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Female, 40 years old
Charlotte, NC, Heal the world, Southern US

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A song by NACHO
f*ck your music AND your mom.

Interests: Sewing/Knitting / Dancing / Sewing/Knitting / Drinking / Sewing/Knitting
Homepage: Click Here
Birthday:2/12/1981 (40 Years Old)
IM Type: Yahoo IM Name: pocosublima
Occupation: Fun Enforcer
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Preference: Gay
Religion: Other
Politics: Moderate
Fav. Movie: 2001: Space Adventure with Computer
Fav. TV Show: Arrested Development
Fav. Book: The Giving Tree
Fav. Song: Missy Elliot - Pass the Dutch
Fav. Food: Sushi
Fav. Car: Mars Rover
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Show me what you got. - Mood:Good
Saturday March 04 201711:03:29 PM |
The person who recommends me the best website, posts the funniest gif, recommends me the best youtube channel and/or video

thrill me, impress me

Whoever wins, and if you want to give me an address, i will crochet you a beanie/scarf or knit you a scarf, you can choose the colors and everything.

Or I will buy a key. that's a thing still? I don't know. I have never bought a key before.

if it helps you to know my state of mind, i am both stoned and drinking a little wine.


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Pros and Cons - Mood:Good
Wednesday January 25 201712:38:25 PM |
My life is very bittersweet right now.
Lots of amazing things happening.. but for each amazing thing I feel like there's a corresponding crappy thing.

I graduated! Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering! Cum Laude! So that's pretty dope.

But I didn't start my job search last semester so I'm stuck at a poop part time job.

At least I know what I would like to be doing, water purification.. and I think I would like to end up in research and development, but you usually need a masters for that.
... which I intend on getting anyway. but obviously not right now.

So basically all I can do is hunt for my perfect job, keep going, keep moving forward

I have a few things in my back pocket that I could take if I was desperate, so there's that.

SO.... what have you done today to help you achieve your goals? Tell me! i wanna know!

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How cool! - Mood:Good
Friday December 09 20165:14:29 AM |
Well I was just thinking.. I've been on this site for 15 years, yeah?
When I first started coming here I was a normal college student with normal college student things to say
then I quit.

Three years ago, I decided to go back to school. I didn't think any of my credits would transfer.
I thought I'd go back to school starting as a freshman

But I didn't! All my credits transferred in .. and here I am, after starting college three falls ago
Lil Sublime BSME

Graduation is in eight days.
barring any unforeseens (knock on wood) I will finally graduate from college at the age of 35 years old.

i actually poked thru my old journals to see if there were any about when I quit school
but there aren't on this name.
maybe if I think of it I'll check some of my other alters.

but ... in the meantime

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New Extreme Sport - Mood:Good
Friday November 11 20167:20:02 PM |
drunkenly applying for jobs in canada

it's only 720 pm

i'd say college has changed me... but it hasn't.
this is me
welcome to me
there will also be pictures of a kitty.

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And it`s a kitty picture - Mood:Good
Sunday September 18 20168:52:55 PM |
Engineer kitty learns the maths.

He's getting his masters in being very cute
And his research is proving that kittens are in fact liquids.

I've been sick. And they gave me steroids but I stopped taking them bc they made me feel just wretched.

I need a job. I want to do water conservation, specifically purification.
I applied for my dream job.

How's this for irony. I went back to school specifically bc I wanted to move further south
And my dream job is in drating new drating Hampshire

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I have a computer question! And lots of delightful pictures of cute animals too - Mood:Good
Monday September 05 20164:51:54 PM |

So can anyone think of a reason why a laptop wouldn't connect to a certain specific wifi?
Mine? Fine. Schools? Fine. Starbucks? Fine.
The wifi at my friends house? No!
I have the password right... It actually has connected twice to the internet here. My phone is connected. His phone is connected. The wifi is working, my laptop sees its there but says there's a problem connecting to the Internet.

So. As promised. Cute animals. Next post.

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Nerrrrrrrrd alerrrrrrt - Mood:Good
Monday May 11 20154:34:45 PM |
Got grades back from semester #2 - not as good as I would want
But still not bad. My overall gpa is like 3.7 now

I've got a week before summer session starts
In which I'm taking probably the course I'm most scared of in the near future of the curriculum - called measurements and instrumentations.

And a new development on the horizon is a program I was invited to apply to
For an accelerated masters in optical science and engineering
Sounds zzzzzz right? But they'd pay so I'll do whatever
And I'll get 12 credits that apply to both my bachelors and my masters.

