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Female, 43 years old
Akron, OH, Eastern US

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Tries this back on for size. Just cuz. - Mood:Good
Wednesday July 18 20122:39:07 PM |
ON got to 22,222 posts.
It made me feel so good that I logged out of that one and logged onto this one.
How's it going, YT?
There are 14 comments on this journal entry. View/Add Comments`s been 5 years.... - Mood:Good
Thursday February 04 20107:41:50 AM |
Where does the time go?
I could wax poetic about the fulfilling time I've had here on YT. But we all know I'd be lyin' like a dog. Seriously, yo.

BUT I have enjoyed it here in parts. Especially some of the people - I have made some great friends here on YT and I couldn't imagine my life without them now!

So...thank you, YT, for 5 years of interesting times...

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The rain is coming soon...back from Maine...not much going on. - Mood:Good
Tuesday June 16 20099:35:48 PM |
We got back from Maine today. It was a nice trip, tho yesterday was insane - we drove through 2 large storms in the mountains of MA - the first just rain, the second torrential down-pours and hail. Yes, hail. Thank god we were driving a rental.

The trip was nice, though. Picked up some stuff, sold some other things at a garage sale my parents were having (the main reason we went to see them) and then came home today. It's a 2-day drive (the first leg is to Albany, the 2nd to Freeport).

Not much else is going on. The job hunt is dead in the water, but I'll be contacting a temp agency I signed up with before we went to Maine, so at least there is that.

Oh, and a rainbow from yesterday (the pic is crappy, but suffice to say it was gorgeous in person & you can kind of see 2 of them):

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On the docket for the day... - Mood:Good
Thursday May 28 200912:13:42 PM |
1) get more of the wall done.
2) uhm....I have no idea.

I have gotten almost all of what I started yesterday finished. After our new fridge comes (sometime in the next 3 hours) I'll work on more of it.

Best way to get an upper-bicep/shoulder/arm workout? Peel old wallpaper off a wall. Blah.

Right now, though, I'm watching 'Happy Feet'. SO CUTE.

But my poor pansies are dyin'. Hmmm. Mebbe I'll put 'em out on the porch during nice weather...otherwise the cats'll eat 'em.

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I really shouldn`t say anything, but ya know, I REALLY REALLY want to. - Mood:Good
Wednesday May 27 20099:57:02 AM |
My bff, Amy, isn't that reliable.
She's missed some things that were either important or not important (most notably, she called 2 weeks before our other bff's wedding to say she wasn't going to make it - and she was a bridesmaid!)

So this morning, I get up and read my Livejournal and, what a surprise, a friend of HER'S may not make it to HER wedding (date, as yet, unknown) and she's all hot n' bothered about it.

I WANT to say "Well, now you know how it feels..."

Anyways, last night we bought a new fridge. The compressor on our old one is dying, so we just went ahead n' bought a new one. It's bigger - and taller! - than our old one. Yay!

We also went to look at TV's because the TV we have, while in good working order, is too heavy for the wall-unit we have. I think it's too heavy for, well, anything. So we're looking at getting one of those new-fangled ones. Yay!


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Mebbe I should go back to bed? - Mood:Good
Tuesday May 26 20098:52:12 AM |
I had a dream last night that my mom tried to cut off my left leg, then sent me to school after it didn't work out. So my leg hurt the whole time I was there.

Then I left school and once again my car had disappeared. I have this part of the dream a LOT. Am I anxious about my car getting stolen? Or not knowing where I parked it? I dunno.

Anyway, back to the real world. I'm looking for jobs again today. I've had two responses - both wanting me to look up my credit score. I think this may be a scam - you can't get a credit score without paying for it - you can get a credit history, just not the score.

Other than that? Nothing.
The most exciting part of my day now is getting the mail.

Should I have leftover banana bread or leftover blueberry muffins for breakfast?

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I`m all for staying up late...but this is kinda ridiculous. - Mood:Good
Sunday May 24 200911:51:35 PM |
I've managed to eff up my sleep schedule.
I've been staying up later and later lately and then sleeping in later and later. Yeah, I understand there has to be a corollary, but I'm not really happy about it, because I know that IF I manage to get a new job it will most likely be an 8-5 kind of deal, which means I'll have to be up at the ass-crack of dawn again.

Anyway, we did turn on the A/C. Because A/C is the most important invention of all time, imo. I love it. I will totally do the guy that invented it in heaven (if, of course, that whatever wills it that I end up there).

