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Female, 38 years old
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Interests: Photography / Traveling / Learning / Dogs / Singing
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Birthday:3/4/1984 (38 Years Old)
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Fav. Movie: Tideland
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Fav. Song: Sigur Ros - Hoppipolla
Fav. Food: Italian
Fav. Car: I don`t care
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Why I love you.... Groupon. - Mood:Good
Sunday May 25 201412:28:56 PM |
$49 down from $300. Ahh!!

Doing boring housework and getting ready to catch up with a friend, go see Neighbors and shop for cheap books at the Chapters that is closing right by the theatre. What books should I buy?

In other news...nothing.


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Graveyard shift? - Mood:Exhausted
Friday April 11 20147:59:36 AM |
Anybody here work overnight? My work switched me to overnight about a month ago and it's killing me... I just can't seem to sleep during the day most days. Ugh. Do you have trouble sleeping during the day?

I'm watching the Oscar Pistorius trial. I can't decide if I think he meant to kill her or not and it's driving me crazy. Ahhh.

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Apples and PB for dinner - Mood:Good
Monday May 06 20138:38:03 PM |
..the poor man's caviar. (?)

Lumineers show was freaking amazing on Friday. Made me happy.

Then the dude and I decided to be awesome and buy silly hats and water guns from the dollar store. Because it's warm out (finally) and we are super mature! I have pics, but YT doesn't want to let me upload. Even though they are jpgs. Eff you YT.

Soooo yeah. The end!

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Lumineers! - Mood:Good
Thursday May 02 20134:44:39 PM |
Going to see them live tomorrow night....excited.

Hanging out with the FWB tonight. Also excited.

It's gorgeous out. Yay. That is all.

Happy Thursday-ing!

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Meet the Ratties - Mood:Good
Tuesday April 16 20137:08:03 PM |
They're 7 weeks old and need names! (Cool names.. not cutesy ones)

They are awesome.

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Rats vs Mice - Mood:Good
Saturday April 13 20135:35:31 PM |
Sooo my place won't allow cats or dogs, which is in itself retarded. So I've been thinking about getting either a pair of rats or mice. I've had hamsters and guinea pigs, but never rats or mice.

I prefer rats, but am concerned about the bigger cage/bigger need for exercise. Any thoughts, ideas? Have or do you own any rodents?

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Time flies when you`re havin` fun - Mood:Surprised
Tuesday April 09 20138:02:20 PM |
It felt like I was just on here recently, but my last journal is like a year old! Crazy.

Somebody on FB just posted a link to here..and I was like...WHY NOT.

YT is like that one ex you always end up back in bed with.


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Holy crap, it`s been forever - Mood:Bored
Wednesday April 18 20128:30:46 PM |
I came back to lurk when prompted by another former YTer - can't believe how long it's been, how many old (and new) faces I'm seeing! (I was creeping the picture thread)

Hi there! So what have I missed?

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Dear Canada: I LOVE YOU! - Mood:Good
Tuesday April 27 20103:21:51 PM |
My extension was approveeeeeed! I can stay here all summer! I really didn't have much hope for this, I can't believe they approved me! I am SO happy, today is a great day. !

Also a bit sad I don't get to see family and friends for a while longer, but I know I will see them soon anyway.

I opened the envelope like 10 min ago and my hands are still shaking. Ahhh.. Tears of joy! This is GREAT!!!!!

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A day full of pee - Mood:Good
Thursday April 15 20108:08:56 PM |
Clinic was craazy today. An albino rat crawled up on my neck and peed on it. Then a golden retriever peed on my foot while I was restraining it. Poor baby! All in all, a busy but great day.

I'm probably going shopping with one of the girls from there some time soon. Yay excited.


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A hybrid is I !! <3 - Mood:Good
Wednesday April 14 20104:09:06 PM |
I got a package with the coolest t-shirt in the mail today.


I'm taking ML out to dinner tonight. Yeay.

In other news, we found a burnt down abandoned house in the woods, and there was the most beautiful pond with green water.. the pictures realy don't do it justice!

a cool abandoned shed:


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Do you feel things? - Mood:Good
Thursday March 25 20108:55:49 PM |
As soon as I walked into the clinic today I was overwhelmed with this heavy, sad feeling and thought "somebody is putting their dog to sleep".

I looked at the board and, indeed.. three euthanasias! Damn. Crappy day, it affects everyone. I think it would be the hardest part of being a vet. I randomly almost burst into tears thinking about it while doing other stuff.

So do you ever feel things like that?

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How I love the bluesy stuff <3 - Mood:Good
Tuesday March 23 201010:36:58 PM |
I love when a girl can sing!

Hm. Lost/Idol night. We built a fort (yes ) and watched tv in it. A good Lost episode for a change..finally! I was surprised that Nestor Carbonell can actually speak Spanish.

