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Male, 28 years old
Southend, Essex, England, Europe

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Marital Status: Single
Sexual Preference: Straight
Religion: Atheist
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Fav. TV Show: Curb your enthusiasm
Fav. Book: Naughts and Crosses
Fav. Song: Anything by Frank Turner
Fav. Food: Anything Italian
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ohwow - Mood:Good
Thursday July 18 20137:23:55 PM |
'This celebrity is called 'Madonna' she recent started a trend of shopping around for children in third world countries which gained her enormous publicity. She COULD have adopted one of the homeless children in America, but that would not have got her the attention she so desperately craves.'

North Korean propaganda is so blunt.

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urghhh - Mood:Bored
Wednesday July 17 20135:38:39 PM |
how am I going to sleep tonight when I've spent all day napping?!?
My life is so stressful lately.
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oh - Mood:Anxious
Tuesday July 16 20138:42:58 PM |
dad naked number 2... this time he was washing up.
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killing it - Mood:Good
Tuesday July 16 201311:18:20 AM |

I didnt know if i should put this in the music or politics section. but either way this is incredible.

my radicalism has been recharged

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hmm - Mood:Good
Monday July 15 20138:22:13 PM |
Wish i was having as much fun as the group of 6 or 7 people which just phoned me from a withheld number and just laughed for about 2 minutes straight with no explanation at all.
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oh dear - Mood:Ashamed
Friday June 21 20138:54:25 AM |
so while out drinking last night i started talking to this group of nice new people..
Nice bunch, liked a drink, liked a smoke and were genuinely switched on good left-wing people.

Anyway, one thing led to another and i kind of ended up throwing a lovely young lady's shoe onto the 3 story roof of China city (a shop around 2 miles from me)
if anyone has any suggestions about how to get this shoe back (as i promised her i would do) please let me know...
Please try to get back to me before it rains too...

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oh - Mood:Sad
Monday April 09 201210:36:34 PM |
turns out all my speculation was pointless.
she just ended it.
thanks for the advice anyway though guys :/
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Am i being f*cked about here? - Mood:Confused
Sunday April 08 20125:40:37 PM |
i know after all the stupid relationship advice journals I've posted on here over the years, YT is probably sick of the sight of them.

But the way i see it, if i get good advice on here, I'll do better in relationships in general and then I'll have to post less of these, so everyone wins :)

Anyway, onto the relationship of the week, Sarah.
Sarah is an extremely complex girl, to the point where i really cant work out; how she feels, what she thinks about anything. everything seems to be smoke and mirrors with her.
This is mostly down to the fact she wont talk about anything on any kind of deeper or emotional level. For no reason at all this week she has just told me that she needs time to think and not just to get away from me, but to get away from all contact that she can possibly avoid.
recently she has dropped out of school and quit her job and this is really worrying.

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quitting my job - Mood:Good
Friday April 06 20122:45:44 PM |
thank f*ck for that.
i feel much better now, now i know i dont have to take the same sh*t day in day out from my d*ckhead boss and time to myself again :)
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more london public transport racism - Mood:Good
Monday December 12 20117:08:43 PM |
this time its just f*cking funny

crazy bitch kicking off

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well. my 6 millionth attempt to give up smoking has failed - Mood:Bored
Saturday December 10 20111:19:18 PM |
anyone know any good ways to stop smoking??
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its my birthday in 20 days.. - Mood:Depressed
Monday December 05 20111:41:59 PM |
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those people who message you on here and then have nothing to say - Mood:Bored
Tuesday November 29 201112:01:00 PM |
why message me at all?? its like talking to a f*cking brick wall
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the price of immaturity - Mood:Ashamed
Wednesday November 23 20114:18:00 PM |
so toady my college class was given 30 free condoms each and as you might know from my recent journals i aint been getting much lately.
so i thought "what do i need with 30??"
after many drinks i decided water bombs were a good idea -.-
after many more drinks i thought that a piss bomb would be hilarious. BAD MISTAKE
as i walked out the door with it it burst... all over me
i then had to walk half an hour home covered in piss... fml
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urgh - Mood:Depressed
Sunday November 20 20111:46:56 PM |
sleep deprived, hungover, possibly sick. im never coming out of my room again

