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Female, 37 years old
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Nightmares and Migrains.. - Mood:Good
Wednesday October 22 20081:18:55 PM |
Bleh. Had another horrible nightmare last night. Why do I always dream about people breaking into my home and wanting to harm me? I'm really sick of living alone, I guess.

Good news: My friend/coworker Gus gave me the name of a really good clinic where his wife got treated for her cervical/migraine issues. G has the same issue, and I've been begging him to get it checked out for AGES.

Suckage: G's insurance doesn't cover it. I really wish we could move in together now. I've always thought that once we're living together, my top priority would be getting good health care for the both of us. Right I have good health insurance through work, but he has a crappy one.

So... I wish, I wish, I wish. I hate this country and the insecurity. Blah.

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I love black skies. (Suggestions?) - Mood:Good
Tuesday October 21 20087:40:44 AM |
It's pouring right now and as soon as I got into work, the sky went all black and it looks like it's nighttime. I LOVE it!

I got my period, my stomach is all bloated and I have cramps. JOY. I swear if I ever get pregnant I am going to LOVE not having my period for 9 months! I heard something about tampons causing cancer because of the bleach they use in them, so I'm now afraid to use them. But I hate NOT using them, they're so comfy and awesome. What to do, what to do. There are no unbleached ones available here.

My brother and wife want to both get an "M" (for their daughter's name Miranda) tattooed in a weird and/or ancient alphabet. Got ANy suggestions?


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New Clothes! - Mood:Good
Sunday October 19 20086:01:21 PM |

The flowers I got for G's mom.It's Mother's Day here, and yesterday we went to buy a present for her. We got that and then he bought me this cute purple top, just because. I love it.

He's so amazing. He helped so much around the house this weekend. I didn't even ask, he just did. I love love love him.

We went to the park and sat there watching these little kids ride these carts. We awwed at the kids' cuteness, and laughed at/felt sorry for one of the moms who kept having her foot run over by one of the carts. Was the kid blind or something? ffs.

I ate 3 chorizos at lunch today and G's dad kept offering other stuff and I was like "No thanks, I loooove chorizo". G was like "I can't believe nobody made a dirty joke out of that" Embarrassment.

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Memories - Mood:Good
Friday October 17 20089:43:52 AM |
Have you ever run into a really good friend after not seeing them for years?

Last night I met my friend S from high school after not seeing him for 5 years! It was awesome.

Among other things, I found out another really good guy friend of mine is expecting a baby And that my ex got his girlfriend pregnant, he broke up with her, and then she lost her baby.

We are thinking about getting together all 5 of us to catch up. It's been so long!

Thank you Facebook!

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Stupid Sheet! - Mood:Good
Tuesday October 14 20087:02:20 AM |
My stupid bottom sheet keeps coming undone all the time. I hate when we ending up sleeping on the bare mattress. I don't want it to get all dirty and smelly! GROSS!!!

I heard they had sheets that were fitted all around, not just the corners... maybe I should try to find those?

Ugh. Disgust.

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A Rainy Weekend... and Kittens! - Mood:Good
Monday October 13 200811:36:57 AM |
I made a kitty friend at the cemetery. He was so cute and loving and kept snuggling me and stuff. I wanted to adopt him so badly! I took a piccy.. trying to figure out how to get it off my cell..

We had a great weekend. I was just thinking how lucky I am. On Saturday we were lying on the grass in the park kissing and cuddling and I was thinking, whoever sees us probably thinks we've been dating for like, a month. But we're getting closer to 3 years! I love that. I love that we're still crazy about each other.

Yesterday, we ate ice cream and had a Friends marathon. It was yayish.

I can't tell you how happy I am that it's MONDAY and I'm not at work! Yes! Joy!

Also, we had a good amount of sex, and cystitis is not back (for now...) so I'm happy and crossing my fingers.

I really feel like looking at pretty pictures.

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Lovely musical discovery! - Mood:Good
Sunday October 12 200810:41:01 AM |

We went to the park yesterday and made a lovely musical discovery! These guys are 4 family members who play electric violin type things that they make themselves. Their music is so nice and relaxing. We loved it! We sat down on the grass to listen to them and pretty soon there were tons of people doing the same. I just thought I'd share and see if anyone else likes.

You can listen at AQUALACTICA

Went to the cemetery and found the castle mausoleum. SO cool. I took crappy pics with my cell. heh.

It's been raining since yesterday. That makes me happy, plus no work tomorrow! YAY! We are having hot dogs and banana milkshake for lunch. Mmm nom!


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Talking about Penis size - Mood:Good
Friday October 10 200812:23:06 AM |
Tonight my boss and our ex-coworker went out to eat. It was so much fun! I tend to have more guy friends generally, so it's fun to hang out with just girls and talk girl/boyfriend stuff. Yay! We laughed a LOT.