I gotta take my gre - the graduate school sats
And honestly idk when is the last time I took a standardized test.
20 years? Idk. I never took my sats so ... It could have been middle school for all I know.

I wanna see mad max real bad
I might go see a matinee after school next week
Did yall see avengers?

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Here`s what I need - will you please help? - Mood:Good
Wednesday April 29 20159:08:18 AM |
I need good studying music.

Good studying music is good driving music. Doesn't have to be new or old. Could be whatever.
I usually like stuff with an interesting bass line.
I have very discerning but very broad taste in music. I do not tend to like pop too much, popular country is a wasteland of tripe, but I love good country.

If you could help, I'd be grateful! I just need some inspirado. If you need more info abt what I like I can do that!

also how are you, I hope you're doing well. It's good to see the site is still here. :)

Has Plg been here? I can post some pictures of the baby if she hasn't been here

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Gosh!!! - Mood:Good
Tuesday April 07 201510:19:42 AM |

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I don`t know how to live like this - - Mood:Good
Monday March 16 201511:48:02 AM |
I'm sitting across from this dude who has been furiously scratching his head for like 30 mins straight.

He scratched so much and so hard that it made his ear bleed.
He keeps scratching. Hasn't stopped. Sometimes hell prop up his iPad and scratch his head with both hands.
When he has to change pages he'll keep scratching one handed

He actually just stopped scratching his head for a minute just now
In order to reach down his shirt and scratch his back

I had been working on homework
I can't think about anything else but how much this dude is scratching his head

It's so tremendously upsetting. And I have the heebie jeebies now

Can someone please explain wtf

The worst part is I know this dude too. He scratches his head quite a bit normally

I don't even know what to say
I'm so revolted.
Someone come set him on fire pls

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So as requested by Jai Hind - An organic Lilly story. - Mood:Good
Tuesday April 22 201410:03:13 AM |
So this happened when I was 18, fresh off the boat from straight up Amish country in south central pennsylvania, where I grew up.

When I moved to baltimore, I had no idea what I wanted to do, I didn't even think I wanted to go to college, or anything. but I think it was less than a week after I graduated high school that I moved to b-more.
so I was lonely and bored, and I found this rip off job on the other side of town
cold calling people from the phone book asking if they wanted to buy a stereo.
it was a terrible job - with whack job bosses and I wasn't there past my first paycheck.
but to get there, I had to take the bus downtown (I lived just south of downtown) take a light rail out of the city, and take a bus again.
I sure did feel like a professional city dweller though, and this, my friends, is my lilsublime country mouse-city mouse story.. To be continued.

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So much fun - Mood:Good
Monday April 21 201412:01:57 PM |
I met warren from buffy.
please can someone squee with me? Apparently all of my friends suck and don't understand the level of pleasedness that i have regarding that fact.

I had a cheesesteak in philly and then tried not to throw it up bc philly is such a slummy trash hole.

spent some time with my family in Jersey

then I went to a friend's wedding in NYC and that's where I met warren is at this little bar in brooklyn

Ask me how many australians I met this weekend
bc I think it's all of them. I think I met every single person who lives in that country.

Being in the north reminded me how terrible being in the south can be.
... with regards to pizza, that is.

I'm sure there exists a math formula that can perfectly describe how good pizza is likely to be with respect to how far away from new york city you are.

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Status update and things to remember - Mood:Good
Monday April 14 20149:44:03 AM |
the status of my bed is: ..............
fine, it's fine. No poo or pee or blood wine or guts or cookie crumbs or any new stains of any sort. I was starting to really be concerned that this saga would end with my bed on fire.
knock on wood.

Things to remember:
Do not, under any circumstances, ever allow yourself to check nutrition information after you start eating something.
check it before, or check it never. Do not forget this, it's very important.

When eating wasabi peas in the southern spring when you can cut the air with a knife, if a knife could cut a visceral cloud of pollen
there is no itch on your eye itchy enough to actually rub it. Don't do it.

T-minus 3.5 days till my northeastern road trip.
Things to do: have a cheesesteak in philly
bc shockingly I've never done that before.
anything else I shouldn't miss in philly?

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Dammit lilly - Mood:Good
Friday April 11 20146:44:26 AM |
Here's why you shouldn't drink red wine in bed.
My brand new sheets are all red wined up
And then when I went to post this I accidentally delted my last journal too
Oh boo hoo
Boo hoo hoo.
Drunk Lilly and her bad passing out decisions gnaw on my roast beef.

