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Female, 43 years old
Akron, OH, Eastern US

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I feel like kicking kittens...and look, I have four to chose from! - Mood:Good
Tuesday June 10 200810:59:22 AM |
But, I am crabby again. Still. Whatever.
I'm having some issues. Can YT help me decide? I don't (think so) know, but it's worth a shot, right?

Main issues? Should I get my writing minor? I'm an English major.

Then, should I keep selling jewelry? I'm not sure if I should or not. I'm creatively null.

The kits are going to be with us another 3-4 weeks, which I'm glad they're doing well, but I'm just...tired.

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WWW.WTF.COM! (A Girlie Topic) - Mood:Good
Monday June 09 20088:36:42 AM |
Okay, so, about 3 months ago I started experiencing this pain in my gut about 2 weeks before the visit from the rag.

First month, the pain was tiny - no problem. A little twingy, but not bad - about 2 finger's width from my belly button on the right (if you're lookin' at me).

Second month, pain is a little worse, but again, no problem. And about 4 inches from my belly button.

This month? Pain is getting REALLY irritating and is now about 6 inches from my belly button (now closer to my side.)

Can anyone tell me what the drat is going on??!

I went to the doc, and we thought that it was my goddamn ovaries/fibroids acting up, but when they did an ultrasound (over a week ago) they imaged way lower, so I'm pretty sure they didn't "get" whatever it is. Any ideas?!

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Spinache Alfredo pizza, here I come! :-D - Mood:Good
Saturday June 07 20084:25:09 PM |
What's more, it's only $4.99!! w00t. Hehe.

Okay, so, today has been a long one. After hanging out this morning, Mike and I went to Target, to Home Depot, to lunch, then to Giant Eagle.

Finally came home where I just now got done feeding the rugrats. They now have what we have dubbed the "kitten condo" - two large boxes with a hole cut in each to let them go back and forth between the two. They...well...don't quite "get" it yet. But I think that's b/c they're not really playing a whole lot yet.

Poor Turk still has sore nuts. Does anyone have any suggestions for something I can put on him that a) won't poison the other kittens and b) won't hurt him? I'd really hate to have to seperate him from his sibs, but it's looking like I'm going to have to for a few days - that's a huge bummer.

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Updates! Updates! Updates!! - Mood:Good
Friday June 06 20088:54:14 AM |
Update: Feeling better about yesterday's "sudden family" situation. Yeah, it's weird. Yeah, I want to meet these people. Yeah, I want "grandma" to fess up to my father's existence to her other children (his sisters!). However, there is approximately squat I can do about the situation. So, we'll see what happens.

Update: Turk and Lem are just fine. Apparently, they nurse on each other (with the other two rug-rats) and apparently that's normal and that's why they have swollen, weird-lookin' balls. So, everyone's all back together.

Update: Turk has a home! My friend, Wulfie, will be taking him - she came over last night and snuggled him a bit. He peed on her, played in her hair. I think that they're a good match! She's got 3 other fur-kids and thinks he'll fit right in. Hehe.

Update: Panera bread ftw! Got me an asiago cheese bagel, toasted, with cream cheese. SO GOOD.

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This is another "what would you do" moment... - Mood:Good
Thursday June 05 20081:44:23 PM |
Well, turns out that my mother contacted my father's natural mother.
And she has 4 daughters.
I have 4 aunts.
And a living grandmother.
And a living grandfather.

I have 4 aunts...that don't know anything about their brother...
So, mom says that his mom and dad live in X city. I look them up. There's their phone number....

*sighs* I'm kinda...shocked at the moment, I think.

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How to make risotto. - Mood:Good
Thursday June 05 20089:41:03 AM |
Anyone know how?
I have been lusting after scallop risotto since I had it last November. I had it on a cruise-ship, though; I don't exactly have the funds to go on another cruise just now just for the risotto.
So, I'm gonna make it myself. Yes. I'm gonna. Unfortunately, I never have and I have to gather the ingredients in $10 shots. So far, I've got the arborio (rice).

Here's a few other ingredients I plan on picking up:

dry white wine
chicken stock
green onions
olive oil
parm. cheese to put it all together..hmmmmmm...maybe some mushrooms, too..hehe...

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Kittens in a box. - Mood:Good
Wednesday June 04 20084:59:03 PM |
Actually, two.
Lem & Turk are going to be going to the doc's in the next few days 'cause their balls are weird. Turk's got a little blood and Lem's peein' some white mucusy stuff. Acky.

So now they're in the carrier, giving me these little mournful looks and cryin'... Poor booboos...I wanna cuddle them, but they'll pee on me.

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Sunshine! Hearts and flowers! Kittens! Dead bitches!! - Mood:Good
Wednesday June 04 20089:07:57 AM |

Okay, much better mood this morning.
Leaving online drama online, no more muss, no more fuss! w00t.

