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Female, 37 years old
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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NOISE... So much... Arrghh - Mood:Good
Monday May 04 20099:39:17 AM |
There are construction workers both outside my apartment and outside of the office. The drilling sound is driving me insaaaane!

My mom is coming into town tomorrow. I will have to go to to my father's apartment every day after work to empty it out, and she'll be spending the night at my place (sleeping in my bed with me, because lord knows that futon can't be used) until.. who knows when.

GREAT. (Yes, I only get along with my mother as long as we're 200 miles away )

I need cheering up! Hi!

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People should watch this thing - Mood:Good
Saturday May 02 20091:31:58 PM |
Happy Saturday, everyone!

I was supposed to go to the hospital to visit G's dad, but I'm at home, because I feel like DEATH. I'll spare you the gory details. Ugh. Can't wait for him to get home though. Why am I having such a concupiscent week?!

I love this. It's so random (and hot)

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weeee drunken Cami! - Mood:Good
Friday May 01 20094:51:47 AM |
I LOVE being drunk. I only driunk like.. once a year or less. But it's SO much fun. I met a lot of G's friends and coworkers today. It was so great. I loved everyone, and they all loved me! We talked and laughed and.,. yeah. I had a melon daiquiri and 3 baileys and banana liquor. MMm. ! and.. amazing drunker sex after. We got locked out of my room, it was so funny! we thought we would have to sleep on the floor in the living room! G was trying to kick down the door and I was just sitting here eating cake and laughing...hahaha.

I love you..

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Lovely Dinner! (with pic!) - Mood:Good
Wednesday April 29 200910:05:01 AM |
Went out to looovely restaurant with G's parents (to celebrate his bday) last night. It was quite fancy. His dad didn't let me pay. pshhh. We had a fun time.

Gorgeous AND yummy!

I ended up coming home, showering and cleaning after puppy so no time to bake cake. I gave G a birthday muffin in the end. He really liked his jacket, too! It was a good, loving night.



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Need Opinions.. - Mood:Good
Monday April 27 20093:18:09 PM |
So it's G's b-day tomorrow. I was going to make him a (simple) cake, and had bought decorations and balloons and stuff..he's had a rough year and I wanted to make him feel good. BUT! He has work, then school in the evening, and then we're probably going OUT to dinner with his folks. So, should I do the cake the next day? Seems pointless, neh? What do you think?

I already gave him his book, the chocolate fondue, and am going to give him a sexy jacket. Hope he likes.

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The Insomnia Thread - Mood:Good
Friday April 24 20091:35:38 AM |

Come, sleep! Come!

I haaate this. Not that I mind being up late - I'm a total night owl. But I'm also one of those people who REALLY need at least 6/7 hours of sleep to be able to function normally!

I'm SO glad it's Friday. This weekend's gonna be boring though - I won't be able to do the picnic and boat/bike ride I had planned as G has like a billion papers due and exams coming up, so he needs to study all weekend. And then he's done with law school. I can't belieeeeve it.

Ooh, doesn't it look evil? It's mine now

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So... My period`s STILL late. (and a link) - Mood:Good
Sunday April 19 20091:48:25 PM |
5 days now. Still normal for me, but kinda starting to worry. If it's not here by Tuesday, I'll take a hpt.

I really want to share this.
It's so cool. I know it's in Spanish, but there's not much talking. He asks her to make the customary 3 wishes. So sweet.

Had a very loving weekend. G asked if I had had my period yet, so I had to tell him I was late. Eep.

Hi! Happy Sundae!

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That which makes us smile - Mood:Good
Wednesday April 15 200910:48:08 AM |
I'm in a good mood today. Not sure why. My new lip gloss makes me happy, as shallow as that sounds!

I've got a busy day, but I'm really looking forward to spending the night with my man tonight.

I'm trying to help a friend find a home for a stray dog she found last night. She can only keep him until tonight, and I've been publishing his picture in all the sites I could think of.. but nothing yet. Wish us luck. If I didn't have Dulce and Chiara at home I would offer to take him temporarily..really, I would.

Good morning, everyone!

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I`m a Sinner. - Mood:Good
Saturday April 11 20099:02:19 PM |
I know this is weird but.. I just recently saw the film The Crime of Father Amaro (with hotness Gael García Bernal ) and.. OH GOD

This is the hottest kiss ever!

Wow. Hormones! I feel like a 15-year old!

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Lovely Benicio has a home :) - Mood:Good
Wednesday April 08 200910:04:44 AM |
My coworker told me last week that this Golden Retriever in her area was being neglected by its owners (they didn't feed him anymore. Literally ). He was very thin and his hair had begun to fall out due to the lack of nutrients.