The place had tables outside on the sidewalk, and we ate there. Approximately 10 different people came to our table to beg/try to sell us something during the 3 hours that we were there. ARGHH STOP.

Ooh, YT is dead. But I can't sleep. So I'm posting this anyway. Wake up, YT..

Don't you just love talking about girly things with your friends?!

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What are you making for dinner tonight? - Mood:Good
Wednesday October 08 20083:28:29 PM |
I thought I would make some yummy pasta and sautee it in olive oil along with some garlic, broccoli, carrots and cherry tomatoes.. mmm. Pretty simple, but yummy. I wanted to add more veggies but coudln't think of which ones.


And what are YOU making?

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What a Nightmare. :( - Mood:Good
Tuesday October 07 20087:36:39 PM |
I stepped out of my work today and saw this huge mass of people, a bus parked across the road, and a girl about my age lying in the middle of it.

She had been hit by the bus, and I could see her head completely covered in / leaking blood (there was a puddle under her head) and her screaming... she wouldn't stop screaming in pain.

It was horrifying. I've seen other accidents (even a suicide where a guy threw himself under a bus and it cracked his head open, spilling brains everywhere) but this was horrible. I felt so helpess and pathetic not being able to do anything to help.

Someone said that apparently, she was pregnant as well.

I couldn't help but think "It could have been me". I work right there and I cross that avenue on foot every single day!

I don't know if she made it. I checked for links online but it's too soon, so nothing yet.

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A smile that will melt your heart: - Mood:Good
Sunday October 05 20087:08:41 PM |

Isn't she adorable? *sigh* I miss them!

Bit of a crappy weekend over here. I have cystitis, which HURTS, and really bad allergies. Allergies + peeing every 5 minutes and not drinking anything (we're out of water) = dehydration. I'm getting this annoying cold sweat and feel like I could pass out any minute. Ugh.

Thankfully G was lovely and came to get groceries with me and I have some Gatorade to drink now. He was so sweet and fed me while I was feeling crappy. lurve

I have new sexy red hair, and G spent all weekend saying I'm really hot and look like Poison Ivy.

How is everyone? Tell me 'bout your weekendness?

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To Remember Being Born - Mood:Good
Friday October 03 20088:51:17 PM |
Nobody seems to believe me when I tell them I distinctly remember me being weighed at the doctor's office shortly after birth, the moment I said my first word, and certain things that happened at daycare when I was 2-3. They will all say "you can't have memories from such an early age" or "it's probably something your parents told you, and you *think* it's a memory".

But it isn't. I've always remembered these things.

So I Googled it, and found this

Pretty spooky, huh?

Share your memories! (and read the link! It's really interesting!)

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Elvis turns me on. kthxbye! - Mood:Good
Thursday October 02 20088:16:56 PM |
I was doing dishes and humming a bunch of Elvis songs, so I realized I was in one of my Elvis moods!

I am now listening/watching the sexy f*cker on youtube and singing my heart out.

Love him!


Everyone should listen to a bit of Elvis now.

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Weird Cookings. - Mood:Good
Thursday October 02 20089:54:14 AM |
I got home at 7:30 and was beeeaat. Didn't feel like cooking. We just lay there watching the footy while he stroked my hair and I fell asleep on his lap.

Then he felt like cooking, and he made this weird (though yummy!) baked fish with bacon and cheese and potatoes! I was so hungry I could have eaten anything.

I feel so lucky. He's just the best man ever!

I have to meet so many of my friends OMGTHERESNOTIME!!!1one

So what do you love about your s/o?

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Puppy has a home. :) - Mood:Good
Wednesday October 01 200811:04:03 AM |
A starving, sickly 2 month-old stray showed up at my mom's door yesterday. She was clawing at her door and whimpering.

My mom always says she doesn't want any more dogs (already has 2) so I figured she wouldn't... but she has decided to keep her, and I couldn't be happier! Poor thing NEEDS a home, and loving owners. Plus, Mora (the big German Shepherd in the pic) gets to be a mommy to her. My mom says that she's already being all protective of her and lets Lola (that's the pup's name) sleep on her like a pillow. Awww.

I'm so excited. I want to visit my mom so I can meet her!

Yay for my mom. Bless her big, generous heart.

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Do you feel special? - Mood:Good
Monday September 29 20087:41:38 PM |
I felt special today.

Gus, one of my coworkers who is supersweet (and insane) just told me today that he and his wife decided to try for another baby. He said I was the first person he told, because he trusted me so much.

The Pillowman kind of sucked. People's cell phones kept going off. TURN THEM OFF B*TCHES

Being spooned and napping on a rainy Sunday afternoon = delight.

Oh, and setting your Facebook to "Pirate English" is hilarious.


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New Car (pic) - Mood:Good
Friday September 26 20089:30:55 AM |
So my boyfriends father has bought a new truck thing.

