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Female, 162 years old
Ulthar, Plateau of Leng, Asia

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Any reddit fans out there? - Mood:Good
Thursday July 28 20111:44:05 PM |
I decided to join because everyone seemed to love it.

I am overwhelmed. Where/what/how do you save links you like?

Someone linked me to the fuuuuud section and I saved it. it;s not there anymore-
How do I find it.

What are your favorite places on reddit?

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Sammy is awesome-and I love her dearly - Mood:Ecstatic
Tuesday July 26 20118:43:11 PM |
Yes, yes, yes, I love Sammy.
No pics, unfortunately as the camera on my phone
is screwed up-I need a new phone.

I got TIMTAMS...*nom nom nom* I got cookies, peri peri potato chips OMIGOD

And I got a spongy thing that absorbs the water from your bottle you are drinking from.

And a cookbook. Have to laugh, because it;s chock full of stews, gravies, pot roasts etc...and right in the top in 2 inch type is WINTER RECIPES. Yeah, July in aussie land is a winter

Thanks Sammy. The love and time sent means as much as the gift.

Sammy and I have been doing this for many years-MWAH.

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Its -17F Right now...anyone up for some vollyball? - Mood:Good
Monday January 24 20112:23:13 AM |

My name is Sirdrinkalotofcoffee and I am a YT addict.

Been a while, did stuff, went here and there and well, it been interesting.

What I really want to know is....;

WHat are you wearing?
Waht are you drinking?
why are you up so late?

And what kind if pets do you have and what are their names?

And Sammy...have you used those ice cubes yet?

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Was it because of the new glasses or the fact that Valentines is around the corner-all I know is that it was love at first sight<3 - Mood:Good
Friday February 12 201012:47:04 PM |


Went to pick up my new glasses and someone dumped off a black kitten and left him there

I need another cat like I need another hole in my head, but my heart was already gone. Shots given, bath done, snip snip appointment made and he's now home with me.

And surprisingly enough, my other two seemed to like him too.....

Is there anything cuter that a kitten that considers the whole world its personal playground?

In other news, the whole country seems to be getting the snow and cold and Maine isn't. Current temp is 40 degrees(summerlike for Maine!) and we are 8 inches below normal for snow at this time of year.

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When your leftovers wwant to go out for a walk, it`s time to clean the fridge- - Mood:Hopeful
Friday January 29 20101:25:53 PM |
What's new?

Yeah, it's been awhile, but you know how it is. Things are finally looking up and getting better.

I have a cell phone-YAY! Finally! And it takes some getting used to-I think I need a class on all the bells and whistles.(I got a Verizon Rogue-nifty)

I just got cakettes in the mail today-jealous?

And may I say, that this site has the best people on this earth and I have known many of you for many years-and for those that say this is just a website-your loss.

You get what you give, and if this is just a website to you, you have lost out on why YT is the best little corner of the internet!

True story!

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Balls of Cake, Phallic Mugs, Horns or Cream-and you wonder why it`s called Mail? - Mood:Hopeful
Tuesday August 18 200911:26:42 AM |
Yeah-lots of news and Mail

I got some yummy cake balls from djembedancer -they tasted aweome and didn't melt a bit

And Katie had her mom send me a package wrapped in dry ice from Mass -French Creme horns and Matchsticks from Vincenzo's in Reveyah for my belated birthday-OMIGOD *purrs*

And another buddy send me a Phallic coffeecup I can't show you a picture of without having to ban myself-how is that for
an existential crisis? The mug holds about 20 oz. and any man would be proud to own such a "masterpiece"

Combines 2 of falc's favorite things=BONUS

Been a strange week in other areas too-got an invite to a site I have only DREAMED about getting an invite too(and not ffffound either!) Can't say anymore -but wow, you know?

Another invite was a a "janitor" on another site-this site also has a radio-maybe YT should try that-

What's new with you?

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Never, under any circumstances, take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night - Mood:Good
Monday July 13 20098:12:39 PM |
So, what's new this slow Monday night?

Have you ever bought something on impulse and then regretted it?

For you cooks: What's the strangest thing you have ever put on a pizza or taco and it turned out to actually taste pretty good?

And who on YT would you like to make into a stuffed animal and snuggle with every night?

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Just rinse it off and make a cobbler...... - Mood:Good
Monday July 06 200912:44:29 PM |
Well what a day I woke up too.....poor trees, someone has hacked the crap out of them this morning-there are branches everywhere...apparently the town is trimming around power lines without asking the trees permission-

I have Tim Tams from my favorite ghost-so if you don't believe in them too bad-Tim Tams are sooo yummy!