Tomorrow we have nothing planned. We will be grilling out - burgers - and we may go see a movie. Maybe. I haven't decided yet. Maybe 'Night at the Museum' - if only for the whole interaction between Darth Vader and whats-his-name-egyptian-pharoh dude. I have a feeling that movie's going to be very laugh-worthy.

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While I am a fan of the warm, I`m not really a fan of the damp and the wet... - Mood:Good
Sunday May 24 20099:33:51 AM |
Can we please cancel humidity?
Didn't sleep great last night. We have an oscillating fan next to the bed, blowing towards the middle of the bed because I can't breathe with it blowing ON my face. Anyway, it's blowing towards the middle of the bed, but that means we have to keep the curtains open and so there's all this light coming in at night and then my foot cramps up.

Yeah, my foot.
Which in the large scale of things isn't a big deal. But when one is trying to sleep, it's a pain. In the foot.

So I put my foot under covers. And I get too hot. Pull said foot out, and here we go again with the cramping.

Anyway, today is going to be a quiet Sunday. With any luck it won't get too freakin' hot. But if it does, on goes that goddamn A/C. Cuz I'd rather wear jeans and a sweater than shorts and a tank top. I hate roasting.


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Don`t stop! be-leeven! Hold onto that feeeeelllennnnn... - Mood:Good
Wednesday May 20 200910:44:18 AM |
I gots $50 to spend, YT.
What item(s) should I spend it on?

Like my avy? And my profile?
It's from Shutterbug.

I haven't checked Monster or Careerbuilder yet.
I will.
I just got my new nightlight.
Isn't it perty?:

Why a nightlight you ask?
Well, often Mike goes to bed way before me, but to leave my bedside lamp on is not helpful for him to sleep.
So, a nightlight!
And it's purple, so it matches our bedroom.

So what should I buy, YT?

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No, really. I`m NOT trying to destroy myself! Rilly! - Mood:Good
Tuesday May 19 20094:24:26 PM |
I fell down the stairs a couple days ago (gimme a break, I wasn't quite awake, my jeans were too long and there was only 1 stair) I'm all bruised n' sh*t. Two bruises on my arm and I have the feeling I've bruised my hip. Meh.

But what is really bad and had nothing to do with me fallin' on my rear?
My achilles tendon on my left foot is SO unhappy. It has been for the last 4 days.
Should I take it to the doctor and ask him wtf is going on?
I broke my left foot back in '98, so I was in a cast n' blah blah blah. The problem is that after 6 weeks in a cast, one's achilles tendon in the back of one's foot gets all bitchy.
That's how I know what's going on now.

What's even more entertaining is that now I'm overcompensating for it by being on my bad right knee. It's a suckfest.

The good news today is that it's just a relaxing day.

How's it, YT??

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Huh. I`ll be damned. - Mood:Good
Monday May 18 20099:37:25 PM |
I started at Kent State back in 2003 with a 2.5 GPA.

2 days ago I had a 3.28 and despaired of graduating with a 3.3 - the required GPA to graduate cum laude.

I did it.
I have a 3.31 GPA to end my time at Kent State.
And I've graduated with honors.

Go me!

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Rollercoaster ride for one, please! - Mood:Good
Sunday May 17 200910:29:04 PM |
It was a LONG weekend.
My brother and sis in law showed up on Thurs night (I thought they were going to be in on Friday night) which wasn't a big deal - we had the house mostly ready - but it was still "woah...uhm...k?"

Then my parent showed up on Friday - planned - but my mom...well, see the last journal.

We pretty much all just hung out all day - the 'rentals took a nap, we all had pizza, then his mom and sis showed up.

Saturday morning was a mess. I resolved the aforementioned problems with my mom, we cleaned a bit more, then made lots of food - lots - for my party.

It was a failboat. I don't know why, but people didn't show up. Well, 4 did. Alicia, Jessie, Karen and Mike - all important people in my book - and my family was all there, of course, so that was nice. Just wish more people had showed up. Got lots of cards, tho...(cont)

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This is turning into a real sh*t storm... - Mood:Good
Saturday May 16 20098:20:48 AM |
Okay, so, you know how I've been doing all this cleaning for my parents and my in-laws and my brother??

My mother was in my house for approximately an hour before asking "are you sure you swept this floor?" then another 30 minutes before saying "well, these pillows reek! it shows you dont care much about cleaning".

Who DOES this??

Then she said my house was messy (??) and that my bathroom was disgusting ( then tell your son and son-in-law to stop PISSING EVERYWHERE!)


*tries to take deep cleansing breaths....they don't visit doesn't matter*

But it DOES.

