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Suck a F*CK, YT is back up - Mood:Good
Wednesday August 21 20194:22:03 PM |
Sup losers.

YT is up and I'm up too even though I'd rather be taking a nap.

It's been a while, but I'm back. Here's all the things going on in my life:

- I'm interviewing for a super cool new job. I got a second interview and am waiting to hear back once they finish all the interviews. I don't wanna get my hopes up but it isn't looking too bad!!

- I'm 28k into my new novel, it's going swimmingly. Very stoked to get some feedback on that.

- My apartment is great and very clean and looks awesome and I'm super good at everything

- I got to dog sit for my neighbor and now the dog and I are bffs, don't have

Also been reading a lot, which is nice. Reading for pleasure wasn't easy in college/grad school when I had to read for class constantly. Now that I'm not so stressed, I'm way more likely to pick up a book and ACTUALLY enjoy it.

How are you, YT?

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Wednesday April 03 20193:45:20 AM |
Hey y'all!

It's been a few weeks since my last journal where everyone gave me some awesome music advice, thanks for that (except for those of you with terrible taste - you know who you are).

I'm proud to say my job is going very well and I'm enjoying it a lot so far! I'm remaining cautiously optimistic - cautious because I got real excited about my internship last fall and it ended up being awful. BUT. So far everything looks good! I like my coworkers, the office environment is very relaxed, I get to work on really cool projects that are writing and researching-focused. So far it's basically my dream job!

Also, my mom came to visit last week and we had a really great time. I like taking her around the city and she loves being here. She bought me a vacuum and a Keurig! Both of which make my life 9000x better.

Okay, that's all I got.

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I have some very good and happy news! - Mood:Good
Saturday March 16 20192:23:52 AM |
I got a job!

I'll be doing analyses for China-related policy in the US. My first post-grad school job!! And it's in my field! The pay isn't great but I've been told that's to be expected at this point. I start this Wednesday - I'm very excited!!!

This is why I haven't been on lately, by the way. The application process was very in-depth and I've been working on it for a few weeks, too busy for YT.

To celebrate, I'm getting wine-drunk and listening to The Cure. Did you know the first CD I ever bought for myself was 4:13 Dream? Nostalgia is probably making it sound better than it is. Bringing up all sorts of memories of angsty lil Sleepy sitting in her bedroom complaining about how dumb the world is.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Anyway, congrats me! I have a job, I'm no longer a drain on society. Woohoo!

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Hello, I would like one (1) motivation, please, someone come in and provide. - Mood:Good
Saturday February 23 201910:40:46 PM |
I was in a play yesterday! I played a white trash alcoholic lesbian who builds a sex doll out of beer cans. We performed it at my old school for some event and it was a smash hit, a lot of people said ours was one of their favorite plays of the night.

I built the sex doll costume. My friend and I had to drink a lot of beer to make that happen. Luckily, our friends are all in grad school and were more than happy to drink all the Natty Bo we provided.

I'd love to show you guys pics, but we have collectively decided that no pictures are going online of this thing ever. For all time.

My apartment is a MESS, I need people to give me motivation to clean it up and make it look like I'm not a 24-year-old.

Do you guys put anything fun/silly on your resume? If so, what is it? Someone recommended I do that, once, so my resume sticks out.

Come in and maybe I'll compliment you!

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Somebody loves me... - Mood:Good
Thursday February 21 20193:44:54 AM |
And that somebody is our very own ABZ who sent me this great book!

Thank you, Abz! I am very excited to read this at night and so thoroughly terrify myself that I can't sleep!

I'm back from NYC and getting ready to perform in a play on Friday. It's a fun little skit that only lasts about ten minutes, but I get to play a white trash drunk lesbian, so I'm excited for that.

I'm also completely rearranging my apartment. And going through all my stuff to find things to donate. I have waaaaay too much stuff and it's a hassle. So my apartment is a mess right now but it's gonna look so damn awesome when I finish with it!

