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Female, 37 years old
OKC, Oklahoma, Western US

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So... it's been a very long time since I have posted here - Mood:Bored
Monday August 01 201112:41:31 AM |
Don't even know know who on this site remembers me, though my husband hangs out here a lot and is always like "Hey, do you know this person?" etc.

Life has been a bit sh*tty lately. A few months back a tumor was found inside my cervical spine and I had to go in for a very dangerous surgery asap. They were only able to remove about 40% of the tumor without paralyzing me, So I will have to deal with it again at some point...just have to watch the growth. As a result of the surgery I have a hard time walking and with balance, and pretty severy nueropathy. But through everything I have a pretty amazing family and husband who have been here for me through every step of the way. And this has all given me a new-found respect for people who are in wheelchairs.

My mom recently moved out here to Oklahoma to help my husband take care of me, so that has been interesting, I miss having privacy.

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I`m not really cut out for ranching (Pictures) - Mood:Good
Monday August 11 20085:43:09 PM |
We got back from my dad's ranch last night...

He recently decided to lease 40 acres of land out in Coarsegold (near Yosemite) and it is really
beautiful.... he even has 2 mules and a horse.

Anyways, my dad had Lee and I helping out with the ranching all weekend and I am really not cut out for it.... waking up early to do feeding and then more feeding again in the evening, not to mention all the bug bites I came back with. Riding around in his Mule was fun though, we got to play with 4WD.

I just thought I'd share some pictures

I think we concluded that it is a wolf spider

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I hate being so far away - Mood:Sad
Wednesday July 30 200812:29:24 AM |
On Sat, my mom's garage got broken into... but she didn't tell me until today because she knew that I would freak out about it. Whoever came in didn't take anything, not that there is much in her garage worth taking except for some bikes and well, her car.
She has this dinky back door for the garage that can barely lock, and even the door that goes from the garage to the house is pretty crappy, but at least locks. My mom lives alone and I'm scared for her now.

And my dad is in one of his depressed moods. His birthday was on Saturday and I couldn't get a hold of him by any means. Finally today I caught him and he sounded so down in the dumps, he kept reassuring me everything was okay but he's just been avoiding people.

I just hate being so far away and feeling like I can't really do anything.

Anyways, hubby is sleeping next to me and is snoring... it's kind of cute.

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It feels good to pamper yourself.. - Mood:Good
Monday July 28 20088:41:10 PM |
We were running around doing errands all day, so after we were done I decided.... let's go get pedicures. Hubby included, he didn't even argue and he enjoyed it! I wish I could afford to get myself a pedicure all the time...

My awesome pedicured toes:

I have ugly feet...

Anyways, I feel kind of lightheaded, I think it is from the heat. I've been drinking a lot of water today and still I'm lethargic and my body hurts.

Just 9 more days until California

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My armpits smell like alcohol. - Mood:Good
Wednesday July 23 20085:12:50 PM |
No lie!
I bought this new deodorant and when I was in Target, it smelled fine.... in fact, in smelled pretty. It's the Secret Brand Vanilla kind... so I come home, shower and stuff then when I put it on....OMG. I swear, it smells like someone just popped open a bottle of Rum. It's SO pungent.

So I'm afraid if I lift my arms up now, people who walk by me will think I am a boozie.

On another note, the heat here is insane! The past couple days it's hit 100+ humidity, today we are under a heat advisory... blah, it's miserable. Even with the A/C on it's still warm in here, but I don't want to turn it down more because we can't really afford it.

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Gas masks and fleas... - Mood:Good
Monday July 21 20086:49:48 PM |
We had to take Simba back to the vet today, that's probably the third trip this summer,
This time it was tapeworm, and we got the Advantage Multi (which we were told works really well). Anyways, hopefully Simba stays flealess and wormless.

So, before Simba came back home we had to bomb the house (you know, flea and insect bombs which smell horrible and are basically toxic)... well it was about 100 degrees and deathly humid out and I wasn't sure how much longer we could just wait around. So we waited about 3 hours (close enough to 4, right?) and hubby decides to go and air out the house..... with his gas mask from work on.

