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Female, 37 years old
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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I am RIGHT! - Mood:Good
Tuesday October 20 200911:37:07 AM |
We got lost in the woods on Sunday and I had a feeling that the car was to our right and back. I wanted to go that way but Dave was like no no , it's the other way and such.

When we finally hit a road, he wanted to go left.. I was like.. I'm positive the car is to our right!

Guess who was right?
Heheh. Now I make fun of him for it.

I met his friends on Saturday and they said they loved me and that they think I'm perfect for him. Awww! Made me smile.

I found someone on FB who knows abandoned houses in this area and gave me directions to them! YAY! I can't wait.

I should be cleaning.. I'll start in a bit. I slept like crap last night. How did you sleep? Do you ever feel like you need more air when you're trying to sleep?

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Foresty Pics! - Mood:Good
Monday October 19 200912:40:15 PM |
We took a walk in the woods and I took pictures!

a pretty gate

My bro is sending me his camera he doesn't use! So I will be able to take better pics, yay!


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Sign with meee! - Mood:Good
Friday October 16 200910:58:05 AM |

yes yes


I want to go camping!


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Dirty Hands - Mood:Good
Friday October 02 200910:00:48 AM |
We went to a fair yesterday and it was so fun! I'd never been to a fair before

We saw part of a demolition derby (which was really rednecky but funny), looked at oddly shaped veggies, and saw tons of really huge farm animals.. like.. cows and horses the size of small buildings.

A calf sucked on my hand! It was so cute! and there were puppies too..

We had funnel cake.. which I think looks like an alien. But tastes yummy.

I wish I could find the camera...grrr!

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Rain = Fail - Mood:Good
Wednesday September 30 20095:02:06 PM |
We really wanted to go camping this weekend, but it's going to rain apparently so we can't. I love the rain, but this was our last chance to camp this year! Grah! Oh well.

Got these drapes yesterday:

which I think are nice.

I made yummy broccoli-cheese-bacon quiche for tonight.

Does it always rain endlessly in Canada?

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My Work = <3 - Mood:Good
Tuesday September 15 20098:26:20 PM |
Me: Hey, I'm quitting
Them: Awww! We'll miss you! Here's a $500 jacket!
Me: !

Today was just filled with awesomeness like that. Sappy goodbye letters , people coming to meet me where I was outside of work (as a surprise!) just to hang out one last time.

I really just felt loved and appreciated today.

I won't cry I won't cry I won't cry ...

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Darkness - Mood:Good
Saturday September 12 20097:10:36 PM |
Woke up around 9 this morning and 10 minutes later, blackout!

I thought I'd go get my colors done, but the hair salon didn't have power either. 8-| So no luck.

So I went and got some stuff I needed - some socks, new panties, a sweater and a makeup bag thingie. I need a new skirt and jeans too, but I didn't find anything. My ass is so big.

Power came back after 10 hours. Yay. I'm sooo bored without it. Didn't know what to do. How sad.


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I`m gonna get down with my baby.. - Mood:Good
Tuesday September 08 20099:45:41 PM |
I love this line from that song: "and now you know that you belong to yourself.. not to him, not to me"

I'm horny and emotional! PMS? Mayhaps Being a girl sucks sometimes. Like, when you bleed once a month, or when men act like ass holes. When you meet a lovely, amazing one, on the other hand... *sigh*

My flowers from Secretary Day are wilting Boo.


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Haahaha! - Mood:Good
Thursday September 03 20099:51:52 PM |
My cat is combing my hair:

She just came up behind me, dug her claws into my scalp, and .. combed. Sooo random.

Hm.. My sis just called and we talked for a bit. She is bringing me grass-scented candles. Huh!

I need some lovin'!

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Why....! - Mood:Good
Thursday September 03 20093:56:12 PM |
Is YT so dead? 57 members on at what.. 4 pm!? GAH!

So.. today is a big, important day. Nervous and such. No, don't ask me why! *lash*

It seems that pretty soon I'm going to have some time to myself. And I'm going to need to find things to do. And.. I thought I would learn how to bake cinnamon rolls.

