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Female, 37 years old
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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You can`t defeat my Coolness. - Mood:Good
Thursday August 28 20089:49:17 AM |
Last night I came home and there was this soccer game G really wanted to watch.

We were both kind of in the mood (and I was bored watching the game ) so I ended up giving him head during it. Needless to say, he couldn't be happier.

Then we had dinner and slept like babies. Until I had a horrible nightmare and woke up scared to death.

This morning I brought him breakfast in bed. It was so cute. I just love the CRAP out of him!

I am seeing my friend Jess tomorrow! Yeay!

Tell me abour your nightmares, if you like.

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Excitement! :D - Mood:Good
Tuesday August 26 20088:23:23 PM |
It's HERE! I just called and ordered my sexy nurse thingie, and it was here an hour later. The girl was so nice.

I couldn't wait to try it on. The good news is.. it looks HOT!

I will probably surprise him with it Friday night or Saturday. I'm going to ask him to bring his camera - I know he'll want pictures of this.

So much fun.

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Question for Married Couples (or ones living together): - Mood:Good
Monday August 25 200812:44:52 AM |
How do you deal with money?

Joint bank account?



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I`m such a p*ssy. Now. - Mood:Good
Sunday August 24 20089:43:51 PM |
I used to be so much "braver" (when it comes to watching horror films and such) when I was young. It just didn't affect me then, didn't seem like any of it could ever happen. Now, it does.

I made G watch "IT" with me, which was one of my favorite movies as a kid. I am now reading the book (well, ebook), which sounds so much better.

I got G the latest book by his favorite author for our 28 months. He was happy.

I love Pepperidge Farm Soft Baked cookies!

Black SHeep sucked, btw. Abismal acting.

How are you?

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10 Shots... In the same day?! - Mood:Good
Tuesday August 19 20086:12:25 PM |
What?! I went to the allergist after work today.. I was all relaxed..thinking they were going to do the prickly stuff, which they did. But then she was like, "Okay, now I need to give you 10 shots"


I was brave but my arms hurt now. kthx.

Good News: PLUMBERS ARE DONE!!! I can pick out a new floor! YEAAAH! Help me pick out a new kitchen floor? Yes?

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What do you think of the name Galo? - Mood:Good
Tuesday August 19 200812:02:23 AM |
I know it's dumb because we're not pregnant or anything, but we talk about baby names a lot. And I REALLY love the name Galo.

And he thinks it's awful.


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Your Advice Sucks. Thanks. - Mood:Good
Tuesday August 12 20083:00:40 PM |
Sometimes I get an exciting proposition and I'm all "Yay! I'd like to do this!". Then reality hits and it's like.. "oh wait.. I CAN'T do this."

My brother invited G and I to come to Spain and stay at their house. Seeing my niece, taking her places, hanging out with them, seeing Europe (G has never been, plus recently we've really been wanting to take a big trip together)..

The excitement lasted until I went online and looked at airfare. Ha! Silly me.

I'm sad too because lately I've been thinking about really trying to save money for the future, or for an emergency, and everyone keeps telling me, "Oh, you're young now, don't think about all that. Travel now that you're young!!!".

I was wanting to do just that. Put all my worries aside and just enjoy. But I guess not.

Maybe in another life, brother.

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Check it Out... True Beauty. - Mood:Good
Sunday August 03 200810:04:48 PM |

Seriously. How can you not want to violently sex him?

Oh! And I don't normally like baby-faced guys.

But, MAN.


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Our First Fight?! OMGBBQ!!1 - Mood:Good
Sunday August 03 20086:38:09 PM |
We were waiting for Batman to start and we were talking about stupid things and he asked me if I had ever hit anyone.

I told him about the time I had slapped an ex f*ck buddy when he tried to kiss me (I was already dating G at the time, and the ex-f*ck buddy knew it)

He got so upset. I had never seen him so mad before. He was practically seething. Thankfully, not at me, but at the guy. Said he would have killed him if he had found out then.

I felt so bad. I didn't think it would be a big deal to him. I mean I didn't kiss the guy back. That's what matters right?

Reason I hadn't told him is that he had said before that he gets so jealous if another guy hits on me, that he wasn't sure whether he wanted to KNOW when/if that happened.

But after the talk we had he said yes, he would rather just know.

And all is fine now. Thank god.

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I am Obsessed. - Mood:Good
Wednesday July 30 20084:15:38 PM |
I am so obsessed with the movie Match Point. I know it's been out for over 2 years but I just recently saw it. I am watching it again tomorrow.