I also got 4 bottles of Dave's Insanity sauce and Blaze Atomic Salsa from a friend in Mass.....yeah, that will be blazing right through me tonight

How is YT today?

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When cryptography is outlawed, bayl bhgynjf jvyy unir cevinpl - Mood:Good
Monday June 29 20094:21:24 PM |
I am the proud owner of CAKEBALLS!

Yes, I have them and they are luscious and a dorable and absolutely decadent

and they are mine-

I love Lytness and now I am sitting here with a box of balls and some pretty beads-

An early birthday cake and one that has never tasted better-they are so yummy-

Thus far the Red Velvet is what has pwnd the most-

How are you YT and aren't you just the tiniest bit jealous

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Goodbye Analog! - Mood:Good
Friday June 12 20091:18:50 PM |
Lilsublime sent me a youtube link and I was wondering why the logo was all weirdd out-

and then it said-goodbye analog-hello digital-

I lived to see the passing of an age-

And the Movie POLTERGEIST won't make sense to those who have only been used to analog-

I feel like an Anachronism now

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Besides answers, I want you to post your favorite Gifs! - Mood:Good
Friday June 05 20096:58:48 PM |
Make sure they are all Pg 13 answers-yes, I am talking to YOU bergermiester

What was your favorite book as a child?

WHat do you order all the time when you eat Chinese or Mexican food?

Describe something that's happened to you for which you have no explanation.

I thought I would ask this because I received a package today that had my favorite childhood book(Bread & Jam for Francis)-
I am eating General Tso's Chicken for supper and I opened my Mail to see a flyer that has a pic of what I am eating-and my roommates have come home after an outing and have offered me their leftover-you guessed it, General Tso's-


It's a slow night-welcome to my thread-

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Unattended children will be given espresso and a free kitten. - Mood:Good
Sunday April 05 20097:11:22 PM |
What is your favorite link on youtube?


Name one banned member of YT you wish could come back-

Do you have an unusual ice cream topping? Someone has suggested to me that I ought to crumble potato chips with my jimmies on ice cream-and it was surprisingly good-

Entertain me-


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I don`t want buns of steel. I want buns of cinnamon. - Mood:Depressed
Saturday April 04 20096:29:43 PM |
For those of you who don't know-I was on the waiting list for a brain transplant and I got the call-hence my absence

Treat each day as your last; one day you will be right.
He who dies with the most toys is nonetheless dead.

Yes, I have the blues, cheer me up-I miss my friend-don't tell me to get over it-my heart would LISTEN!

Further news as events warrent-

How is everyone this evening and tell me what makes you happy-

PM me the links if it includes illegal substances in the fourth dimension, animal nudity, and/or songs that make people zombies-

Did that make sense to you-if yes, please seek help immediately-


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I don`t mind the little voices but why is there never a consensus? - Mood:Good
Tuesday February 03 200911:29:44 AM |
We were supposed to get snow and we are not!

YAY! I am tired of snow-

I am tired-is there ever a time when caffeine just doesn't DO it for you?

Last chance to suggest an IM for me to download and use-

What was the latest song you downloaded?

Mine was Asleep the snow came flying-by Tim Story-

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Want me to show you how to do a colonoscopy with that camera phone? - Mood:Good
Monday February 02 200912:34:11 PM |
So what's new and how are they hanging?
(whatever it may be)

We are getting more snow and the groundhog saw his shadow-GRRR-tired of the bitter cold and the snow-

I got a refurbished computer for christmas and enjoying the gaming-

Anyoneone play MSN Games?

I love the site and just joined the 1000 badges club-lame I know, but it took me forever to get them-

What IM do you use-I have to download one and just want to see what's the most popular-

Pros/cons os any IM's??

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Attention please YT shoppers-Please note who has hit 50,000~! - Mood:Overwhelmed
Sunday December 21 20082:01:21 PM |
And some of you have twice as much in half the time-

So I don't want to hear that *I* talk a lot-I don't

So send me coffee to show your appreciation-and of course any denomination that has Benjamin Franklin on it would be very much appreciated

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dragoness stole someone`s avatar - Mood:Good
Friday December 19 200812:26:30 PM |
And then deleted the thread-

How is your day going YT and have you got your shopping done?

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Please don`t Interrupt me while I am ignoring you - Mood:Surprised
Sunday December 14 20086:52:49 PM |
I made a meat loaf sandwich and went to get my soda-when I got back, the bread was half there and the meatloaf was gone-

ANyone want a cat?

