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., ., Africa

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Kinda weirded out by my watch - Mood:Good
Thursday July 12 20121:13:27 PM |

This morning I woke up and glanced at my watch, then at the alarm clock
confused, I realized my watch was 5 hours behind, but still ticking
I figured it stopped working, then resumed its time-keeping spontaneously – maybe the battery is dying

but then I saw the date was off too. The date somehow set itself three or four days into the future.

What the hell was my watch up to when I was asleep??
I've had it for less than a month and the windy nob wasn't at the time-setting position

My confusion was intensified by some weirdo dream
about a psychic girl who was flying and saving children from mines hidden underneath the grass
she had visions she explained
and I think I was her, but she wasn't me.


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"How to Celebrate the 4th of July" - Mood:Good
Wednesday July 04 20125:55:20 PM |

So have you thought about eagles and stuff today?

I wish I didn't have to work tomorrow

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I also miss Czarnicky - Mood:Good
Wednesday June 13 20128:39:03 PM |
I'm kinda unsettled by this whole Unhailey thing....
I wonder if we ever had anything in common, or she just morphed into whatever personality appropriate at the time.

It's weird really. She was such a big part of my "coming of age".
Here's to her anyway

What a siren!

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How many Phyllis`s do you know? - Mood:Good
Monday April 30 20128:25:52 PM |
I went from knowing none, to knowing 3 within a year.
They're all on the older side... and I've gotten to know like 30 Barbs. Was EVERYONE named Barb back in the 60's?!

Here's a portrait of a moth as a young man

I'm sad to say he was dead when I found him.
I zoomed in close and saw amazing glitter-like sparkles on his little body

Also, does anyone know what this flower plant is called? I discovered it in my yard and fell in love with it

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Please do not pet the dik-diks - Mood:Good
Thursday April 19 201210:11:55 AM |
Or you'll collapse of cuteness

Also, do you all know to stay away from the green potatoes? Just checking.

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If I were a cat woman, searching for a cat husband - Mood:Good
Wednesday April 11 20126:55:25 PM |
He would be the one

I'm really glad that human babies are nowhere near as cute as kittens. I would have like 75 by now.

Also chihuahuas

P.S. something about my life - I haven't had a haircut in like 3 years. My hair is long and gnarly. Like crunchy weeds in late November...
Well, it's not so bad really.

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Wedding etiquette and such - Mood:Good
Friday June 11 20102:33:03 PM |
Gift-giving, more specifically.

There is a wedding.
And there is a wedding shower.
Are you supposed to give stuff on both occasions, or just for the wedding specifically?

I'm guessing both times, right?

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Has anyone on YT ever experienced this strange pine nut affliction? - Mood:Excited
Wednesday April 28 201012:23:42 PM |
When all foods and drinks taste bitter, after consuming pine nuts? Not exactly right away, the taste seems to develop in a day or two..
Supposedly it only happens with imported asian ones. I found tons of people complaining of this on the internets, so now I'm curious if anyone on YT has had a similar experience

I'm just excited to enjoy my coffee again. The foul, metallic bitterness lasted for nearly a week!

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YT, please lend me your ears, mouths, and noses - Mood:Good
Thursday March 04 20103:00:16 PM |
In a close up picture form. Obscure angles are welcome. Or is it too much to ask?
I'm drinking tomato juice out of a beer bottle. It's that kind of a day.

Also, I'm in a frantic search for a big enough box to build a fort for my kitty. I wonder if I should order something huge, just to get a hold of a giant box?
What's huge and cheap on the internets?

P.S. don't forget to eat your vegetables!

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What`s better than a fennec fox? - Mood:Surprised
Friday August 14 20098:55:16 PM |
A BABY fennec fox!!!

It appears I missed my 6-year anniversary with YT.
No candle-lit dinner. No rose petals on a heart-shaped bed. But we like it that way. We're more down to earth kind of people. I mean people and a website.

Anyway, has anyone been looking up in the sky lately? It's HUGE. And full of meteors, of the Pleiades kind.

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Oregon?? - Mood:Lovestruck
Saturday June 27 20093:18:38 PM |
I want to go!
Somehow... not long ago at all, I have been struck by the idea that Portland, OR is where I need to be.
There I could collect enough moss to build a bed of green and musk. And watch the whales and stuff.

I like how Portland is off to the side, hidden like a secret pocket. So easy to miss - perfect for reflective hibernation. (seemingly so)

Anyone ever get compulsive ideas of relocating to a place without ever being there, merely based on one's idealistic perceptions?
Maybe someone will tell me that Oregon sucks... helping me move on?

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I invite you to answer these questions: - Mood:Good
Monday June 22 200910:43:31 PM |
1. What removes nasty stanky dog odors from a carpet?

2. Are all sperms identical?... DNA- wise? As in one sperm carries a trait for a certain disease and the other one doesn't?
Does that question even make sense? Probably not? But it's more than likely I need a basic lesson in genetics, please.

