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Female, 41 years old
Dirty Jersey, Eastern US

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Interests: Snowboarding / Camping/Outdoors / Photography / Animals / Books
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Birthday:4/16/1980 (41 Years Old)
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Occupation: K-8 Special Education/Reading specialist
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Fav. Movie: Four Rooms, Election, Fear & Loathing
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Fav. Food: Thai, big italian subs, quesadillas, sushi
Fav. Car: Your mom
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I love when you get to the bottom of the... - Mood:Good
Tuesday August 24 20048:13:40 AM |
tea cup and there is the super sweet and sour lemony honey sip left.

Tastes so good...

how is everyone doing lately?

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Here he is! (pictures) - Mood:Ecstatic
Friday July 23 20048:25:59 AM |
Here is my nephew/godson Ethan Scott.

He was born on the 19th at 6 lbs 8 ounces.

I can't wait to see him!!!

MY BROTHER SCOTT.. the new daddy!

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It finally freaking broke! - Mood:Lovestruck
Monday July 19 20046:53:18 AM |
my sis in laws water broke and they are on the way to the hospital to have my godson! Ethan Scott.

I am in love.

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Sick of Good Mornings. - Mood:Indifferent
Tuesday July 13 20047:20:12 AM |
I am le bored.

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For my 4th of July I am leaving the Country... oh and Cooter rules. - Mood:Good
Thursday July 01 20047:41:30 AM |
I am going to Canada tomorrow with my boyfriend
for my friend Cuibas birthday. Everyone is like "why would you leave the US on it's most important holiday"

and to that I say... Canada rules and is mucho pretty and my friend Cuiba wants me to be there. So I will light a sparkler Sunday for everyone and sing some stupid song.

and I have a bright and shiny new COOTER! yay for him...

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working the corner on weekends sucks. - Mood:Indifferent
Saturday June 05 20048:51:45 AM |
I hate working on the weekend.

Especially when it is saturday and sunday. grrr.

where are you silv?

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8 hours into my 12 hour day - Mood:Good
Tuesday May 25 200412:42:01 PM |
and I am not feeling that shabby.

Helllllllllllllo YT.

where be Silv?

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All rippling muscles and loose flesh... - Mood:Anxious
Wednesday May 12 200411:15:42 AM |
God I need my boyfriend to get his scrawny behind back home to Jersey.

I am dying! I went home for lunch and first I passed this guy doing construction, looked like he was laying on a beach for two weeks just to be outside weed whacking with his delish body just for me......... ::drool::

then I get home and MY YARD is being done, well my friend I grew up from grade school does it. The first boy I ever had a crush on. And lord did he grow up FINE! and there he is.. all bent over and shoveling mulch with no shirt on sweating and looking like a greek god.

I mean come ON!!

NOT FAIR! God just said to himself this morning "Keri is horny and oversexed, let's see if we can really f*ck with her today" and him and all the angels had a good laugh.

::le sigh::

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Daytime initiation for ..duh duh doooooo THE WANDERER. - Mood:Good
Tuesday May 11 200411:20:21 AM |
She is amongst us.

and she ruleth mucheth.

That is all.

You may return to you regularly broadcast YT threads.

(or hang out in here.. whatever pops your cherry)

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kill my aliens with vodka tonics........... - Mood:Good
Friday May 07 200411:55:58 PM |
you only wish
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Hey you LONDONERS and YOU OVER THERE from ENGLAND - Mood:Mischievous
Wednesday May 05 200412:18:39 PM |
Do you think that maybe you could send out a recall troop to pick up one of your strays from near my home town?

Now I love London, don't get me wrong.. I spent a semester there loving everything about it, the people, the country, the food... the tubes and minding the gap..

but one of you have escaped that needs to be dragged back and beaten.

someone please arrange to pick up Charlotte here in Jersey as soon as possible. She is misrepresenting one of my favorite places in the world.

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I popped Agoras Cherry! - Mood:Good
Wednesday May 05 200410:17:55 AM |
I popped agoras yt phone time cherry!

whoo hoo.

and her voice is mad honey like.

I think I am in love more then I was before...
is that possible?

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If I was going to commit a crime.... - Mood:Good
Wednesday May 05 20045:56:20 AM |
I would wear some pants that I could run in.

This is what one of my employees said to me this morning after he saw some kid on tv trying to get away from the cops in these big ass baggie jeans that the younguns like to wear now.

Now don't get me wrong. I had my Jnco phase, and huge club kid pants, but I didn't wear them hanging around my knees somewhere.

They just look like they have a load of dookie in their drawers to me.

Guess I am not cool anymore. lol.

