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Female, 41 years old
Dirty Jersey, Eastern US

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Interests: Snowboarding / Camping/Outdoors / Photography / Animals / Books
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Birthday:4/16/1980 (41 Years Old)
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Occupation: K-8 Special Education/Reading specialist
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Fav. Movie: Four Rooms, Election, Fear & Loathing
Fav. TV Show: Family Guy, Simpsons, Bones, CSI
Fav. Book: Raw Shark Texts, 1Q84, Haunted
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Fav. Food: Thai, big italian subs, quesadillas, sushi
Fav. Car: Your mom
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KC is cooler than you, because she is striped - Mood:Indifferent
Thursday January 19 20127:28:00 PM |
KC is the new kitten I rescued for my gf for our one year anniversary. I have never been a cat person, nor owned one (my dog passed in April after 13 years).

I have to say, she is badass. Even though I am mildly allergic to her. The funny part of her stripey ass? She likes me better then Crystal who is a cat LOVER. bwhahaha...

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Coaster is clever - Mood:Lovestruck
Tuesday December 01 20091:46:51 PM |
So I am in love with the new class pet I bought my students this weekend. Meet Coaster (named by my third grades cause he moves like a rollercoaster)
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I will slip that chocolate pretzel right in your.... - Mood:Naughty
Tuesday November 24 20091:41:53 PM |
motherf*cking face and then eat it.. cause I don't share chocolate pretzels with ANYONE cept' myself.

Thanksgiving is almost upon us... what will you be doing?

I am headed to the cousins house on Thursday night, turkey day.. and Friday I am having a second Thanksgiving at my dad's house with the family from PA.

I can't wait to stuff myself and then veg on the couch and watch up while sipping beers and roostertails.

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Doing bodily harm to elderly women is on my agenda - Mood:Enraged
Monday November 16 200912:03:36 PM |
I had to register for my spring classes today. I go online and attempt to add them at the 8:30 time slot. It only would add one of my three classes, saying ERROR: Pre requisites needed for the other two. Well.. how to tell the computer that I am IN those pre requisite classes right now, but don't have a grade yet, cause they AREN'T OVER and that is why...

Can't do that.

So I fax in my sheet, and get NO confirmation back. Luckily I work, live and do my graduate work within a 1/2 block radius of each other. So I physically run up to my university.

The registrar lady gave me such an attitude that I called her out, telling her there was no need to talk to me the way she was, no matter how much stress she is under today. I mean, sh*t... you jealous cause you work in the office and never finished your funking degree?

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If you had a dollar for every person you had sex with... what would you buy? - Mood:Mischievous
Wednesday November 11 20093:50:28 PM |
I would buy a happy meal from McD's


Some scratch offs and a blunt wrapper

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Feeling a little depressed? Go see cadavers... - Mood:Excited
Friday August 01 20082:11:18 PM |
So I have been feeling down the last few days. I felt a little better today, but also teetering on the edge of falling back into my withdrawn state.
Enter the exhibit I have been wanting to see for a few years now. I am excited.. a little...

Linkity link link link.... click it... click it.....

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Bunk Sheryl Crow Right In Her Ass! - Mood:Good
Wednesday July 30 200811:54:16 AM |
I went to the Sheryl Crow concert last night.
When I got to the door they told me I couldn't bring my camera in. I was like, WTF? Why? I have always brought my camera to shows. They said it was Sheryl's rule and that she didn't like flashes during her performances!
I didn't want a pic of her!
Anway the concert was good, James Blunt opened for her. I have seen him many times, but he is definitely better in closed venues vs. open air.

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How was YOUR weekend? - Mood:Ecstatic
Monday July 28 200811:35:53 AM |
Mostly everything in the journals section is so depressing and boring... blah blah blah.

I had a great time at my friend's wedding.

Then we spent the rest of the weekend in bed

What did you do?

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Good Morning YT FFS! TBH I REALLY miss you all...*snicker* - Mood:Hysterical
Tuesday July 12 200510:00:13 AM |
So what is everyone up to this fine morning? I am in bed in my pjs drinking some water and making a crappy thread. huzzah.

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Amuse us before we go out..... :-) - Mood:Mischievous
Saturday December 04 20046:26:37 PM |
Silvolara and I are bored.

Entertain and you might get a cookie.. or something comparable.

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Saturday night losers... - Mood:Mischievous
Saturday November 20 20049:34:59 PM |
what the f*ck are all of you doing on the internet on a saturday night? go out and do something with your sorry butts.
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Fusinski is going to pop my cherry - Mood:Good
Thursday November 11 20045:52:45 PM |
Tonight I am going to meet Fusinski.

My first YT meet.

WHoopity Doo!

I know you are all excited.

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Ever been in the back seat of a 66` skylark? - Mood:Good
Thursday November 11 200410:50:47 AM |
I love going on dates.

I love being single.

I love when the guy you are going out to dinner with picks you up in a Mint Condition navy blue with white leather interior 66' Skylark.

I love eating scrumptious dinners with too much red wine.

I love that the place he took me to was nicer then anywhere my ex ever brought me in the four years we were together.

I rule.

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Death by potatoe salad - Mood:Exhausted
Thursday October 07 20043:08:41 PM |
So I called my friend last night and asked her what she was doing.

She said killing herself,

I asked what method..

She said potatoe salad.

