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Female, 37 years old
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Accident-prone Day.. - Mood:Good
Thursday February 25 20106:36:46 PM |
I was walking one of the clinic dogs today (a massive Dobermann).. he's a sweet dog, but he's a little crazy and incredibly strong.

Anyway we were crossing the street and he went crazy (probably saw a squirrel - he HATES them) and started running behind the cars like a lunatic. He was like chasing the cars. All I could think was "do not let go of the not let go of the leash!". I knew if I did he'd get run over. So I didn't, but I went flying into the tarmac. Bah! My jeans ripped a little and were all covered in gross muddy water for the rest of the day.

Then I fell again on an ice patch.

But then I got to watch a lovely golden retriever coming out of surgery and we became friends.

Ah, if you like awesome music, listen to this:

Over and out!

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Library, sex shop, and fears - Mood:Good
Wednesday February 24 20103:12:17 PM |
I walked to the library today to return some dvds. I was hoping to get my own temporary card but they needed a thing with my address on it so I'll have to come back. Oh well.

I checked out a nearby sex shop and loved it. The girls were super nice and their corsets and things are OMG. so. gorgeous. I couldn't afford to get anything today but one of these days..

Then I ran into this guy on the elevator. He's clearly mentally retarded, and mentally unstable people make me nervous because.. well, they're just that, unstable. The guy is really big/tall and I was like, if this guy wanted to rape or kill me or something he so easily could! Eek! But anyway. Stupid thoughts.

The end.

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Mundane - Mood:Good
Monday February 22 201010:22:15 AM |
I love listening to Travis while I do laundry and other chores. It makes it more fun.

When I'm done with laundry I have to shower, then go get groceries. Gosh, It's my birthday in 10 days.

I never knew being away from home would mean having SO many emails to reply to. constantly. SO MANY. I can never catch up. Ever. ARrrrrr.

I took care of boarding cats/dogs again this weekend at the clinic. Some of the cats are so evil! I have to throw a towel over them to move them around and you'd think I was killing them they get so pissed off. Poor kitties.

The dog is a sweetie and we shared some cuddles.

Ah, I want a dog again!

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the most adorable purse ever - Mood:Good
Sunday February 21 20104:51:42 PM |

my sister sent it in a package for my birthday. I love it!

She also sent us these beautiful ceramic cups w/ cup holders, and they arrived in pieces. We were very sad.

Went to the library and checked out paranormal books and a few movies. I had fun. They had more books I've never seen in any library back at home. I was reeling from shock.

It was SO sunny today. Perfect!

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Rarghhhhhh let. me. sleep. - Mood:Good
Saturday February 20 20105:15:17 AM |
Stupid kids fighting outside our apartment at 3 am. it's now 5:15 and I still can't get back to sleep.

I hate, hate, hate that I have such a sensitive sleep cycle.

That is all.


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Holy f*ck - Mood:Good
Friday February 19 20109:05:39 AM |
I dreamt I did the naughty with a priest. In more ways than one.. And he was into it, too! It was fun. I don't remember too much other than the f*cking though.

I keep having all these weird sex dreams.

A crow woke me up this morning cawing outside our window. It was so weird. You never hear crows here. Kinda freaked me out.

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F*cked up! - Mood:Good
Tuesday February 16 201011:43:15 PM |
I'm listening to a recording by the leader of the Peoples Temple, basically telling 900 people to give cyanide to their kids and then drink it themselves. And they did!

Is it terrible that I was thinking .. Darwin Awards!

Except for those poor kiddies.

The recording is quite disturbing - at one point you hear babies crying and one woman says (re: kids drinking cyanide) "they're not crying because of the pain, it's just the bitter taste"


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I love... - Mood:Good
Monday February 15 201010:01:42 PM |
My new PJs. They're pink and girlie and awesome.

I love being able to work with/around animals.

I love being in an honest, no bullsh*t relationship with a guy so loving and awesome it blows my mind.