Have you ever done that? Do you have a nice easy recipe? frosting or no frosting?



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Lluvia ... - Mood:Good
Monday August 31 20096:57:29 AM |
Waiting for Santa Rosa storm.. it was supposed to come yesterday. I bet it'll come today as soon as I step outside.

So, I'm *nervous*. I slept like crap. I don't want to deal with work.

I bought what I thought was strawberry jelly.. but it was jam...and had bits... *shudder*!

That's a pointless journal, eh?


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Do you ever feel like.. - Mood:Good
Sunday August 30 20093:10:32 PM |
when a lot of GOOD things happen to you, then you dread something BAD happening to balance it out?

Did you ever get something you've dreamt of your WHOLE life, and feel undeserving? Feel like it was too good to be true? Like "There is NO way this can happen to ME"

Discuss with me, please.

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I feel violated! - Mood:Good
Thursday August 27 20091:29:38 PM |
I had my first er, transvaginal ultrasound today. It's like a wand thing. And the tech put a condom on it! I thought that was sort of funny.

Anyway, they didn't find anything odd in there. So yeah... I don't know what this pain is.
Picking up results on Tuesday though. Also have gyno that day (to show him the results) and dentist. Eep!

My back hurts. I don't know if it's related to this pain I have, or just my sh*tty computer chair..whatevers.

I'm annoyed at work and want to go home.

But I have watermelon scented tissues! Anybody want one?

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*seething* - Mood:Good
Wednesday August 26 20097:06:40 PM |
Came home and jumped in the shower... I'm in there, latherin' away, when suddenly.. hey, where'd the water go?!

So I try to get the friggin conditioner off my hair as best as I can with a towel, get dressed and go downstairs where I find another distraught neighbor asking wtf is going on. Yep, something broke.

29 days without hot water to shower, and now I have heat, sure, JUST NO F*CKING WATER!!!!!!!

Also, I was leaving work to go pick up my xrays today, and my boss was like..

where are those pen drives I asked you for?
me: I didn't get them. You told me not to, remember?
him: Ohh. Yeah, I need them now.
me: 8-|

Had to stay another 30 min and xray place was closed by the time I left.


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Today, I hate... - Mood:Good
Wednesday August 26 200910:56:55 AM |
Lazy jackasses who are sh*tty just for the sake of being sh*tty. FEEL THE LOVE!

So yeah. Deep breaths. Happy thoughts.

Work is blah. I am so annoyed by everything. Sick of babysitting everyone.

It's going to be 82 F today. Lovely winter.

If you want to whine, or say something nice, or show me puppies..whatever, get in here.

Say hi to the Argie secretary behind the desk.

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They weren`t banging in my avy ffs! - Mood:Good
Tuesday August 25 200910:45:14 AM |
Yeah, that. Now I had to get a new one due to YT's lovely ineptitude.

Hm. These last couple of days I've been waking up about an hour before my alarm goes off. It's very odd for me. How annoying!

I hadn't had any breakfast this morning, so before work I bought myself an apple muffin. It was niiice. I needed something breakfasty. Then Gus came in and he wanted to have breakfast together, so we did and talked about random stuff. He knows everything that is going on so.. it's good to have someone to talk to.

And then I asked Nik for his awesome culinary advice on what ingredients to put in today's salad, and so yay. Now my salad shall be scrumptious!


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Nom Nom! - Mood:Good
Sunday August 23 20096:21:56 PM |
I'm making this:

Yumminess. I is hungry!

My sis wanted to meet up today but then her husband took a neverending nap and so we didn't.

What are you making for dinner? Or, breakfast if you're in Australia or something.

I'm bored and achy and arghghgh. I need sex. What's new with you?

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Joy! - Mood:Good
Thursday August 20 200910:46:43 AM |
I went to the dentist for the first time in 5 years yesterday. (yes I have a phobia of dentists )


Yay. I have to have xrays today just to be sure everything's okay, but he said I'm fine. How awesome if that? I was so certain I would have like, dozens. My teeths rock, I tell you!