It's so depressing, sexy, and most of all I guess I could just relate to both the girls, and that's what made it so appealing.

Well, that's it. I'm having sex tonight and that makes me happy.

How are you?

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Treasure Hunt !!! - Mood:Good
Sunday July 06 20086:33:04 PM |
Plumbers have to take up my kitchen and bathroom floor. Can't use my water right now. Joy

I went to my class on Sat and came back to a yayish.. TREASURE HUNT! This week is "Sweetness Week" here. So G set up this super cool treasure hunt for me to find my sweets! It was SO much fun. I loved it, I was jumping around just being so happy! I was so touched that he did that for me.

Then we went to see Cassandra's Dream. I REALLY liked it. Also, it has Ewan McGregor in it.

Had the strangest dreams last night. I was pregnant and G and I went to get our ultrasound to find out the sex. The baby was normal, and.. had absolutely HUGE balls! they were each the size of tennis balls. The tech girl was like "it's a boy, look at the balls!". I was so happy and said "YEAH!! huge balls! Just like his daddy!". Really odd.

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I feel like a teenager whose crush just told her she loves her for the first time. - Mood:Good
Sunday June 22 20088:45:22 PM |
Just happy. For some reason, we ended up talking about being parents (he brought it up, too!) and everything seemed so natural. He was totally cool with the idea.

I was like "But wouldn't you freak out? And think it was really bad? And feel like your life was over?"

And he was cool and like.. wha? No! I'm not a kid anymore! I would just get a better job and we'd be okay"

It was just comforting. We'd had that conversation before but this time it was different. He wouldn't run away.

Can't tell you how good it feels to know that.

Then we were all fighting about what the sex would be and the name and all that. It makes me feel warm inside!

Awww, why aren't my friends getting pregnant! I want to throw a baby shower!

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Do you need a raise? `Cause I do! - Mood:Good
Sunday June 22 20085:51:06 PM |
I opened my work email when I got home on Friday (my Internet connection at the office had died) and one of the doctors that I assist had sent me this:

Dear Cami, allow me to make a comment: if I were to imagine a person to hold the position of Assistant for the best enterprise I would just think of somebody like you.

Thank you for being so proactive, effective, smart, kind and open-minded.

Warm regards.

Aww! It made me feel all warm inside! Just before that I had an email from another of the doctors who also thanked me for "always being on top of everything". I was happified.
Twas a happy weekend. We talked about baby things. I love him!

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I look like a Flight Attendant today? - Mood:Good
Friday June 06 20088:24:40 PM |
It's kind of cool! I'm wearing a white shirt with vertical black stripes, a purple vest (argyle), black dress pants and boots and I look hot, and weird.

Boss gave me recipe, about to make. Hope it turns out alright! G will probably go out with his friend from school tonight, so he'll be back late. Sad, because I want sex NOW. He's so sweet. He was like "Honey, if you ever feel I'm being selfish, please tell me. I don't want to take you for granted ever". Aww!

I'm going out with my former boss and co-workers next Thursday and we're going to get SO drunk and talk crap about our other coworkers! SO FUN! Can't wait!

I am exhausted, cold and sleepy, but happy.

Finally watched Lost. I want to f*cking SEX Sawyer. Best kiss ever. I cried.


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We are SO cute as Sims! (pic) - Mood:Good
Monday June 02 20088:45:48 PM |
Been playing The Sims 2 again lately..

I decided to be creepy, so I made my man and I, and we ended up reproducing.

The baby looks just like my boyfriend when he was little. I swear. But he has my eyes, not his. Sims DNA is actually really good!

We are too cute.

Show me your Sim selves!

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Oh My God, that`s freaky! (Check it out!) - Mood:Good
Tuesday May 27 200810:03:59 PM |
So I just came across a Chinese Conception Chart on some site.

Said chart supposedly can determine the sex of your baby given your age and the month of conception.

I initially though it was BS, of course, so I checked it with the dates of conception of my brother, my sister, my niece and myself and ..the chart was right!!!

I am a little scared now. Coincidence?

Kind of cool (if it is true)! What do you think?

Oh, try it! All you need is the date of conception (can be easily calculated with you DOB and knowing if you were a preemie or not) and the mom's age at the time.

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Choir, Goodbyes and other rants - Mood:Good
Sunday May 25 20086:26:04 PM |
Happy weekend, in spite of my horrible state of sickness. Last night I had to use my nebulizer with ventolin (asthma meds) for the first time in years.

