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Male, 37 years old
Grayson, Georgia, Southern US

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Albatross by Fleetwood Mac

Interests: Movies / Music / Philosophy / Religion / Writing
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Birthday:4/13/1985 (37 Years Old)
IM Type: MSN IM Name: jusork
Occupation: Hopeful screenwriter/ Instocks Team Member
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Preference: Straight
Religion: Agnostic
Politics: Moderate
Fav. Movie: Platoon
Fav. TV Show: Early Family Guy, Lost
Fav. Book: Gulliver`s Travels by Jonathan Swift
Fav. Song: Driver 8 by R.E.M.
Fav. Food: That`s why buffets are good
Fav. Car: I don`t like driving
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Any Target team members? - Mood:Good
Saturday August 07 20101:02:47 PM |
Anybody here work or has ever worked at a Target store? If so, what was your position and for how long did you work?
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Give me a detail and I`ll create a story - Mood:Good
Tuesday July 24 20074:49:09 PM |
Everybody give me one detail, anything at all. I'll bring them all together as you post them and when the thread reaches page three, I'll show you what story I've come up with. I’ll try it make it with seriousness, a realistic story, no matter how silly the details you give are. I have no idea how this is going to work. Let's experiment. Post away.
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Are you biased about the South? - Mood:Good
Sunday July 15 20074:31:32 PM |
Do you think many people are biased about or tend to stereotype people from the South? Are you? Do you have a tendency to stereotype southerners when you think of the South? Every now and then, I get the feeling that people think negatively and think generally about people from the South too much. What do you think?
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The Good and Bad of Lost - Mood:Good
Saturday April 28 20075:53:32 PM |
Why Lost is entertaining, interesting and worth watching:
-Finding ways to mirror the present time events with the character’s flashback almost all the time. For example, Hurley’s aversion to change mirrors well with his having to take responsibility with the food, even though the story could’ve been stronger.
-I love that it’s telling a big story about the island. We’re learning all the parts to this island and there sure is a lot about it to be explored. I love that it feels like a place with a real history, where other complicated things have gone on.
-I like the takes on different perspective. The best example being the crash. We first learn its aftermath and its survivors, then we learn about how it’s connected to a man in a hatch and how he was directly involved, and third we see it from the Other’s perspective and how they react. So we get three separate stories coming together all in the same short time span. We’re seeing
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My message to those who are angry at Lost - Mood:Good
Monday March 19 20077:21:23 PM |
I’m tired of people thinking that the show is going nowhere. It’s clearly moving along a path, to what specifically, we don't know, but I'm pretty sure more information will be involved. It’s working at a steady pace, which is absolutely necessary for a show like this. It’s proved already that it knows how to reveal things at the best possible moments, through good drama, and that takes time, time to build up information and build up the strong dramatic and interesting story line. In terms of pure story telling (and not answer searching), it’s developing and revealing the plot pretty well. One of the things it does best is revealing itself and pacing itself and developing the foundation to build the house of answers on. Once the foundation for a revelation is well built, the answer can be revealed with the most effectiveness.
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The band of the moment is the best band ever. - Mood:Good
Saturday August 26 20069:41:15 PM |
A lot of people don't realize how gigantic music is and because of this, think they can know when they’ve heard enough of an entire genre and think they’re sure enough to criticize it. Think of it like this. Saying you’ve heard enough of a style to judge it is like a young kid who listens to mostly top 40 saying the big band of the moment is the best band ever and he’s saying this thinking that he’s heard all that he needs to. The scale’s different but it’s the same ignorant way of thinking about music. And it’s because, for both, they don’t realize how large and varied music is. Right?
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Have you ever had a question involving religion? - Mood:Good
Monday July 17 20067:04:43 PM |
Or ever been curious about something in religion? If so, we need questions to answer. This site has a number of knowledgable and helpful experts and they're short on questions. So I thought someone here might have some to ask to help us get back. Questions about anything will do.
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A proposal to people who buy keys - Mood:Good
Saturday March 25 20069:41:45 PM |
I have two quizzes that I'd like to post myself. Unfortunately, I don't have a key. But I propose that if someone buys me a key for only a year, you'll find two refreshing, fair, well-made quizzes in the quiz section. One will test people on their knowledge of hip-hop and if they have enough experience to be critical of it. The other will test people's understanding of the whole illegal downloading issue. Not only will they be interesting, but in each quiz people can learn facts about both subjects and can realize just how much is involved with each. Both are often misunderstood and ill-judged topics that would be really good for people to learn more about. Both will certainly be as fair and objective as they can be. I will also be extremely grateful. Would anybody who is thinking about giving away a key like to see these quizzes made? Maybe we can make YT a little more productive and worthwhile.
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Do you think discussion is the best way to form our opinions? - Mood:Good
Wednesday January 11 20065:50:00 PM |
I think thoughtful discussion, and even debate, is probably the best way to use our opinions. I think more people should engage in discussions about their opinions. Opinions should be challenged and judged by others who are fair and knowledgable, not protected and kept from changing. And most importantly, it gets us thinking about our opinions (and plenty of other things, too).

