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Female, 37 years old
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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It`s Triplets! - Mood:Good
Friday December 11 20096:57:38 AM |

3 girls. Plus a teenager and a toddler. Holy crap, that fertility thing sure worked!

Yeah, I have insomnia. Damn you!


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What a Sweetie - Mood:Good
Thursday December 10 200911:49:37 PM |

I lurve him. He's such a dog! He wants to sleep on the bed with us and always wants a cuddle. In the morning he gets up on the bed and headbutts me so I will wake up and cuddle him.

Tonight he lay on my chest and kept pawing at my ears. It was the cutest thing!

My Sims may have twins. Yay!

Hrmm.. Pie.

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I just made this: - Mood:Good
Wednesday December 09 20092:49:44 PM |

Nommm! I really like it. It's light and fluffy and just peanut-buttery enough.

I was just watching the news from back home online.. there was this family (w/ 2 little girls) that had disappeared 25 days ago. They thought they had been abducted or fled the country or something but they just found them all dead on the side of the road today. Sadness. Now all the high-ranking police officers are getting fired because they were found in the most obvious of places and they hadn't looked hard enough. What a surprise!

I have chapstick mmmmm.

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Snow! - Mood:Good
Wednesday December 09 200911:53:35 AM |

my footprint on the balcony

finally some real snow

My nausea is gone so I'm feeling much happier. I just took a shower and am now waiting for my hair to dry so I can go get groceries (and chapstick).

Show me your snow!

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Vomit - Mood:Good
Wednesday December 09 20093:26:02 AM |
I hate, f*cking hate, not being able to sleep at night. I woke up an hour ago feeling like I'd been in bed forever - I was all excited thinking I'd slept through the night this time. I look at the clock and it's only 2 am. F*ck.

To make matters worse, I feel like I'm going to throw up.

I need to sleep, damnit!

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Camera Advice - Mood:Good
Tuesday December 08 200910:25:27 AM |
So I'm willing to forgo my lovely necklace for Christmas so that we can get a digicam. But we don't have a lot of money, and I don't know squat about cameras.

So, can anyone recommend one under $200 that would make okay videos as well? Don't really care/know about the specs. Just want a camera.


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Ewww - Mood:Good
Monday December 07 20093:32:21 PM |

My new weather boots. They look like giant MAN shoes. But I need them to walk the dogs at the clinic. My feet get SOAKED otherwise.

I wish they could make snow boots that look hot. Why not?!?

I just made tuna salad. MMmnom.


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Gross Growths - Mood:Good
Friday December 04 200910:18:11 AM |
Yesterday at the clinic they had a Fawn Brittany basset with a cyst the size of a baseball. Dr. removed the whole thing and then they were cutting it up to send it to the lab.. it was so gross, but cool. I sat with the doggie after surgery and he was doing great.

I felt good because just as I was leaving they told me what a big help I am and that I make a really big difference. I didn't think I did, so that made my day.

Last night I took 9, NINE, mg of melatonin and was still up all night. That's BS!


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Awkward Parties - Mood:Good
Monday November 30 20093:41:57 PM |
We went to Dave's work party on Friday. I REALLY didn't wanna, but he really wanted me to come, so I did the right thing and went. It was okay, 'cept for all the awkward silences. Gah!

I watched The Butterfly Effect, which I thought was pretty cool. Then I made D watch I Am Legend, which I like, but the doggie scene always leaves me terribly upset. Ugh.

I'm going to make a peanut butter cup pie soon. We'll see how that turns out!

I want this (may get it for christmas!)

Stuff and things.

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Funny Pants (kitty pic) - Mood:Good
Wednesday November 25 200910:27:38 AM |
Yesterday morning it was all foggy and gloomy out.. Dave got up in his morning zombie state and put pants on.. he was like.. there's something wrong with these pants.. they're too big. They were my pants. Hilarity.

I want to get him something like this

What do you think?

He wants to get me jewellery for Christmas. I'm excited.

This is the kitty at the clinic that needs a home badly. Her name is Lucy, she is 8 and was abandoned. Do you know anybody that might want her? I don't want the clinic to kick her back out.

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Pictures and things - Mood:Good
Monday November 23 20095:09:04 PM |
Finally went to Medieval Times! It was a blast. I want to go back!

Here's some crappy pics of that, plus the waterfront and stuffs.

torture stuffs!

Our knight gave me the queen of love and beauty thing. aww!

Loved the horses, the falconry and the music.


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Breathing troubles? - Mood:Good
Friday November 20 20095:03:15 PM |
This has happened to me for years.. I can't sleep at night unless the window is open.

It's not an asthma, sleep apnea or anxiety issue. My lungs are fine, but my body feels like I'm not getting enough oxygen (not air, *oxygen*) when I breathe in. The only way for me to be able to sleep is with the window open. Which sucks because D gets cold!

Sometimes I wonder if it's to do with my poor circulation. I don't know what to do. I've been close to going to sleep on the couch on certain nights because of this.

Meh! Does this happen to anyone else? (probably not, at least google doesn't think so..)

Hi hi.

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Wet and Soreness - Mood:Good
Thursday November 19 20095:47:32 PM |
Today was my first official day volunteering at the vet clinic. It was good! I'm overwhelemed though - there is SO much to do. And I still can't remember everyone's names, or where things are, so I feel kind of silly but I'm glad to help.