I have no idea where he got the money for it, as it is f*cking expensive, but whatever. I am not happy because they will attack and shoot you just to steal a truck like that over here, so I don't think it was the brightest idea.

So now apparently my boyfriend and her sister get to use the old car whenever they want. So if my man gets his license, then YAY we no longer have to take the bus everywhere! Happy!

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Am I Entitled? - Mood:Good
Tuesday September 23 20082:50:48 PM |

I am pissed off. My sister has been talking about meeting up and catching up with each other for forever.

She's in town, so she asked if I wanted to hang out. I said yes, and asked her where she wanted to go. She said to just come over to her place.

Now, her husband will be there. We won't be able to talk about ANY of the sister stuff we talk about when it's just the 2 of us. Like their TTC not going so well, or .. STUFF.

She said she didn't want to leave him because he's all "stressed out" about this trial thing (an employee of theirs sued them). Like he can't take care of himself? At 46 yrs old?

I just hate the way she babies him. I do it with my man, too, but not to the point where I treat him like a toddler..


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Good Deeds (sort of) - Mood:Good
Tuesday September 23 20089:25:00 AM |
I was just talking to one of the doctors here at work who was planning on buying a toy poodle.

I told her that it was good to think about adopting because there are so many dogs without a home, who are loving, and free! (and also free of most congenital diseases that some breed dogs tend to have)

She said it was a good idea and that she would think about it.


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Religious Sex Dreams? - Mood:Good
Sunday September 21 20085:51:09 PM |
I got my Derren Brown book that I ordered! It only took like, 10 days. Awesomeness. I read a bit yesterday, can't wait to read more tomorrow on the bus.

G and I went to BK on Saturday and upon leaving, a lady walked by with a flat coated retriever:

That's the first time I've ever seen one in person. Very unusual breed here. It was tall, and beautiful. I was so psyched. *nerd*

Friday night I dreamt that God was being raped by the Devil. No joke.The weird part is I guess I was God, or something, because erm.. it felt good. The devil was .. hung.

I called my bro today and talked to my niece. Her sentences are completely normal and adult-like, it's insane. I wanted to cry.

How's your weekend?

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Wedding Soon! - Mood:Good
Sunday September 14 20085:23:17 PM |
So we met up with our friends J and A last night for dinner - her mom owns a lovely restaurant/steak house and they invited us for a free meal! How nice!

J and A got engaged last week and are to be married in June. They've been dating 6 months. We're all "" about it, but I am so happy for them.

Sunday blues!

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Ooh, Another Exciting Journal! - Mood:Good
Thursday September 11 20082:26:00 PM |
Met up with my mom and aunt on Tuesday. Talked for hours and had chinese. It was fun sort of girl talk.

I FINALLY was able to wear my sexy outfit thingie for G! FUN. It looked hot as hell on me me, if I do say so myself. We loved it.

Busy weekend ahead. Lots of family celebrations (well, G's family, really) and going out with friends. And running errands. And doing laundry. And..

I love Facebook. I'm getting in touch with all these people from my past. It's fab!

How is yous?

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STOP smoking pot!!! - Mood:Good
Monday September 08 200810:28:06 PM |
I can smell pot... really really bad. I don't know if it's the people above, below or next to me but they have got to stop! The smell of pot has always made me nauseous. Ugh.

Can't believe I'm not even sleepy yet. Had no sleep at all last night. What an idiot.

I'm all obsessed with Derren Brown and have been watching him on YouTube for the past, hm..4ish hours now? Wow. Get a life, Peg!

Tomorrow feels like a crappy day.

Avast Ye!

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Fancy Foods. (pic) - Mood:Good
Friday September 05 20088:28:16 PM |
Today we went out to lunch with the bosses. It was a fancy place, and I had delicious food. The best part was the dessert: there was meringue, white chocolate mousse, scrumptious red berries and berry sauce. It was.. perfect. I never wanted to stop eating it.

I left work early and was able to go to the institute to pick up my certificate for my Veterinary Technician course. It looks like this:

(only with my name on it)

I was able to do laundry tonight for the first time in like a month! Plumbers seem to be least for now. I like my new kitchen floor. It's a very light grey..almost whitish.

I am in a "bleh" mood, however..


What should I make for dinnah?

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Girl Proposing to Guy = Huh? - Mood:Good
Thursday September 04 20082:25:13 PM |
Last night I dreamt that G and I got married in a forest. It was so odd!

Explainage: I was chatting to my mom on MSN and she was all "So when is somebody going to make me a grandma again?"

So, later I told G about it and we were talking about all that, marriage and all. Neither of us really cares about getting married all that much, we'd be happy just living together.

But whenever we talk about it (half serious, half joking) he says "I am just waiting for YOU to propose!"

He's said that to me 287382 times.

We laugh about it but sometimes I think he's serious! When I ask him if he's serious he laughs and says he's kidding but.. why would he say it EVERY TIME?!?!

Sooo.. yeah. What do you think?

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