Do you think people can be too unflexible with their opinions? Are there many people who are too unwilling to question their opinion? Do too many people shelter their opinions? Could people put their opinions on the line more? What do you think?

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Good cause and effect - Mood:Good
Monday September 05 20054:12:27 PM |
Can an event truly have absolutely no (0%) good come out of it? Something good can truly come out of anything, right? Out of all the things that can happen, good could come out of any number of events, right?
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Conversation with an Avril hater - Mood:Good
Friday June 17 200510:28:36 PM |
"Hey do you like sh*tbag...woops, I mean Avril? Hehehehe."
"No not really...why?"
"Some as*hole posted something on that slut. Wanna go bash it?"
"Uh...what did they post?"
"I don’t know...something about liking her music for enjoyment or some bullsh*t like that."
"Well how did you respond?"
"I explained to everyone how much I hate her covers. Here I've got your line all ready. How about 'Her music makes me vomit?'"
"Uh, that's a pretty sh*tty line for..."
"Hey! That's a classic line...wait a minute your not siding with that whore are you? Everyone knows her music sucks along with any other band that is commercialized (except for my favorite bands)."
"Uh, no."
"She played a little guitar in a few songs, right?"
NO! Whoever you heard that from is a liar and Avril lover. She can’t even play guitar like a real singer. What a bitch!"
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Order - Mood:Good
Sunday February 20 20059:55:30 PM |
People who are against extra government control often say that if you give Them too much, we'll just begin a shift towards total government control. By that logic, getting rid of control will lead us to the other end, total government chaos. Are both of these points reasonable? Is there a fine line between total control and total anarchy? Do we even know where that balance between the two is? Or are we all just arguing as if we knew where that balace is and nobody really does, they just argue against what they FEEL like the current situation is and try to work it to to what they FEEL is the ideal system at the balance?
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I think some people don’t fully understand the whole illegal downloading issue - Mood:Good
Sunday February 20 20058:19:55 PM |
It's copyright laws. You know those laws that prevent artists from covering songs without asking? Most likely you'd have no problem ridiculing an artist if he used another artists’ song without asking. Too many people seem to not even know the actual issues involved in this issue. It's a law because an artist and its label should have the say in what happens to what they're selling. The creator has the right to decide how much to make available. Many artists DO decide to allow a lot of full, free songs available to download or listen to. People don't seem to realize that either. And people don't realize who else, other than the band and the executive, is involved in the music industry. The label also has to pay everyone from the shipping people to the CD manufacturer as well as gaining enough profit to help support everything else they do as a label, promoting, producing the album and mixing the album, on and on. So your little 'they make enough money' thought is an invalid argum
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Attention anti-reading people: just read it so you can realize your mistake - Mood:Good
Saturday February 19 20058:06:23 PM |
Yes, it's a lot of words put together. So what? It's called thought and information. After you read such things, you'll realize that it had a point and maybe you'll be glad you did. If anything, maybe it'll make you think, or gain you a different perspective. Yes, that's right, reading more than a few words can actually be useful. Believe it or not, this one box holds very little to read. And if you think reading something bigger than even 25% of this box is useless to read, then you are terribly mistaken. Not everything can be discussed in a few lines. In fact, expanding one's thoughts into a more sufficient expression should always be considered. Especially if you expect to follow directions for something or read about today's issues and actually become fully informed about stuff. When I was younger, I used to read just to read. I didn't know why. I just did.
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Are our expectations too high? - Mood:Good
Wednesday February 16 20056:17:15 PM |
Do we have a habit of expecting too much out of things? We expect things to do what we want, even though we know we can't control things so easily. Should we try not to expect things to completely follow what we intend them to so much? Like what if we start to expect more that a window might be hard to open? People get mad or annoyed at others for their complete lack of knowledge of something. Should we be expecting other people's mistakes, tendencies and habits, their lack of knowledge, and their other flaws more often? How much do you think our interactions with people would change?
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I bet you`re really stubborn - Mood:Good
Monday February 14 20059:35:35 PM |
Have you ever had an emotional attachment to tradition or normalcy as the sole reason to do or not want to accept a certain something? If so, what's your stubborn feeling?

I think mine is what some people name their kids. I'm quite annoyed by some names. It sounds as if they're trying to be unique, yet they aren't unique because so many others have that same name.

