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Female, 163 years old
Ulthar, Plateau of Leng, Asia

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DOn`t forget to change your clocks tonight - Mood:Good
Saturday November 01 200810:24:57 PM |
You get an exttra hours sleep-!

Now tell me, what is your favorite appetizer?


Dunno, there seems to be a lot of food talk in this forum this evening -

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WHat do you want for Christmas? - Mood:Good
Saturday November 01 20082:59:26 PM |
It's not too early to ask as it's November already(can you believe it?)

I want beads, chains, findings, beads, coffee, beads, gift certificates to amazon and Borders, beads, and a new printer for my antichrist erm I mean computer-

What about you, what are you hoping to get rather than knowing what you will get?

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I Like Poetry, long walks on the beach and grilling up road kill for visitors - Mood:Good
Sunday September 28 200812:26:31 PM |
It's day number 3 and it is still raining-

The pain meds are not really working and I don't want to take any more or all I will do is sleep-

Amuse me, please?

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Tact is for people who aren`t witty enough to be sarcastic. - Mood:Anxious
Monday July 14 20082:55:08 PM |

Tomorrow I go to PT for a cane and then to OT to learn how to use it.

A freakin' cane?

When did I get old? What the hell?


Went to the Spirit of the Wolf Powwow-you know, it gets bad when politics inteferes with a powwows-no matter how small. And racism.

Native american racism is a little different-it goes in steps: 100% Native American is God you know...and then thereafter the amount you are Native American make you better than a person of a lesser amount: so a 50% has it ALL over a 25% which has it all over a 10%...did I mention we can get into fractions where being 1/8th% means you are more worthy than a 1\16th?

What does this mean?

Most of the crafters/dancers did not attend the powwow-which was set up to give money for the Special olympics....which could have got more if people just got along.

*crabbily sulks*

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I`d rather be interacting with abstract presences online. - Mood:Good
Thursday July 03 200812:19:05 PM |
Well, the cell phone has been found and charged-but the little light that goes fron red to green to let you know it's done charging doesn't work anymore-is that OK?

Oh the cell was found were I thought it was...iot fell in between the cushions and was under the couch. Wish all mysteries could thus be solved so easily.

What are you random thoughts for today?

For me, I wonder what the Marlboro man of the 70's would do if he watch Brokeback mountain......

And what arech Bunker would think of the candidates running for office.

Yep...surely's a sign I need more coffee.

And where has bendaman and Skade been? Run off together into the sunset? Both have been rare of late.

*wonders how long she has to live now*

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I chose the road less travelled-now where the hell am I? - Mood:Good
Saturday June 28 20088:39:32 PM |
If you headn't noticed, I haven't been around.

I was doing important things like getting toothaches that leads to ear infections that led to severe vertigo.....

But, as I lay there telling the world to stop spinning so I could stop puking these things happened.

1)got some absolutely the most wonderful coffee from Jai_hind.

2)Anthropology called to commiserate with me and then went on to have pizza for supper. Meanie. I told her that too. She wouldn't even invite me for supper. I called her names. She sent me pizza through the mail. Schwanns pizza. Eating crow never tasted so good.

3)I got some corn and Beans from Skade. They are soaking and I am going to eat them tomorrow-Native A merican style. Skade can't write legibly. Poor thing. I think the note said I was going to inherit all her millions or something close to that.

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The universe may not always play fair, but at least it`s got a hell of a sense of humor. - Mood:Good
Saturday May 24 20089:38:17 AM |
I loved that series and soon the movie will be out.

And I won't be able to go. Damn. Never mind money's a REALLY long movie and I won't be able to sit comforatable all the way through it. I am healing to damn #^$*@# slow!

So, who ever sees it has to tell me ALL about it.

Bah.....I never USED to like this chick flix are all I am watching.

What happened to me? I exchanged adventures for Advertising(Manolo Blahniks)

and Gore for Givenchy?

I have become a girly girl?? YuK!

And another thing....who has a youtube and who can explain the finer tuning of Playlists? I am hopelessly lost.Not only that, but my sharing list to email videos has become all garbled and I have no idea how to fix it.

At least all is not lost. I am drinking coffee.