f*ck everything

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f***ck my lifeee - Mood:Depressed
Sunday November 06 20118:41:57 AM |
im hanging like a c*nt -_-
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my day in Jaywick - Mood:Shocked
Friday November 04 20118:51:32 PM |
today i spent the day in the Jaywick estate (in my own county, Essex)
now forget London or parts of the North-West, this place has recently been named the most deprived place in England.
and i know it doesnt compare to the New Orleans or Detroit ghettos but it was still a massive shock.
until now i had no idea there were places this bad in England and ive been to some of the areas that are generally considered bad (hackney, salford, manchester, ect)
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thats it. im going celibate - Mood:Good
Tuesday November 01 20117:21:07 AM |
i cant be arsed with the effort any more :')
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whats with these people on here - Mood:Confused
Wednesday October 26 20113:44:03 PM |
who send you a PM saying something like

"hello, i am an attractive, kind girl. I found you here on i believe that age and distance does not matter... please email me at this address
i look forward to hearing from you"

^^ ive had about 3 of these and i dont understand what the f*ck this is

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frank turner!! - Mood:Good
Monday October 17 20112:12:57 PM |
frank turner is amazing :O
i remember i first saw him live in 2008 i went with a friend and thought "yeah hes alright" a couple of weeks later i was hooked and couldnt believe i didnt appreciated it as much as i should have done.
ive seen him 5 times since and hes now basically my hero.
its just been announced that hes playing wembley arena and that is so impressive for a guy who was homeless and played in front of 10 people every night only 5 years ago :|
is it sad that this has made my day??
has frank turner made it across the pond yet??
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the 99% stand up - Mood:Good
Saturday October 15 20116:32:33 PM |
today we saw democracy all over the world as the people from the large majority from 951 cites demonstrated against corporate greed and those who manipulate money to suit their themselves.
not sure how i feel about this to be honest.
its a good idea but its also difficult to find an alternative society that works
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chrissyyyy :| - Mood:Depressed
Thursday September 29 20112:12:19 PM |
so i went round her house last night and stayed until this morning. it still stands the same, she thinks that we should just chill for a bit and maybe wait until a few weeks have past :| fml

still, ive got 3 girls from college coming round tonight for a drink and that can only end in good things one way or another :))
maybe chrissy's interest levels will pick up when she hears about this

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oh :/ - Mood:Depressed
Wednesday September 28 20111:14:50 PM |
so i thought i'd take a step and tell chrissy how i felt but i didnt get the chance because she told me first that she only saw us as "friends with benefits" and we're seeing so much of each other that it feels like we're in a relationship. She thinks we should leave it a while before we stay round each others (after tonight)

the thing is she acts in a way that makes me think she feels the same about me, but is freaked out by this because shes scared to commit
bleh... (sorry if this bores you, i know ive written about it before)

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my best friend`s mum wants me to get her weed - Mood:Confused
Monday September 26 20111:45:38 PM |
weird sh*t...
so ive been friends with my best mate for about 13 or 14 years now (ever since we were little) and im basically part of their family now (im the little druggie son:) )
so she asked me yesterday if i wanted to smoke a joint with her... but i'd have to go and get it first.
i have other friends who's parents i wouldnt think twice about getting some weed for and smoking with them... its just that ive been involved with that family for so long that it feels weird
... almost like rolling a joint for my own mum would be :||
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my situation - Mood:Confused
Sunday September 25 201112:37:40 PM |
since my last relationship ended ive been acting somewhat promiscuously...
theres currently 3 girls who i have been with recently
1: chrissy
2: amy
3: becky
becky: something has only happened with us when we were drunk. she came round on wednesday and we had a drink and got a bit carried away.

amy: we are exs and because we have slept with each other before, its kind of easy to let it happen again.. we seem to hook up about once every couple of months when we're both single. this friday we met up and... yeah ://

chrissy: i really like chrissy, a lot but im scared to tell her because she likes this other guy and "we're just having some fun" shes the only one out of the three that im seeing regularly and im starting to develop a bit of feeling for her

ive got a problem, if i tell her it might scare her away... if i dont she might not ever know
what do you think??

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