up on a mantle forever to someday be passed down to another relative and eventually thrown away? Or would you rather be scattered somewhere?

If you sneeze into an urn of ashes, how would you feel about blowing that relative out of your nose only moments later?

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A Discussion About Tea - Mood:Good
Thursday January 10 200812:19:03 PM |
I'm not generally a tea fan. Usually it's too bitter and has a weird aftertaste. Lately, though, I've been trying different teas from 'The Republic of Tea' - specifically 'Wild Blueberry' & 'Cranberry Blood Orange'.

So far, I'm pleasantly surprised. I add about a teaspoon of sugar to my cup and that adds just enough sweetness to satisfy the bitterness. I also find that drinking them hot is more pleasant than drinking them cold.

What are your favorite teas? I am finding I like the more fruity ones the best, however, TRT has a 'Cardemonn Cinnamon' I may try.

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Hey, I`ve got some new shoes on and suddenly everything is right... - Mood:Good
Thursday January 10 20089:06:28 AM |
Still not likin' the layout. But whatever.

At work. w00t. Well, not really, but things could be worse!

I have "New Shoes" stuck in my head.

I just completely paid off my Lane Bryant card.

I'm happy with my exercise progress. I'm buying bottled water this weekend so that I can up my water intake even more. I tried using old bottles and just filling them up with water, but it creeped me out. Anyone else feel the same way?

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Meh. - Mood:Good
Wednesday January 09 20086:45:09 PM |
I'm still not impressed with this new YT, but I'm over it. I got home, got onto my real computer, and it still looks totally ghey. Ah well, it's Buddy's decision, whatever.

This was emailed to me today:,2933,3212...

It made me 'bout laugh my balls off. And I don't even HAVE balls!

I just rode 4.5 miles on the stationary bike in 20 minutes. Yay sweat!

Then I danced for a few minutes to Slade's "Run Runaway" - good tune.

Now I'm just gonna relax. I think I'm going to sleep really well tonight.

BTW, anyone know how to change the background of the background of the profile? If that makes any sense...

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I.Hate.IT. - Mood:Anxious
Wednesday January 09 200810:28:18 AM |
No, I really really do. It looks so dark n' complicated now. I WANT THE OLD YT BACK!!

I have a pain in the lower right side of my gut. It's been happening off and on now for about a year or so. What could it be? Could it be my appendix? Owwie.

I'm stuck in the credit union again.
This is not a good day.

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I`m bored, YT. - Mood:Good
Tuesday January 08 200812:31:10 PM |
So entertain me!
I'm stuck in the credit union again today; Mam stayed home sick, go me.

I still love my car. Would love it even more if Mike would have let me drive it today. No such luck for me - he has to be home earlier than his bus would drop him off. Ah well. Hopefully I get my lil car back tomorrow.

Tonight nothing is going on. Boring boring boring. I need to do some beading, as I haven't done anything new in months. I also need to write on my stories. I'll probably guilt myself into my 4.5 mile stationary bike exercise, but that'll be 'bout it.

What're you up to after work?

I'm hungry. What are you having for lunch?

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4 miles in 17.35 minutes.... - Mood:Good
Monday January 07 20085:34:41 PM |
Go me!

Anyways, how's it going YT?

My car is SO cute. My boss is leavin' at the end of the month FOR-EH-VERR and my butt hurts from riding the stationary bike.

I'd like to go to bed. Yes. But I haveta stay up until about 10pm. I though exercise was supposed to give one more energy?

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And the winner is... - Mood:Good
Saturday January 05 20082:11:31 PM |
The '08 Nissan Versa!!:

It's sleek, it's stylish, and it reminds me of a red puppy! It's name is Meep! and I love it!

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Need a new car.. - Mood:Good
Thursday January 03 20085:50:03 PM | me your favorite "real", cars that normal people drive.
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We`re havin` an old-fashioned blizzard here... - Mood:Good
Tuesday January 01 20086:21:23 PM |
...hopefully we'll get some snow to go with all this wind.

I made a pictchor:

...for a character I play on another site. It's not great, but ah well, I'm RILLY bored.

We're watchin' "House". What're you up too, YT??

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Feelin` very accomplished... - Mood:Good
Monday December 31 20078:30:07 AM |
I'm mailin' out my SS's gift today - woot! I hope this person likes what this person gets. I know I'm late, but I hope it's worth it.

I'm goin' to get my new driver's license - must make sure to look as horrible as possible because maybe then the pic will be good. Those damn pics never turn out nice.

I also will be dropping off a crap-load of stuff to the Salvation Army. w00t.

And finally, I have to get blood testing done. Blah. My allergist doesn't believe I'm allergic to anything - when they did the skin pokes, NOTHING resulted, which was odd because 8 years ago, I had an intense reaction to mold. So, he looks at me funny & goes "I want you to get some blood testing done." Ah well...

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Okay okay okay okay... - Mood:Good
Friday December 28 200710:14:25 PM |
Yeah, I bumped my SS thread, but seriously - I had to! It was SUCH a good SS year for me!

Wanna know what else is goin' on??

My brother left Monday, Thursday my parents left...and when I thought my life couldn't get any worse... got suddenly AWESOME!

*throws confetti and glitter at EVERYONE that comes in here...* There...walking Easter Eggs!

I'm SO happy about this! I NEVER thought it'd happen - and it's happening SOON. The end of JANUARY!!

She hasn't told us lowly office staff yet, but the new girl has SUPERSONIC hearing - and apparently my boss has been telling all the reps all week behind a closed door (in our building, you can hear through those!)...*wiggles all over the place* ONE MORE MONTH!!

This makes me think that maybe I'll stay another year. w00t!

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My Secret Santa... - Mood:Good
Monday December 24 20076:11:47 PM |
At least, I'm assuming that it was my SS that sent me THREE BOOKS! I LOVE reading - and she got me "The Historian" & the Nora Roberts "Key" series...OMGYO!

I'm soooo happy about those books! Lots of reading for me for me for me! THANK YOU, SECRET SANTA!!

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6` 3/4" - Mood:Good
Friday December 21 20075:12:22 PM |
For pete's sake, how much taller am I gonna get?!

Brother will be here in an hour or so..sqee!!

No more cleaning.
Well, maybe a little tiny bit more.

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Oh, Secret Santaaaaa... - Mood:Good
Thursday December 20 20079:03:59 PM |
I have decided that since Mikey doesn't think my newy 'Riverdance' DVD was purchased by any of my relatives, it was probably from you...SO...If you're the one that sent me 'Riverdance' - THANK YOU!! I it!!

And I still have no idea who you are!

And if you WEREN'T the person that sent it to me...uhm...thanks to whoever did!

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