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Female, 37 years old
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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YT needs to wake up. - Mood:Bored
Monday March 09 20098:27:14 AM |
What did you do this weekend? Mine was quite uneventful, really. The boy had lots of studying to do, so we mostly stayed home. Watched Changeling... it was alright. I don't think I'd ever seen a Jolie film before.

Sunday morning while he was studying I went and got us the paper and some pastries. Sunday mornings rock. I love the quietness, the emptiness everywhere.

So I've been doing really good with the whole baby crazy thing, but today's a bad day. Damn. I am so sick of this already.. How can I wait 3 more years?

Tell me things to get my mind off it.

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Oh... my GOD. - Mood:Good
Friday March 06 20096:30:05 AM |
My work is too freakin' awesome. For my birthday I got some really cute tops and a sweater (from the company), a bottle of LOVELY perfume (from one of my bosses), a gorgeous purse from a really fancy shop (from another of my bosses), a lovely set of melon scented candles and "room spray" from my supervisor and another coworker, and today, one of the directors came back from abroad with a bottle of Versace Bright Crystal (another perfume) THAT I LOVE SO MUCH AND HAVE WANTED FOR AGES OMG OMG.

Perfume is like, really expensive here.

I can't believe it. Like, wow.

And before you say, NO they do not want sexual favors in return.

OMG. This rocks. I feel so appreciated.

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25 years ago - Mood:Good
Tuesday March 03 20099:09:40 PM |
my mom was pushing me out. Yay mom

Actually I am 25 as of 6 minutes ago.

Isn't that weird?

I should be in bed, but I can't sleep. Went out to lovely pub with girls from work and had a drink made with baileys and cinnamon..yummy!

Ummm... Yeah. I wish my man were around so I could get some tonight. But it must wait until tomorrow!

Oh well!

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Drrrragons! (Pics) - Mood:Good
Sunday March 01 20094:49:23 PM |
Finally went to the Ciruelo thing. Here are some pics!

scary dragon on tree


Rick and I looking like crap ( I don't know why his face looks like that... or mine )


pics of some paintings:

painted rocks


storm coming


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Fights SUCK. - Mood:Good
Saturday February 28 20097:23:26 PM |
So G and I had a discussion earlier today. My grandma passed recently, and she had a few properties which, if sold, would become partly mine. I said that if I did get that money, I would love to sell this crappy ass apartment and get a bigger one.

He said that if he randomly inherited money like that, he would like to blow it on something fun, like a trip to Europe. Now I would LOVE to go to Europe with him (and it's something we have discussed many times) but in this pooty 3rd world country with our pathetic economy, the one thing that truly matters to me is having a home.. and if then there's any $ leftover travel would be great, but I must have a home. It's just.. THAT important to me.

Anyway... we didn't fight, but he was upset that we want different things (even though he's known this for ages and so have I)

Anyway, after this (cont)

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Exhaustion + Insomnia = ? - Mood:Good
Thursday February 26 20097:15:12 AM |
Last night I was worn out for some reason. On my way home from work I went to the grocery store and was carrying like 10 million bags when, luckily, G intercepted me and helped me carry them. Joy!

I just didn't feel like doing *anything*... We cooked (2 different meals ´cause he didn't like what I made for myself) and by the time I was done I was moribund. We ate and watched a 6 Feet Under episode (I that show!)

Then I thought I would fall asleep right away, but oh surprise, I had insomnia and I realized that I was really er, in the mood. So we had (amazing) sex, and then he fell asleep (duh ) but I was all "Yay, sex!" so I was awake for another hour or so until I nodded off.

But we had such a loving night/morning. Made me smile.

I have to go to my therapist today and I don't want to.
I have tons of bills to pay, and no money.
I'm bored. Talk to me!

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What do YOU want? - Mood:Good
Wednesday February 25 20099:55:23 AM |
So.. my birthday is next week.. YAY! I'll be 25..

My man just told me that he could only do ONE big pressie, either for my birthday or for our 3 year anniversary (April 23). So he asked me to choose when I wanted the big thing, and I chose the anni. So I get the ickle present for my b-day.

So weee. I wonder what it'll be! (He has no idea himself..)

What would you ask for, if you were uhm.. me?

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How To Say No.. (without being a b*tch)? - Mood:Good
Sunday February 22 20093:55:50 PM |
So I found my ex through Facebook. Our relationship didn't end too nicely, and after 8 years, it was nice to see him doing well and happy etc. I just wanted to say hi, let him know there were no hard feelings or anything, send regards to his mom, etc. But that was it.

So we're talking, and he gives me his number and tells me to call him so we can meet up. I'm thinking, uhm, I don't want to meet with him. I just wanted to see that he was alright after so long, and say hey.

So trying to be nice I was like "Well, I don't know. I mean your girlfriend probably wouldn't be happy about it"
And he's like "Well nobody has to find out. I'll just tell her I'm going out with the guys "

That gave me the creeps. Urgh. So then I left, and now he's sending me messages asking when we're gonna meet.