DO you give/buy your pet a gift for christmas-if so, do you mark it from Santa?


Does your pet believe in Santa?

Are you a great gift wrapper or do you just cover it with enough tape it looks like wrapping paper?

That's me-Yep-I am one of those people that has one pound of tape per inch of paper and you need a chainsaw to unwrap your gift-

WHat else is on your mind tonight-?

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If you think my attitude stinks, you should see my weather- - Mood:Cautious
Thursday December 11 20081:33:06 PM |





Secret Santa stuff will go out on Monday-which is supposed to be in the mid 40-s

Gotta love New England

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The Christmas Angel gave me a hard time about My Christmas Tree-so I told her where she could stick it;-) - Mood:Good
Tuesday December 09 20085:41:08 PM |
The remaining local ranchers, headed by the cattle baroness Clare D. Looney, eventually monopolized the stock business to the point where the only competition (two Chinese immigrants - Lu Chim and Wu Ni) were forced to take drastic, but traditional action.
The stock kings were hung by Chim & Ni, with Clare.

Yep, nothing like a good pun-

I sent out 4 packages for YTers last week and I have 8 more this week-the people in the post office are annoyed-they have to actually WORK in this rural backwater

Sammy Advent Card was amazing, wasn't it? I wish I had given her more in her Christmas package which she should be getting any day now-

I need coffee, more beads, and to clean the litterbox-probably in that order too-

Have you got your Christmas shopping done?

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Is it wrong that we put our hands up a birds butt in order to stuff it? - Mood:Good
Thursday November 27 20081:05:26 PM |
There was a knock at the door-and imagine my surprise when this heathen was given aall out Thanksgiving Dinner-complete with stuffed celery, a deviled egg and pumpkin pie?

How did they know I was in need of a dinner ?

Hmmm-just wait until my roommates get home

I have a pomegranate in front of me-technically the only fruit I am not allergic to -(other than tomatoes)

I love them-also known as Inidian Apples-why> I have no idea unless-they are originally from India?

If this is true, then this fruit has done more travelling than I have-

OK-what's your favorite food of Thankgiving?

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I don`t fear old age-I just fear Gravity - Mood:Good
Monday November 17 20082:05:48 PM |
I went to Dunkin Donuts today-they stopped making cranberry/orange nut Muffins-

Is that reason enough to cry?

I swear there is a conspiracy out there to discontinue everything I like-TV shows, flavors of coffee, Brand names, Comic, and now Muffins-

Do you have an unknown but really important talent?

I do-I have the courage to through ink pens away that don't work-it seems all I ever do is find them, and now I know why-I have the courage to throw them away rather than put them back- -

Yep, that's me saving the world from clutter one pen at a time-

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I am only as strong as the coffee I drink and the hairspray I use. - Mood:Good
Saturday November 15 20086:16:31 PM |
My stuff sold very well at a yard sale-some of the money I got will go for sending out packages(finally) while some will go for coffee- I am procing beads and LORDY have they gone up in price

I have some Pepsi point and downloaded 9 songs-no mp3 player, but hey, I got some free songs-

Do your Mother or Father ever give you some good advice you want to share with me?

My Nana always used to say, never buy cheap underwear, shoes, or a mattress or you will find out what REAL misery is-

And you know what, it's true-especially underwear that doesn't fit right-makes a day last sooo much longer-

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WHat I learned today NOT on YT - Mood:Good
Monday November 10 20083:24:48 PM |
I learned I miss Thh's threads-

When ordering 4 dollars meds from Walmart-make sure you check the pills against an online pill identification site because instead of getting the meloxicam(a anti inflammatory) I got a seizure med instead-AND there was a sticker saying that the pill had changed-still I didn't trust them and it was a good thing I didn't-

I went back to the Walmart pharmacy and after furiously debating with a tech, I saw the pharmacist that had his name on my script and he instantly saw it was the wrong med-said tech was fired- and I got a 50 dollar gift certificate from Walmart-

Is it wrong to imagine a LOT of coffee

I watched Hannabal Rising on youtube-better than Hannbal, not as good as the Silence of the lambs-

How was your weekend?

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Crosspost from Generals in desperation - Mood:Frightened
Tuesday November 04 200812:39:50 PM |
My favorites is locked-WHen I click on favorites it doesn't move-I have reinstalled IE and also hit the reset botton for IE and to no avail-help-not only is this aggrivating,I am worried I may have picked up a bug of some sort-

*help me-please*

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