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Female, 37 years old
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Happy, Sad, Sad, Happy - Mood:Good
Monday August 03 200910:07:20 PM |
Ecstatic, Heartbroken...Blissful and Blue. The bipolarity can stop now, kthx.

So the girl that adopted puppy added me on Facebook and I just found more pics of her all happy and healthy and stuffs. Made me smile. Here's one!

Miss her like CRAZY!

And then my sister created this "old family photos" thing on her facebook and I've been contributing. Some really nice pics. Such as:

me washing daddy's car!


me with mom, bro and sis

And I noticed I'm smiling like this in like 99% of these.

I was a happy kid, antisocial-ness and all. What an amazing, loving family I have.

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So... F*cking Sundays. - Mood:Good
Sunday August 02 20099:00:54 PM |
Most depressing day of the week, especially so today. Trying not to think.

I think I should go to the dentist. I have a tooth that kind of hurts. And it's been "kindofhurting" for a long time. But I'm terrified of dentists. Really, really bad. Like, I want to cry if I think about it bad. So..yeah. I need to grow up.

My sis called to see how I was.. she wants to record her own album. Awesomeness.

And..what else? I don't want to deal with work tomorrow. My friends there are all trying to cheer me up and I just want to be left alone. When I'm down, I need to be alone. I know they mean well, but.. *sigh*

Really really want a puppy right now.


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The Nightmare is over - Mood:Good
Saturday August 01 20096:39:56 PM |
Why does it feel like it's just starting?

G and I had our final talk. I had hopes that he had met someone else and wanted to end it for good - it would be easier that way.. But no. He told me he wanted me back, and to move in together ASAP.

I told him I couldn't do that. He argued with me forever, (both of us crying) saying he wasn't ready to give up on us. That he wanted to make it better. That he was sorry his stress got in the way of us. That he needs me to be happy.

All of this made me want to die. I had to tell him over and over to please respect my decision. To please understand. That I love him more than anything and miss him, but that we must be apart.

I feel like I've just broken his heart in a million pieces, and it was the last thing I wanted to do. Is he going to be alright? His heart will heal, right? He's only 24. Why

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Ze Coldness! Be Gone! - Mood:Good
Wednesday July 22 20096:52:23 AM |
Snowing in Baires, which happens like, once every 90 years apparently. Tis 1 C this morning (that's 34F for you Americans ) and I REEEaaally miss having my gas today. Plumber guy coming this morning to tell me how much it will be to fix everything. *dreads*

I hate when I can't remember my dreams.

So yeah. I need some hugses to keep me warm!!

Crazy life.. supposed to go out with supervisor and former coworker today, and don't want to. They're lovely girls, but all they know is I've broken up with G, and I don't feel like telling any more, tbh. How do I tell them I DON'T want to tell them without being rude?

My heart is brimming with emotion.

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JUgfjdsfgsdkfhg. - Mood:Good
Tuesday July 21 200912:03:27 PM |

And also, G's grandfather is dying. So he's sad. And there is nothing worse in all the world than knowing he's sad. I told him to count on me. As a friend, as I don't want to confuse him further.

I am so, so bad at letting go. I want to be one of those people who let go just like that. Alas.. I am melancholy. VERY. ffs.

I'd like some sex right now.

It's raining..that's nice. Rain .

How's your day?

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Money Money Money - Mood:Good
Saturday July 18 20091:21:39 PM |
Why is it all money?

I need money. Thinking of cutting off cable. Selling stuff on ebay maybe. Buying cheaper groceries. Ways to make some extra money?


Peg is broke and needs $!

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Suck. - Mood:Good
Friday July 17 20099:05:33 AM |
I ran into G on the bus yesterday. I wanted to die. II ended up crying in the middle of the effing bus with people staring. He was confused and sad, and that was the worst part. I went home and bawled and bawled. I'm thankful for the people that were there for me and made me feel better.. they know who they are.

8 days with no gas in the dead of winter, and I still won't be getting it back for a while. I need to hire an official plumber and completely remove heater, repair stove and water heater. It will take money, too..great. I just want a warm shower. That is all.

Annoying girl came back to work today. She is going to want to talk... I don't FEEL like it. I think she's getting fired today.. talk about awkward.

I wish everyone here would just f*ck off.

Must. Be. Strong. Think happy thoughts!

Cheer me up? Please?

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Exhaustion + Fire - Mood:Good
Sunday July 12 200910:16:37 PM |
I'm very tired... overwhelmed. I have my kitty in my arms. She's been all starved for attention today.

Took 9 mg melatonin so I should be out soon.. I hope. I need sleep tonight.

G misses me and I wish he didn't.. I wish he hated me so this could be easier on him. I miss him so much too. Everything in my apt is related to him somehow. But I know it's not right to cave.

There were 2 fires in my building in the last 3 days. One woman died.. and they cut off our gas because I guess there's a leak. So I don't know when gas will be back.

I need gas. It's winter. I'm cold. AGRHDSFYRRRFGFHFJDFD

I wanna spoon!