I'm working on my resume and continuing to apply places.

I made someone mad today by calling Lovecraft a racist.

So that's all my news. How are you?!

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Sunday February 17 201912:05:48 AM |
My boyfriend invited me up to NYC to see him this weekend!!!!

He has a rare three-day weekend and I have lots of free time so we figured, hey, let's celebrate a late Valentine's Day!

And since he's the best BF ever, he brought me to see...


Guys, oh my gosh, it was SO GOOD. We had the absolute best time. He knows me so well!

Unfortunately, he is feeling a bit under the weather - probably a cold - so most of the rest of the day we spent inside watching The Good Place! We also watched Scooby Doo on Zombie Island. He actually hates Scooby Doo (wtf right?) but he enjoyed this movie so that was fun!!

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Does anyone listen to And This Is Why We Drink? - Mood:Good
Monday February 11 20198:26:35 AM |
It's a true crime/paranormal podcast. My friend recommended it to me and I'm really enjoying it. They do two stories per episode, one is true crime, one is paranormal. The only thing I don't like is that sometimes the banter/off-topic chatter lasts forever. Other than that, it's kinda interesting.

What podcasts are you listening to? Any that I should check out?

I need to clean my apartment. I have a bunch of clothes and old school supplies I want to donate but, uh. I don't know where to donate them?

Also I gotta get my license renewed this summer. I live in Maryland now sooooo I guess I should do it here? I don't really know how this is all gonna work. Wish I was better at being an adult person.

I have a lead on a job. Reeeeeally hoping it pulls through because I'd like it a lot, I think!

Fun fact: when I first created this profile when I was 13, I listed my occupations as... (cont)

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I`ll just keep on throwing middle fingers in the air - Mood:Good
Thursday February 07 20192:47:44 AM |

Got some nifty updates for y'all. My job search is going pretty well (as well as it can for someone who has no idea what they want to do with their life) and I have some good leads on a few good positions. So here's hoping! Wish me luck!

I've also been conducting research for a project I'm working on and it is going FANTASTIC. I love doing research. I'm almost finished with the project and at the end I'm going to have something I'm really proud of. I can't wait!!

I've also gotten back into writing and am working on a few good pieces. Excited to get those out there, but they'll be on the back burner until I finish this project (will be done by this weekend).

Also, I watched Velvet Buzzsaw on Netflix the other night and it was KILLER. Loved it, will definitely be watching it again.

How are you???

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So I`m dog sitting for a friend - Mood:Good
Wednesday January 30 20199:29:47 PM |
He and his girlfriend are out of town because her dad unexpectedly died. So they asked me to stay at the apartment and take care of their cute lil dog. She's the sweetest dog ever and she loves to snuggle and play and I'm realizing now how much I miss having a pet. I can't afford one right now and my apartment is too small for one, anyway. But it's nice having the company, you know?

I've gotten back into my writing. Sorta took a back seat during grad school, but I've written quite a bit the last few weeks. Mostly flash fiction with a few longer stories that I'm working on.

I watched I Saw the Devil on Hulu last night. Wasn't expecting it to be very good... holy shxt. It got dark fast.

I don't have much in the way of interesting stuff to talk about. Life is kinda boring right now. My old boss and coworker are still fighting and trying to get me to fix everything even though (cont)

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I got my Secret Santa gift!! - Mood:Good
Monday January 28 201910:18:32 AM |

Here is a list of all the AWESOME STUFF I got:
- New Mexico coffee thermos (which is perf because I needed a new one)
- Mallo Cups, which I have seen advertised but never actually seen in a store so I finally get to try them!
- Prickly Pear Candy, which I am also very excited to try
- THREE JOURNALS, two of which are sparkly and one of which has a Zia symbol on it, love it
- Face masks (I am using one tonight)
- New Mexico coin purse (great bc I have too much change in my wallet)
- New Mexico magnet (with a sugar skull!!!!!!)
- Spooky ornament which she made herself. It is my new favorite ornament, thank you very much


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And thus, a chapter ends and a new chapter begins. - Mood:Good
Monday December 17 20182:14:47 AM |
This chapter will have a lot more car chases and murder mysteries, if everything goes according to plan.

