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Male, 28 years old
Here, florida, Southern US

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I said wut wut, in le butt. - Mood:Good
Monday December 24 20128:44:52 PM |
I come back after about a week and find out that someone bought me a key... Why thank you, mysterious stranger.

Anyway, that's all I really had to say.


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Major Switch - Mood:Good
Sunday October 28 20122:06:22 AM |
Changing majors. Instead of being a wealthy mechanical engineer, I'm going to be a hungry/depressed psychologist. Seems like a big ass switch, but I've always really like both fields.

Just realized that I couldn't see myself being an engineer. Not to mention the fact that I'm working and paying for school out of pocket for a while and the course load would have me graduating in nearly 6 years.

Now, can someone please explain this Oancu business to me? Pretty please?

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This journal is about YOU!!! (& the Miami Heat) - Mood:Good
Monday June 25 201211:13:49 PM |
Loljk, it's all about me, cause I'm all that matters.

So after a while of being away from YT, I realized that I must come off as either obnoxious or boring to most YTers, which is kind of sad
Of course, if you know me, you know that in reality I'm mostly the latter.

Anyway, I am proud to say that even thought I'm from Miami, I F-CKING HATE THE MIAMI HEAT AND ALL IT'S FANS!!!!

The bandwagon bullsh-t and arrogance that comes along with finally having a good team is incredibly annoying.
Not to mention that I was stuck in traffic for an hour today because of some stupid parade that they were having to celebrate the win, which pissed me off especially because it made me an hour late for work and I had to take a sh-t.

So, how are you YT?
This journal is destined to fail, but ask me anything you want.

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I need your expert musical knowledge, YT! - Mood:Good
Wednesday September 08 20108:15:18 PM |
So, I will soon be talking 4 AP classes and 2 honors classes, which I'm incredibly happy about.
I'm also going to be tutoring for community service hours, and today I joined the engineering club!
Quite a bit on my plate on my senior year, but it should be fun.

Now, for the real reason I am here. I have to do an assignment for class, and I need either a contemporary ballad or a song that tells a story about people in today's world.

No, I'm not asking you to do my homework for me (I already have a few ideas), but some suggestions would be incredibly helpful.

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Eggs in a basket! - Mood:Good
Monday August 09 20102:22:24 PM |

I saw them on V for Vendetta and decided I HAD to try it. Delicious.

I hate how on the day that I decide that I'm going to go out for a jog it decides to start pouring.

Also, I'm not looking forward to senior year. Too.. many.. things.. and I haven't even started on my AP summer assignments. I've decided that they're easy enough that I'll be able to do them last minute, but I should probably stop procrastinating.
I blame you YT!

Anyhow, I'm bored so..

.. how are you/how's your day?

And, ask me anything.

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You said he got his teeth fixed. I`m going to break them. - Mood:Good
Saturday June 26 201011:53:31 PM |
Los Campesinos!

We had a yard sale today. Sh-t load of people came, and we still have a sh-t load of stuff to sell. It's going on till Sunday. Want some useless stuff?

So, we decided that it would be nice to get a tv outside so that anyone buying could watch the U.S. beat Ghana. OH wait, that didn't happen now did it?

It's been so long since I've done something with friends. I need a car, now!

ON the bright side, I ran today and felt REALLY good afterwards. And now I feel tired, but I refuse to sleep.

How's it going, YT?

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The silent kid is looking down the barrel, to make the noise that I kept so quiet. - Mood:Indifferent
Saturday June 26 201012:28:23 AM |
Elliot Smith is a depressing dude. I'm downloading every song I can find.

Today I sat around all day and did nothing. Watched WC games and didn't even exercise. How the hell am I supposed to get in good enough shape to join track, if I can't get off my ass and do something?

Here's a picture of me on some chicks hoodie from a couple of months back.

Anyhow, how's your day been? Week? Anything good happen lately?

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They were the biggest set of jugs I`d ever seen - Mood:Good
Friday June 25 201012:25:06 AM |

So, I have to start taking care of my community service hours and a children's hospital. I don't know how that's going to work out considering I don't really do well around kids. (HOW DO YOU DEAL WITH KIDS YT?)

ON the bright side, I'll have something to do other than YTing all day and exercising some at night.

I want to run a marathon one day. How hard is it to do that?

I'm bored. Be entertaining in my not so entertaining journal. Please?

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I can`t f-cking sleep. - Mood:Exhausted
Sunday May 23 20102:11:58 AM |
What can I do to fall asleep?

How's your day/night been?

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Entertain(Me)? - Mood:Good
Thursday April 22 20109:08:53 AM |
So, I didn't go to school today because I lost my math book and I'm supposed to be looking for it now, but I'm putting that off till tomorrow morning when I have to go back to school.

How's your day going so far?

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It`s been almost a year! - Mood:Happy
Thursday April 15 20105:53:16 PM |
In three days it will be a year since I last posted a journal.. I liked how the last one was for Pinkconverse.

This is also my fourth journal every since I joined YT.

Anywho, I exercised for the first time in a long while today. I'm in awe at the fact that I finally got off my computer, but I can't say that this isn't accompanied by a wanting to cry and vomit. My hands shake when I type. (Also, mosquitoes are eating my alive.)

Although I am going to start exercising more often, I don't know what the appropriate eating habits are that I need to accompany the exercise.

How do you eat to get in shape? (and don't say with your mouths )

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Saturday April 18 20097:26:35 PM |
I think the most under appreciated member on this site is Pinkconverse.

She is terribly misunderstood because nobody takes the time to meet the real her.

She is beautiful truly, inside and out. I have no idea as to why one wouldn't want to befriend such an amazing person.

Quite frankly, I love Pinkconverse. She gives me a reason to wake up every morning, knowing that beauty such as hers graces this morose planet.

"Sometimes when i feel scared and alone, i yell out 'Pinkconverse' really loudly. It makes me brave and gives me a boner."

My day was pretty f-cking uneventful. I'm about to eat a hot dog.

Oh, I'm going to my first Jiu Jitsu competition in late June!

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""Yes ma`am... What?... No, I forgot my protection." - Mood:Indifferent
Wednesday November 12 20087:51:32 PM |
Today sucked balls.

I got up late, my gym clothes were dirty, I stepped in dog sh-t as I was walking to school.... the list goes on and on.

Do any of you wonderful YTers remember a thread where a certain alter was threaten to blackmail PinkConverse?

If you're helpful, you get a high five...


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how come people hate rap so much - Mood:Confused
Wednesday January 16 20085:46:08 PM |
i mean why can't people just accept that it is music and that just because there are bad rappers out there, that may not make sense sometimes, it doesn't mean that all rap music is crap like most people seem to think...
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random - Mood:Good
Wednesday December 26 20079:46:22 PM |
Flying Sharks and Swimming Birds
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