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What is your town/city famous for? - Mood:Good
Thursday May 22 200812:26:09 PM |
SHow me a picture of your from and what it is famous don't have to name it of course.

Or you could show a pic of your favorite pizza place or coffee house or festival.

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MP3 Players-What should I look for? - Mood:Good
Thursday May 22 200810:47:56 AM |
I need cheap. I am seeing them crop up in yard sales. In working order mind you.

WHat's a good one.?What's a bad one.?I don't want overly complicated. I am olde and need something simple and not something that requires a manual to operate.

Especially since at yard sales, they are without manuals and ear buds.

What's a good memory? Are the older ones worth it?

I gave no money to speak of..really. But at a yard sale(always looking for costime jewelry for the beads)I saw one for 5 bucks...the music was all classical stuff with composers whos names I didn't recognise.

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Why don`t you slip into something a little more unconsciousness? - Mood:Good
Wednesday May 21 20089:46:10 AM |
Tomorrow is YT's anniversary and I have nothing to wear.

Sammy has promised me an avvy. I want someone to make my avvy damnit!

Anyways, if you could pretty please do a motivational avvy type thing tomorrow, I would appreciate it.

All the mods(ceptin me) have their Sammy approved avvy's.

And I know some people are still using theirs.

I just think it would be cool to look at the who's online and see a see of YT orientated Avatars for YT's 7th anniversary.

Cepting me of course....I guess Sammy forgot.

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It`s not that I hate you, it`s just that I don`t like sharing the same dimension with you, that`s all. - Mood:Good
Tuesday May 06 200810:36:21 AM |
I finally got my package from Skade that has been languishing at the post office.

It has KONA coffee from Hawaii in it. And a post card and some earrings and a necklace.

She didn't send me a Native...probably kept him all to her self....Meanie!

Thanks Skade

See, right there is proof of God...everytome I thnk I am going to run out of coffee, a pressie appears renewing my belief that God drinks coffee

I am craving a garbage pizza. IS there anything on a pizza you feel doesn't belong there?

I like anchovies, just not a lot of them as they can be over powering.

Fruit has NO business being on Pizza. None. Whomever thought that one up, ought to be taken out and shot.

Now, post in this journal and make me feel like someone actually is bothered by what I have to say.

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Shovelling sand against the tide. - Mood:Overwhelmed
Friday May 02 200811:18:27 AM |
I wish there was a smilie for sobbing.

I woke up in pain and also with a headache that a tv commercial couldn't cure.

Finally , the pain calmed down. I was going to get a ride to the PO to pick up a package and to drop some off-surprise pressies for some very special YT angels.,

Well, I went online to see if maybe I could splurge on some bismarks when I see that my bank account is in the red for an awful amount.

I owe taxes because my job had required all kinds of overtime and well, claiming 1/1 was NOT what I should have done...had I known I was going to be working crazy hours....but what can you do..hindsite is 20/20

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I like coffee, poetry, long walks on the beach and poking dead things with a stick. - Mood:Mischievous
Friday April 25 200811:47:02 AM |

You know, I figured most people would have coffee in their avatars...come on people....honor the liquid libation of St Java...patron saint of the Caffeinated Church!

I am meeting up with a lady next week to show off some of my jewelry in the hopes of maybe selling some in her shop. That would be so cool! I just wonder if it will be good enough and if it is, will it be just as fun to make when I HAVE to do it, and not because it's something I create in my own time?

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I am not infantile, you stinky butt poophead - Mood:Mischievous
Monday April 14 20089:24:22 AM |
I got some pressies last week and here are a few pics ...

Anthropology sent some movies to .....Harley made me a woobie...which basically a homemaid blanket FULL of feels like a hug every time I wrap myself in it.

And of course Sammy sent Some TIm Tams and a new purse. Naughty me, there are only 3 packages of those tim tams left...they are sooooo good.

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Welcome to my Thread-Now get out! - Mood:Good
Thursday April 03 200812:12:34 PM |
Led Zeppelin Meets Lord of The Rings

Never thought I would EVER do this, but look at this Gem.


Ever see something at youtube that just made your jaw simply drop?

No sex or throw up crap, I mean something awesome.