They'd mentioned they would like to get rid of him, so I started asking. Within days I had tons of emails from people who were interested!

BUT, they decided that they would ONLY give him up if it was a neighbor so they could still see him. WHAT?!

So, my workmate decided to adopt him. Thank god! She LOVES dogs, so I'm very happy. She told me she may need some $$ help treating him, so yesterday I left her $50 on her desk. But today she said that if she ever needed anything she'd let me know, but she was ok for now.

I hate it when people reject things But I trust her to not be like his former "owners" and ask for help if she needs it!

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Thank You, Mosquitoes .. - Mood:Good
Tuesday April 07 20094:38:54 AM |
... For waking me at 4 in the morning. I REALLY appreciate it. Geez it's like I don't need an alarm clock anymore.

I just completely freaked out when I saw Chiara climb out of the kitchen window and onto the A/C thing outside. I live on a 4th floor, so she could have easiler killed herself. I had to open the blinds to my french balcony and coax her in from there. This sucks, because it means I can't leave the kitchen window open anymore, (as well as any other window) because of her


Anyone awake? Hellooo? *echo*

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Do you get.. Ovulation PMS? (.. POS?) - Mood:Good
Tuesday March 31 200912:38:29 PM |
I have been all annoyingly emotional since yesterday.

You know when you have that insane need to have amazing sex and then cuddle and/or be told adorable things?

So I was like, wtf? Am I PMSing? No, but I should be ovulating right about now. I wonder if that's it?

I don't know but it's so annoyinnnngggg. Need sex, grah. Luckily I get to have some tomorrow night. I told G I want to go to this telo. Has a jacuzzi

Hope we can go tomorrow.

AHGDSCmdsgfds. Hi.

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Ghostly Sights - Mood:Good
Sunday March 29 20097:05:21 PM |
Went to our friends Juan and Ana's new flat last night. There were 8 of us, and somehow we ended up talking about scary things.

Andy told us about his uncle, who was disabled and staying at his house a few years ago. Last year, A walked in one night to bring him a cup of soup. The uncle complained that the cup was "broken", but he didn't notice anything significant, told him to drink it and left the room.

Came back in a while later to take the cup back, and the uncle goes:

"Oh, the cup's been fixed"
So A is like... "What do you mean? Who fixed it?"
Guy points and goes "That woman standing there in the corner. The one with the long dress."

A stormed out. He says he remembers how, after he ran out, his uncle kept knocking on the wall and yelling at him to come back in.

The uncle died in that same room last year, and now A sleeps there

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I got a package! From Lyntess! (Pics) - Mood:Good
Sunday March 29 20091:53:33 PM |
Ahhh she's the best!

see the pink and purpleness?

Here's what I got...

COW TALES OMFG I hadn't had one since 2002! They are SO good and we don't have them here - win!

Skittles crazy cores!! Don't have those here either! YAY!

The flower tea thing!!!! OMG I can't wait to try it! It's like magic

Cotton Candy Pop Rocks! I didn't even know they had cotton candy, which I LOVE..

An ocean creature lollipop .. pretty sure it's an octopus.. SO adorable!

A skippy penguin which is the cutest! It moves so funnily! Love it!

The flower is SO cute! Must find somewhere to put it!

And the BEST part.. penis candyyyyy! (I bet someone will now freak out about me posting a phallic figure 8-|) Oh well! They are just THAT cool.

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Rescue Puppy - Pics - Mood:Good
Thursday March 26 20098:32:56 AM |
I took some pics and had G take some of us together last night. She's so cute.. I so don't want her to die, but her cough isn't getting any better.

So, here she is, for all of you who asked to see her. Enjoy.

Oh, and I had just come out of the shower, so please excuse my hair and lack of make-up!

chewing her bone

me making a funny face.. my eyes are all creepy and weird!

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Fat Ladies Singing - Mood:Good
Monday March 23 20091:16:14 PM |

Went to the Opera on Saturday. Hadn't been in years! It was GREAT. I was so excited. They sang some of my favorite arias, and the cheap seats weren't too bad at all! I really want to go more often..

G was pissy all of Saturday due to the rescue doggy at home. Then, while coming back from the Opera, I snapped. I said "Look. I'm going to do this anyway. Now, you can either make me feel like sh*t about it, or you can be supportive.". He was better on Sunday. I do wish he were more of an animal lover, I really do..

Um.. the end, I guess.

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Rough Night. - Mood:Good
Friday March 20 20099:00:36 AM |
Last night, I spotted a dog lying on the sidewalk.. looking dead. She'd been lying there for 3 hours, barely able to walk, just letting herself die.