It was pretty funny, people walking by who'd see him coming in and out of the house had that "WTF?" look.

Anyways, I really hope the battle of the fleas is over.

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Ladies or people who know stuff about hair... - Mood:Good
Sunday July 20 20086:39:33 PM |
I am considering getting a perm. I don't want tight curls, but I really want the loose, relaxed kind of curls.. that is doable right?
Also what I'd like to know is how hard is it to maintain? I'd like to just get up or get out of the shower, apply product and that's it.... is it that easy?
I have really thick hair that goes right below my shoulders right now.
I had relaxed curls for my wedding and I loved how they looked on me...
Any input would help me out
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Just random complaining. - Mood:Disgusted
Thursday July 10 20086:09:39 PM |
I really wish I had the metabolism I did about 5 years ago. It amazes me how much has changed in so little time. Back then I could eat literally whatever I wanted and not get fat.
Now, it's all about the calories and how much fat is in something.i
I look at myself in the mirror and ... no, I'm not fat but I'm also not thin and in great shape. I have a belly and I have what I feel are enormous thighs, bleh. My boobs fluctuate SO much. I used to wear a 36B, no ifs ands or buts. Now, I wear a C cup and I feel like a cow.

Anyways, I felt the urge to complain.

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Cat Question.. - Mood:Good
Monday July 07 20083:32:38 PM |
So, we brought Simba home from the kennel, he'd been there 7 nights while we were away.

When we got home he's acting weird.... he's acting scared, running everywhere, spooked, spending a lot of time in the kitchen and meowing really loud in there.

Can anyone tell me is this just from being cooped up at the kennel for so long and he'll go back to normal eventually? I kind of want to call the cat clinic where he stayed but i don't know if I just over-reacting.

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Pictures from our Roadtrip... - Mood:Good
Sunday July 06 200810:33:15 PM |
They are really out of order and I'm not really feeling up to organizing them and putting them in order.... but here's lot's of pictures!

Me looking incredibly angry, but really I am just dying in the heat and humidity.

A restaurant in Nashville we ate're surrounded by a 250,000 fish tank with huge stink rays and stuff. It was really good food too!

Atlanta.... SO much traffic.

I didn't try them, but I heard they were disgusting.

Crazy names....

Eh, self-explanatory really.

More pics coming...

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Tell me if you think this is rude... - Mood:Mischievous
Sunday July 06 200811:17:13 AM |
We drove down to GA (20+ hours) to see our supposed "best friends."

The whole time we are there they are not acting very hospitable, don't want to do anything, and would rather sit on the couch and basically stare at each other than go out and do something or even play a game or watch a movie. I almost had a feeling as if we were unwanted, even though we were invited.

Now I know Janice, one of our friends (they are a married couple), she has been homesick for awhile now but I was hoping that she could just put that aside since we were coming... I mean they supposedly wanted us there. Also, if they didn't want us to come, they could us told us not to and it would of saved us a hell of a lot of money. Also, they live 6 hours from Janice's hometown.... she can DRIVE. She just refuses to unless hubby takes her cause she's kind of a baby.

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My rheumatologist just called with lab results - Mood:Bad
Friday June 27 20081:56:24 PM |
I have slight liver damage I had to take a medication that had a side effect of liver damage but I thought I got bloodwork often enough to prevent it. I also took another medication that was supposed to counter the liver problems.

I called Lee in tears, so he is coming home early to be with me.

So now I need to stop that medication, and I also have to be cautious of what I do that could effect my liver. I'm waiting to see if I have to go in for more tests.

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I`m starting to doubt I will finish cleaning by Friday - Mood:Good
Wednesday June 25 20082:34:07 PM |
Our house needs to be clean by Friday and it looks like a Tornado ripped through it, it amazes me how much clutter we have. One of these days I'm just going to sit down my husband and make him go through all his papers and all his crap and see what he actually needs...
Not that I don't have a lot of junk also but, he gets so much junk issued to him and I just see it sit.

