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Female, 120 years old
Chicago, Illinois, Midwest US

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Fav. Movie: Marie Antoinette.
Fav. TV Show: No.
Fav. Book: I like Poe.
Fav. Song: I like Sweeney Todd.
Fav. Food: Ramen Noodles.
Fav. Car: I have aspirations to buy a white jeep wrangler.
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My life. - Mood:Bored
Wednesday January 11 20125:22:42 PM |
I'm gonna complain a lot. So, uh, you were warned. Suck it up.

Today blows chunks. I'm done with everyone and everything. My step-father is an inconsiderate oaf, who does absolutely nothing for our family except make things difficult. I have the most terrible headache in the world, and I believe I may pass out underneath this little desk in the library. I'm super duper emotional. Good God, even my hands are shaking. I haven't been on YT in so rediculously long. I don't do anything anymore except for danging, sleeping, and not eating enough, apparently, because my blood sugar as of late is dangerously low. I'm ravenous. Like a beast.
I have some crazy seasonal depression. All these stupid little 14 year old girls, who've just learned about it in health class run around claiming they have it. They're feeling sad.
I'm ready to curl up into a hole and drink myself to sleep. :I Hi,yt.

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Psychology and Harry Poter? Yes, please. - Mood:Good
Monday August 01 201111:32:11 AM |
English class. Yay. Summer Classes are the bomb diggity, only because they're so freaking weird. Today! We took sorting hat quizzes, wrote a reflection, teamed up in our houses and had a grand discussion concerning JK Rowling's use of the meyers-briggs personality test to place little wizards and witches into their houses. IT IS AWESOME. But I missed youthink. HAI GUYS! I went to the midnight show. I'm a nerd, I know. It was amazing. The movie was so-so. I don't like HP movies. But the people and costumes and craziness was great. I'm having a hard time typing and focusing and making my thoughts words today. Your turn to talk.



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Hi? - Mood:Good
Wednesday March 23 20113:28:18 PM |
Kid Cudi is just the bomb. His music was made for dancing. I'm chilling at school. Just spent my last 75 cents on peanutbutter crackers. probably my favorite things in the world. I wanted this post to be profound. YT doesn't take any sh*t. LOL. riggggghhhhhhht. n0ob. Anyway. I'm not sure what's going on. I rolled my ankle last night at the studio. intense. My teacher thought I was laughing, instead of writhing in pain, so she doesn't know I'm not competing this weekend. Sucker. The weather has sucked crap this week. All I want to do is photograph. Mrrp. I want to purchase a teacup pig, SO BAD. Or a headgehog. Or an owl. Gosh i love owls. My typing skills aren't worth crap these days. Pretty embarrassing. You know when you have to sneeze, but you can't. . . Story of my life. D:
How's it going, kids?
Exit, pursued by a bear.
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5:04 - Mood:Good
Saturday February 05 20116:04:56 AM |
It's Saturday. And 5:00 AM. Yeahhh. I'm awake! I have a HUGE dance competition today. Naturally I can't sleep. I think I'll make some tea. Yes. So, I don't know what the point of this journal is. . .
OMG my step-father bought me a snuggie. I wear it like a real robe, though. It's got this creepy collar deal, but I like it.
Yeah. Goodmorning Youthink.
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Procrastination. WHAT - Mood:Good
Monday January 24 20116:17:20 PM |
I think I spelled that wrong. Way wrong. I don't know. Anyway.
Today in Spanish this kid, Scott, decided to inform me on my names origin. .He was all 'Athena, eh? NICEEE! That's awesome. She was really a bitch in the Illiad, though. Killing Hector and what. Such a shame! Not as crafty as Aphrodite, though. . . 'Like I don't know everything there is to know about Athena, considering we share a name. :I
Yeah. I punched him. el oh el jay kay. That would've been SWEET. Dag. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but YT won't let me insert a picture. Bleh.It's a new one! I took is on Saturday. Me and my friends came across a package of cigars. So we made a fire. And hung out and the woods, and smoked. WE'RE COOL. :P But no. Cheap cigars aren't cool. Athena's photography is.
lalalaLLLalalalalllllaalalalal! YOUTHINK!
How are you guys?!
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It`s been too long, YouThink. - Mood:Good
Tuesday January 18 20111:15:08 AM |
Basically, I've squandered away my life for the past few months enjoying cheap alcohol and cigars. Being 16 is the poo. But not really at all. I miss writing. So yeah. I'm back. Just chillin. It's midnight. I have to awake for school in five hours. I keep sneezing, dammit. Four in a row! It's a new record. So, I didn't really have anything of substance or importance to talk about at all. . .just a it of a rant. If anyone missed my absence in the Photography branch of youthink, (A, Which I highly doubt and B, there isn't even a photography branch) here's the link to my Flickr.
Party. How's it going, on this bleak Tuesday morning?
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Attention Grabbing Subject. - Mood:Good
Monday October 25 201011:46:27 PM |
Hey there YouThink.