And, I'm still online. *eyebrows the thingy on her profile that says she's offline* Huh. I'm in two places at once!! That explains a LOT.

The kittens are still doing good - though I think two are going to have to take a trip to the vet sometime soon. I hate that we did this. I love that they're with us, but damn, they are expensive!

Tonight, however, is going to be a solid food night - at least once - to see how they are doing. Their little teefies are in, milk replacer is no longer enough, and their poo is looking pretty normal. I have high hopes for them.

Uhm, lessee. How's it going, YT?

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I am so pissed off I just...grrr....argh!! Goddamn it! - Mood:Good
Tuesday June 03 200811:24:55 PM |
Geezus f*cking christ, the same goddamn highschool poo!

No, the above didn't make me feel any better - and I don't think it will. I am NOT about to hide innuendos or any other kinds of sh*t anymore - if I don't like you, I'm going to tell you to your goddamn face (or type-face) because seriously? I'm BONE TIRED of this sh*t!!

People f*cking SUCK.

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What would you do? - Mood:Good
Tuesday June 03 200811:21:06 AM |
I got invited to a bridal shower on Sunday.
But I'm feelin' kinda funny about it.
On one hand, the bride in question and all the people there I know and like pretty well.
On the other hand, I have not been invited to the wedding.
Would you go to the shower? Or no?
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Is this dress pretty? - Mood:Good
Monday June 02 200810:01:57 AM |
First, let me say that I'm usually not that big on patterns, because I'm big, so, yeah.

But I really liked this dress (the NEXT post ), but Mike hated it, even though after I tried it on I thought it was HELLA cute on me!

It was only $30, too - which, for me, is really great. I did have to laugh, though, when the sales girl comes up and says "That's so cute!! It's also really cute with a legging - or a skinny jean!!!!" I almost asked "Hi, can you see me?" Fun times, though.

Okay, on to the picture...

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Yeah, I`m crabby. So the f*ck what? - Mood:Good
Sunday June 01 20085:17:55 PM |
Everyone's allowed to have days where they just hate being around, where they just don't like dealing with people and they get tired of people bitching about stupid sh*t. Geezus.

Yeah, I'm crabby some days, get the hell over it.

My arm hurts - kittens are cute, until you haveto evacuate their bowels. I held Lem up over the sink and watched him turd until the pile was the size of his HEAD - that's impressive for a tiny kitten. Little sh*t.

They also don't LIKE being cleaned. So my left hand is slowly being shredded like a fine cheese.

I want Laruel K Hamilton to make an Anita movie, dammit.

And I took a nap today - for 2 hours! - but I'm STILL tired. Blech Blech BLECH. *sighs*

We had an ice cream cone, though, so that was nice.

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Kittens are adorable! Cute!! AND STINKY! - Mood:Good
Saturday May 31 20089:43:34 AM |
*wrinkles her nose* Damn lil pissers.

Anyways, my SIL is coming to visit today - it's been the week of "family"; she's going to pay for pizza and we're going to get Handel's. Yum.

Also, I love how a good guilt-trip-soaked email works wonders with my uncle. Freakin' moron.

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Creating new avys... - Mood:Good
Friday May 30 20085:41:37 PM |
But not for me! For my character - I'm keeping Paige Easton (from my previous journal - look it up, lazypants!)

Here's what I've got so far...

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I needta get going... - Mood:Good
Friday May 30 20089:23:57 AM |
*yawns* But I'm so tired. I've been having insomnia for awhile now - not getting to bed until really late (or early, depending on your p.o.v.) Blech.

Kittens are smelly smelly creatures, just an fyi. They're going to be taken down to see their aunties (the ladies at work), though, so that should be fun.

I'm hungry. Leftover pizza for brekky?

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I need a new last name... - Mood:Good
Thursday May 29 20086:16:16 PM |
No, not for ME, but for a character I'm creating. Her first name is Paige. The last name? No idea. I've got "Easton" right now...but also thought "Daniels" may be good.

Any ideas?

I'm tired. We went to Dave & Busters this afternoon - fun! But now I'm all...bleeeehhh..*yawns* Gotta decided what to do for dinner. Hm.

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Halzberry, I regret to inform you...(pics....) - Mood:Good
Wednesday May 28 20087:45:56 PM |
That your new little girl is so damn cute everyone wants to squish her...and her brothers are JUST as adorable!!

(As always, pics in next post...)

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Where is our summer? *puts nipples BACK ON* - Mood:Good
Wednesday May 28 20088:40:58 AM |
*shiver* Damn cold weather - wtf?