Anyways, I'm looking forward to this weekend, our friend is coming up from Dallas to celebrate his birthday with us then on Monday we are leaving to Georgia to see more friends! I don't even want to think about how much the gas we'll use but it'll still be fun.

Anybody have weekend plans?

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I`ve had a migraine since yesterday .. - Mood:Good
Monday June 23 200810:12:17 PM |
Argh. I've taken Imitrex and Esgic plus, both my primary migraine medicines and nothing... heating pad, etc. I'm just going to go on a limb and say that one of the three medications that the ER Doc prescribed me on Sat. is causing me to have bad headaches....
My mom says that it is common for pain killers to cause migraines, but I've taken the one I am on before.... maybe my body has just changed since the last time I took it, who knows.

Hubby took me out to dinner, I was nagging him for food earlier cause I thought maybe I had a hunger headache (I was wrong) So we went to this place where you order food from your table via telephone:

They have some reeeeally good burgers and smothered cheese fries, so greasy.

So then I came home, disappointed my head was still throbbing. Decided to take a nap and ...(con't)

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I went to the ER last night - Mood:Indifferent
Sunday June 22 20085:13:52 PM |
I woke up yesterday completely not being able to move my neck at all, it was kind of scary. So I took a bath with epsom salts, tried medicine, heating pads, nothing was working and it was getting worse throughout the day.
I was also running a slight fever and felt dizzy and a little sick so when I talked to the nurse for tricare she told me to go to the ER.
I talked to my old Dr. from back home and he told me it sounded like meningitis which I didn't like the sound of at all. But after going to the hospital (which took less than 2 hours, bravo!!), we found out that it was just a very badly strained neck and they gave me two shots... one shot of Torodol for the pain, and some other one which was a muscle relaxer.
Then they gave me a bunch of pain killers, muscle relaxers, and anti-inflammatories to take home.
I'm doped up.
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It`s about time... - Mood:Happy
Wednesday June 18 200810:01:17 AM |
I'm finally going to see a rheumatologist today It's been... probably over a year, and I've basically been using up the last of my prescriptions in that year. I've come to learn that specialty Doctor's really don't like Tricare, especially here... it seemed every time I'd call to make an appointment they'd give it to me for like 6 months down the road. But whatever, my appointment is today and I finally get medicine and will finally get examined. I'm a little worried my new Dr. is going to change up my medicine from what I am used to but it's better than not having ;-medicine at all. I am completely out of injections. I kind of want to try the in-office transfusions... I've heard great things about those. And I'm sure no one cares about this but whatever, I'm happy I finally get to go see a Dr. for my RA.
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I`m gellin` - Mood:Good
Monday June 16 20085:51:14 PM |
My mom bought us a Magellan for no reason at all. I her.

I'm sure it'll come in handy when we drive out to Georgia come the end of the month.

I somehow managed to pop one of my wires out of place and now the whole left side of my mouth hurts, this is the second time it's happened... for some reason there is this wire in the back of my mouth that doesn't want to stay in place and last time I went to the ortho they did a whole bunch of stuff to make sure it wouldn't pop out again but... it has. And I'm kind of screwed now seeing as my ortho is in California and I am not supposed to go back until August.

How was everyone's weekend?

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We just saw a snake slithering across the street in front of our house . . . - Mood:Frightened
Sunday June 15 200810:24:00 PM |
First time I EVER saw a wild snake, and it had to be right outside my house.
I'm terrified to step outside the house now, and hubby is having a field day teasing me.... I might have a dead husband before morning.
The snake was red with stripes, I don't think it was a rattler... I tried to take a picture of it but it was difficult to from the car.

Anyways, yeah, snakes = scary.

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10 reasons it`s better to marry a robot: - Mood:Bored
Friday June 13 200810:10:15 PM |
1. Robots are more than sex machines.

