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Female, 43 years old
Akron, OH, Eastern US

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Congratulations, you now have...(yes, another kitten update - deal with it)... - Mood:Good
Monday May 19 20088:06:13 PM |
3 boys and a girl!

And guess who's the girl?
That's right - Pancake, Halzberry's new baby.

Okay, we took them to the vet, everything looks okay....

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And then there were 4... - Mood:Good
Monday May 19 20086:02:00 AM |

We lost Mini-bit last night. I'm still not sure why; as Skade says, sometimes Mama just wants her own back. I'm trying to look at it like that, but it's hard to do so.

The others are going to the vet as soon as the office opens; I don't want to lose the others.

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And on the fourth day, we pooped. Yes, we did. All over, as a matter of fact. - Mood:Good
Sunday May 18 20084:41:23 PM |
Okay, so THAT worry is over. Now, the consistancy of their poop is my worry. Unless you ask, though, I'll spare ya.

I just got done cleaning up after 5 pooping kittens - all at once, they learned how.

Here's an official update (their collar indicates the color):

Red (nick: Mini-bit): Not doing so hot. Had a bm, but it was hard and is sleeping ALL THE TIME now - not so much movement and is kinda weakly mewling. Didn't eat the last time 'round, either. *sighs*

Green (Greenie): Was the initiator of the poop-patrol. I never knew a kitten could poo so much - his entire body-weight, in fact! (I'm convinced he's a "he".)

Blue (Little Blue or aka Pancake): The best candidate so far for Pancake-esque qualities - along with him, Red and Turquoise have also found their purrs. It's very cute.


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Stressing OUT...and ready to cry... - Mood:Anxious
Sunday May 18 200811:11:30 AM |
We're having problems.
No one has poo'd and one has a warm, distended belly and now is peein' blood...

Dammit dammit dammit...

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Hmmm...long day... - Mood:Good
Saturday May 17 20086:48:43 PM |
The kittens are doing wonderfully - they're latcing onto the bottles really well and are finally eating pretty good.

We went to se the 2nd Narnia today - it.was.awesome, oh yes.

Then got home and found out that our kingdom doesn't have a king and queen because the fookin' idiots forgot to get their memberships renewed - according to corpora, that's instant termination. Damnit. Extenuating circumstances exist, however, so now everyone's all pissed off. Blah.

I'm tired. I've gotten about 12 hours of sleep in the past

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Night of the Living Dead, Part 2 - Mood:Good
Friday May 16 200810:21:08 AM |
Things are getting better in regards to scheduling. The five tiny furballs (FTFs) are eating better, they're peeing still and well, not pooing yet - but there was some odor that leads me to believe that they will, soon.

Last night wasn't as bad as the night before, though I found out that 3 like to do their business before eating, 2 after.

They all also got yarn collars so we can freakin' tell them apart - I'll post pics this afternoon; I was so tired last night that I forgot to post the ones I took. I sowwy.

But, yeah...they're all still alive! Yaaay!

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Night of the Living Dead - Mood:Good
Thursday May 15 20087:56:28 AM |
Okay, not really, but it WAS a difficult night - it felt exactly like I had a new-born baby, only there were 5 and they don't deficate on their own and their eyes don't work and, well, nothing else does, either.

But it was okay. The kits all lived through the night (yay!) even though I'm kinda tired, it wasn't as bad as I feared it would be. I'm a bit frustrated, tbh, because they're only taking about .5CC's of formula right now. I want them to eat MORE - but their tummies are so darn tiny it's not happening.

Mike's staying home today to watch/feed the kits, because he can work from home - lucky duck - so I'm heading to work. He's gonna be SUCH a good dad if we ever have kids.

Okay...gotta head to work - will check back in a bit.

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I know, pics or it didn`t happen... - Mood:Good
Wednesday May 14 20088:32:59 PM |
And here they are - the 5 orphans that Mike & I took in...aren't they gorgeous?

(Pics in next post! *shakes fist at Buddy*)

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OMG YAY! - Mood:Good
Wednesday May 14 20088:54:59 AM |
I can't believe it. This day was like all others, then I got to work.

I made baked beans for our Harvest for Hunger luncheon and then...oh my god and then!