I AM DONE WITH MY MASTER'S. Mostly. Technically I have to wait for grades to come in and then they give us the actual degree later this December. If I want, I can walk with the spring kids for graduation in May.


You may now ask me any questions you have regarding:
a) China
b) International economics
c) Conflict management

I am authorized to give you Real Official Answers. You're welcome.

How did I celebrate? I went to an ugly Christmas sweater party. We did peppermint patty shots. It was horrifying and also really fun. My sweater lights up.

Today I had more drinks with friends and I just... sat in bed. Lazed around. Did absolutely nothing. And it was beautiful.

Searching for a job now. Wish me luck!

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I am the only person in this entire library - Mood:Good
Wednesday December 12 20182:49:05 AM |
So I'm staying at the school library late because I want to finish this paper I'm writing. It's about North Korean energy security, I'm actually enjoying it more than I thought I would, ask me stuff about it.

Anyway. It's almost 3 am and I am... alone. Everyone else has gone home. It's just me.

It's weirdly unsettling. I've never been in an empty library before.

Most of the heavy-duty finals stuff is happening next week. I just happen to have all my finals stuff happening this week (go me) so my schedule is a bit different from everyone else's.

Do you guys think there's a ghost here? Should I ask? Try an impromptu seance?

Do you think that the Asian Super Grid is a real possibility or is it just a pipe dream at this point?

I wish I had some coffee.

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Why is this sweater so weird, someone explain it to me - Mood:Good
Monday December 10 20183:08:44 PM |
so I bought this sweater from a thrift store bc its red and green and looks like Fredy kreugers sweater but there is an issue

very nice from the front

See? I look cute, I look baller

but then the back

there is a pocket in the center of my shoulderblades

and its crooked

whats the point

can someone explain this

what should I keep in this

its finals week sa nice things to me please

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Plus and minus the YTer above you - Mood:Good
Wednesday December 05 201811:00:18 AM |
We haven't done this in a while, yeah? There aren't many of us left but let's play anyway. Let's spread some ~positivity~ (and a little negativity because this is YT, it wouldn't do for us to start being happy like healthy well-adjusted people)

I'm currently drinking the BEST coffee I've ever had. I bought it at Philz Coffee. It's the Philtered Soul blend, no cream or sugar, and it's so good that I might actually die from how great it is.

I'm currently sitting in statistics right now. I actually like this class because I somewhat understand it... which is useless, of course, because all I'm really learning is how stats can be used to manipulate data into saying what you want it to say.

My second capstone is coming up this week. I'm kinda nervous and also kinda... can't bring myself to care anymore?

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Hello, I would like to order one (1) motivation, please - Mood:Good
Monday December 03 20189:00:06 AM |
This is it. I'm entering the final stretch of the semester. At the conclusion of this, I will either have my Master's, or I will have died trying. I already handed in my first capstone, so at least THAT'S done.

If anybody wants to give me some bullshxt motivational quotes or something, that would be appreciated. My stress levels are SKYROCKETING.

But in happier news, Hot Topic has a Junji Ito collection now, which is great. I ordered myself a shirt. It's my early Christmas present to me.

I wanted to be productive yesterday, but had like the world's worst headache.

I woke up the other morning with scratches all over myself and no idea how I got them. I'm taking bets. Demon? Witch? Strange basement creature that only comes out in the dark?

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I still try to find my place in the diary of Jane - Mood:Good
Thursday November 29 20182:41:32 PM |
I just sneezed really loud in class and it was embarrassing.

I'm stuck in this class that I hate. It's boring. The prof never shows up and has his assistant professor teach everything. All I have to do is write a few papers - only one left now and it shouldn't be too difficult.