I do this way to much. Seriously.
But, as YT's atention whore photographer, would you be so kind as to look at my flickr?

I just uploaded that one with the dirty hands and what. I'm super unsure about it. Personally, I love it.
BUT PLEASEEE! I appreciate all feedback.
Yes, even if you tell me I'm ugly and fat. Because it's happened before. :l And I appreciated it. xD

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quiero una bebida alcoholica - Mood:Good
Sunday October 17 20101:41:42 PM |
That would be most lovely. Anyway. YT isn't really the place for venting, because everyone's quite cynical, sarcastic and basically rude, but that's why I like it here.They tell it like it is. My mother's husband HAS to be the most pathetic excuse for a man, or even human being I have EVER met. I'm thoroughly confident that he's the only person I hate. Seriously. I'd consider myself somewhat of a bitch when it coemes to liking people, but I mean, I don't HATE people. Except for that waste of space. He's a fxcking retard. He's been out of work for years, and does nothing but cause misery and make our house smell like old man. He doesn't do anything. And he's an arsehole. I can't stand him. And then he has the gall to call me and my twin brother 'the most selfish people he's ever met'. Get out more, you idiot. I hate him.
Anyway. I have a date this week. :) I'm really excited. Wud up YT?
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Rant. - Mood:Good
Wednesday August 25 20101:06:34 PM |
I have a four and a half hour break in between classes. Shoot me in the head.

Hey Youthink.

So, today, I woke up feeling inspired and such, so I decided to be healthy and drink only water. It was a bad choice. I guess coffee is just the fuel of my soul. It's a problem. I have a killer headache, my neck is killing me, and, I have a four hour break.

FML. :)

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Spare Attention, for this attention whore?!? - Mood:Good
Wednesday July 07 20107:02:02 PM |
Hey guys.
It's youthink's (least)favorite photographer again. I've been working on a Seven Deadly Sins photo project lately, and I'd like if ya'll could tell me what you think.
We JUST shot greed yesterday. Gimmie feedback,por favor.


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I`m becoming an alcoholic at 15. . . - Mood:Good
Wednesday May 26 20105:15:30 PM |
Oh jeeze. Today sucked. So while my parentals were out, I drank quite a bit of their red wine. I feel rediculous. :P
I have a bit of a lingering headache too. . .

My 'm' key fell off of my keyboard. Now I only have the little nubby thingie. It's really interesting.
Anyway. Summer's goin' great! I've gotten a tan!
Even though I'm black, I still tan quite easily and beautifully.
What's shakin', YT?