And then my coworker, Bobbie, turns to me and says "Oh, and Barb found some kittens in the back...we put them in a box, but we don't think mom's coming back..."

*wiggles all over*

5 incredibly small (incredibly CUTE) kittens! I was saying that I thought they were around 3 weeks, but now I'm thinking they're only a week old - their tiny widdle ears are still all folded, but they're completely dry, and their eyes are slightly open. OMGYO!

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Fruit on the bottom, hope on top. - Mood:Good
Tuesday May 13 200811:49:23 AM |
See that?
That hope?
That'd be me.
I'm STILL waiting for my g-d grades. Dammit.
And it's been 2 weeks since my last Fiction class. You'd think I'd at least have that? Right? NO. This does NOT please me at all.
Picture in the NEXT post on how I feel about this.
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I forgot my yogurt. - Mood:Good
Monday May 12 20089:11:17 AM |
Darn it.

Ah well.

As you can all see, I'm still less than creative.

And today's kinda weird at work. All I have is filing, which I'm waiting to do after the goddamn idiots that are team 2 freakin' call me and tell me wheretf they are (it's part of my job - I'm a babysitter, dontcha know?).

Also, one of our companies is going to be striking. Again. Because the owner's a prick. As usual. Blech.

And...uhm...really that's it.

Tomorrow I'm making baked beans for the Harvest for Hunger lunch. w00t.

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I called my mommy. - Mood:Good
Sunday May 11 200811:06:18 AM |
So I did my good deed of the day.
Of course, I'm not a "real" mom, so I don't get any gifts, flowers or anything.
And of course it's one painful day for me of the year. Yipee skipee.

Anyway. In other news, I have a cat on my chest - thank god it's the small one.

I'm at the point that I think I need a nap. For awhile. A long time. The only thing that's gotten me excited in the past week is the avy I made Mike yesterday. Otherwise I feel empty, uncreative and bored.

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Yawwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnn..................... - Mood:Good
Saturday May 10 20088:25:36 PM |
We just got back from a wedding. It was very nice; the cake was good and the dancing was good. The bride tripped last week and broke her wrist on her left arm and her elbow on the right arm; she was pretty well strapped down after the initial ceremony, oh yes. But someone did fashion a pretty sling out of some lace, so that was nice.

I also just made an avy for Michael. That was fun.

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FREE SCHTUFF! - Mood:Excited
Friday May 09 200812:49:36 PM |
Ever go hunting for free samples online?
It's kinda fun!
I'm playing on this website right now:

Anyone ever do this? A 'freebie-hunt'? Hehe.
It's a lot of fun!

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I`m gettin` all twitchy... - Mood:Good
Friday May 09 200811:11:49 AM |
...because my goddamn grades haven't come in yet. Dammit. Usually they're pretty fast about getting that info out - but a new computer system this year makes me all anxious that maybe I won't be getting my grades for awhile and I WANT TO KNOW!

I think I already know for Psych - a C+ (79%), but the other two classes? I dunno! I want to know NOW.

*twitches* Dammit.

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I`m always so hungry! - Mood:Good
Thursday May 08 200812:33:51 PM |
I hate days like this - I'm hungry. I am doing well on my diet, but now I want to eat something that's all protein and salt. WTF?

How do you control hunger cravings?

I did have half a piece of cherry cheesecake (hey, cherries ARE healthy! )

What should I have for lunch? We have lots of things around here - subway, panera, chinese, mcd's, burger king, etc....

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Anyone have fibromyalgia? - Mood:Good
Wednesday May 07 20087:34:18 PM |
Just curious. If you do, how did they test you for it?

My finger still hurts.
And I still have weird tingling + numbness (I know, right??) in my big toes. >.< I hate bein' 30. Could be worse, tho!

I still need to do my 3 mile ride..dammit. Someone say somethin' funny!

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Don`t go walkin` down four oaks lane.../Dieting Day 2 - Mood:Good
Wednesday May 07 20089:45:56 AM |
I dunno what to do with myself.
I have pretty much all-kinds of free-time after 2:30 every day now until, well, September.

I need to write, I know that.
I need to work on more jewelry, I know that.
I need to clean, I know that.
I need to do some gardening (barf), I know that.