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Here I am, now what are your other two wishes!? - Mood:Good
Wednesday April 02 200810:54:14 AM |
I got a package from Anthropology...Lots of books. Yum.

SOmeone alo sent me some coffee with no return address or even a note inside.

So the lovely person from Nebraska that sent me the snickerdoodle coffee, I will mow your lawn for you if I am ever in your neighborhood.

I watch a lot of TV now, a luxury I was able to enjoy that much before.

Top Chef is cool and I like Dexter a lot..

So what's new, and tell me, I am having a Nacho fit...everyday for lunch it's Nachos. What can I put on them that is different?

Celery was simply awful .

Artichoke hearts and spinach was pretty good.


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You remind my of my exhusband, well except for the part you aren`t buried in the celler - Mood:Good
Tuesday April 01 200812:07:11 PM |
Yesterday we got 2 inches of snow and today it's 50 degrees.
Welcome to New England.

While recovering, I have noticed some things about day TV:

1)All they talk about is food, cooking food, dieting food.

2)The world will come to an end if your not fashionable.

3)Rachel Ray is deformed...her hands are the size of baseballs mitts and they scare me.

4)They show enough previews of the nights shows that you don't have to watch them, because you know how they will end.

Every wonder what would happen to YT if Buddy was hospitaized?

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I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the WHOLE time! - Mood:Excited
Monday March 31 200812:01:19 PM |
SO, WHat's new? I am fine, healing nicely, and I am in need of some humor. Show/tell ne something funny.

Have I mentioned I missed you all?

Here's hoping that I make a THH thread and that my darling lil stays on the site, for I have missed her so

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Please read this! - Mood:Good
Tuesday January 08 200811:28:18 PM |
If you can't stay looged in, delete your cookies.

YT is cookie heavy and you may have cashed over some of the old YT

Delete it all!

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There is something in the air tonight... - Mood:Good
Tuesday January 08 20089:06:30 PM |
OK, who's smoking?

Anyone have any cold remedies?

I feel bleh.

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Tell me how you feel about certain newbie deleter whores - Mood:Good
Tuesday January 08 20082:09:09 PM |
Here's one she can't delete.

I bet you think this song is about you....don't you?

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YOU #&@(@_!#@#@ vas deferens - Mood:Enraged
Friday December 28 200711:27:19 AM |
My boss has just been fired. Of course AFTER she has worked her 8 hour shift.

Another co worker who just found out her child has cancer was fired also.

It's about the money people...nothing more than that.

My boss has been there for 5 years, and my co worker has a long road ahead of her..both cost the company money.

Those who say we are not going to see a recession think again. I am in the medical field and they have cut as many corners as they can...and we are spread so thin.

If you think for a moment, that they would not cut corners to endanger a residents/your health, think again.

I just got the call and the reason my boss was fired was for not covering the Christmas shift when someone called out. Of course, I covered it for her, and the person who called out wasn't reprimanded(she *um* slipped on ice, but was fine the next day)I make consdierable less than my boss, but there was are.

I could cry if I wasn't so angry.

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No sarcasm -no yelling-no N00bz-no sex-no boreds -ne emos-no -babies-no breakups-no hookups-no holidays-no posting amounts -no hate -in this thread - Mood:Good
Wednesday December 26 200712:55:01 PM |
Tell me now, what is left to talk about?
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Monday December 24 200710:13:44 PM |
Do 'you think' it's possible that 200 people could wish a Merry Christmas on this thread by this time tomorrow night?

If Not or SO, tell me how many WILL post Merry Christmas or some sort of greeting and the closest will win a package from me. I am serious!

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Did you ever notice that life seems to follow certain patterns? Like I noticed that every year around this time, I hear Christmas music. - Mood:Good
Monday December 24 20078:46:04 PM |
Merry Christmas Everyone!

Merry Christmas to My Mod Buddies. Especially those that sent me presents

Merry Christmas to the Banned. I still think of you and miss receiveing your adulation

Merry Christmas to the site, without you, I wouldn't have a place to go that's as awesome as every one of you guys.

Merry Christmas to the you help to vent my frustrations, and amuse me with spelling that is worse than my own

And to my Buddy's been almost 7 years here and it feels I have known you all my life.

And for those that don't apply to the above. Get off the site.

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