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Female, 30 years old
Greenup, Kentucky, Eastern US

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Fav. Book: Slaughter-House Five, 1984, etc.
Fav. Song: A Little Piece of Heaven - Avenged Sevenfold
Fav. Food: Chinese Food and Italin Food(Pizza and Lasagna)
Fav. Car: My Chevy Cobalt
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Graduation. - Mood:Hopeful
Thursday May 28 200910:20:09 AM |
I am only 8 days away from graduation.

Tomorrow is senior skip day, I just may not get out of bed in the morning.

I heard this morning that a girl I know was in a really bad wreck last night, she was driving and a semi hit her. Her brother died and she is still in the hospital with a broken leg.


Maybe things will turn around for everyone.
I did have a lot of fun Saturday at prom. It was great.... escecially the music they played.

I actually danced all night.

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I am seriously going to kill someone. - Mood:Hysterical
Wednesday May 20 20099:26:41 AM |
Every little thing has pissed me off so much in the past few days.
Yesterday I went to Dairy Queen and bought a large mocha moolatte, but whenever I took a sharp curve it turned over by my feet, getting coffee all over my pants, shoes, carpet and seat.
Then this morning I forgot my fuze.
I have never been so bitchy in my life like I have the past few days.
Ugh. Damn PMS.
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Bloody Penguin - Mood:Overwhelmed
Tuesday May 05 200910:27:05 AM |
I'm now reading Mrs.Dalloway by Virginia Woolf for my next book report. The book is a little dry, but from what I heard it gets better. There is going to be a remake of Nightmare on Elm Street, and it's coming out in April of next year. I'm somewhat excited about that....
I've also found a new love... Fuze orange mango drinks.
Besides that, nothing exciting is going on. Honestly I'm just ranting because I'm bored. Anyone dissapointed with the new family guy eppisodes? Perhaps they are running out of ideas....
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Senior Year - Mood:Overwhelmed
Tuesday March 17 200910:39:40 AM |
Senior year could be the worst thing to ever happen to me. Being the idiot I am, instead of being like everyone else and taking the easier classes (because lets face it, no one wants to do anything senior year), I chose to take college english, college algebra and the all-dreaded anatomy. I think I am dying from a possible sinus infection and had to come to school for the review of my anatomy test tomorrow. Not to metion I also have a college algebra final monday over everything we have done all year. Our college english final is a 6 page paper we have to write over a book he assigns us, and of course, I get the worst book you could get, Frankenstein. Ugh. I want to go home and sleep.
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Courtney, I hate you. - Mood:Horny
Monday February 09 200910:43:14 AM |
I am posting this blog, not because I always post random pointless blogs, but because I feel I must make a point. I fear I may be dying from a lack of fornication. Wait, scratch that, I may be dying from no fornication.
Perhaps I need therapy. But does that ever help?
I'm still on lockdown and hate everyone who does it on a regular basis, hence the subject of this rant.
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Lockdown - Mood:Enraged
Thursday January 15 200912:14:15 PM |
So, I'm on lockdown. Yep, that's right, I said lockdown. No cell phone, no home phone, no computer and I'm not allowed to be any closer than 20 feet away from a penis.
Why does my life suck so bad you ask? Well my mother finds it funny to keep me from having any contact with anyone with a penis. Ugh. She won't take me to try for my lisence because she just thinks I'm going to "run around" and I no longer have a cell phone because my mom thinks instead of going to school i'm talking on it all day....
The twist of the story?
I'm 18 years old. I'm old enough to vote, buy tobacco products, gamble, but God forbid I come in contact with a penis.
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Blood. - Mood:Horny
Wednesday November 12 200810:17:40 AM |
I am quite excited about giving blood today. Miss_Punk and I are both actually equally excited. Whoo!
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Honestly - Mood:Bored
Thursday November 06 200812:13:36 PM |
How many people are actually happy with the presidential election outcome. I think that Obama will do good for this country, and for those who would like to talk bad about him, you don't understand the way America works. I cannot tell you how many times I've heard he is going to get rid of coal industries, NOT TRUE. Everything he does has to go through congress before it can happen, and do you really think congress is going to lay off that many people? Besides, if that were to happen, the entire state of West Virginia would turn to poo.
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Jesus vs. Einstein - Mood:Excited
Wednesday October 29 20089:27:20 AM |
Im pretty excited about my next art project. I'm going to carve Albert Einstein's face into a pumpkin. It was either that or Brittany Spears, and I think we all know the better of the two to carve into a pumpkin. My friend, on the other hand, has decided to carve Jesus into her pumpkin. We'll see who gets the better grade...
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it puts the lotion on it`s skin - Mood:Good
Friday October 24 20089:48:24 AM |
I'm currently at school, and bored as usual. I figured out how to get the Internet working on my iPod. Whoo! And I'm also going to watch saw 5 tonight, which excites me even more, but I think the thing that just made my day was when the pop machine actually gave me a diet mountain dew. Life is good. Life is good...
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Privacy Issues! - Mood:Enraged
Tuesday October 07 200810:32:00 AM |
I'm at school right now, feeling like crap. I just found out last night that my mom has been tapping the phone lines and has been recording my phone conversations with my boyfriend for who knows how long, because she feels that she can't trust us. And to top it all of, yesterday she told my neighbour to drive by every half hour to make sure he doesn't come over because she was gone all night last night. She has even been trying to hack into my Myspace, probably to read my messages. I really just need to get out of the house. I can't confront her about all this b/c then she wont let my boyfriend ever come back over, but I feel that if I don't say anything, this will never stop.... any advice?
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Well, - Mood:Horny
Thursday October 02 200810:25:51 AM |
I'm at school, and bored as usual. The Battle of The Classes is going on this year, and as usual seniors will win, yey for us. I honestly think it's pointless because it's just a whole week of school where we get out of class to paint signs and boo the freshmen. Being that I have nothing better to talk about, anyone want to throw a topic out there?
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Hmmm. - Mood:Good
Friday September 12 200810:18:36 AM |
If you had the chance to kill the person you hate the most and get away with it, would you?
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Woo. - Mood:Good
Friday September 12 200810:10:32 AM |
Anyone excited about it being Friday?!
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Grrrrrr - Mood:Good
Thursday September 11 200810:30:09 AM |
Does anyone eat peanutbutter and ranch together?
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Art - Mood:Good
Wednesday September 10 20082:32:14 PM |
I'm at school and I've decided to do a pop art project. I need some ideas of what to do please....
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