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Female, 162 years old
Ulthar, Plateau of Leng, Asia

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Chocolate is a reminder from God that men are inadequate - Mood:Good
Thursday December 20 20074:47:13 PM |
Lmao...saw that on a tshirt.....I suppose if men tasted like chocolate, the world would not have war...the would be too tired and *um* happy.

Lysistrata in reverse?

So, what have you got thus far for Christmas?

What have you bought a gift for someone and decided to keep for yourself?

Have you found THE know, the gift that is SOOOO perfect for someone you are on pins & needles DYING to give it to them to see their face?

What's the worst thing you have seen as a gift?

I saw a chocolate fountain in the shape of a toilet and to get more chocolate ot warm it up, you "flushed" it.

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I was just sent this evil link - Mood:Good
Wednesday December 19 20073:10:16 PM |
And I am laughing my butt off.....those of you who I email, turn DOWN the volume if you are at work.
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It`s going to snow again and other hazards or existing - Mood:Good
Wednesday December 19 200710:30:31 AM |
Hey Trish...send me your address and I will send you a pressie of the beady kind.

How many 0f you have never seen snow?

How many have never had your boogers freeze when the temp has a wind chill 0f 10 below?

How many have never experienced the vacarious thrill of car ballet on black ice?

How many of you never saw the eyes of God and had to clean your pants after a near miss of a deer/moose barely missing the hood of your car?

How many have not had the lovely experience of drining in freezing rain and trying to get the ice of your wipers while driving because you have no place to stop?

Welcome to me world.....on the bright side, it makes you appreciate life and an unbent front end.

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THH and Explodo found embezzling money from Buddy to pay for Lapdances from SAMMY! And other tales from the bizarre - Mood:Shocked
Monday December 17 200711:47:00 AM |
What would you find as an unlikey headline for YT News??

ELectric is really an alter of Sylvester Stallone?

Skade is a 90 year old bedbound man?

Bendaman is really DYW's alter?

what would you think is unlikely news?

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The suspense is KILLING me - Mood:Good
Sunday December 16 20074:19:44 PM |
I called home to see how everything was and if they had power and how my cats were doing.

Seems that while there were shovelling, they found 2 packages from australia in Plastic.....thet were left by the back door which is NEVER, EVER used and even has a note to make all deliveries to the front.

They are from Sammy and I can't see what it is until I come home tomorrow.

ARGH I wanna know, but my poophead roommates are not opening my mail.

So Sammy, you sent 2 packages??????

ASeesh, know I know you REALLY love me

Did I mention the suspense is killing me?

First person who says wall O Text is gonna get a NASTY surprise:-p

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It Looks like I willbe staying over tonight too - Mood:Exhausted
Sunday December 16 200710:23:06 AM |
I stayed over at work last night because I didn't want to drive in the storm. Well, now the weather has changed to this storm ending tomorrow AM....and ending as freezing rain...the WORST possible weather to drive in. So it looks like I will end of spending another overnight at work.

Shoot me.....NOW.

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What was the best/Worst Christmas Gift you ever got? - Mood:Excited
Wednesday December 12 200711:56:03 AM |
Best...receiving Merlin my 28 pounds Maine Coon has to be the Best ever....kitten stage never lasts long enough

Worst-Hard time choosing between the rock hard brownies that had to be dusted off.....or, no kidding, I donated a sweater to goodwill and got it as a Chritmas gift! And before you say anything, it is unlikely that it would have been a double, as the hole I repaired on the elbow was there.....

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WHat are you hoping to get this YT Christmas? - Mood:Good
Tuesday December 11 20078:52:08 AM |
1) I hope that the peoples I sent gifts too get them before Christmas

2) That somehow, I will make Thh's list by the end of the year ....and not for something like getting banned for replacing the coffee in Buddy's Coffeepot with Decaf.

3)That there will be no porn posted on Christmas..esecially in something lame like santa hats.

4)I give out no warnings becuase someone is swearing at their parents for not getting the lime green vinyl catsuit(size 18) that they have been lusting for...

5)That there is a lot of happiness and joy as unexpected friends arrive and call and people will only have a minute to post, rather than be here for hours, because they are alone.

6)That in a moment of clarity/serendipity...Buddy Reads the Suggestions and implements one of them immedietly(Buddy-spel chcker wood bee hlepful for explodo and i)

What about you?

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Do you have an odd body part? - Mood:Good
Wednesday November 28 20076:36:47 PM |
I don't have earlobes that detach....

