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Female, 47 years old
Lancaster, Pennsylvania USA, Eastern US

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Interests: Cooking / Flirting / Books / Animals / Arts/Crafts
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Birthday:5/20/1974 (47 Years Old)
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Occupation: officially broken
Marital Status: Married
Sexual Preference: Straight
Religion: Jewish
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Fav. Movie: Children of Men
Fav. TV Show: Grimm
Fav. Book: `Sarum` and `London`
Fav. Song: Concrete Blonde`s entire `Bloodletting` album...
Fav. Food: Chili dogs, Tiramisu, Broccoli/Garlic Orrechiette
Fav. Car: 1931 4 1/2 litre bentley
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where's washy? where's redreine? - Mood:Good
Sunday June 05 20114:18:19 PM |
i'm missing someone else, too...
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Slade- Runaway - Mood:Good
Friday June 03 20114:15:39 PM |
see, this video just makes me smile.
oh, linkage~the video

the lead singer is just having fun and the bass player cracks me up.


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This time tomorrow, I`LL BE BALD!!!! (with PICTURES) - Mood:Excited
Friday April 08 20114:58:01 PM |
To help raise money for this foundation, which is helping to research cures for pediatric cancer.

The shaving heads thing is to help create incentive for people to donate. You set a goal, and if the goal is reached, you're supposed to shave your head. Then the hair is donated for wigs and stuff. Also, you shave your head in solidarity with kids who've lost their hair in their battle with cancer.
Steve and I decided before we set up our team that we would let them shave our heads, goal be damned.
But, yeah, we could always use some donations.
After the shaving, I'll be posting pics here of our new look, as well as modelling our beautiful hand-made hats to keep our domes warm and dry. Afore-mentioned hats were made by YT's very own PAPERDOLL!
Next post, pictures of mah head.

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april 9th, MY HEAD WILL BE SHAVED - Mood:Anxious
Sunday February 27 201112:38:20 PM |
that's right.
shaven bald.
this is why...
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question for people from england - Mood:Exhausted
Tuesday October 26 20103:08:14 PM |
yesterday, on a forum steve and i go to, steve referred to a guy in england as "old boy".
well, the guy replied, and said , "that by some would be considered as racist".
now, steve used it because he thought that it was a common phrase that meant no harm.
i looked it up today, on wiki dictionary as well as urban dictionary, and there was NOTHING indicating that it's a racist term.
but, i don't live in england, so i don't really know every permutation of definition regarding this phrase.
so what i'm asking is- IS it considered a racial epithet?
(please help me out with this, steve's upset because he thought it was a common term.)
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40 lbs of apples and jugs of wine!!! - Mood:Anxious
Sunday March 28 20102:25:31 PM |
that's right, time for Pesach!
normally, monday is my only day off, but since steve and i do the plates for second seder, we're going to be busy making charoset for about 200 people, not including for our family for the first night of Passover.
today- charoset.
tomorrow- to philly with the fam.
tuesday- second seder, all day at the JCC, prepping, cooking, serving, eating, and cleaning up.

i'm considering keeping the shop closed wednesday, just to have an actual day off to get things done.

i doubt many of you participate in this, so how about Easter? do you dye eggs and give chocolate?
arrange a big Easter feast?
spend the day at church?
do tell!

