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Female, 31 years old
Chico, California, Western US

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Interests: Music / Philosophy / Photography / Poetry / Religion
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Birthday:1/31/1990 (31 Years Old)
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Fav. Movie: Wristcutters, Pulp Fiction...
Fav. TV Show: Whitest Kids U` Know
Fav. Book: The Stranger, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
Fav. Song: I prefer albums.
Fav. Food: Yogurt :)
Fav. Car: I prefer a bicycle.
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I get to go in a sweaty mosh pit with 7 other hormonal 18 year olds. - Mood:Ecstatic
Thursday October 07 20048:57:22 PM |
I get to go see my favourite local band in conert this weekend! Go Floater!

Sheesh, my week has been.. Not to fun. I got in a fight with my best friend over. Our political views. And she wasn't talking to me for 3 days... That's so lame in my view. Well, now she is talking to me, but still ignoring me, you know? I've become a social outcast in my group... I've found that i'm a lot different from my friends.

I guess it's alright, we are all different. My views set me aside, and that's perfectly alright.

Well, how is everyone?

Tomorrow is Friday, doing anything special this weekend?

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I just wanna curl up in a ball and wither away.... - Mood:Depressed
Sunday September 19 200412:47:49 AM |
Why must we fight? Can't there be peace?CCan I not be at peace with myself?

I have been fighting everyone around me,as well as myself.

On a road of self-destruction and i'm afraid I can't turn back.

Family issues,friends,boys,life....

Why does one thing bring me down so much? And then is added onto rappidly?

I need to re-think everything.Who I am,what I've done...

I think to fast,and answer to quickly.That leads me into situations which I can not repair.

Well,enough with this...I feel sick,and weary.

I'm oh so tired...

How is everyone? Having a fun weekend I hope.

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Twinkies!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Mood:Mischievous
Tuesday September 14 20046:51:57 PM |
My mom bought twinkies!!! I haven't had a twinkie for 5 years!! It's the little things that make me so happy.Although I like Outmeal pies better..But still!!

So how is everyone?
Whats your favourite candy?
Whats your favourite snack thingy,like twinkies and stuff?

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I can`t believe someone acctually came to my house and gave me a bible!! - Mood:Bad
Tuesday September 14 20042:57:50 PM |
That kinda stuff really pisses me off.I guess it's ok if you're Christian,I myself am not however.In fact i'm athiest.I just don't want someone to come to my door and force their religion on me like that.I hate when religions do that.Are they really that desperate to get followers? I think they are planning to take over the world.I say we should just give the Christians their own island.And also happen to put all the drunk drivers on that island with them.
A good thing about this however is that I had a big Bad Religion patch on my sweater.It's the cross exed out.I saw her face when she looked at it,it was priceless!
If you take offense to this because you are Christain,i'm not going to appologize for my thoughts on this.

The Jahovas(sp??) Wittness' have been coming to our house also.9 a.m on saturday morning and i'm home a lone.I don't want to hear about something I dissagree completely with.

And today I came home from school early,I just couldn't handle it..

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It seems I am no longer as easily amused as I once was....... - Mood:Spent
Sunday September 12 20041:44:19 AM |
Don't get me wrong,I love YT.But I'm on here and I can't find something to do! :-0

I've noticed also that my grammer,spelling and insight on life have greatly changed in the past week or so.I'm becoming so much more of a serious person.For gods sake I've been talking about religion and politics for the last two weeks almost non-stop.

I realized today how much I despise shopping.Sure I get new things,but I don't need any more material possesions. Uhg,and to mention,my friend dragged me into the dollar store.Oh how I hate it so.Children crying,angry busy parents,country music and a strange odor.

Can I just isolate myself from mankind a while longer?All I need is a pen and my notebook,I'm set for life.

Today I woke up and where my arm bends on the inside there is this horrid pain.It feels as if my vain exploded.

Well anyways....How is everyone?

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Yay!! I lost my YTPV!!! - Mood:Lovestruck
Sunday September 05 20046:05:35 PM |
Well kinda,I did last night to LadyUsher and just now to Dolimite XP!!

How great is that? Dolimite has a VERY sexy voice!!!*sigh* It was wonderful.Except for my phones dyeing so that I had to run back and forth across the house to change them.

But im just so damn happy*bubbles with happiness*

Love can be a great thing.

How are all of you? I hope as great as I am!!!

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I had yet another YT dream last night..... - Mood:Good
Sunday September 05 20041:59:48 PM |
Everyone was in a huge room talking with eachother and then all of a sudden I ran out into the middle of the room and started singing buttercup baby! Soon other people started to join and I looked over to see greendayfan with a mohawk!!

It was cool though.Thats all I remember.

Also I made banana nut bread today and I cut my pinky...Owie.