I have 8 cowlicks in my hair, which is why I keep it so long, because the weight of my hair keeps me looking like buckwheat from the little rascals.

And I have a heart shaped mole smack dab in the middle of my pubic bone.

How about you?

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What would you give a YT`er for Christmas? - Mood:Good
Wednesday November 28 200712:19:27 PM |




EhFahQ :

finishing school


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It`s almost time to spend the money you have been saving all year on me! - Mood:Smug
Friday November 23 200712:32:21 PM |
What are you going to get me.....what I need, or what I want?

*this oughta be good*

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Sing, sing a song.....make it simple....make it long - Mood:Good
Saturday October 13 20076:22:03 PM |

what's the song that once you hear it, you simply can't get it out of your head?

For me, there are two songs....both regga-ish actually....

Put the lime in the coconut and drink it all up...

Who let the dogs out, who?who?who?

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DO not READ this journal - Mood:Good
Friday October 05 200712:29:09 PM |
It's personal stream of thought.

Do NOT give me your random thoughts on what makes a journal riduculous and how one could make a more interesting journal.

It's all MINE and YOU can't have it. If you don't like my journal, stay out of it.

I am bored, my mother had a birthday, I am horny, and there's a bug in the journals.

I guess that covers what a boring journals is.

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Sow me your best inspirational posters! - Mood:Good
Thursday September 20 200711:43:44 AM |
I am just wondering if there are any new ones out cats is getting old.....

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What would be worse than a jalapeño decaf LSD enema? - Mood:Good
Monday September 17 200712:46:06 PM |
Where is everyone?


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Should I be scared if you become ruler of the Earth? - Mood:Good
Monday September 10 20071:22:44 PM |
It's 57 degrees out and rainy. The leaves are changing colors and 2 days ago it was 94 degrees out.

I din't know whether to change wardrobes yet. Think if I put the sleeveless stuff and shorts away another heatwave will happen?

Coffee is not waking me up. Has nothing to do with 36 hours in 2 days. Nope.

What's new and post amusing pics that I haven't seen. Nothing trite, or posted 1000 times. K?

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Show me in your thongs! - Mood:Mischievous
Friday August 17 200712:57:32 PM |
When I was younger, we called them thongs, now you guys call them flip flops.....

In any case, show me your sexy feet.....

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What weird/strange/bizarre thing can you do that most others can`t? - Mood:Good
Wednesday August 15 200711:36:50 PM |
I can spread all my toes wide apart and move each one individually.

But...I can't make a tube out of my tongue, can you?

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6 years and 40,000 posts later -almost to the day.... - Mood:Good
Sunday August 12 20077:46:44 PM |
The times they are a changing. To the true olde timers...I love and miss you:

YidVicious,Rabbit,Blobby,et al..YT is not the same without you.

Now it's to a Modern YT and all the bells and whistles that go with it.

And to the new friends I have made...but they will get recognition in my next 40,000. But you know who you are, and know that you are loved, very much

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I opened up a brand new can of coffee - Mood:Good
Sunday August 12 20072:30:11 PM |
To find it loaded with webby things...either spidery stuff or either case, I am taking it back to the store.

You ever find weird stuff in things you bought?

And does it stop you from ever buying the same thing again?

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If you were born with instructions, what would they - Mood:Good
Saturday August 11 20074:09:34 PM |
Handle with care...always keep coffee cup filled and a book handy.

Must be placed in a home with pets and a computer.

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What is more important, to love or to be loved? - Mood:Good
Friday August 10 200711:11:28 PM |
This was a question put to the residents,,,,what about you?

For me, it is to give, to make someone happy.

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I am disgusted with it all.... - Mood:Overwhelmed
Saturday August 04 20073:39:19 PM |

If I see one more maimed cat thread in generals I am going to scream. It's enough that people don't mind posting them, but do I have to see a variety of pain and torture to animals?

I was running into CVS when kids driving by made fun of my breast size....I can't help it if I am Huge and it's not like I am advertising in a halter top...they don't even make them to fit my size, so leave me alone.

I guess I am PMSing, because I feel like crying right now.

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Bad or worse???? - Mood:Good
Saturday July 28 20079:09:30 PM |
Give me a bad situation and then make it worse.

BAD:I can't stand it when someone has their directionals on and the haven't shut them off.

WORSE:They are going 20 and I am stuck behind them for the next 20 miles and I have to pee!

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How would you feel if someone told you they wanted you to be their first? - Mood:Good
Thursday July 26 200712:51:22 AM |
Just curious...I mean, if you weren't in a relationship, would you? Yes? No? Why?
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