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just for sh*ts and giggles, crap from my picture folder thingy - Mood:Mischievous
Saturday November 07 20097:35:32 PM |
well, i sold a major piece yesterday, late last night, and i'm still giggly.
$600 empire chest o' drawers.
and now i'm wondering if pics will be loaded or not.
who cares?
i'm loaded, anyway.
to follow.....
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just a very odd story from college. probably gross, too. - Mood:Good
Sunday September 20 20095:30:30 PM |
anyway, this is "inspired" (?) from rabbitears' journal about having strep throat.
the usual posts were made about hoping that she didn't get us sick, and then an issue arose- the problem of dead bodies being buried during the winter.
so i wrote out a rather silly and disgusting solution to this issue, and realized that i had never shared one of my weirdest experiences with yt.
i'm guessing this was sophomore year at tyler, (art school in elkins park, top of philly) where my best friend and i attended. i had gotten siouxsie and the banshee tickets for her birthday, (they were playing at the tower, which is relevant) and were heading south on broad street.
as we were on our way, there was a HUGE detour around several blocks of broad- maybe 10 in all.
we arrive at the tower, and find out that it is NOT an all ages show...
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my very first wedding anniversary is tomorrow!!! - Mood:Happy
Sunday August 30 20098:22:40 PM |
and i'm busy getting drunk.
he's having a few scotches, as well.
it's weird- after six and a half years, and here's a first! dad came by today with a bottle of champagne for us, so breakfast will be mimosas!!
mondays, we always have the shop closed, (it's a lancaster thing, i don't get it) but it would seem that steve has something planned....i don't know what!
i've got something planned for him, but since this is a pg-13 site, i shall not describe it here....
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my stupid keyboard keeps shifting... - Mood:Naughty
Thursday August 13 20099:03:03 PM |
or maybe it's the white russians- all i know is that i've had to use the delete key more than usual....
dammit, it's been like 48 times for just this....
planning my garden and watching harry potter.
what do YOU like to grow in your garden?
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which one of you united states people want a postcard? - Mood:Hopeful
Thursday August 06 20098:26:53 PM |
sorry, it has to be people in the states, because i don't know how much a postcard to a foreign place costs. i am going to try to find out, because there are quite a few of you who don't live here that i like!
anyway, i've been feeling very hopeful- steve set up the iron trough for gardening yesterday, and i'm busy planning next year's veggie and herb crops!
if you want a card, pm me. i shan't tell anyone your address!
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F*ck you all. MOUSE IS DEAD. and i h8 the rest of you. - Mood:Exhausted
Monday June 29 200910:13:32 PM |
where the hell is drunk on the emoticon list?
mouse died last thursday. with farrah and the molester.
bum openings.
i'm angry.
because the people i care about on yt are never f*cking here.
bitches. i keep reading and i find that shak has grown up, CK is adorable, but not accessable (sp? way wrong) and that my lovely heatherlewlovely is not appreciated.
i'm gonna swipe her from that husband and cook and clean for her.
sh*t. mouse was old- 17 years, and she just gave out to old age.
oh, and paperdoll never returned my friend request on facebook.
that makes me sad.
mouse was so beautiful, kinda looked like narc's avy.
i can't cry anymore.
cheer me up.
make me not so angry.

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I MISS YOU ALL. (well, mostly.) - Mood:Happy
Sunday May 17 20098:31:18 PM |
lately i have not been able to be here much, and that kind of depresses me.
mainly, it's because everything has been so chaotic- my father-in-law was in the hospital twice in the last month. we had a grand opening for our shop on may 1st, (pop was in the hospital, i spent 11 hours in the shop, then off to the hospital for another 8 hours) a house clean-out, my sister-in-law and my niece were here for 2 weeks, (she's sweet, but at the age of 40, i'm thinking that she should realize that she's NOT 13, and has responsibilities) plus all of the nonsense of two aging in-laws who are completely incapable of considering anyone but themselves....
anyway, i see that miss trish has graduated, mizu has been very generous, (and YES, he will get his own thread for the joy he has bestowed upon me today! ) dyw is back fishing for compliments, sammy is no longer a mod .....
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FOR F*CK`S SAKE!!! - Mood:Enraged
Saturday January 03 20098:01:20 PM |
so we don't have the front steps up for our antique shop yet.
the weather has been awful for walk-in traffic.
because the front steps aren't up, we can't be officially open, because of the fire codes.
we can't advertise because the hours aren't set yet.
and now what?
steve says that all of the ones he's found are dead, and probably came from either
a) an old pew door, or,
b) an old pike.

so i guess we'll have to have an exterminator in to, well, exterminate.
and i've got the flu.

have you ever been trying to accomplish something, and it seems like everything is working against you? please tell me about it, i'm getting frustrated.