I just....*breaks something*

Who does that? Who goes into someone else's house to critisize their cleaning???

Oh, and surprise-surprise, we're going to be having some real slam-bang thunderstorms DURING my graduation party!

Can I forward, please?

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I need only one thing more from my school and then it`ll all officially be over... - Mood:Good
Thursday May 14 20099:18:09 AM |
My grades!
The anxiety begins!
I know I have one 'A'.
My gpa right now is 3.24.
If I can nail down another couple of A's, I may graduate with honors!
Pretty good for someone who started at Kent State with a 2.23.
I just need a 3.4.
I have a 3.62 in my major.
As for homework?
I'M ALL DONE!!!!!!!!
There is NOTHING more I can do!
I am SO excited!

Okay, so, today I do have chores to do.
Mostly floors.
And washing the curtains.
But I'm not gonna do anything for a few hours. I just wanna relax.

So how's it, YT?

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Ow, bitch! WTF?! - Mood:Good
Wednesday May 13 20092:46:32 PM |
Eris had a 'too exhuberant' moment today that resulted in one of my more impressive slices ala cat.


Little sh*t.

Anyway, I had my final FINAL today! I'm SO happy 'bout that. I DO have 2 more little essays to do, but those aren't really due until Friday. I will get them done by tomorrow tho b/c we still have some housework to do.

My family's coming in on Friday! *squeal* I can't WAIT!!!

And now I'm lookin' for a job. Most recently as a steril room operator. No idea what that is, but they pay from $13/hr to $18/hr, so I figured whytf not?

Anyway, how's it YT?

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Today I have to... - Mood:Good
Tuesday May 12 20099:29:54 AM |
...write 2 short essays for Children's Lit. several landscaping companies.
...wait for someone to drop off some stuff.
...wait for Empire Today (carpet company) to come in and give us estimates.
...get dressed.

Not necessarily in that order.

We still have quite a bit of cleaning to do before Friday. My brother and sister-in-law come in that day as well as my parents.

Tomorrow I have my last final (YAY!!!!) and I have one more little essay to write for Children's Lit (she asked 4 questions that we have to write 2-3 page responses to ).

Then...*big deep breath* I'll be DONE.

And on the job hunt.

I've been looking on, Craigslist (surprisingly helpful) and Careerboard (acktastic). Anywhere else I should look?

How goes it on this REALLY QUIET DAY, YT?

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Gifts from people you can`t remember? - Mood:Good
Monday May 11 20091:56:47 PM |
I'm graduating in 6 days. OMG yay!
Brings about an interesting situation - gifts from people you don't/have never talked to or you don't remember.

For example: My great aunt Judy. No idea who she is. Can't picture her in my head. But she wants me to email her to tell her what my fave color is so she can crochet me an afghan.

On one hand I really don't know if I should accept such a wonderful gift. On the other hand she wants to make this for me. I mean, I THINK she came to our wedding almost 7 years ago. So what would you do, YT?

And how's it?

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And the Grades Kept Rolling In... - Mood:Good
Sunday May 10 20098:46:01 AM |
I've already gotten one of my grades! An "A" in Propaganda!! And if I fail the final for Women's Lit (say, 150 of the 300 points) I'll still have a "B"! I love those odds.

Today is cleaning the kitchen. We did get most of the living room done yesterday - dusted, picked up, etc. We'll sweep on Weds or Thurs (sweeping beforehand in this house is not a possibility - we'd just have to do it again, ffs.) And we will also wash the drapes on Thursday.

But the kitchen needs to be swept, the rugs need to be washed/beaten, dishes done (perpetually) and the walls need to be washed. That last bit is weird because we're not smokers and neither were the former owners (save the cigars smoked in the basement by the guy occassionally) but the walls always end up grimy. Probably because we don't have a vent. Did I mention the kitchen needs to be gutted? how's it, YT?

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This is going to be a long weekend... - Mood:Good
Saturday May 09 200910:22:06 AM |
Mother's day is tomorrow.

Anyway, we're cleaning this weekend. Like, deep-down, scary amounts of cleaning because next weekend we're going to have a PARTY!

My graduation party.


My parents are coming, Mike's mom and sister are coming, my brother and my sister-in-law are coming...and those are the people we KNOW about! I sent out more invites than I thought I would.

We're having some great food, too. I can't wait.

BUT, the weekend, first. Today is the living room. Tomorrow is the kitchen.

I've already spackled the holes in the bathroom wall and tried to match the paint in there. I'm proud of myself because I got fairly close, but I need some white to mix in with the paint.