3. How many times have you moved? Changed addresses that is.

For the journal bit to satisfy this forum's requirements:

I love garage sales!
Smiling pink dinosaur mug is the reason why.
I also love covering myself with verbena soap bubblies. Which I did today. And yesterday. And the day before. But two days prior it was shea butter soap. No, really.

Not the end. It never is.

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Turns out potatoes don`t make BFF`s - Mood:Good
Friday April 17 20092:56:39 PM |
In the park I will go
In the park I will go to kidnap some moss
In the park I will go to kidnap some moss to plant in a jar
full of semen.

Minus the semen, moss terrariums is where it's at.
They look like miniature dreams of green pastures and floaty feelings.

I wish I could fit in one of those . If I could, I'd make up a song...and it would go like this:

I am a girl in a glass bottle
playing with my plastic lamb
it poops plastic turdlets
that sprout into plastic bags. They keep my sweet potatoes fresh.
Na na naa na naa na naaa

I've been too introverted for my own good lately.
How's the weather?

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Can you refrigerate death? - Mood:Good
Monday December 15 20081:02:12 PM |
Do you think some of those mall Santas are [closet] pedophiles who get a major bone every time a wee person sits on his lap?

Or is that a terrible thought to think?

Did you sit on Santa's lap when you were little? Did you FEEL his excitement to see you?...

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*grows hair* - Mood:Anxious
Wednesday December 03 20081:07:43 AM |
In what skewed universe does 1"=3"?!
I specifically said: growing this sh-t out, trimming the ends, maybe a few layers, just one inch - simple!

Goddammit. My hair just got to that perfect length when it falsely looks long. Bah! Months long hard work of hair growing is gone. Swept away by a broom with red handle. Or was it gray?

Side note: this is my 9,999th post. I dedicate it to all the hairdressers in the world who pay attention to the words coming out of their client's mouths. Huraah.

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Optimists - Mood:Spent
Thursday November 06 20089:45:30 PM |
How do you do it?
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Sophy`s mom thinks I`m a great guy - Mood:Good
Friday October 31 20089:52:23 AM |
Message from Sophie

Hey sexy!
This may sound surprising but I'm sitting here with my mom and she asked me to contact you, she really found you interesting. She's single and would like to date. She wants to experience new things, meet a great guy and find a partner in crime! She's very good looking, has nice hair and has a very nice body type. She likes dancing and has a great singing voice, she also plays guitar. She wants me to make sure you know that she's outgoing, adventurous and easy-going. I can also say that she's not a nag. I hope you won't be shy and that you'll contact her, you won't be disappointed. FYI, this is my account, so don..t reply directly to this message. Instead, please send your reply to her email address at marielinhart@gmail..
Goodbye and thank you!

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Ask and you shall receive.... - Mood:Good
Sunday October 19 200811:24:47 PM |
you probably didn't ask though... but you still received!

What's new with YT? Anyone died?

Also, best Halloween movie? I'm getting in the spirit and I need some recommendations. I give you one - People Under the Stairs....

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These pictures are drunker than they appear... - Mood:Good
Sunday September 09 20072:05:06 AM |
My first wasted journal! How freaking exciting, no?

Tonight was an amusing night. There was a street festival of sorts. It involved a lovely girl playing with fire:

A herd of people, bouncing to techno:

the cool DJ guy:

spinny lights, almost like the ones caused by the beer particles in my brain:

And a loony girl who jumped in every single puddle she encountered:

who also adopted a homeless traffic cone:

The end. Yaaawn. G'night.

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It`s raining wax! - Mood:Horny
Friday August 24 200710:25:18 PM |
Check out this neat-o meltdown of a candle:

Heyaaa, comrades

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Greetings there, folks! - Mood:Good
Monday August 14 200611:52:39 AM |
This is an official "hello" from f0rk0.

I suppose I could go on about how I don't even know anybody. Better yet, fill me in on all the YT happenings in my absence.

Who died?

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Fuell turned 24 yesterday. - Mood:Good
Friday September 23 20054:04:50 PM |
So if someone wants to wish him a belated happy birthday, I'll pass it on.

I am just *that* nice today.

And if you don't remember/know who Fuell is, just move along, nothing to see here.

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Great. Today I almost set my hand on fire. - Mood:Ashamed
Tuesday September 13 200511:25:32 PM |
In my metal shop class we were doing gas welding tonight. At some point I forgot I have fingers on my left hand.. however I quickly remembered, when my pinky finger felt miserably hot and there was smoke oozing from my glove. It's just a 1st degree burn, nothing serious.

But now I know why they make those gloves out of thick cotton and leather. So retards like me still have a shot at keeping their body parts.

On top of that, I melted my protective welding shield a bit.. No wonder it smelt so funny in there.

Come to think of it, I squished my index finger(also on my left hand) last week in the same class. Fortunately I stopped just before it became a bloody mess.

I think there might be a sign in all of this..

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