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the first week of summer`s off to a loverly start. - Mood:Good
Tuesday May 18 201010:36:30 PM |
I'm running around my house, wearing my Naruto headband while dancing/skipping in my pointe shoes. I love summer. Today, I slept till eleven, and went to work for a few hours. I came home, and went back to sleep. Could sleeping too much be harmful? It probably is. ANYWAY. Things are shaping up to be Pretty. Odd. I've been listening to a grrrEAT mix of the Raconteurs, Muse, Manchester Orchestra, and Jack Johnson. ALSO- we have a flickr update! :D
New shtuff everywhere! I need to calm the heck down! Crap! I remembered my tea's boiling! Bye!
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Bloody hell, I hate the internet. - Mood:Disgusted
Tuesday April 27 201011:28:59 AM |
Some fellow just sent me a picture of his manhood and told me he'd like to 'cum on my pretty face'.

Frack. I hate days like today. School was, well, school, and I have dental surgery in 2 hours.Ick. And, apparently, my face is cum worthy.

What's up, YT?

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I am the only one who thinks I`m going crazy, and I don`t know what to do. - Mood:Good
Monday April 19 20107:19:31 PM |
I'm not the only one. But it's ok. I like that song anyway.

So. . . I can't decide if I'm acting like a normal person would out of spite, or if I'm an effing psycho. There's one guy I have to encounter at least 3 times week, and he's the biggest deuche bag moron I've ever met. He's stupid, moronic, idiotic, annoying, etc. Also, his sister hates me simply for the fact that my parents fell in love, procreated, and got me, a moolatto child. She doesn't believe in 'mixing' races. For the love of God.
Anyway. Yesterday, I had a particularly nasty argument with the male. So. . . what did I do? I made a Facebook pretending to be another girl. I asked (As the other chick) what his problems were with me, why he hates my friends, etc.
If you have an opinion about my actions, please share. Even negativity is welcomed!

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Two little girls asked me if I was a witch today. - Mood:Good
Monday March 15 20102:43:45 PM |
I didn't think I looked like witch. I was simply running around in the woods in a CRAZY awesome hippy skirt.I kinda had crazy hair as well. And I was taking pictures for my portfolio. I had a professional camera! Witches don't carry around Canons for goodness sakes. Anyway.
How's everyone doing?
I've not written in forevvvver. My life has been busy, flusterous, and redundant! It might have had SOMETHING to do with me not taking my medication. . . .but ya know...maybe not. :P

The time has come!

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Well, you can`t help that. We`re all mad here. - Mood:Good
Thursday February 04 20103:35:11 PM |
Woohoo! I just got back from the fabric store, laden with blue, white and various Wonderlnad-y things! I'm so pumped. Me an' a group of my pals are having a tea party and dressing up to go see the midnight show of Alice in Wonderland.

I'm making my dress. (I'll see if I can find a picture of it. .It's boss. )

Other news. . .my best friend turned 18 today. Bring on the free cigareettes, lottery tickets and porn! :P I'm joshin'. She's a square. And she still has braces. She looks like she's 12. But I love her. Anywhoo.

Wud up, YT?

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Attention Whore Journal! - Mood:Good
Monday January 11 20105:18:19 PM |
I just created a stellar set of photographs.

Anyway. My life's been kinda exciting this past week. A week ago today I had my mental breakdown. A week ago tomorrow, I'll have been on anti-depressants for a week!
I don't think I'm a nutter. Well, no, I am a nutter, but I don't think it's legit. I'm just one of those 'creative types'. Right? Bagoo.
My stalker wants me to go sledding with him on thursday. No way in hell, pal.He's disgusting.
I'm ranting!
What's new, YT? :D

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I was shocked to hear - Mood:Shocked
Thursday December 31 20095:23:29 PM |
that this guy, I've known for a few years, has a huge thing for me. Ech. I've talked to him like. . .three times in person, maybe? It's awkward. He's five years older than me. It wouldn't be a lot if I was older as well, but he's legal and I'm not. I don't want this to be a stupid womanly pms-laden bitch about having someone like you journal, (haha, to late) but I'm just kinda confused. Ech. What an awkward situation. Has this sort of thing happened to anyone else?

On another note. I survived the pre-new years party. Got home at about 6AM. Slept until 4. :D
Christmas Break is a magical thing.

Wud up, YT?