So tonight my dad is bringing home all his biker buddies for a party. I might leave and go see Napoleon Dynamite(sp) With Larissa.

Why do I listen to Counting Crows when I know they make me sad?

How is everyone today? Is it sunday stoll? I lost track of time.This has been a rather slow weekend.

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I could have gone my whole life without seeing this!! - Mood:Disgusted
Saturday September 04 20042:08:35 PM |
So I was just minding my own buisness on google looking for pics and I saw this:

Click if you dare.Im not sure I should have even posted the site.This kinda stuff shouldnt be let out onto the internet,its just wrong.

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Please help me?!? I cant find this for my homework...And Im stupid,you`re smart,I need help.Can we tie them all together? - Mood:Confused
Friday September 03 20045:39:20 PM |
Ok...I procrastinate(sp) a lot,and I need help finding galaxy types.I need their shape and construction for astrology class.

Any help would be great!! Links..Anything.Thank you!!

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Weird things that turn you on in a creepy way. - Mood:Good
Thursday September 02 20048:29:53 PM |
I looooovers it when a guy tucks his hair behind his ear..God its sexy.*waits for a guy to come along*

Anywho...As much as I love YT,I hate it.I talk about it to my friends...Like I say:"Oh yeah and then Dolimite XP was all...Blah blah blah." Its funny.My friends and family are threatening to take the computer away!! NO,it cant happen.YT is my life.

Its my step mom birthday today.Shes sick,thats sad.But this weekend we all might go to Tahoe to go to a concert.The Dubee(sp) Brothers and some others are playing.Im not sure if im gonna go.Its either that,go on the houseboat or be on YT while drinking a Jones soda.

How are you?
How is your nose?
How is your computer?
Are you really an alien coming to YT in search of a superior life form?
Do you want some cheesecake?

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Yay...We have a new member! - Mood:Ecstatic
Tuesday August 31 20048:32:03 PM |
Her name is Dugan13.She is my friend Melissa.But we call her Dugan.Shes really nice and cool.Shes offline but will be on later.I will tell her to get an avy and all that good stuff!

Im hyper of my ass!! Weee....

How is everyone? I made cookies!!!*passes out cookies*

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Damn it!!! Being a girl really sucks at times like these!!!! - Mood:Exhausted
Tuesday August 31 20044:38:36 PM |
Owie!! My tummy hurts a lot and ibuprophen(sp) didnt work....

Today was like national give Morgan a really hard test day...Arg,I had 6 tests.

I broke my skateboard when I was doing an ollie,how great is that? I was supposed to go skate with my friends this weekend.

Any suggestions for my tummy?

How was your day?

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Some people just shouldnt be allowed to have keys! :-/ - Mood:Good
Monday August 30 20047:48:52 PM |
This person im talking to in PM cant even spell "know"!! What a foog!I think theyre should be only certain people who can have them...

I passed the test and got into my government class,got kissed by a kid with blue hair and I have a cookie!! So im set for life,or until I finish my cookie,lol.

How has everyone been?Good I hope.

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I had a YT dream last night!! 2nd one..Oh and(picy!!) - Mood:Spastic
Saturday August 28 20047:19:49 PM |

Here it goes!: We were all cats and instead of a buddy list we sprayed someones house(profile).And the newbies were racoons and couldnt spray the houses..Haha*points and laughs at noobs* Thats all because then my alarm went off...Arg,I forgot to turn it off from school.In good news it was Alice in chains:rooster and I like that song!

Ok...Im so bored so I took a pic!My eyes look all bloodshot..Lol.Look at me!! Im so funnylookin..Oh well,life goes on.

How are you all? I found that I have come to love the numbers,I read ALL of them one night!!

Also...I would like a moment to appreciate(sp) Dolimite XP! He is aweosome!!!!!

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My day was a complete nightmare...OIts like something that would only happen to me... - Mood:Overwhelmed
Thursday August 26 20044:17:31 PM |
It sucked soooo much ass!!!!

First my alarm didnt ever go off so I woke up at 8 and had to be at school by 8:20.I only have one class with my best friend.And in 3nd period I got a detention for having gum.And when she called me up my pants got ghooked on the cabinet and ripped a little!!then I had to stad up for 2 periods and be told ALL the rules!!! So next was lunc,I figured out I forgot my wallet and none of my friends had money either..And I hadent eaten breakfast so I was starving.Then 6th per. was good but for 7th It said to go to the office so i went and waited for 10 min to find out wich teacher I was the TA for.So I went there and had to but stickers on 4oo noteboooks...So I had to walk home then uphill with a really heavy backpack.When i got to my door..I had no key because its in my wallet,so i had to climb through a window....arg

Yeah,I felt like complaining...
How was your peoples day? Any embarassing first day of school stories?