I don't want to be mean, but the truth is, I'm not interested in hanging out again.

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Yay! I saved a doggie! - Mood:Happy
Friday February 20 20097:11:11 AM |
I was coming home from work and I noticed this mutt (about the size of a german shepherd) running back & forth, clearly in distress. I've seen my fair share of lost dogs and I could tell this one had been recently lost. He was desperately trying to find his owner.

His collar had a phone number on it. I asked around and no one knew whose he was, so I grabbed him by his collar and took him home.

I called the number but no one was home. I was beginning to get nervous as there was no way I was going to leave him on the street again.

In the meantime, my silly cat had the utmost brilliant idea of coming out and hissing at him.. she freaked out, and the dog immediately wanted to make her his dinner. I was holding the dog by the collar (had no leash on him) trying to keep him away from her.

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Not the most Romantic V-Day... - Mood:Good
Sunday February 15 20093:48:09 PM |
I was hoping for a nice day and maybe going somewhere romantic, but my grandma passed away yesterday. Spent the day at the wake, and buried her today. Uncle was so sad. All of our family is so far away. I wished so much that they could have been here.

Poor G was with me the whole time. My angel.. I felt so bad. It was just the most depressing weekend ever. Blargh.

Still, we went out to a nice coffeehouse just down the street for a V-Day breakfast, and that was nice.

Since she died on Valentine's day, we think she went to surprise grandpa.

Such sadness. I will miss my beautiful grandma and the way she used to smile with that twinkle in her eye.

Did you have a nice Valentine's/weekend?

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Violets: My new favorite flowers. (pic!) - Mood:Good
Thursday February 12 20099:10:25 AM |
Last night G came home with the most beautiful bouquet.. it was simple, yet so stunning. I didn't know what type of flower it was. It was kind of like this:

but with these cute tiny little buds and baby breath which made it look so..magical! Anyway I Googled it until I found out what they were: Violets.

I have free tickets for tonight, for this stand-up comedy thing we've been wanting to see for ages. Yay! Too bad it starts at 11 pm! But..YAY!

But anyway.. aww.. Don't you love getting flowers?

And I want cakeballs... damn you, lynt!

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I really want to have a baby. - Mood:Good
Sunday February 01 20098:28:46 PM |
Am I crazy?

I was thinking about this earlier today. When my period was late last week and the hpt came out negative, I was.. sad.

I wanted to wait and make sure it wasn't just a "phase" that I was going through, but it's been 2 years of longing and broodiness and awful baby fever.

I just keep thinking that his parents would not approve and would be disappointed and whatnot.

And we only have them to help out because my family's hundreds of miles away.

Oh, I don't know. I am ashamed to talk about it.
I'm so tired.
I don't know.
Somebody say something.

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Funniest Complaint Ever - Mood:Good
Thursday January 29 200911:33:14 AM |
I couldn't stop laughing at first.

This is genius.

Complaint with pics

I know it probably goes in links but... read it and laugh!

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So my period is late. So. Yeah. (pics) - Mood:Good
Sunday January 25 20094:32:48 PM |
My period is 8 days late.

G and I had another baby talk, and I asked him when he thought he'd be ready for one. He said in 4 or 5 years, so I said that I wanted one in 2 or 3 years, so that we should negotiate. So, we agreed on 3 years.

I took a pregnancy test last night - negative.

I do wish we could start trying when I'm 26 or 27, but I know it's best to wait. Life really is too short, isn't it?

So, do you want babies soon?

Some more nice pics from the trip:

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Pics of Patagonia - Mood:Good
Saturday January 17 20097:26:49 PM |
So lovely! (these are only some - I'll add more as I get them)

plum tree

YAY snow!


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Patagonia Rocked! - Mood:Good
Saturday January 17 20091:13:12 PM |
I finally went paragliding, YESSSss!!! It was so freakin' awesome!

I don't have all of the pics of the trip yet, but will post them when I do. Such a stunning place. This was my 5th time there and I love it more every time!



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Need Suggestions for a "We`re Sorry" gift - Mood:Good
Friday January 09 20091:34:10 PM |
So, my man accidentally flooded the apartment of the neighbor below me. It's ana 85 year old lady, and her daughter. (she's around 50-something)

G paid for the repairs, and all, but the old lady has been pretty distressed with the whole thing and they've been pretty nice about it and I figured it wouldn't hurt to get them something as a thank you type thing.

I thought about flowers but it seems lame. Any thoughts?


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I`m back from the beach (with pics!) - Mood:Overwhelmed
Monday January 05 20097:42:49 PM |
So G and I went to visit my mom and sister for New Years. At midnight on the 31st we had a toast to welcome the new year as well as my sister's 35th birthday. It was nice to get away for a few days.


Beach Fireworkness!