I just got an aweeeesome full body massage with oils and everything. My man deserves a Nobel Prize for utter coolness.
He's been so sweet while I've been sick. Buying me meds, cooking.. cuddling me. Yay!

Had him watch Braindead (or Dead Alive) best gore movie ever.. you should check it out!

I've been looking at choirs in my area that are looking for new people. I miss singing a lot. When my sister was here last week, we sang duets and stuff (we always do when we get together) and everyone loved it.

I found this choir that sings in Gaelic and Scottish! How AWESOME is that? I really hope they're looking, and that they're close..I emailed them last night. :) Wish me luck!

Niece is gone, so sad. Had to say goodbye over the phone due to sickness. I miss her already. ...

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Here`s some PICTURES!!! - Mood:Good
Thursday May 22 200811:57:14 AM |
'tis me

my colorful home!

me and bro, the goodbye

all of us.. sister on left being funny

M at her bday party! (right) I took the cutest pics of her!


laughing at my sister's tales

fun with piñata

making faces with me


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Tell me fun/odd/crazy things about your weekend. - Mood:Good
Monday May 19 20088:14:12 PM |
It's been a crazy last 2 weeks here. My brother went back to Spain on Saturday, and I was very sad. I swore I wouldn't cry, but guess what!

It's my niece's 4th birthday tomorrow, and they're going back to Spain on Friday. I hope I can make it so I can hug her and give her my pressies. I love her so much I can't tell you!

Work is okay. G and I are doing better than ever. I think about my dog breeding dream more and more lately, but I know I don't have the money for it. It would make me so happy to get out of a boring office job for once.. and be able to be with dogs all day! But I don't know where to start..

My baby fever seems to be making a comeback, for some reason.

Oh, I don't know. I want to have dreams and hopes, and plans for the future. It keeps you going, does it not?

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Voice Blogging? - Mood:Good
Sunday May 11 20085:54:44 PM |
Have any of you tried this?

I just made one, (
voice entry) and it's really fun, but the quality of my recording was crap. I don't know how to fix it!

You should all make voice entries! I like voices!

I love the band Sigur Ros.

Have fun!

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Wake Up Screaming - Mood:Good
Thursday May 08 20088:00:09 AM |
I hate doing that - my boyfriend says I do it a lot. I hate it because I scare him! The sad thing is when I do wake up properly, I can't remember what it was I was screaming about.

Such a happy day I got the coolest cheese and oregano crackers for G, and I got some garlic, nuts and basil ones for me and my bro. They are orgasmic, truly.

Had such a great night! We're so in love! It doesn't feel like it's been over 2 years already. My, oh my!

So, what will you do today?

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Zoo Pics!!! - Mood:Good
Sunday May 04 20086:25:10 PM |
Lots of pics!

Yesterday was one of the best days EVER. G and I took M to the Zoo and everything went *perfectly!* She loves me, and is constantly seeking me out and wanting to play. She was nervous about meeting G, but by yesterday they were already buddies and stuff.

So, the pics!

This is him giving her a piggy-back ride

Huge goat type thingie.. it was so cool! He put his head through that space between the bars and wanted food! It was kinda scary!

Us on the merry-go-round

This is her at my place (my mom in the back)


CONT'D in next post

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What do you think this baby is? (w/ pic) - Mood:Good
Wednesday April 30 200812:43:20 AM |
Caucasian, Latino, Asian, etc. You get the point..

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True Love Waits. - Mood:Good
Tuesday April 29 200810:44:29 AM |
I just Googled their site because I read something about TLW in someone's diary.


Not only do I completely disagree with this line of thinking.

What bugs me is that they sell rings, pendants, magnets and all other kinds of crap with "TLW" on it.

They actually make money off it!


I feel like crrrrap but am going to work (early, too) because I'm nice.


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Very Odd. - Mood:Good
Sunday April 27 200810:03:33 PM |
I had weird pregnancy dreams last night. Also dreamt about Michael Cera and I being fish and swimming in black seawater.

I'm excited about starting voice blogging on my Opendiary. Can't find my mic, though. So I hope I do later, or find a cheap one to buy!

Today, we had a toast "to us" with the champagne that was left over from G's fancy breakfast. It was sweet. It's his birthday tomorrow, so we'll be going out to eat with his family some place.

Brother and niece will be here on Thursday. Reeeally can't wait!

I'm bored-ish. I should go to bed pretty soon, but I wanna call my man at midnight to wish him a happy B-day.

How's your Sunday evening coming?

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