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Female, 35 years old
. . . , Nevada, Western US

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Stupid by association. - Mood:Good
Thursday July 21 20055:05:49 AM |
So, I just got an invite to Hi5 from my husband and decided to join. After I made my profile I went sifting through the different groups and made my way to Shakespeare. Unfortunately, you cannot view current members of the group or read message posts without joining.

I'm so sorry I did. Once I got in and started reading the message board I felt like an idiot. None of them know squat about Shakespeare and even mispell the words while flaunting their 'knowledge'. Oi.

Well, I've been going through some difficulties lately and can't seem to come to any conclusion. I'm getting more and more tired from hearing the same crap everyday. I try to get the point across that I am not depressed, but just. . . thinking. I've got alot to think about and alot to decide and it just isn't getting any easier when I have to constantly explain my current detachment to the world.

I need some time to search myself and if my only facet to the outside world is my computer then I'll take it.

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Random photos of my house and . . . stuff - Mood:Good
Wednesday July 06 20052:35:39 AM |
Alot has happened and yet I've forgotten it all. Things seem so important while they are happening and then, poof!

So, I'll just post some photos to pass the time.

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Many things, but more importantly the brown recluse behind me. - Mood:Good
Friday July 01 20056:12:55 AM |
Yup. Caught it in my bathroom and it now sits in a glass jar right behind me. Nearly the size of a quarter.

I try to keep things really clean and keep the house sealed up so this doesn't happen, but my husband has been leaving the door open in our bedroom. Says he's hot. Well, that's what AC is for.

I'm not sure whether or not to squash it or let it live. I don't like to kill them though in this case I think I must. It is very poisonous.

Oh, and tomorrow is my birthday. But, I think I'm the only one who knows. *rubs hands together* I love secrets.

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Just a little eerie. - Mood:Good
Wednesday June 22 20056:26:55 AM |
For the past three weeks I have been house sitting for the man upstairs while he was in Europe.
Each day I go up and make sure his cat, Tiger, is well and has water and food.
I just heard footsteps and thought I'd go check it out. Turns out he'd arrived late yesterday night and didn't tell me.

Said he'd just gone straight to bed. But, I'd been up there just this morning tending to the cat and I'd gone in his bedroom to put a new tape in his VCR. He records Deep Space Nine.

I'm a bit embarrassed now and a little creeped out. Is it possible that he was lying in bed and I didn't see him?

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Gah, that b*tch wouldn`t die. - Mood:Shocked
Friday June 17 20054:48:58 AM |
I just watched Fatal Attraction for the first time. I know, I know. . .
Exorcist didn't scare me, Poltergeist was often hilarious, but this movie gave me the creeps.

I can't explain it. Best death scene I think I've ever witnessed. Those rolling eyes and flailing arms.

In your opinion, what is the best movie death scene?

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Fearless - Mood:Good
Tuesday June 14 20054:40:28 AM |
I want to be fearless. That was my answer. My agent asked, "What do you want most out of life?"
I know that wasn't what he expected, but that was my answer.

How does one become fearless. Do I throw myself into a pit of spiders? Do I turn off all of the lights and wait for the imaginary voices and prodding fingers?

How exactly does one confront their fears?
I'm so tired of the cliches. I just want an honest and real answer.

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A new tattoo for you - Mood:Good
Tuesday June 14 200512:12:27 AM |
I'm going to get two new tattoos end of July. I've been working on my own designs, but I hate them all.

So, I figured I would bring it to YT.

First theme is mythological. I wanted a Thor's Hammer, but have changed my mind. So, whatever you want to show me. . .

Give me as many ideas as you want and you'll find out the winner end of July.

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Can`t breathe without - Mood:Good
Thursday June 09 20057:08:38 AM |
a damned cigarette. It's been two hours and I'm nearly insane now.
Trying to keep occupied by sifting through photos of old gothic antiques, but it's just freaking me out.

And when I get creeped out I like to smoke.

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Arachnophobic - Mood:Good
Tuesday June 07 200511:55:36 AM |
Take my quiz. It's my very fist so I hope it works out right.

Creepy Crawly

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Hey, I just had a revelation - Mood:Good
Thursday May 19 20054:31:49 AM |
I'm going to make a journal and all of you can make a few small jokes and then I'll delete it!

Sound good?

Now have at it!!!

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My body is playing wicked tricks. - Mood:Good
Thursday May 19 20053:12:20 AM |
I was at an interview and was following the manager through the store when I realized I was getting extremely hot. I thought nothing of it until my ears started ringing.

I snapped to attention when my skin began itching incredibly and I lost my hearing. He turned and continued speaking to me, but I couldn't hear a word!

I saw a baby to my left was crying and was distraught that I couldn't even hear that. The itching soon stopped and was followed by a complete loss of all feeling. I scratched my arm and felt nothing. It was even difficult to move my arms at all they felt so strange, but I forced myself to follow after the manager. Just nodding and pretending I understood.

Then I went black. Vision escaped me. I was completely concious however and did not pass out. But, I could not tell if I was standing or not. I definetely know I was not walking anymore.
Couldn't tell if perhaps the manager had stopped to help me since I could not see or hear or feel . . .

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Say that again. - Mood:Confused
Friday May 13 20051:22:51 AM |
So, I'm standing in an elevator with only one other person.

Elevator music is pouring down and I'm nearly asleep on my feet. And then he looks at me. Doesn't say anything for the longest time just stands there looking at me.

I start to open my mouth to ask if he was alright when he beats me to the punch.

He says, "Hello. . . Cookies and Cream."

"Say what?" But, he doesn't answer. The doors open and he walks away.

I don't even know what the hell that means. I wonder if people just say crap like that to freak out others in the elevator.

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I`m always the bad guy - Mood:Ashamed
Friday May 06 20058:38:43 PM |
So, I'm always the reason for the tears. I'm always the one who ends up being the monster. She's getting flowers for Mothers Day and a journal full of sentiments, but not from me.

Giving me looks as if to say, "Where's yours?"
It's not enough that I got a new apartment so she'd have her own room.

Or that I still let her sleep with me because she doesn't like to be alone. Or that I paid her bills, buy her dinner four times a week, pay for all the little things she likes or needs.

These broadway tickets aren't enough. Flowers are too late. Where were the rest of them when she was in trouble? Not here, with her. But, I was. Still not enough.

So, I get angry when she turns on all the lights in the middle of the day. Or when she implies that I am not trying my hardest at every damn thing in my life.

No reason to cry though. No reason to shut the door and pretend I'm not there.

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The wheel in the sky. - Mood:Ecstatic
Sunday May 01 200511:49:58 PM |
I thought it might cheer me up today to get out of the house and go have some fun. I realized that I'd blown my mom off this weekend, so I took her out to an asian buffet and movie.
But, still I was somewhat down.
Then, as if by magic, I heard the answer. . . on my radio. Journey, The Wheel in the Sky.
Have you ever felt your radio was a conduit for messages from God?
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Abusive!!! - Mood:Enraged
Saturday April 30 200512:53:51 AM |
My mom recently came to live with me after her divorce. I'm hearing all kinds of horrible things

about my father. He was always abusive, more emotionally, to me as a child, but I had no idea

he'd been such an a**hole to her. I know she needs someone to talk to, but the more she says

the more I hate him. Then she turns around and tells me that I need to forgive him and work on our relationship.

The last time we spoke he'd said, "I'm not sure I want to be your father anymore."

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