G and I

My sis in the dress we got her

A cute old wagon

Check out my dirty, sea water damaged hair!

feeding my sis's kitties!

Do you have pics of New Years?

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Fun Nights with Gay Friends (pics) - Mood:Good
Sunday December 28 20083:22:25 PM |
Last night we went to our friends J and A's house (the ones who are getting married in June) and got to see an ex workmate that we hadn't seen in ages. He's so funny and made me laugh like crazy with his innate gayness.

That's G and I on the left, funny guy standing behind us and the happy couple on the right.

Two happy couples!

Their new kitty, Isis (she's really sweet!)

Me with funny guy and some other girl that was there

I have bonbons.

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Our Vacation (pics) - Mood:Good
Monday December 08 20088:23:32 PM |
So trying to get my mind off my previous awful journal..

It seems we're going to Patagonia (for only 5 days ) next month.

It's a lovely place:

Of course that's not our hotel, we're going to a 1 star one.

There was an option for 7 days, which G could afford but I couldn't, so we can't do it. I'm kind of upset about that. But it was $500 more, and I just ..can't do it. Plain and simple.

Still, I should be happy, neh?

Uhm.. are you going anywhere anytime soon?

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Death threats... lovely - Mood:Good
Monday December 08 20082:51:27 PM |
We've been receiving death threats for my mother and sister (from a psycho former friend/employee of my sister's) for a few weeks. The police obviously won't do anything and I've been taking sedatives after a very, very horrible nervous breakdown.

I just checked my email and found two new emails from her, one saying she had just poisoned her dog and could I please tell my family to come get their bodies tomorrow. (she also included: "I love you, you're the only one like your dad") Why would you tell me that after you just THREATENED my family?

The other, a long ass suicide note saying my sister and her husband were to blame for her suicide (right, after giving her free food, home, work etc) and that she asked for help but never got it (BS).

Apparently she didn't kill herself, but I'm still concerned about my family, and ABOUT HER POOR DOG WHO DID NOTHING WRONG.

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Kitty Business - Mood:Good
Thursday November 27 20087:08:11 PM |

I went to check out the abandoned kitty thing after work today. (see prev. journal)

It was sleeping peacefully by a flower stand. Looked well-fed and in good shape, so I was relieved.

It was kind of funny at first, I think the guy thought I was trying to steal the kitty or something

"Hi, I'm sorry, is this cat yours?"
"It's theirs, why?"
"Oh, I was just told there was an abandoned black cat with a red collar here"
"Uh..who told you that?"
"I'm part of a animal right network, and I received a message saying that this cat had been spotted here"
"Oooh. Nah, she's belongs to the people in that building there. They feed her and everything. Name's Samantha"

She was a cutie. The guy seemed really grateful that I stopped to ask about her. He was like "thanks a lot, lady!"

I feel good.

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What Good Deeds have you done? - Mood:Good
Thursday November 27 20081:10:35 PM |
So I've had a pretty crappy week. I need some positive thoughts so pull myself together.

Yesterday I ran a block behind a guy who had left his bank card in the ATM machine. It was a good feeling. I could have kept it and taken all his money, but giving it back made me feel so much better!

Today after work I'm going to go to a park near my house where an abandonoed kitty has been spotted.. I got an alert email from the animal protection group that I'm subscribed to and so I'm going to go down there, see if I can find him. Don't know what I'll do if I *do* find him, though.

Anyone want a kitty? heh

You go..

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Cute Rings! - Mood:Good
Sunday November 23 20084:50:02 PM |

Hrm. So today is our 31 months We went for a walk and I found the cuuutest ring. It's beautiful! Anyway, G got it for me. I love it so much. It's kind of like the blue one on that pic, but much cuter!

We saw Lars and the real girl last night. It was meh, but kind of funny. I like Emily Mortimer. Her character was pregnant in the movie, and when G saw her he looked at me and went "Aw, it would be cute seeing you all pregnant like that" Then he kissed my tummy. Awwh.

I don't want to go to work! But I just found out that I'm not working on Dec 26th or on Jan 2nd. Awesome!

I made a no-bake chocolate mousse cake. Ooh.

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I got jstckndamale`s package!!! - Mood:Good
Tuesday October 28 20082:04:01 PM |
After almost a month, I was finally able to get some time off work and go to customs! I only had to pay $32! All the other times they tried to charge me over $100 (which is illegal, and when I'd tell them I didn't have that kind of money, they'd be like "Okay, how much you got?")

jstck is the coolest! She sent me 3 whole boxes of Mac and Cheese (which I ), AND jolly ranchers (which I !) AND another type of sour candy which I don't know AND a couple instant lunches!

I felt victorious because the guy who had my package asked me "what's in the box?". I was like "I'm not sure". (they normally open the box to see). He thought about it for a second, handed me the box and said "Alright, goodbye"

I wish I had a camera to show pics! I am going to try and get G to bring his so I can photograph the evidence.

jstck, you rock, girl!!!

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