But, at least I AM on vacation - that's a GREAT thing...*yawns n' snuggles with nearest warm body - watch out! my fingers are cold*

Today we drop off the rental car (dark blue Impala with black leather seats - SO NICE) then we pick up kittens!

I'mma have a blueberry mammoth muffin from Perkins for breakfast...yum.

I think I'm also going to make jewelry today, too. I have some ideas I want to try out - just a matter of getting up off my lazy bum to get it all started.

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Home again, home again, jiggity-jig... - Mood:Good
Tuesday May 27 20089:04:57 AM |
Well, not QUITE yet, but soon - we're heading out here in a bit to return home. I'm happy and I'm sad about it because I won't see Jamie for a very long time and I won't see Chris until Xmas. Xmas will be fun, tho, b/c we'll all be in Maine.

I'm also going home to KITTENS! My pet-sitter FINALLY replied to my email and she said that not only are they all doing wonderfully, one of the boys has potential parents! I'M SO HAPPY ABOUT THIS! That means that only two more of the boys need to find homes (Loudmouth and Turk, I believe) or they're going to head to the shelter. I can't wait to see 'em, though! (I'm picking them up tomorrow afternoon.) Yaz0rs!

This was an incredibly good trip - lots of fun and I am SO glad we took it. *beams* Huzzah!

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Worried/Upset Stomach/Blah... - Mood:Good
Sunday May 25 20088:16:54 AM |
I emailed our kitten-sitter 2 days ago to find out how things were going - no response. This makes me think that a) all the kittens are dead and she doesn't know how to tell me, b) one or more of the 4 left have died and she doesn't know how to tell me or c) she's pissed off at me for leaving her 4 kittens that need to be fed at regular intervals. I'm really hoping it's none of that, but I'm fretting. I hate fretting on my vacation, goddamnit!

My tummy hurrrrrrts. Stoopid stomach. Okay, so it's really my fault - I've been eating things it's not used to - things full of flavor and fun! - and now I'm paying for it. BLAH.

And. I'm allergic to tequila. Yes. 2 sips from a margarita made with Jose silver and my chest started to hurt and my joints in my shoulders started to ache. However, I'm still okay with rum and peach schnapps - tho, not mixed together.

*sighs* I really should be sleeping.

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Pics or it didn`t happen... - Mood:Good
Saturday May 24 20085:19:44 PM |
Mike and I got into Cedar Rapids, IA at around 6:15 last night, had mexican with my best buds and then came back to the hotel to quickly pass out.

Today we've been all over the darn place! Had brekky here at the hotel, then we drove 'round to see the sights - well, MY sights, anyways (pics in the next post.) Then we went and hand Happy Joe's pizza, then went SHOPPING. I shopping! I got a great blouse and a pair of shoes. w00t...

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It has happened... - Mood:Good
Thursday May 22 200811:06:24 AM |
...I am addicted.
To Facebook.

Lots of fun games, lots and lots of applications (I'm currently in the middle of ignoring 90% of them, ffs) and I don't have to talk to people. It's crazy.

*hangs head in shame* There is no help for me.

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You want yer pictures? I have your goddamn pictures! LOOK AT THESE PICTURES!! - Mood:Good
Wednesday May 21 20088:11:35 PM |
Oh, wait, there still a bug where I can't POST pics in the first post. How irritating...

Anyways, here are a few new pics of the kittens...

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Can you describe what happened when the damage occured? Yes. I was playin`. - Mood:Good
Wednesday May 21 20088:31:27 AM |
Today is going to be a better day, methinks.
After work, I'm going to buy some more formula, get the kitties all cleaned up, do some chores (to be listed next), then taking them to stay with my friend Jenn for the week. Bonzer.

So, the chores I haveta do between now and Friday:

-- clean out the oven (I sprayed stuff in their 2 days ago...ick)
-- sweep the kitchen floor
-- shake out the rugs on the kitchen floor
-- clean the bathroom (sink, toilet, floor - I did the tub 2 days ago)

and then...
I get to sleep. All night. Tomorrow night, too. I'm verrrrry happy 'bout that. Oh yes. *nods*

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Chihuahua! *arf!* - Mood:Good
Tuesday May 20 20088:30:44 PM |
I don't know if any of you have seen the previews yet for 'Beverlyhills Chihuahua' yet...but it has, in fact, taken CGI to the 9th level of hell...OMGYO. The cuteness and stupidity is enough to make one's brain bleed.

YT moms - does your baby pee on you when you feed him/her? Cause seriously, that's pissin' me off (maybe a pun intended?)

Anyway, things are good. *nods* Everyone is happy, healthy and sleeping.

Tomorrow night they're going to the sitters until next Weds...and honestly? I am VERY happy about this prospect - I'll be able to freakin' SLEEP. *yawns*

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