So being here feels like a waste of time because I just... don't care. But not showing up feels like a waste of money. I dunno. It sucks.

Hot Topic has Junji Ito shirts now. I know what I'm getting myself for Christmas.

Plugging along through Rebecca. It's going slow - I wish I didn't have so much schoolwork. I'd finish faster.

This journal is boring because right now my life is boring.

I should write a new story once the semester ends. Quick, give me horror story ideas. GO.

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Sorry, do I need to define "entry-level" for these people? - Mood:Good
Monday November 26 20183:26:19 AM |
Applying for jobs. Why? Because I'MMA GRADUATE SOON LIKE THE BADASS I AM. I'm gonna have my Master's and I'm gonna kick some serious ass.

So I apply for this job, right? Sounds perfect for me, right up my alley, right in line with my degree and shxt. And it says "entry-level."

I get halfway through the application and then it says "oh by the way you have to have seven years of professional experience."


Kinda just wanna write them a letter and be like do you need a dictionary? Is that the problem? GodDAMN.

I applied anyway. Because fxck it, why not? If they can't put together a coherent application they can deal with it.

Also I had an awesome fall break. Finished my second draft of my Capstone, finished like 90% of the stuff I wanted to get done. I'm a baller.

Give me your best tips for job-hunting and not punching anyone in the face.

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Did you guys know that the DC Metro Wifi bans YT? - Mood:Good
Tuesday November 20 20187:49:38 PM |
For "games." Huh. To be honest, I didn't know they banned ANYTHING on their wifi. Nuts, yo.

I'm working on my capstone tonight and I'm nervous. I always get really nervous before working on big projects - starting is always the hardest part. I'm doing my second draft now - I have most of the research, but the writing is going to be... a lot.

I dunno. I'm really stressed. If y'all gimme some motivation, that would be lit.

I bought a journal today. It was cheap at Walgreens and it's Nightmare Before Christmas themed. It's the most awful design for a journal I've ever seen and I had to have it.

I'm restless and can't relax.

Tell me stuff about your life. Post pictures of your pets. I dunno, entertain me while I immerse myself in hell for the next few hours.

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Someone bought me coffee this morning - Mood:Good
Saturday November 17 20187:39:40 AM |
I was waiting to pay for my coffee and this dude paid for me and told me I was pretty. SCORE.

Very useful because I got up on the wrong side of the bed but now I feel marginally better.

The place I work has nutcrackers EVERYWHERE. They started decorating for Christmas and they are taking these creepy bastards too far. They have a giant one right by the front door. If I'm found dead with a crushed head, you know what happened.

I'm gonna watch some horror movies with a buddy today. We're watching Neon Demon and maybe one other. Has anyone seen the original Suspiria? What are your thoughts? I'm thinking of watching it and then seeing the remake.

I've counted fourteen chandeliers on this floor alone. Why does anyone need so many chandeliers? Have these people never seen Phantom of the Opera?

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I think I am going to cry at work HELP ME - Mood:Good
Wednesday November 14 20181:12:42 PM |
My boss handed me this HUGE stack of files and asked me to research them, muttered something about Lord Byron.

(They have nothing to do with Lord Byron, so no idea what that's about, but hey - so it goes.)

So I look through them and it's letters - HUNDREDS of letters written to a soldier in the second world war. From his wife, son, and parents.

And as I was flipping through, I came across one from his son who couldn't have been more than five or six at the time. He wrote at the end "please come home, I need you to play with me."


Now I'm trying to find records online to see if I can figure out who this is, but I'm not as practiced in this as my mom is.

I can't believe someone donated these. Just... threw them out to us. Why? Does the family seriously not want them??

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Well. Buck is getting old. - Mood:Good
Sunday November 11 201811:51:26 PM |
Our dog's having trouble moving. I noticed it today for the first time. I haven't seen him in over a year, so I guess that's understandable.