So what should I do?
Pour soda water over the whole situation?
I heard that pouring white wine on a red wine stain works
But that reminds me of the old lady who swallowed the fly.

Oh this is such a bummer. What a big big bummer.

I had lots of fun drinking the wine though. There was a mild to moderately cute boy involved. Not in my bed. Just for the first leg of the wine-stravaganza

In short
Wine in my bed
What do I do
Readyyyyy go

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Certain things you just remember at strange times - Mood:Good
Friday April 04 201412:37:51 PM |
Like this dude I knew in high school had an avocado colored hearse. I made out with a guy in the back of it once.

Same dude (make out dude) once left his contacts in for so long he had to have them surgically removed.

I decided that today for lunch a mushroom swiss burger from hardees tastes better than being skinny feels.
for right now at least
mostly i've been sticking to WSW triumverate
water, salad and wine.

Two things for you, my bitchlings
Funny stories about places you've made out or people with whom you've made out
what's for lunch for you!

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Now taking bets! - Mood:Good
Wednesday April 02 201410:48:37 AM |
Hello my bitchlings

I drank:

only one glass of wine last night
a gigantic coffee
and a gigantic Naked juice smoothie
I ate a few punkin seeds

Now taking bets: Poopy, farts or both!!

bc I'm honestly not sure what's happening down there. but something is going on.

Whatever happens is definitely going to happen whilst on the toilet.

hope you're having a great day bc I AM!
So many awesome things to think about...
My boss is out of the office today. I'm going back to school in the fall, I'm thinking about doing open mic comedy - which is actually very thrilling for me.
what else... mac and cheese cookoff this weekend.
it's SPRING! and my allergies aren't that bad this year.

I'm in a f*cking righteous mood today and I hope you are too. Tell me as many reasons why your day is spectacular as you can.

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Do me a favor. Help me cheat - Mood:Good
Sunday March 30 20144:37:59 PM |
Please, bitches. This crapping board is more than I can handle. It's much too much
I mean seriously. Look at it.

And you bitches are such smart bitches
Thanks in advance
Your friendly neighborhood lilsublime

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This forum has been a quagmire of unclickable sh*t the past few times i`ve checked it - Mood:Good
Thursday March 06 201412:13:47 PM |
What's up with that?
yall too scared to teach the newbs the rules?
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I`m on my way home! - Mood:Good
Thursday February 27 201411:05:04 PM |
I haven't been to the place I grew up in 9 years.
I'm going to see my BFF that I haven't seen in NINE years
That's a bunch in case you didn't know.

I'm thrilled, pumped, psyched, not nearly drunk enough and bored on the megabus
I'm thinking a game is in order.
Ask me anything and/or tell me 2 truths and a lie
I'll answer and/or guess which is true.

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I had a dream - Mood:Good
Friday February 21 20149:50:58 AM |
A depraved sex dream - like pornesquely tawdry
(i'm not joking)

Kevin Spacey.

Psychoanalyze me bc there's something wrong with that.

Yeah, lilly, i want you to put my thing in ALLLLLL your holes.


On a lighter note, it's seven days until I visit the place where I grew up and see my best friend for the first time in NINE YEARS.
and I am f*cking happy
as sh*t
about that.

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Food service workers - I have a question. - Mood:Good
Thursday February 20 201412:49:46 PM |
What would make you most likely to spit in someone's food. Specifically fast food workers
Is there a certain sandwich that is difficult to make, or whatever?
Special orders?
Near closing time?

Please elucidate! I am curious!

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Its a movie! - Mood:Good
Wednesday February 19 20148:33:09 PM |
Who would you cast in the roles of different yters?
Obv plg is amy Adams.
And I'm scarlet johansen
Just kidding. I'm probably Lauren Ambrose

Who plays you? Your yt friends and enemies and frenemies?

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True facts to share w strangers - Mood:Good
Tuesday February 18 20146:19:21 PM |
I haven't shaved my legs since plgs wedding
And I think I can feel leg hair poking thru my f*cking leggings
That's hilarious to me

Who has got other mildly embarrassing things to share for our amusement?
Don't be shy bitches
Let it out!

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I just printed a bunch of labels that say "WEINER" - Mood:Good
Tuesday February 11 201412:36:01 PM |
Where should I put them around my office?
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PLG is getting married!!!!!! - Mood:Good
Friday January 31 20146:05:43 PM |
She asked me to make a thread.

My connection is super spotty
But I'll do what I can.

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