Later today is groceries and we're going to get some paint chips - we be painting this summer! I can't wait!

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Okay, guys, just so you know... - Mood:Good
Friday May 08 20099:57:27 AM |
...most women's brains never stop. Even if we try to stop thinking, we keep thinking about not thinking. Annoying? Well, yeah - try BEING us.

So my thinking thoughts are as such:

- - 8 days until graduation. Exciting, no? Well, I keep going from "YAAAY!!! OMG I'M ALMOST DONE!!!" to "DAMMIT I DON'T HAVE A JOB OMG WHAT HAVE I DONE?!"

- - Google Maps now has "streetview" of MY HOUSE. Uhm, how did they do that? It was definitely while we weren't home - there are no cars in the drive. Creepy.

- - Daytime TV leaves a LOT to be desired.

- - Today I have to hand in a final paper and sell back some of my books. Just have to make sure I'm not selling back my friend Alicia's books. She lent me lots for school this semester.

- - 8 days. Hrm?

- - Mike and I nailed down a "plan" for the house this summer - involving lots of paint and LOTS of yardwork. Meh.

How's it, YT?

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Well, that IS a bit odd, isn`t it? - Mood:Good
Wednesday May 06 20099:04:04 PM |
Okay, so, Mikey just pointed out something to me.

For the past 3 months, every time my period comes, I have gotten sick. No joke!

2 months ago it was a raging head cold.

1 month ago it was a freakin' viral flu.

Now? Another cold seems to be tip-toeing its way through my system.

What the hell gives??

Tho maybe this one was necessary. I've stopped taking ALL PILLS - no vitamins, no anti-deps, no nothing - for the past 3 weeks. So maybe this is a "ha! stupid!!!" kinda thing?

I dunno.

How goes it, YT?

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Sooooo irritating.. - Mood:Good
Tuesday May 05 200912:13:36 PM |
Our DVR only records 2 shows at once. So if a 3rd wants to be recorded we're screwed.

That's what's happened the past 2 weeks for Grey's Anatomy. So I watched the first epi I missed on Well, now the g-damn thingy on won't work! *cries*

However, I AM done with my Propaganda class. DONE DONE DONE. MOON spells DONE. *nods* 1 down, 4 more to go.

Which means I SHOULD be working on my African American Lit paper. Should. But am not.

I actually wouldn't mind a nap, tbh.

How's it, YT?

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One down, two more to go!! - Mood:Good
Monday May 04 20095:20:45 PM |
My propaganda paper for tomorrow is DONE.
I have 2 more to go!
I'm so excited!
In 12 days I will have a degree in my hot little hand. Freakin' finally!

Next paper is my African American Lit paper. 10 pages. I don't think it even has to be coherent because I have the feeling he's this close to jumping a cliff anyway. BUT I think my topic is going to be on famous, female black actresses - starting with Miss Hattie McDaniel in 'Gone With The Wind'. Then ending with a commentary on racism in Hollywood today.

Then I'll have a week to finish my final assignment with 2 final exams thrown in for good measure. I am SO ready to be done. Yay.

So how's it, on this sunny afternoon, YT?

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Homework and movies and teeth, oh my! - Mood:Good
Sunday May 03 20093:53:15 PM |
First on homework - I have 6 of 10 pages done. I'll have 7 as soon as Mikey comes home and tells me howtf to do charts and graphs on Excel.

Second, movies. We just got back from seeing the new X-Men movie. It was okay. Not my fave, but visually nice. I'm not a purest, so I thought it was okay.

Finally, my teeth. I got two cavities filled on Thursday and right now my face still hurts. Cold air blowing across them hurts, so breathing hurts. D'oh. I'm hoping this improves.

How's it going, YT?

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Okay, _I_ was terrified... - Mood:Good
Friday May 01 20099:23:14 AM |
I had a nightmare last night.
Not because it was particularly scarey.
But because it WAS a bit of a mind-f*ck.

It started out with my dad dying. Yeah. Dead. Okay, seriously, I think I wouldn't stop crying for 1,000 years. At least. Yeah, I'm a daddy's girl.

Then, oh then, I dreamed that I didn't have all my math credits to graduate!! I graduate in 15 days, ffs! Where was I going to make up those credits?

And we're havin' a party and people are comin' from out of state to see me walk and OMG....

And my dad was dead.


But then he came back to life just in time to make me cry MORE.

And I didn't have my math credits - even though I'd signed up for a class I always forgot to go!!

*falls over*

How was your night, YT?

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