I walked their dogs (a black lab and a dobermann) two times each. It's such a crappy day for that. My feet were soaked and frozen when I got home. (bad shoes)

I did laundry, swept, scrubbed surgery stuff, helped carry an unconscious husky into surgery, hung out with a nervous poodle etc etc.

I know I'm going to learn lots because I get to watch everything they do and they let me help out. Like I helped out holding down the husky today and securing the oxygen tube in.

I'm in love with Colt (the black lab). He's so smart and fun.


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Birthdayness (+ pics) - Mood:Good
Tuesday November 17 200910:46:49 PM |
We now have The Sims 3. Yay! It's so fun!

So D got some birthday cupcakes from me

as well as a (improvised ) candle-lit dinner

and the game, duh. And medieval times! oh and me in sexy undies.

I love when kitty sleeps like this


How is you?

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I Ken Lee without you - Mood:Good
Monday November 16 200911:44:24 AM |
We had company on Saturday and I played Taboo. What a fun game! (albeit very hard for a non-native English speaker) Yeah.. I'm boring and like board games!

We went to D's parents' for dinner yesterday. It was nice! His sister is so nice - it was nice to interact with a girl my age and such. I miss friends!

Birthday tomorrow! Medieval Times soon! Yayness! (where can I find wrapping paper that's not walmart? Helo!)

Funniest public embarrassment..

I'm a ghost!

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Laughter - Mood:Good
Thursday November 12 200911:48:31 AM |
I laughed so hard at this.

Pure talent!

D had a really crappy day yesterday but I think I made him feel better and that makes me happy.

Soft wax sucks.

Watch the video and laugh!!

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Is biking good cardio? - Mood:Good
Wednesday November 11 200912:13:17 PM |
I guess it depends on HOW you ride, eh?

I took Dave's bike today (how did I not think of this earlier?!) and rode for about an hour. It doesn't sound like much, but man it's pretty slopey around here. I had fun! I love to ride. I hadn't ridden a bike in 10 years though so my ass hurts now. Haha.

Maybe I can do this several times a week.. yeah right... until it gets too cold and my ears fall off.

I got the waxing strips I needed this time. Waxing is so weird here. Soft wax? wtf? Give me good ole hard wax, damnit! Oh well.


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It`s SO HOT! - Mood:Good
Monday November 09 20095:11:38 PM |
I thought Canada was supposed to be cold, biatches. 19 C in November? Whats?

I just walked for like 2 hours and got Dave's b-day present. I can't say what it is in case he happens to see this.

We went to Aren't We Naughty on Friday night and got me a sex toy for when he's not here. Hah! I'm happy.

The girl across the hall from us is really nice and asked me if I wanted to have coffee some time. Yay I have a new friend!

I must clean! ARGHH!! Helo!

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Do you long for your parents` approval? - Mood:Good
Tuesday November 03 20098:48:16 AM |
We put up some paintings and mirrors and things on Sunday and I sent pictures of it to my mom.

She replied saying it looked lovely and it made me feel all good and stuff. Sad, eh? my mom.

In other news, I've broken D and he is now finally willing to watch Lost with me! BWahaah!

I'm thinking of making meatballs tonight.. maybe?

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Bloody Hangnail - Mood:Good
Monday November 02 20097:32:06 PM |
It's bloody. It hurts!

We hung out with another couple-friend of Dave's on Saturday. I handed out candy. It was my first Halloweeny experience! I had fun.

I might be volunteering at a veterinary clinic soon. Wish me lucks!

We're going here soon: Medieval Times

You have to eat the chicken with your haaandsss!!

I be excited.

How's your brain today?

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Wow - Mood:Good
Friday October 30 20092:17:20 PM |
Has anyone seen Grizzly Man? The documentary about the guy who got eaten by bears?

Wowww he's so crazy. And gay. And disturbing. And fun to make fun of!

So yeah. I have to do laundry. But it's Friday! YAY. Hi

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Hoping for a Nephew.. - Mood:Good
Thursday October 29 20093:53:24 PM |
*crosses fingers*

I talked to my sister today and they're trying again. She's close to 36, so I'm reeeeeeally hoping it happens this time. I don't know why, I've always felt like she would have a boy.

I'm making this at the moment:

And then I'm going to take a shower.

How are you today? Any nausea?

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Bakinggggg - Mood:Good
Wednesday October 28 20094:11:42 PM |
delicious dough!

yummies in the oven

giant cookie

And now I have cocoa powder on my stomach. lol.


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Mmh.. more pretty Fall pictures! - Mood:Good
Tuesday October 27 20093:21:23 PM |

pretty steps!

We had some fun in those woods! >

Then I went and met his family. It was very random! They were very nice and their doggie was and his sister invited us to the movies. Awh!

Also, drugs are bad, mkay?

I'm making the chocolate cherry cookies tomorrow! I need good baking vibes!


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Rain in my heart - Mood:Good
Wednesday October 21 20095:52:27 PM |

I went for a walk in the park today and as soon as I stepped out, it started to rain I saw two squirrels chasing each other which made me smile. So cute.

I'm making a sauteed broccoli pasta thingie for dinner. Nom nom.

Apparently we're going to someone's house for Halloween to hand out candy and do a horror movie marathon! Excitement!

G emailed me, I emailed him back and it made me sad. I hope he's doing better. I know he's looking to meet someone.. I hope it's someone good.

What's for dinner?

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