I love kickass, creepy extinct animals (ie my avy)

What do you love?

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My first drama at work! - Mood:Good
Wednesday February 10 201012:22:08 AM |
One of the doctors was pissed off @ a tech's dog being loose in the basement. Asked me to lock it up so she could work in peace. I let the tech know, and she got all pissed at doctor, then I was caught in the middle of it. I felt really bad about the whole thing but tech girl was super nice about it and hugged me and yay, happy endings. I'm getting to know more people there and it's nice.

In other news, I saw ear mites moving around through the microscope. Very cool! And a cat being declawed which pissed me right off!

ML picked me up unexpectedly which was yayish too. Not too cold today though, thank god.

Tell me things..

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TGIF! (w/ cute puppy pic) - Mood:Good
Saturday February 06 201012:01:13 AM |
I'm feelin' groovy.

We're having Tim Hortons for breakfast tomorrow (I've been craving it for forever!) and then going to a winter carnival on Sunday. It's going to feel like -20 C so I will cry But yay! Viking reenactment!

I have to get up at 6:30 on Sunday to walk doggies! But I'm really happy that they trusted me with a key to the clinic and stuffs. They showed me how to use their software today and said they want me to start doing new stuff, which makes me happy.

I got flowers yesterday. Loveliness! I have such an awesome guy. He's asleep now, I think I wore him out tonight.

This puppy came to the clinic today. I almost died of love.

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More VOlunteering for me! - Mood:Good
Thursday February 04 20109:06:59 PM |
I was asked by the owners of the vet clinic if I wanted to volunteer more days and I said yes. I'll be working Tue, Thurs and Fri and going over on the weekends to take care of the boarders.

I love the people there.

Today I got to give a doggie a shot and watch a tapeworm wiggling its way around. It was interesting.

Toy poodles are hyperrrrr!!

the end.

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This is so funny how I can;t really type - Mood:Good
Monday January 18 201011:56:46 PM |
I'm on drigs and Im having a heck of a time trying to type and its amusic. I can;t seem to get the right letters. this sleeping pill is SO powerfil.almost feels like I'm tripping on something so I thought it would be funt o dociument it for my fuurther smusement and possibe even yours?

and I had to fiiix so many typos in there.. that wasvery funny.. oh my gosh.

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Movies and Books and and and - Mood:Good
Monday January 18 20109:53:38 AM |
We went to see Youth in Revolt yesterday. Michael Cera! I laughed a lot. It was very nice.

Then we walked across to the bookstore and I got Stiff by Mary Roach which I had wanted for years and years! I've already read almost half of it. I'm addicted. I want Spook and Bonk by her too. She's so funny.

I'm doing laundry.. and it's too hot in this apartment. Hi.

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I was walkin` around in the sun.. (pics) - Mood:Good
Saturday January 16 20107:11:47 PM |
We took an exploratory walk today. Regressed to childhood and swung on the swings and slid on the slides.. and then we had ice cream. Wee!

D said those were edible.. mmm I'll pass

A dead man in the snow!

I like this one..icy

ride that... weird..frog..thing!

more in next post

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Hilarity.. - Mood:Good
Friday January 15 20101:35:41 PM |
I love the "customers who bought this item also bought" ...

Bwahahaha. What a shock!

I was about to go grocery shopping, then realized we need way more stuff than I thought and I wasn't going to be able to carry everything back, so we'll go tomorrow with zee car.

I want caffeine pills!

The Dr/owner of the vet clinic I volunteer at is really nice and told me if I ever need a character reference for anything that he'd be happy to write me one. This made me happy!


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ICE CREAM. - Mood:Good
Wednesday January 13 20108:44:51 PM |
Want some. NOW.

But I'm not suppooosed to. I want to eat healthy! Darnit! It's just there are all these different flavors and toppings here that are new and exciting to me. It's hard not to want them. D said we can go to Dairy Queen on the weekend. Who can say no to that?!