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On Wintriness & Love - Mood:Good
Wednesday July 08 200912:48:21 PM |
Yesterday I left work in a summery top. This morning it was 5C. I had the heat cranked and still cold. Brr.

I AM SO CRABBY ON NO SLEEP. Gahh. Everyone pisses me off. Almost 4 hours to go. Then no work. Will really make tomorrow count

My life is very odd currently. New experiences, happiness, sadness.. all at once.

How can you love somebody so much yet not be compatible?

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Mennnn! - Mood:Good
Tuesday July 07 200911:19:36 AM |
So I went out with a friend last night. He says that every time we walk around, guys check me out..subtly.

I swear I don't notice it. I notice it when I walk alone, but I thought when you were with a guy other guys weren't supposed to DO that. It's like..a silent understanding..type..thing. right? Or are you all really treacherous bastards like that?

So made my self esteem happy. And then I had to go buy something for work and the guy there was toootally flirting with me. And he's not my type. But really sweet. Hah!

And I'm trying to think happy thoughts.. and not bad ones. Happy happy.. yay.. and stuff. The end.


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Been a while! What`s New YT? - Mood:Good
Monday July 06 20091:26:11 PM |
I haven't made a journal in 17 days. That's very unlike me.

So G is now a lawyer. And we're taking a break. Yeah it sucks. He misses me. I miss him, but this is the right thing to do. I'm a mess. Don't ask kthxplz.

It's such a sh*tty, dark, rainy day here. I love the rain, but today is just bleh. Bad mood. Yes. Can't wait til workday is over.

Tell me ..things? What did you do this weekend? Show me your pics? Anythinggggggg Arghhhhhhh.

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Dog Awesomeness (w/ pic) - Mood:Good
Friday June 19 200911:17:08 AM |
Was just out running an errand for work and spotted a dogwalker on the corner. I walked up to him, and he had the most massive Presa Canario.

I'd never seen this breed in person, only in my books, but I was shocked. He looked so big and mean, but I could tell he was at rest, so I offered him the back of my hand to sniff, and then he let me pet him. SO gorgeous.

His neck was 12, 13 inches wide.

Wow. Sweet dog, too.

I wants.

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The Circle is Complete - Mood:Good
Saturday June 13 200911:27:10 AM |
I just gave puppy away to her new family.

I said I wouldn't cry, but guess what. Fail.

Last night, after bathing her, I let her on my bed for the first time ever. She was so happy! She let me spoon her, and we fell asleep.

I am so sad, but also happy that she's going to have a better life now, and happy for them - they're such a sweet couple.

After 3 whole months, just seeing her so healthy and happy and full of energy fills me with such joy and love, it makes ALL of this worth it.

I miss her already! I've always said a house is not a home without a dog. Maybe one day, I can have a doggy that I can keep. But so this was great. Such a crazy, challenging, loving experience.

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And Dulce Finds a Home - Mood:Good
Thursday June 04 20091:14:38 PM |
Work dinner was pretty cool. My friend Gus was there so I laughed like crazy. I ate the most scrumptious $50 filet mignon with mushroom/wine sauce, and our boss had already picked out an expensive wine for us. We finally went to bed around 2 am and I PASSED OUT (which never happens). I needed it.

I'm not sure if I told you, but I found a new family for puppy. Really nice girl, she's my cousin's coworker. Dulce still has a little skin issue on her neck that I'm taking care of at the moment, but after that clears up, they're picking her up.. probably next weekend.

It's such a happy/sad feeling for me. I am SO happy for them, because they can't wait to have her, and for Dulce, because she'll be so much happier where she can run around and stuff. But, boy, is it going to be hard. I've always felt like a house is not a home without a dog. So quiet, empty, and sad.


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On Uteruses Skipping a Beat - Mood:Good
Tuesday June 02 20098:35:50 PM |
Girls, can any of you explain how that feels to you?

I've been REALLY good with my baby fever lately, honestly haven't wanted it as much. But today I went to visit my aunt in the hospital and the room across from hers had this BIG bunch of flowers in front and a tiny little pink stuffed bunny hanging from the door. Awww.. a new mommy.

I got this weird feeling in my stomach, like butterflies, and all the crazy baby feelings came rushing back. Ugh..! Kill me now!

I'm still not completely over it.

Today, at work, a bunch of people told my boss that I was awesome and the sweetest person in the office. Then he told me. I was blushing so much I felt like my head was going to explode, but it put a BIG smile on my face. They are so sweet. Yay.

Talk about babies?

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So, Dulce is cured. - Mood:Good
Wednesday May 27 20092:45:25 PM |
She's okay. SHE MADE IT.

And thus comes the hard part - letting her go.

Why is today so horribly emotional? Stop it, stop. GAH:;..

My boss was really nice and took my blood pressure and they even went to get a thermometer because I looked like sh*t. That almost made me cry.

Then my friend told me how happy she was that puppy had made it and that made me want to bawl, tbh.

I finally sent the email... letting people know I need a new family for her. I am going to miss her SO much. My place is going to be so sad without her.

I want off work so I can cry my ass off. Yeah.. Okay? Thanks.