2. Artificial intelligence is still intelligence.

3. Robots are sensitive and responsive.

4. A robot will only create drama if I want it to.

5. Robots have off switches.

6. Accessories.

7. Robots are available for sexual adventure without elaborate discussions, permissions or restrictions.

8. The safest sex on the planet.

9. A robot can be a personal trainer for sex.

10. A robot is forever - - at least until the warranty runs out.

Yeah, so I'm very bored. I might go order a stuffed crust pizza soon and order a movie.

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I have to be alone all night - Mood:Lonely
Friday June 13 20083:21:02 PM |
Hubby has an 11 hour flight and won't be home until around 5:30AM....ish. I really hate being alone at night, I don't know why I just get freaked out really easily. I can hear the littlest noise and I'll be scared out of my mind. I'm kind of hoping something happens and the flight gets canceled.... they did predict isolated thunderstorms tonight! Maybe I'll get lucky.

On another note, I've been freakishly addicted to Mario Kart Wii lately... it's so fun! We rented it from Gamefly but I'm thinking of just not giving it back and buying it from them.
Does anyone else play that? If you do... we should play together online!

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Hubby and I.. - Mood:Good
Wednesday June 11 20089:35:43 PM |
just got home from going out and being pretty bored, so we basically took completely random pictures of stuff. We took lots of pictures of the campus (OU) which I'll finally be starting at in the Fall (yay!). I'll bored you with all our random pictures in the second post. The campus really is pretty.

Also, hubby found out he has to go on a tailswap to Ecuador come July or so.... so I'll have to be without him for a couple days. But at least I get cool South American stuff!

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I wish I had my mom`s luck sometimes - Mood:Good
Monday June 09 200812:18:26 PM |
Last night our house was surrounded by fireflies. I'd never seen so many in one place before. I'd actually never really seen a firefly in person before.. they're not really common in California. But they looked like little twinkling lights just floating all around our house when you'd walk outside... it was kind of magical looking.

We are driving out to Georgia end of the month... it'll be hot as hell but we get to see a couple of our best friends we haven't seen in months.

Oh yeah, and my mom called me last night and told me she wont $10,000 at an Indian Casino not that far from her house. She went there with something like $40 and that was it. I thought that was amazing.

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I think my body is falling apart, seriously. - Mood:Good
Friday June 06 20082:13:02 AM |
I've had 2 bloody noses tonight and my feet are really swollen... I don't know what that means but it's very annoying. The swelling I could easily see being from my RA flaring up but the bloody noses.... I have no idea. That's just random. I don't really get them that often.

I decided to upgrade my phone, I'm thinking of getting the EnV2

I love how it looks and has the qwerty keyboard and from what I've read it seems llike a good phone.... has anyone heard anything negative about it?

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I <3 Shopping, and I got to do it all day - Mood:Good
Thursday June 05 200812:51:31 AM |
I bought a new camera, the Kodak Easyshare M863 (I'm pretty sure..) . . 8.2 Megapixels, 3x zoom, nothing fancy.
I had a Canon that is 10MP and I really don't even know the zoom but it's a lot... it was given to me by my dad when he got a new toy to play with but its so bulky and non-portable, I just wanted something practical and more easy to carry around. Anyways, I'm giving the canon to my mom cause she needs a digital camera.

It's super tiny and I'm super excited for it.

I miss my hubby a lot already and it's been a day.

Anyways, there is a hot tub waiting for me

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I am amused far too easily - Mood:Good
Tuesday June 03 200811:02:02 AM |
I am excited over my new crock pot, yeah a crock pot. If that isn't any indication over how lame my life is, I don't know what is.

Anyways, I leave to California early in the morning... I'm yet to pack or even do laundry yet... I'm finding every distraction possible.
I think everyone back home is making plans for me.. I was looking forward to just going to my favorite beach and laying in the sand all day with a book.

Anyways, I'm making dinner in my new slow cooker. i spent an hour chopping up vegetables.
I'm lame.

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