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Female, 34 years old
Louisville, Kentucky, Midwest US

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Fav. Car: One that runs.
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My 3 month hiatus... - Mood:Bored
Friday January 30 201510:39:52 PM |
I tend to take break from here. Long breaks, really. I am popping back in because I am going effing crazy! I had surgery and now I'm off work for 3 months, which is neat ,but at the same time I have cabin fever.

I want it to be over. Now.
I'm sorry for the rant.
I've taken getting in and out of the tub for granted!
I need ideas to keep me from going murderous crazy.

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Many moons..... - Mood:Good
Wednesday June 06 20129:39:45 PM |
It feels like its been right around 10 years since I've even logged on here. I'm at work, I'm bored, an I miss YT.

....and how are you all?

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There is no snooze button on a cat who wants breakfast... - Mood:Exhausted
Tuesday October 19 20106:53:30 PM |
I saw that quote awhile ago and thought it was sort of random and odd.

Anyway...I started cosmetology school today.
I seriously wish I would have just finished the first time.
I hate mornings...we aren't friends and I have to be there at 8, so I have to get up at 6 and make the hour long drive.
Yay for new stuff, though!

How are you YTers?

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I`ve been gone for so long..... - Mood:Good
Tuesday October 12 20107:02:35 PM |
...that YT seems completely dead.
Is it just me or has it been like this for awhile?
I have been gone for quite some time.

Someone come to a Stars Wars exhibit with me at a museum close to here.

Anyway....hows YT?

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Was that you on the phone? - Mood:Good
Thursday June 10 20108:48:27 PM |
I've finished packing all of the random crap in my room that I didn't realize I had.
And now....
I need someone with a big truck or a trailer or something to help me haul the furniture.
Any takers?
I'm ready to get out of here.

This place is crap.

How are you tonight?

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So I decided that since it`s been about 74 years..... - Mood:Exhausted
Wednesday July 29 20097:44:17 PM |
That I would sign back onto YT.
I'm just never excited to get on here anymore.
Then again I don't think anyone is.

But are the YTers?
Have I missed out on anything or is it the same old same old jazz.

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And so it begins - Mood:Good
Thursday January 22 20097:19:09 PM |
....and I'm back.
For like a minute.
Only because I'm sitting in the library on campus waiting for the boy to get out of class.

I hate this semester.
All of my classes suck and they don't interest me at all.
But what can you do. work....that's my life right now.

How are you all doing this freezing ass evening?

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This week and I...we are not friends. - Mood:Overwhelmed
Wednesday October 22 20088:17:44 PM |
I am sick of all the studying!
I've been studying non-stop since Saturday night.
I've had a midterm everyday this week.

My anatomy midterm was supposed to be on Monday..but of course the teacher didn't print the tests out over the weekend.
I don't know why.
So he gets to class late and then tells us we have to wait quite a bit longer and then when he gets back that only gives us 45 minutes to take the test.
Some girls bitched because they had midterms in 45 minutes so he postponed it and we took it today.

Make the tests go away.

How has your week been?

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Mother fu..... - Mood:Exhausted
Wednesday October 15 20088:18:29 PM |
I am in an absolutely horrible mood.

Also....I am so god damn tired lately.
I don't understand why.
I know I'm not getting too much sleep.
And I am getting at least 7-8 hours every night.
I just wake up exhausted and I stay that way the entire day.
Someone make it go away!

How are you all?

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Gimme Gimme More - Mood:Good
Monday October 13 20086:53:24 PM |
Some girl kept singing that song today and class and now it's stuck in my head.

Tomorrow I am going to see a comedian hypnotist on campus.
I'm definitely excited.
I have never seen a real hypnotist.
I invited one of my friends and he wants to volunteer to be hypnotized.

Have any of you seen a hypnotist?

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So it`s finally back.... - Mood:Exhausted
Sunday October 12 20087:47:09 PM |
My computer that is.
I had to send it in to the HP center and of course they took years to send it back.

School is well.
I hate early morning classes.
Morning and I are not friends.
We hate eachother.

Oh...and I didn't know there was an ugly contest while I was gone.
Thanks for nominated me. nose is huge.

So anyway....
I've been gone for like a month.
What else did I miss and how are you all?

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Show me the...... - Mood:Good
Tuesday September 02 20081:45:46 PM |
Pictures of you and your significant other!
I love relationships.
And couples are just too cute.
So I wanna see.
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And so it begins - Mood:Sad
Sunday August 24 20088:15:01 PM |
The first day of classes.

I was excited, but now I'm dreading it.
I have 4 straight hours of classes....but only 2 classes.
One of my classes is 3 hours long.
I really don't feel like sitting in the same classroom for 3 hours. are the rest of you tonight?