I'm feelin' the love at the clinic. Everyone tells me I help them out a lot and that they appreciate me. It means so much! I like feeling useful!

In other news.. yeah, I love Crystal Bowersox! I want her to win so I can buy her CD!


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My new addiction: - Mood:Good
Monday March 15 20105:21:06 PM |

I'm trying to get rid of leftovers and make a salad with everything I can find in the fridge.

I miss my baby.

The end

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I has a hybrid bike! - Mood:Good
Saturday March 13 20104:58:12 PM |

Yeah, yeah it's cheap.. I don't care, I'm so happy! Can't wait to ride it. I have the coolest boyfriend ever.

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Creepy! - Mood:Good
Friday March 12 20107:21:04 PM |
So apparently zopiclone made me high last night. It usually doesn't - I don't get it.

Apparently last night I was talking about "seeing colors", a one-eyed fox that was staring at me, and then I fell asleep and woke up saying I had bugs in my eyes and couldn't move

And I don't remember ANY of it!


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People don`t like you? REALLY?! - Mood:Good
Thursday March 11 20106:35:01 PM |
There's this new girl at the clinic.. from the second I met her I knew she would be trouble.

- she was ordering people around on her first day. like dude it's your first day. stfu and work.
- she almost hit one of the other techs in the eye with a folder thing (guess she was trying to be funny, but could have blinded her)
- pushed me forcibly out of the way because she wanted to be the first to pet a puppy
- NEVER says please, or thank you.. it's always "do this" "do that", even to the clinic OWNERS.
- when you're talking to someone she stands in the way to block you from being able to talk to the other person

So today she comes crying to me "I think (clinic owner) hates me!"

No sh*t, bitch! Maybe work on your attitude and earn some respect around here! FFS.. I hate aggressive, bitchy people.. can't work with 'em.

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I want a bike... - Mood:Good
Wednesday March 10 20107:39:48 PM |
Do you have/ride a bike?

Tell me which bike I should get. But it has to be cheap! I know, I know, for $200 I will get a crappy bike, I'm aware of this. That's okay!


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I`m so annoying... - Mood:Good
Saturday March 06 20108:37:07 PM |
I've been sitting here listening to latin music, then Italian opera, singing along the whole time.. I feel bad for the bf. Sorry darlin'!

I know he's not one of the "big" tenors, but I love him and love this version of it..


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Some pics of cute stuff.. - Mood:Good
Saturday March 06 20105:45:40 PM |
ONE of my birthday cakes!

kitty trying to take possession of my socks

my birthday ring!

bday puppies from my friend @ the clinic! love! she also got me an awesome poppy seed cake that I don't have a pic of!

happy bucket

kitty grass

birthday stuff from sis

Going to see Alice in Wonderland at the IMAX tonight, YAY!


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Happy Days - Mood:Good
Friday March 05 201010:36:14 AM |
Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. 'Twas sweet of you

Yesterday was great! A girl at the clinic got me a poppy seed cake and a book of doggie photos. I loved it!

Then I came home and got a yummy dinner, a treasure hunt (!!!) and a lovelyyy ring that goes with the necklace he got me for xmas! It's perfect!!
(I am such a girl and love jewellery..)

Oh and white chocolate mousse cake. OMG. So good. We also watched The Lion King which I'd been wanting to re-watch for a while. Awww! I have the coolest boyfriend.

I just found out one of my ex coworkers is pregnant! I'm so happy for her. New life is happy!

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YT hates me - Mood:Good
Thursday March 04 20107:47:53 AM |
I don't see my birthday on the list today...thanks YT, I love you too.

In other news, I found a cool new band: Jonsi & Alex. Very Sigur Ros-like. Yay!

I made spaghetti carbonara and it was very bacony. I liked it.

Had lots of love and cuddles last night. It was . I always get sad on my birthday. STUPID DAYYyy


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Things I hate: - Mood:Good
Wednesday March 03 201011:09:40 AM |
Re-usable vacuum bags.

Really annoying to empty out, especially when you're a 10/10 on the dust mite allergy scale.


That'll be all.

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Hmm.. - Mood:Good
Monday March 01 201012:09:02 AM |
I have no avy! So the *word* rape is not allowed? Please enlighten me.

I really don't appreciate my avy being deleted and not even a PM to explain why. kthx.

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Grah annoyed.. - Mood:Good
Sunday February 28 20102:10:37 PM |
I got a text (this morning) from volunteering peoples inviting me out for drinks (last night). I really like everyone there and it would have been a good way to do something non work-related with them... oh well. It sucks trying to make friends in a new place when everyone already has life, friends, partners, kids and things to do and you don't!


Lazy Sundays are nice. I'm such a horndog when I'm on my period. It doesn't make biological senseeeee!

ML is playing a game with very fake English accent voice actors and it's really funny.

Love this little guy:

I see pics on FB of people I have't seen in years and they look older (duh) and it makes me feel..nostalgic.

Life's too short...

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