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How does a cat manage to catch a hummingbird??? - Mood:Excited
Wednesday August 25 20045:47:11 PM |
Well...My friend Larissa and I blew up the air matress to sleep on my back porch.I hope up at 7am to go potty and came back and there it was...A dead humming bird on the top blanket.I had to yell at Mr.Fancypants,stupid cat.

So I start school tomorrow.And in honor of summer Larissa and I ran a muck around town. Great fun!!

How are you all?

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Damn the invading monkeys!!!!!!!!!!!! - Mood:Excited
Monday August 23 20045:35:05 PM |
All Ive had is sugar...ontop of more sugar today!!! Bwahahaha!

Im making a mix cd!! Woohoo! I shall tell you whats on it!

Zebrahead-Playmate of the year
Green day-Longview
Bad Religion-I want to conquer the worl
Coal Chamber-rowboat(this song is great!!)
NoFX-Dont call me white
Flogging Molly-Drunken Lullibies
Tony Sly-Violens
Smashing punpkins-Bullet with butterfly wings
Social distortion-Story of my life

Bwahaha...I love it.I may add more.This is my second journal...Oh my.I must say I love Fraggle rock.Its all good!!!

How are you people? Im gonna go make bannana nut bread and blare my cd while singing and dancing in my toe socks!!! I love being home alone!!

Have fun..Peace out.Do talk in here...Fell free.Or not,because this thread will most likely die a horrible death.

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I need links!!! Ones that tell how to give yourself a home tattoo!! - Mood:Excited
Sunday August 22 20043:28:40 AM |
Yeah...Not for me silly,for my friend Nic.But I might get one too.Anyways I cant find any and neither can he.Will you please help?


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For once this whole summer my day is booked! - Mood:Surprised
Monday August 16 200411:52:50 PM |
I have guitar lessons tomorrow(woohoo!!) My second one.I learned Hey Joe by Jimmy Hendrix.

Then Im going school cloths shopping(sigh)Im late at doing everything.We start school the 26th.

And then Im spending 2 days at my grandmas house.Its boring there,but my grandma is'nt doing so well so im gonna spend quality tiome with her.

Oh and also...My sister joined YT...shes now known as humanrace.

Question:Do you think billboards with a lot of writing might sometimes cause car crashes?

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I went to get my guitar lessons today and went to his house on accident to find him making macoroni. - Mood:Confused
Tuesday August 10 20045:24:43 PM |
So my lesson got canceled...poo.

My sister is at an Incubus concert,that of coarse she wouldnt take me too.*shakes fist*

So I came home and watched Detroit Rock City like 4 times.

How is everyone?

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Im bubbling with happiness and everytime I talk to him I get butterflies.I so wont be able to sleep tonight!! - Mood:Lovestruck
Tuesday August 10 200412:55:46 AM |
Wow...I just talked to my boyfriend for like 3 hours.Im on top of the world!! I never thought it would really be love at 13(hes 15)but I get butterflies and I get really happy and all my problems seem to go away.*sigh* I love him,yes I love him.
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My refridgerator talked to me!!! - Mood:Naughty
Saturday August 07 20042:44:12 AM |
I forgot a kids name that I talk to in MSN everyday...grr.

Im so hyper!!! All ive had to eat today were skittles and cookies!!!

Last night i was stressed and made 3 batches of cookies,2 cakes and 3 pies!!

I feel like im on crack..and speed!!Wow..ive been up for like...43 hours.My refrigerator talked to me!! It was awsome..we had a convo and I named him Sven!!!

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Im really angry right now,will someone please be all happy in my journal? - Mood:Enraged
Sunday August 01 200411:07:19 PM |
God...this kid is really making me angry!!He told me he bought the Kurt Cobain journals,I told him that was wrong.How would you like a million people reading your PRIVATE thoughts? So we got in an arguement for like an hour.Hes being a tottal dick! Uhg...and I made another angrier journal but the modbot deleted for cussing!!
So who else thinks its wrong to read the journals?
And will someone be happy in here?
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Im making a popart collage of some of my fav musicians!! Ive done one that im happy with so far!(PIC) - Mood:Good
Sunday August 01 20045:27:06 PM |
This is a pic of Kurt Cobain.I think I did pretty good.I need more pics with People whos facial features are very noticable in the pic.If you wanna help that would be great!
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Im watching The Wizzard Of Ozz and listening to Pink Floyd - Mood:Lovestruck
Sunday August 01 20041:30:36 AM |
This is so trippy!!Has anyone ever done this?

Er..I dont know were I should post this...But has anyone ever seen A clockwork Orange?

Ooh,or Detroit rock city?I love this movie! cool stuff has been happening!! I get to paint my room,Im thinking red to match my new guitar,Spencer.

Im over that "I feel nothing" stage.I hate being pathetic!

How is everyone tonight?Or should I say this morning?

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