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Me mocking you people who have stupid/weak opinions - Mood:Good
Friday February 11 20059:29:38 PM |
You want to know what I hate? Peanut butter. I hate it! It tastes horrible. Literally like crap. And horrible crap at that. And come on, it's not even butter, how stupid is that! Why can't it just go away? How can anybody actually eat that? It clings to your mouth like mud on the bottom of your shoe. Hey it even looks like mud. Coincidence? I don't think so. I hate how messy the container thing gets. Why can't it just be easier to spread? Plus you also have to dirty up a perfectly good knife you could've used on non-crap, something that is easy to wash off too. And what's with this crunchy peanut butter? What a corporate money deal for the greedy bastards. If peanut butter was alive, I’d kill it with my teeth and let it suffer in my stomach! I announce it the worst food ever. I am not exaggerating. It's true. I hate you George Washington Carver. P.S. Coke sucks, too. I mean, when I'm thirsty, I want something cold and refreshing, NOT sh*t tasting bubble sh*t!
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Eric B. be easy on the flex (economic philosophy and the trick to not being so pissed off) - Mood:Good
Thursday February 10 20059:18:50 PM |
There are actally big similarities between companies and the consumers. Consumers criticize companies for being greedy for wanting to make better profit, but consumers' wants aren't any different. We’re greedy because we want to hold better income. We reasonably think this because we want what we want. And when someone holds back our wants, we get pissed. Yet we have no problems with holding back a company's wants (the want to grow and strengthen, for example). We get pissed when companies attempt to maintain a good thriving business by "being greedy," yet we understand our want to maintain a good thriving home. We don't even consider it greediness (probably because we don't normally equate consuming as a type of business). All the annoyances that we incriminate businesses for can also be attributed to consumers. We cause surpluses, want better wages, want lower prices; all kinds of things that put companies under the confined control of CONSUMERS.
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Eyes in my teeth I can`t see `cuz I`m eating (Irrational fear of wild animals?) - Mood:Good
Wednesday February 09 20058:28:54 PM |
Do a lot of people today seem to have an irrational fear of wild animals?
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Not realizing word multi-usage (possible valuable learning opportunity) - Mood:Good
Tuesday February 08 20058:46:52 PM |
What are some words (preferably English) you would say a lot of people don’t seem to know/understand/realize the versatility of?
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When they get slighly better.... - Mood:Good
Friday February 04 20059:28:19 PM |
I notice quite a few people not acknowledging when a bad musicial artist starts doing something that could be considered a little better. It's like the person already formed an opinion on the artist and aren't going to reconsider anything unless they hear them start doing a whole bunch better. What do you think about that?
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Let`s say that you believed in God/goddesses - Mood:Good
Thursday February 03 20057:28:40 PM |
Ok, pretend that. Wouldn't you logically expect atheists to be leading a false life? And, since you find your universal being to be great, wouldn't you find it important to keep the good word active in worldly society? Wouldn't you ever think about helping non-theists (non-theists in undeveloped parts of the world at least) to find that definite good of the entire universe's existence?

Also, if evil existed, would it make sense to make the world as holy as possible?

Last one, assuming the same assumption, would you find it likely that this ultimate being expects things out of his creation (like goodness and his recognition maybe)? Do you think you might even be semi-paranoid about your existence and about the world as a whole? At least I don't think I can imagine what I'd think of non-believers in the ultimate creator.

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French fry when you pizza, you`re gonna have a bad time (exploring music) - Mood:Good
Friday January 28 20056:47:20 PM |
Do you think it's possible to discover new music without making a thread asking for people to suggest stuff? Perhaps it's possible that there's even already a thread you could look at to find artists mentioned inside that you've never heard yet. Seriously, what's a better way to look for new stuff than to look around and click on whatever you see? Could probably go for books, movies, websites, toliet paper, etc., too.
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People who ask questions on YT - Mood:Good
Thursday January 27 20059:54:34 PM |
Why do people seem to assume you can ask any question on YT and get an expert answer? Why do people seem to trust they'll get the right answer from here?
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Realization education - Mood:Good
Thursday January 20 200510:46:14 PM |
Think about how much everything fits in the world. How you fit. The way you fit is active. It's constantly changing, right? Do you ever think about how much you affect the entire part that you fit in? You know how many actions and thoughts are taking place across the world right now? Right on YT, for example, think about how much your posting to a thread affects the thread in all kinds of ways. Not only do you affect the flow of the thread and the discussion, but you also affect the course of the world. It even affects people who didn't even read the thread perhaps by pushing their thread down some more or something....well, that was quite a broad thought. Today's session, although very short, is done.
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