I found it really funny.

In other news... I am no longer vomiting, and I came to the decision that drinking by yourself is a good time.

Not that I didn't know that already... but I confirmed it.

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Gut and Butt... - Mood:Sexy
Tuesday October 05 20045:19:43 PM |
So I got my butt back into the gym today and took the Gut& Butt class...

It was fun...
feel the burn!
and I did..

My cheeks are still a bit numb.

30 minutes on the elliptical made my entire lower half feel like it got injected with novicaine.


Now the only problem is that I am feeling the urge for a twix. A twix.. I am just imagining it ... even after I just had a big ol' plain salad.


Must hold out.

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His fat bridesmaid and My guitar technician should get together... - Mood:Cautious
Sunday October 03 200412:45:54 PM |
So yea.

My friend had a wedding yesterday at which some fat bridesmaid supposedly accosted him. He hasn't told me the whole story so I am unsure other then he 'played possum' which makes me think she was in bed with him. Yuck.

I think she should be introduced to the guitar technician who stuck his tongue in my mouth, or better yet against my lips against my wishes.

people are crazy.

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I have declared WAR and killed 6 of the enemy! - Mood:Confident
Friday October 01 20048:30:32 AM |
I have a beautiful little car that I love very much. I got her in February of this year. She is brand spanking new...Unfortunately I have to park her outside not in the garage where my parents cars are. She is sadly forced to be exposed to the elements...


The spiders this year are out of control. They have INVADED the outside and managed to penetrate the inside of my automobile. I currently have inside information that they have a nesting sight in either one of my side view mirrors.

I have not yet determined the exact location of their whereabouts inside but they are there! I get inside every morning and they have strung their madness across the inside of my windsheild.

I have taken out 2 of their leaders... (2 huge mother fockers) and 4 of their insubordinates.

I WILL PREVAIL! My strategy is to fend them off until the first real frost, and I will have won this battle.


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If I don`t punch something to stop this shaking soon... - Mood:Overwhelmed
Tuesday September 28 200410:38:28 AM |
I don't think I have ever felt this way in my whole life.

as if this day and the full moon haven't brought me enough problems ...

then this happens.

at least I know where I stand.

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Pictures... get your pictures here!! (whoring) - Mood:Good
Monday September 27 20043:48:33 PM |
so I have some new pics of Ethan Scott and I updated my pic page too...

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Men`s Brains - Mood:Mischievous
Sunday September 26 20045:21:49 AM |

My friend Alex (who is male) wanted to hang out last night. I told him I couldn't because I had to work very early today. (7am) He accepted that and went out, while I got in bed to get a full nights sleep (and dispel the all day hangover I had from Friday nights festivities).

I am sleeping peacefully. Come 4am my cell phone starts going off and scares the crap out of me b/c it is on vibrate and ring and shudders itself right off my night table.

It's Alex calling.
I don't answer.
He calls again.
I don't answer again.

Then it starts to beep...
I am curious as to why I am now getting bombarded with text messages and what could be so important that he had to do it at 4am.


Wouldn't you make the assumption that if I couldn't go out and hang out with you b/c of having to go to work at 7am that perhaps calling me and texting me at 4am to hang out isn't going to happen?

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Slowly But Surely - Mood:Good
Sunday September 19 20048:26:42 AM |
I am passing out at work. With 2 1/2 hours to go. I keep getting up and walkin around. Nothing is working!


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Jesus Loves You! Refinance your house. - Mood:Indifferent
Sunday September 19 20044:20:26 AM |
Not only is it waaaaaaaaaaaay too early. But that was the first email in my inbox. For Christian Mortgage USA. How terrible is that?

And I am not even religious and I know that is just awful.

I am hungover... Hungry.... and dehydrated.

I have to work till 2. Someone come save me please.

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Reasons to NOT be me today: - Mood:Enraged
Sunday September 12 20046:45:07 AM |
I had to wake up for work at 6:00 am after going to sleep at 3 (granted that is my fault but it still sucked)

My rather expensive phone decides to no longer work in any way, shape or form after waking me up at 6:00 am It just froze and no amount of yanking off of the battery will make it turn on.

I found out that I am not elligible for a new phone upgrade until September of NEXT FREAKING YEAR.

I have to go and stand in line at the dumb verizon service store after work, only to go home to my parents friends visiting from Nebraska.

I will have to talk about my non existent job, personal life and future for an unreasonable amount of time and with a smile on my face.

I have to write a four page essay to hand in with my Masters Applications which are due in no later then Wednesday...

and I really need a cigarette break before I have a full blown anxiety attack and no one is around to cover my desk for a few minutes.

ARGGGGH. *pirate style*

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Note to self: Do NOT - Mood:Hysterical
Wednesday September 08 20045:26:58 PM |
Let your hedgehog near your computer speakers.

One of his little spikes just got stuck in the speaker and he was freaking out and couldn't get it out.

Such weird little creatures. I also think he thinks the base of the screen is a female hedgie. He just spent about 15 minutes humping it.


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The VMA`s Sucked big Hairy goat balls - Mood:Good
Monday August 30 200411:23:19 AM |
I just wanted to see if anyone else felt that way.
It was the worst one I have ever seen

Way to turn something that should be fun to watch into a freaking election.

GAY GAY GAY... especially with them showing kids going into voting booths. They took that crap way to far.

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