My boobies feel so soft and smooth. I'm thoroughly enjoying having boobs right now.

I want to make my mom's lentil stew, but where can I find red chorizo here? Huh? Huh?

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Mystery Pain.. - Mood:Good
Wednesday January 13 201011:36:44 AM |
My whole upper body hurts like a b*tch. You know like when you work out and forget to stretch. Except I didn't work out yesterday. I can't figure it out!

I really really really really want to read Stiff by Mary Roach! Fascinating! But I suppose I should first finish Unearthing Ancient America which I borrowed from our friends. It's SO hard for me to find a book I like that, when I do, I go nuts for it.

I made a cute video of doggy and I playing frisbee in the snow, but I don't know how to upload it to youtube. Bahh. We had fun though.

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Makes me smile - Mood:Good
Tuesday January 12 201011:01:50 AM |
No matter how sh*tty a day you may be having, this song is guaranteed to make you smile


It's coldish but sunny, happily. How are you?

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I`ve got the Blueees.. - Mood:Good
Thursday January 07 201011:34:09 PM |
I don't know why..just so much on my mind. I want to be like the wild horse in my avy, strong, running free..

Two of my friends went to Europe and posted their pics of FB. They seemed to have such an awesome time. I hope they banged loads of yummy European guys!

Hi! Cheer me up?

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I suuuuuck. - Mood:Good
Friday January 01 20103:26:28 PM |
My family called last night to say Happy new year. After I hung up with my sister I realized I forgot to say happy birthday. I've never EVER forgotten anyone's birthday. I wanted to die. I've just had so much on my mind lately. Grah.

BAD sister.

It's snowing upwards, I tell you!

So what else is new?

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Snowy goodness - Mood:Good
Tuesday December 29 200910:09:50 PM |

We went up to Dave's grandparents' house for Christmas. It was so snowwwyy, but mild. Just right!

D got me a necklace I LOVE , and his mom and sister got me presents too and I felt terrible because we couldn't exactly afford to get each of them something! Arghh! They're so nice.

We're off work/volunteering this week so being lazy, yay.

oh, and this is freaky.

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Have you changed since you were a teen? - Mood:Good
Wednesday December 23 200912:35:54 PM |

Someone on FB posted a picture of me and my friends when we were 17. It's so funny to look at it now. We were so liddle. It makes me miss those times.. everything was fun and jokes and messing around.

End nostalgic post.

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So hilarious - Mood:Good
Monday December 21 20093:21:10 PM |
I've been reading this and laughing my ass off.. seriously, it must hurt to be this dumb.

In other news, I'm trying to make peanut butter balls for Christmas. Stupid peanut butter is too soft though and doesn't like being in ball form. Annoyed.


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Bear in the Park - Mood:Good
Thursday December 17 20097:04:19 AM |
So I found black bear tracks in the middle of the park while I was walking the dogs for the clinic the other day. I wish I could get pictures off this damn, phone, but it looked exactly like this (which comes up if you google black bear tracks)

There is this garbage disposal thing right in the same area, and on the day I found the track it was knocked down.

I didn't even think it was possible as it is a busy area, but we googled it and apparently wild bears have been found in this and surrounding areas before.

I'm scared to go to the park now.

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Fireness! - Mood:Good
Wednesday December 16 200910:35:00 AM |
This morning I was asleep and the fire alarm went off. It was so loud I couldn't think I put on whatever I could find and bolted downstairs. I found out the fire was on our floor! They sent like 4 firetrucks. It felt like an eternity before they turned that thing off! GODDD!

I never found out what it was. Why don't they tell people what happened? I was so curious. I certainly didn't smell or see any smoke on my floor.

PS Firefighters are hoooooot. And they have cool looking giant axes. No wonder kids want to be that when they grow up.

PS 2 I'm in a sh*tty mood. kthanks.

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