I checked some of her vital signs and they weren't so good. I could tell she had a temp. I picked her up, hailed a cab and took her to the vet. She threw up all over me and my purse while on our way there, the poor thing.

Vet took her blood and said that based on what he saw it was probably distemper. She's about 7 months I know that distemper is often fatal so.. yeah. She got a couple of shots.. and I took her home. I could NOT leave her.

She did much better at home. She had some water, walked and played with me a bit. But I had to leave her alone to come to work today.

I'm hoping that

A) she doesn't eat my cat

B) she doesn't die while I'm not there

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Rich people have no hands, apparently! - Mood:Good
Tuesday March 17 20091:49:13 PM |
My boss asks me to order a salad from McDonald's. THey say it will take 40 min. After 25 minutes, he demands I call and ask what's wrong. (?)

When the salad is finally here, I serve it in a bowl like he asked and bring it to him with a knife and fork <- - VERY important!

He asks, "Where's the chicken?"

"It's at the bottom", I reply

"Did you cut it?"


He gives me a death stare.

Would you like me to cut it FOR you? ... ...

He then looks all appalled and cuts it himself.

Wow. F+cking WOW.

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Tecnic Limp (Engrish?) - Mood:Good
Monday March 16 20094:33:00 PM |
I saw a van outside with the words "Tecnic Limp" on it. In Spanish, limpiar is "to clean". So I guess they wanted to sound cool (lawl) and went with Tecnic Limp. I laughed in my head.

Then I was out getting some business cards printed for work and this guy walked in wanting to make copies of a missing cat thing he'd made.. I felt so bad for him and we got to talking.. he told me all about her and then I asked him to give me all the details so I could post it on the network for missing pets. I hope he finds her.

I love meeting other animal lovers. They're all such nice people.


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Teh Opera/Surgery/Stuff - Mood:Good
Monday March 16 200911:36:25 AM |
I bought tickets to the Opera on Saturday Had the get the ultra-cheap ones because I couldn't afford the good ones. Lame. But, at least we're going, right?

G's dad is having surgery next week though, so we're all a bit worried because he's quite overweight, so it could be dangerous. Crossing fingers.

My sis came into town and we FINALLY had our much awaited sister's coffee! Had breakfast on Saturday at this cute coffeehouse with balconies where you can sit in the lovely nice morning sun. Talked a lot... a lot. It was good.


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Can YT be any more boring? - Mood:Good
Friday March 13 200910:25:42 AM |
Mornings have been so lame lately. Come back, GMYT!

I am hoping we can go to the Celtic music and dance festival this weekend. It's like 5 blocks away, but I've never been. I know G will be busy studying though, so we'll see. I think my sister will be in to, maybe I'll go with her.

In other news, this is brilliant:

Anybody awake yet?

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My MIL and I, Pregnant Together! - Mood:Good
Thursday March 12 20097:48:42 AM |
So weird.

Last night I dreamt that G's mom (she's 54) and I were pregnant. She was further along at 36 weeks I think, whereas I was 26. I remember seeing her with her pregnant belly. She was carrying really high.

She went into labor, and a C-section was performed. I'm pretty sure this was all in my room, though, for some reason. I remember seeing the baby. It was a boy, so adorable.

At the time I was still pregnant, but upon seeing the utter cuteness of the new baby, I wanted MY baby in my arms too! I think mine was a girl. Somehow, in the dream it was safe for her to be born at 26 weeks, so I looked over at G and said.. "Aw, look how cute he is. Want to have ours now?" He said yes, so we had ours.

I think it was also a cesarean. She was so very tiny, but seemed healthy. I was worried that she was too small, but also so happy. We had our baby!

weird dreams.

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I love gossip at work. - Mood:Good
Wednesday March 11 200911:06:15 AM |
My coworker Gus is so funny. We insult each other jokingly, and he comes up with the best ones. Just now he sent me an email saying, "come on MSN, you "bunch of trauma"! I have stuff to tell you!"

It was funny in Spanish, I swear.

Ooh, now I get to find what the boss told the arrogant biatches who screwed up. Yay!

I hate gosspi normally, but I'm sooo bored. I hate doing the phonebook. *sigh*

Tell me anything?

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Cute Free Shoes! (with pic) - Mood:Good
Tuesday March 10 20096:22:55 PM |
New cute dressy shoes!

I went to exchange the ones I got for my birthday.

The ones I got are very similar to these:


Shoes make a girl happy.

I love the animal rights network I'm a part of. We, as complete strangers, email back and forth all day, and come together for their needs. We need MORE people who care, damnit!


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Please, Ask Me Anything.. - Mood:Good
Monday March 09 20096:49:44 PM |
I've never done this before and I never thought I would.

But God, Monday nights can be boring.

Okay, GO!

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