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I was giving them the finger and hollering until the cops said... - Mood:Good
Tuesday May 04 20049:54:46 AM |
what a weekend. Friday I went to Double D's to see my friends band play! I was so excited since I hadn't seen him play with the new band ever. Then I got to watch strippers. Double D's is the coolest strip joint ever.

Guys on one side/girls on the other. All kinds of naked.

Then everyone came back to the house I was house sitting and My friend D'boy and I went to the diner at like 5 am. Long Night. Lot's O' talking.

Saturday I went to the bronx, for Fordham Universitys Spring Break weekend. OH MY GOD. kids were F'd up. We were out on my friend jodies 5 floor fire escape, then up on the roof, then inside dancing the salsa with all her dominican friends... smoking, drinking, eating crazy mushroom N' pot brownies.

Everyone was crazy. We were screaming stuff off the roof, people were fighting on the streets. The little spanish lady in the Bodega across the street sold me a whoopie cushion and the two of

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Hung the F over - Mood:Good
Saturday May 01 20048:51:42 AM |
even my dog feels bad for me... see look
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Drama..WTF? - Mood:Good
Thursday April 29 200410:17:48 AM |
I hate drama.

and my best friend is just oozing with it today. I borrowed his motorcycle helmet last night, not even his good one... to go riding with my friends.

I told him I would bring it back to him that night.

I got kinda drunk and didn't want to drive my car over there at like 1 in the morning to give it back to him and he has been drama texting me all day that 'helmets are personal' or something.

WTF? I wasn't about to crash into a tree drunk just to give you your helmet back that you didn't need, and don't use cause your bike is in pieces.

and I was going to see him today anyways.

What the hell is the big deal. Stop texting me, drop it. I am not going to say I am sorry cause I didn't even do anything wrong. If it was that important then you coulda told me before I borrowed it.


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The one, The only, it`s NADS Birthday~yay~ - Mood:Good
Wednesday April 28 200411:50:12 AM |
Happy Bday nadeepoo my friend!!
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Godmother & an Aunt? I may pass out. - Mood:Good
Wednesday April 21 200410:11:43 AM |
So my brother and sis in law informed me that they are making me the Godmother of their first born son, who is due in July.

We just had the baby shower this weekend, but they are leaving to go back home to Cali today.


I want to be both, but it will be so hard with them so far away.

His name is going to be Ethan Scott

So sweet.

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I am holding my head on a balloon string - Mood:Good
Thursday April 15 20049:23:29 AM |
I was sick for two days straight.

I didn't leave my bed.

I am on HORSE PILL sized antibiotics.

And my head is floating about 2 feet off my neck.

and wouldn't you know it happens right before my bday tomorrow and the crazed weekend I have ahead of me. I always get sick right before or on my bday. It never fails.

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late at night I start to wonder............... - Mood:Good
Monday April 12 200411:21:52 PM |
how many people really give a flying crappola what exactly it is I am doing.
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FatCat!! - Mood:Anxious
Tuesday April 06 20041:55:05 PM |
my friend was down by rutgers today and got me a fatcat.

My favorite food ever.

It is everything you ever want to eat when you are drunk, high or just really hungry.
It is like every great appetizer ever made all on a big ass hoagie sandwich roll.

mozzerella sticks
chicken fingers
onion rings

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I can't wait to leave here in 9 minutes and go attack it!

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Girl, you are so special that both your parents must be retarded. - Mood:Good
Friday April 02 20045:49:34 AM |
My friend said that if I have these running around in my head, that I need to get some help. I can't help it.. this masterpiece was done on the inside of my bank envelope after I carefully tore it open.
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Meatwad gets the money see? Meatwad gets the honeys see? - Mood:Good
Friday March 26 20046:38:22 AM |
Aqua Team Hunger Force is one of the best shows ever made. I love it and I found a keychain of them last night and now it is proudly displayed with my keys.

One more great thing that has come out of Dirty Jersey.

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She said it was too big to fit in her box. - Mood:Good
Tuesday March 23 20046:59:12 AM |
Last night I had to work (on my day off) because the receptionist's husband died. I work in HR as the director, but since I know how to do reception they called me in.

One of the residents came up to me and handed me one of the yellow 'I have a package' slips and said:

"Whatever kind of package it is, it's too big to fit in my box."

I think I have way to filthy of a mind cause I went to go and get her package and was cracking up the whole way.

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Holy Crap! Our new possible director looks like David Bowie! - Mood:Good
Tuesday March 16 200411:06:10 AM |

so weird.

he really looks like a young david bowie. I would go take a picture but he is being flocked by residents right now and I would be kinda weird of me.

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