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A game inspired by YT`ers - PHOTOSHOP (round two) - Mood:Happy
Thursday December 11 20089:05:34 PM |
we shall begin where the first thread leaves off!
(any minute now....)
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yeah, i cook. and well. - Mood:Sad
Saturday October 25 20089:37:16 PM |
so yeah, i made this for dinner the other night. you're gonna have to wait til the next post for the image....
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i am now OFFICIALLY married. and have been since sunday... - Mood:Lovestruck
Saturday September 06 20088:18:43 PM |
yep, it r ofishul.
the weather was great, and everything was fun.
i was very surprised at how very calm we both were before the service- i kept thinking, "is this natural? to be THIS calm before such a momentous event?"
but we were.
sorry about making so many "pre-marriage" threads, but hey- i've never done this before, nor has steve!
i have never worn this much make-up in my life, a friend did my hair and make-up for me....
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one week from today, i be a married person! - Mood:Excited
Monday August 25 200811:36:43 PM |
i'm still excited...i look at things and say to myself, "this time, next week, i wll be married."
maybe this time next week i will be married and see something else differently....
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one week- - -i be a married person... - Mood:Excited
Monday August 25 200811:31:49 PM |
i never thought that this would happen to me...
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married next sunday!? - Mood:Exhausted
Monday August 25 200810:53:06 PM |
this time next week, i'll be married.
a wee bit.
never did this before, never will again...
i simply am unable to believe that this is really happening...
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so you have a health condition that can be controlled... - Mood:Disgusted
Saturday July 05 200810:45:25 PM |
i am diabetic. i've found that so many people on yt are also diabetic, but REFUSE to help themselves, either through diet or exercise.
these people piss me off, because not only could they help themselves, they could help others, by reducing their burden on others.
they refuse to eat vegetables (yeah, potatoes don't count) or salads, or even reduce the starchy carbs.

WHY are we (americans) still contributing to their health care costs?

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my oldest cat needs more meds - Mood:Frightened
Tuesday June 03 200811:31:04 PM |
we took her to the vet today, again.
mouse has had issues before.
the last couple of days, her neck has swollen up, and this morning, her ear was like a giant plum, and very scary.
the old girl is 15+years old.
the vet drained it, and told us that it would fill again within two days.
we have two weeks of medication, but i'm still scared...
her kidneys are really tiny, and the doctor told us that kidney failure is inevitable, and probably very soon.

i love the baby.
and i'm pissed at the world, because it's hard to look at the silly problems, and then look into her eyes.

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Al Green and his AWESOMENESS! - Mood:Lovestruck
Monday March 03 20081:21:56 AM |
yesterday, march second, was five years for me and steve...we spent it at our synagogue's overflow homeless shelter. we do it on new year's eve, too. and any other time we can...
either way, five years of the Reverend Al Green, and his lovely music. so we've got his greatest hits on.
i was wondering if anyone else has a certain artist that they "connect" with in regards to a relationship, past or present.....
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well, went to williamsburg - Mood:Indifferent
Saturday February 23 200811:02:01 PM |
and we had a great time.
thing was. we had to take a taxi to get booze, as well as milk.
f*ck you, i need y white russians.
anyway, there was a sign on the pier on the chesapeake bay bridge tunnel.
it made me think of ehfahq...
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beanie weenies, texas toast, and a possible journal... - Mood:Exhausted
Monday February 18 20089:06:13 PM |
okay- nathan's hotdog's, broiled and chopped with boston baked beans for dinner, plus garlic texas toast, yum!
around 2am this morning, steve and i got back from "colonial williamsburg" in virginia...
i will make an actual journal about that, our experiences, pics, what-have-you.
that was our dinner, simply because i promised the babies (2 four-footed, furry kids who have never had us gone so long and had not even a 'meow' to say about it) that when we got back, there would be a hot dog treat.
one should never lie to an animal about hot dogs.
we only had nathan's dogs, though- i fear that they were too spicy for the babies, despite the fact that they both ADORE garlic hummus.
i was wondering if any yt'ers have pets/babies who have unusual tastes...
our one cat simply loves to lick hot peppers- not just jalapenos, i mean those small orange uber hot chilis!
i'd love to hear!
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