Dad found hime when I was 19 and decided to keep him since it was pretty clear he'd been abused. Almost had to put him down because he was so terrified of everyone. One of his first nights here, he almost mauled me.

But he's happy now. He spends most of his time around dad when he can and he still has enough energy to beg me for treats every time I'm home - I think he knows I have a soft spot for him.

But it makes me sad seeing him start to struggle. He's been a good dog. He should've had a better life, but at least these last few years have been good for him. I hope he has a few more in him.

I'm going back to DC tomorrow. I... kind of don't want to go. I only have a few more weeks of school but it feels insurmountable.

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Hey, look, it`s ANOTHER journal! - Mood:Good
Thursday November 08 20182:28:39 PM |
Gotta make up for lost time, as you know.

Wanna hear something awful?

Apparently, my great grandmother (on my mom's side) was batshxt crazy. My mom has been telling me stories about her. Here's my favorite one so far:

She and her husband bought a new house and there was a real, original Tiffany window in the house. Which, if you didn't know, are very expensive and fancy. She instructed some workers to remove the window, which they did.

And then she told them to smash it.

And they said, "Uh, are you crazy? This is worth a ton of money and it's super rare."

And she said, "I know. And I want you to smash it, and I want to watch."

So she made them smash it in front of her.

Why? Because she was nuts. I'm definitely incorporating her into some of my future horror stories.

I'm flying back to Minnesota this weekend! (Continued)

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WELL, WELL, WELL. Look what the cat dragged in... - Mood:Good
Monday November 05 20181:49:16 AM |
Hello, YT. I bet you're wondering where I've been.

The truth is... I've been hiding out in a foreign country, writing the scoop of a lifetime on a prominent American politician. But I'm in hiding because he knows what I know and has hitmen out to get me. The only thing I can do is send this message out so that one of you can help me.

Well, either that or I've been really busy with school and haven't had time for YT. You know, whatever you want to believe.

So I've got school, an internship, and two part-time jobs. Actually, I just finished up with one of the jobs so that's helpful. Guess what I did? I indexed a book! For a professor, and it's being published by Cambridge University. Who's awesome? Yeah, that's right, it's me, I'm awesome.

My internship kinda sucks. I work at a creepy murder house with some shady shxt going on behind the scenes. Could it be...

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I got new rules I count em - Mood:Good
Tuesday August 28 201811:47:25 PM |
Life is clipping right along, things have been crazy so I'll recap some of the more interesting moments.

My new internship is awesome and I love it. The place I'm working is creepy as all hell and the perfect place to inspire me to write wonderful, disturbing horror. As proof, take a look at this wood print I found hanging in one of the rooms:

It's called "Infant Mortality" by Kathe Kollwitz if anyone wants to look it up, she's amazing and her stuff is awesome.

So, that's going well, I'm fitting in nicely and making lots of friends. Look at that, somehow over the years I grew some social skills! Your little Sleepy is growing up. Who would have known?

Work has been rocky. My coworker and boss have a tense relationship at best (see previous journal for details). Continued...

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Who wants to hear some work drama? - Mood:Good
Friday August 10 201810:57:03 PM |
Sort of a long story, so I'm gonna shorten it as much as I'm able.

To start with: my boss sometimes does things that annoy my coworker and I and that are bad for the store. Such as: not finishing jobs by the deadline he gave the customer. He'll extend a job two months beyond the deadline WITHOUT TELLING THE CUSTOMER. This, naturally, makes our job very hard.

So my coworker, Tammy and I, were complaining about this the other day. The way I see it, it's his business - if he wants to do crap like this, well, he can. It's gonna end poorly for him, but he's previously shown that he doesn't respond well to criticism or to anyone questioning his business practices. So, whatever, I'm washing my hands of it.

Well, Tammy doesn't like that. Tammy thinks she needs to confront him about it all. The. Time.

This has led to some issues between the two. (continued)

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