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Tears are words the heart can`t express - Mood:Good
Wednesday May 27 20098:38:14 AM |
What an emotional last few days.

Last night I was bawling like crazy (don't ask), and this morning I called my bro and he told me they're coming on Dec 26th which means we can spend New Years together, for the first time in 7 years, and I know it sounds stupid but I had tears streaming down my face hearing that, because family means so much to me, I'm so grateful...

I am a river of emotions right now. I want to cry.. Damn being at work..

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Feelin` Blue... - Mood:Good
Thursday May 21 20099:49:45 AM |
My shrink seems to think I'm attacking my relationship with my man because I brought the puppy home. I admit it's taking longer than I thought, but she's going to go, darnit.

He's so down right now. So worried about graduation (is everyone so scared sh*tless when about to graduate? Like, THAT bad? ) and his dad's surgery, and.. yeah.

He's not really into sex much lately. We do it, but he's somewhere else. I want to be there for him, and help, but when he gets like this he just..

Brought him breakfast in bed this morning to make him feel better. He's so tired all the time. Last night he kept tossing and turning, which is SO un-him. Kept me up all night, too. Sleepy.

How are you?

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Pics of prettiness - Mood:Good
Sunday May 17 20096:26:00 PM |
My sis went to Bariloche last week. I'm so jealous. I went in January, but it's prettier in May.. look..

I have a pretty sister

and a pretty bro and a beautiful niece


Post pictures from your weekend, go on!

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Pointless Morning Journal! - Mood:Good
Tuesday May 12 20099:45:11 AM |
Finally slightly cold-ish today. 50 F/10 C this morning.

For some reason, I turned on the fan last night in my sleep. Probably due to mosquitoes, but I don't remember doing it. Isn't that freaky? Maybe I still sleepwalk.

Some office drama this morning. So awkward/funny. I was caught in the middle of it, which kinda sucked, but I wasn't at fault so it was cool. There even was some door slamming! Ah, us hot-blooded Argies..

Gave puppy a bath last night. She kind of hates it, but was so happy being clean afterwards. Takin her to the vet tonight. Have I mentioned how much I love the fact that, thanks to puppy, I've gotten to know several people in the neighborhood? They're all so nice and keep asking about her. It's awesome.

I haven't had sex in two days but it feels like 2 weeks. I need. Only one day to go!

How's your morning? Any drama in your lives?

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Oh God I am so lame... - Mood:Good
Saturday May 09 200911:14:37 AM |
I'm literally bawling at this..

I know I'm pathetic, but oh my god!



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F*cking stop then. - Mood:Good
Saturday May 09 20099:36:04 AM |
G always gets sick when he has too many beers. Gets a bad headaches and throws up. Last time it happened, he said he would cut back.

Then again last night, he came home from being out with his school buddies, and he wasn't drunk, but I could smell it in his breath and figured he probably had too many. I told him he said he'd cut back, and he was all "Honey I'll be fine... " blah blah blah. 8-|

Then spent this morning throwing up and with a bad headache. Didn't want to be a bitch so I didn't get all "told you so" on him, but f*ck. I know he needs the outlet right now, but he needs to learn to control himself better. I'm going to have a talk with him later. He's with his dad now.

Some guy called and he's interested in the apartment, so I have to go show it to him.

Don't know the guy so am a bit paranoid. If I don't come back, YT, then I'm dead

Bad mood..

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Taxi Hotness? - Mood:Good
Friday May 08 20098:40:06 AM |
OMG new TV is so big and heavy. Can't lift it.

Thankfully my boss's boyfriend was nice enough to give me a ride home with it last night. It was so funny, my boss and I kept chatting and gossiping and he was laughing saying we were being girls.

Was running late this morning and took a cab. I always end up talking to the driver. He kept telling me I was really hot, and that if he were my boyfriend he'd not let me go anywhere alone. Haha! Kinda made me day. It was odd.

Weeeekeeeeeeeend!!!! Can't wait for sleep, sex, rest and fun! YAY! (even though we'll probably spend most of it at the hospital )

How's your Friday?

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Lawyerness <3 - Mood:Good
Thursday May 07 20098:42:30 AM |
My wonderful man passed his last final with an A! I'm ecstatic!

Now he has to hand over his pro bono cases (in about a month) and then he's all done. But, no more classes!

I was sosososo happy. I was bouncing and laughing with joy and relief. SO proud of him. I couldn't have done it.

He was so nervous about the exam he forgot to bring over the camera But anyway, poor thing was beat so it wasn't the right time for camera fun. Still had our fun though.

SO sleepy.


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Joy! - Mood:Good
Wednesday May 06 200910:06:01 AM |
New Tv will be here today. NO idea how I'm going to manage to get it home. Oh, so excited! If doggy eats this one too I will kill myself!

My man is taking his last final exam Law School today. LAST. After 6 years. LAST. He still doesn't get his diploma until he's done with all his cases (in about a month) but, still. SO HAPPY. So proud of him..

He's bringing the camera tonight. Maybe we'll get up to something naughty.

My friend/coworker Gus makes me laugh when we're having a sh*tty day. Thank God for him.


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