But I don't WAN to do any of those things - at least right now.

I was a good girl yesterday, tho. I rode 3 miles on the stationary, took a tiny walk with Mike, didn't over-eat at dinner, and didn't eat anything after 8pm. Good on me.

Today I'm being slightly less good, but that's because I love Death by Chocolate more than the air I breathe. >.>

So, today, I'm headed right home. Will have lunch, then work out - but then what? Hmmm.

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When the mandolins wail, she brews her owne ale and sings to the man on the moon/Dieting Day 1 - Mood:Good
Tuesday May 06 200810:02:37 AM |
I can feel the stress slowly drawing away from my mind, however, it's still there. Takes me a few days to downgrade.

I can tell it's still there because of the rude-ass bitch I just talked to on the phone. Dumbass broad. God, such RUDE phone manners! WTF?

Anyways, how is your day going, YT?

I'm going to buy blood orange soda after work then I'm going to go home, have some lunch, and do my exercising.

This week they are being evil at work - $1/piece of some cake or pie thing. For Harvest For Hunger. :-\ I don't know if I can resist! Hewp!

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Mah house is stinky./Mah finger hurts. - Mood:Good
Monday May 05 20089:19:25 PM |
Mah house stinks like lilacs...THEY'RE EVERYWHERE!

But more importantly, mah finger hurts. Mah middle finger. On mah right hand.

I know; been complaining about this for some time now, but I honestly do not wanna go to the doctor. Why? Because I'll go to the doctor and he'll say "Hey, look at that, your finger hurts - so, lets get an x-ray - because it's probably nothing, but we'll just make sure." and I'll be all "Okay!" - so that's $300 wasted right there TO GET A PICTURE OF MAH FINGER.

THEN, I won't get a call from him - ever - and when I finally DO call, he'll say "Oh, it was arthritis - can't do anything for ya." - cause of COURSE I'll haveta go IN to see him - "That'll be $80, please!" OR he'll say "It's tendonitis! Congratulations! Still can't do anything for ya - but why don't you give ME $80!!"

What'm I gonna do??

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Oh, I`m at my best when my boots wear thin; I`ll see the world by the mile! - Mood:Good
Monday May 05 200810:24:15 AM |
Well, at least, I'm done with my Logic class.
I don't know if I passed the final, but ya know what?

Hehe..w00t. *nods*
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Imma kinda freakin` outta... - Mood:Good
Sunday May 04 20084:42:15 PM |
I always start worrying at about this time of year re: financial aid for school in the next school year. I've found out how much everything is going to be ($22K) and I know w/out financial aid I'm screwed to finish my degree.

So I look on the FAFSA website and they're saying I may be at some sort of limit for financial aid! OMGYONO!

So, I'm kind of freaking out right now. Yes, I am. *sighs* I emailed financial aid, though so hopefully I'll hear in the next few days about it. Blah.

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God.Damn.Airlines. - Mood:Disgusted
Sunday May 04 20088:12:06 AM |
We booked tickets in December of this year to visit my parents (and, well, everyone because everyone's going to the B&B for xmas this year) through Travelocity. Everything was going well. Yeah, they changed the times of the flights, etc. No big. I can handle that.

Then we got an email two days ago. The return flight has been changed.

Cancelled, in fact. Well, at least the portion from Philly to Akron has. >.<

Sure, things can change. It was an American Airlines flight that was cancelled. Sure, US Airways (which is providing the REST of the trip [why they can't provide the final leg is beyond me!]) could remove head from sphincter and provide that final leg, but it looks like we may end up having to DRIVE from Philly. Oh, yes, that will be fun. */sarcasm*


*/end of rant*

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Is this really THAT attractive? - Mood:Good
Saturday May 03 20085:54:00 PM |
Female body builders:
Grr...will post in next post...
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Holy mood-swings, batman... - Mood:Overwhelmed
Saturday May 03 200811:40:54 AM |
Gah. Not feeling good right now. Stomach is upset, I'm so tired, I just wanna hide in a corner.


There's NO REASON for me to be feeling this way - I just AM. And I HATE IT. It means that Auntie Flo is on her f*cking way.


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