I'm hungry! Are you?

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Are Bananas Sweet? - Mood:Good
Wednesday August 19 200911:36:15 PM |
Seriously. I'm having a very important discussion on this.

Please opine.

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gsdgsdfhadghsdfg - Mood:Good
Tuesday August 18 20098:58:56 AM |
Hrm. Sleepy and cold. Too nervous to sleep. Slept for 3 hours, (after taking 9 friggin mg of Melatonin, which usually knocks me right out) woke up, and my brain wouldn't STOP. I wanted to stop thinking and sleep, as I could feel my body being tired, but no chance. Meh..

My whole stomach/torso hurts today. I don't know what it is.

Yeah I'm whiny...

JGfjsghfjgsdhf. Just a crappy morning.
Why is nobody on? WAKE UP!!!

Ugh. Somebody say SOMETHING.

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This has GOT to be the cutest photo ever. - Mood:Spent
Thursday August 13 20098:26:03 AM |

Awww! *melts*

I had crappy dreams and couldn't get out of bed this morning. Then I was falling asleep on the bus on my way to work. I know the day's going to suck when I'm already sleepy at 8 am. Ugh.

I need good luck. Wish me it?

How are you this morning?

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Morning Wood - Mood:Horny
Wednesday August 12 200910:18:28 AM |
Okay, so barely morning anymore. It's 11 am. But, I'm horny as hell. YEAH. So what? 31 days without sex. Dayum! *screams*

In other news... uhm. My boss cried because she couldn't find her mate


True story.

I like my new avy. He looks strong and accepting. That's what I want to be like.


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Scary Dreams! - Mood:Good
Monday August 10 20096:44:45 AM |
Please don't laugh at me! It wasn't genuinely scary, I suppose..

I dreamt I was in some apartment building with my cat. We were going down the stairs, as if to get to the main floor. It was dark out, so I could barely see the steps. At one point I (barely) made out a dog lying there on the landing, so, not knowing whether it might be aggressive or not, I stopped Chiara from going any further for fear that he might harm her.

I went ahead to check him out, and quickly realized the dog was harmless. Somebody came in (I think it was more of a voiceover type thing actually) to say that the doggy never accepted any food anybody gave him, but he was always there..always.

So I thought to myself, it's a ghost dog!

I allowed Chiara to come down, and for some reason, I went and lay down on the floor next to doggy.

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On being a Loner - Mood:Good
Saturday August 08 20094:27:52 PM |
Are you one?

I sure as hell am. I'm sad to realize how alone I am, really. I can't complain about people not liking me - they always do call and invite me places.. I'm the one who doesn't let them in. When I'm sad, I need to be by myself.

I needed cheering up, so I went to get groceries so I could cook yummy things, now that I can. I bought

(which I ), natural, no-crap-added cranberry juice, Pasta Nussa (it's the German version of Nutella), turkey burgers (so hard to find), veggies, apples (I had SUCH a bad craving), and chicken sausages (they just came out here not too long ago.. I was curious!)

So now I can make my lovely brown rice with broccoli, garlic, cherry tomatoes and stuffs. Mmmhmm.


I dunno, tell me anything.

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The Good and the Bad - Mood:Good
Thursday August 06 20098:22:59 PM |
Good: After 29 days, I finally have my gas back. I was so overjoyed. First thing I did was jump in the shower! A hot shower. Mmm. Then, I turned on the HEAT. and I COOKED food. Mmm.

Bad: G came over while I was at work to take all his things. He left me my ring I had given him, and the keys to my place, neither of which I wanted back. I just..wanted him to keep them. I know, he's doing what he has to to move on. I want to soothe his pain so badly, but I know the best way to do it is to stay away.

He also left an odd note saying something along the lines of "We're going to be okay". (I took it to mean we'll be able to remain friends, later on)

It was too much, I ended up crying and feeling like sh*t.

But I'm trying to focus on the fact that I have gas again.

Somebody say something nice?

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