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Hello. - Mood:Good
Tuesday December 22 200912:00:48 PM |
I'm done with all my Christmas shopping.
I. Am. Awesome. But not really. Augh. My ankles have been KILLING me. Ice Skating was terribly fun. I felt so. . .Christmas-y. Anyway.
I'm chillin' at the library, looking out the huge window. It's not a fit night (day) out for man, nor beast. There's a pretty wicked blizzard out there. I'm watching some people have a ball sledding. I'm jealous. I want to sled. Instead, I'm stuck writing stupid-faced papers.
So. . . I'm on month two of being a Vegetarian. Go me? IDK. THere's nothing like a good steak. Honestly. And Boca Burgers suck. But I think I feel better, genuinely. I spelled that wrong. Blah.
Sorry for this mass rant about nothing whatever.

Wud up, Youthink? (I was gonna say 'you guys', but I heard it's only an Illinois thing. WEIRD)

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If anyone`s interested in some complaining. . . - Mood:Good
Friday November 27 20094:34:04 PM |
I guess I'm just really pissy today.
Geeze. I had made plans like, a few days ago to go and do something tonight, and then, Danielle calls and is like
'Oh, I can't go out. Sorry!'
Greaaaaat. I'm suck at stupid home, left to do homework or watch Jon n' Kate re-runs or something just as pathetic. Augh. I'm listenin' to The Used and Breaking Benjamin. Maybe, I'll go on a photography run.
What's goin' on, YT?
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So he IS living in the shed. - Mood:Cautious
Sunday November 15 20098:19:20 PM |
A few hours ago. . .I was inquiring as to WHY my step-dad liked the damn shed so much.
There's...a freaking refugee's mansion in there. It's got a bed an' everything.
I am SERIOUSLY creeped out.
Haha, my family's crackers.
Wad up?
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So, my step-father has moved into the shed. . . - Mood:Confused
Sunday November 15 20092:56:58 PM |
I wonder what he's doing in there.
It's not a heated shed, there's isn't any's full of old clothes and homework and crap. . .
The only electronic thing in there is the mini-fridge. Which...doesn't hold anything exciting. Maybe he's secretly brewing his own booze, and keeping it in there. This whole thing's kinda creeping me out. He just started hangin' in the shed a few weeks ago. . .
My goodness. My family is crackers.
Do your parents have any extremely weird oddities? Just wonderin'.
What's up, foo?
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Crap Crap Crappitty Crap. - Mood:Enraged
Tuesday November 10 20095:39:04 PM |
Freaking bloody hell. I think I hate my life.
And my family. And my body.
Gahh. Hah, I'm clearly at the 'angry-violent' point of my period. :P
I'm tired of everyone and their crap. I think we should all mellow out and take a nap. Or, at least, me. I'd like a nap. Blahh. I have a headache. I need some new music.
Any suggestions?
I need a drink.
What up, YT?
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Freaking Pop-Rocks and their shenanigans... - Mood:Exhausted
Friday November 06 20095:41:48 PM |
Augh. What up YT?
I ate some pop-rocks (which was terribly stupid of me. Whenever I eat those things I get a killer head-ache) earlier thinking that my brain needed some glucose and this philosophy paper wasn't going to write itself.
Lo and behold: A headache.
Gahh. This paper will be the death of me. We had a sub give it to us...and he was wack. OH NO! The library will be closing in twenty minutes.
Goodness, I'm a spaz.
I need a drink.
What's up, YT?
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Stupid Teenage Feelings Journal. - Mood:Exhausted
Monday October 19 20099:45:18 PM |

I met him quite a while ago. He's very nice. We've got a lot in common. We almost started dating...but we were too stupid to do anything about it. THEN...he pulled a huge d-bag move..and I was done with him. Or so I thought. I went out dancing with him on Sat. It was lovely. He was lovely. BLAHH.
I hate stupid teenage-girl feelings. And I'm sure pms makes it even. better.
What up, YT?

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