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I love it when... - Mood:Good
Thursday July 31 20086:59:07 PM |
People make journals about me.
Quit whining.

Anyway...I am done with my job on the 15th.
I was expecting to be there at least another week...maybe more.
They decided to lay off the entire plant, though.

Now I'm stuck with no job.
And school starts on the 25th.

But......I did get approved for my student loan!!!

I need a new car.

What's going on with you?

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It`s official!!!!!!!! - Mood:Ecstatic
Saturday July 12 200812:38:08 AM |
I am now 21!!!
Where are my presents?
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No body likes you... - Mood:Good
Friday July 11 20083:59:49 PM |
I am still waiting for my puppy since tomorrow is my birthday.
I ate chinese today and I think it was a huge mistake because I feel horrible.
And I'm tired.

I stay up late looking at all the YT drama.

What did you eat for lunch today?

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Can we forget about the things I said when I was drunk..... - Mood:Good
Thursday July 10 200811:14:44 PM |
Yeah that song is stuck in my head.
I have no idea why.
I haven't heard it in ages.

I'm f*cking tired.
My birthday is on Saturday.
Buy me a puppy.

I sat around a fire tonight and now my eyes burn like hell.

How are you all tonight?

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Mother F*cker! - Mood:Smug
Tuesday July 08 20087:39:18 PM |
What is with all the random buddy invitations I have been getting today?
My boyfriend and I went out to a mexican restaraunt and now I feel horribly sick.
I probably have food poisoning or something.

I am outrageously bored.
I will be on MSN soon.
Someone should talk to me.

How are all of you tonight?

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Happy Birthday to..... - Mood:Good
Sunday July 06 20085:44:20 PM |
Ok ok....not until Saturday.
I will be 21!
What are you all getting me.

Anyway....the boyfriend and I went to the zoo yesterday.
It was fun.
It's a pretty small zoo...but still fun.

How are all of you other YTers?

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Another new job.. - Mood:Exhausted
Monday June 16 20085:55:15 PM |
That's right.
I quit my job at the portrait studio to work in a factory.
But it's only for the summer and it was a lot more money so I had to.
I need to buy a car, tbh.

Anyway....I am now working at the H2 plant here in town.
First shift...5:30 in the morning until 2.
Wednesday and Thursday until 3.
And most of July I will be working 10 hour days and sometimes on Saturdays.
But that's ok.
Overtime is time and a half and weekends are double time.
I am exhausted, though.

How are my fellow YTer's?

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Still in pain... - Mood:Good
Tuesday May 20 20088:59:07 PM |
I finally got my wisdom teeth out last Thursday.
All I have to say is holy sh*t.
I can honestly say I probably had the worst doctor ever.
I decided to stay away and I had to have 10 shots to numb my mouth since I was getting all 4 out.
Well he tells me to raise my hand if I am not numb yet.
So he starts pulling and I raise my hand up and he said, "Well I am not numbing you anymore so you are just going to have to work with me."

So basically I could feel a lot of what was going on.
I bled a lot that day.
And I bled a little for the next probably 3 days.
My face swelled up like you wouldn't believe.

I'm doing alright now.
Just a little sore and I have a bruise on my chin that also goes down my neck from the procedure.
Oh well.
What can you do right.

How are you all tonight?

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I almost forgot how bad it hurts. - Mood:Good
Wednesday May 14 20088:21:04 PM |
I finally two of my tattoos touched up today.
It was long overdue.
But of course...I had forgotten how bad it hurts.

Also...I get the wisdom teeth out tomorrow.
Not too excited.
Oh well.

I worked 50 hours in the last week.
Today was finally my first day off and I am off work until Friday.
I need sleep.
I do love my job, though.

How are all of you?

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Why! - Mood:Good
Wednesday May 07 20088:22:55 PM |
Does YT have to keep changing its layout and sh*t.
It's stressing me out.

So I started my job last month and all was going well.
I finally got the hang of things and what not.
And then of course we go digital and I have to forget everything I learned and learn something new again.
And I have to have 40 hours of training for this before I can start taking pictures again.
So I work 10 hours on Saturday and 9 on Sunday.
That is mothers day so I feel horrible that I won't get to spend the day with my mom.
I need to figure out what to get her.

How are you all?

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And if I don`t wake up all my money goes too.... - Mood:Good
Monday May 05 20088:16:17 PM |
Psh...I have no monies.

On May 19th I'm getting my wisdom teeth cut out.
I'm scared sh*tless.
I've heard it hurts like hell afterwards.

I don't want to have in IV.
I absolutely hate them.
Also...I have that day off work and I'm not going to take off any extra days.
I don't know if that's a bad idea or not. are all of you?

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Living my life like it`s golden. - Mood:Exhausted
Wednesday April 16 20084:10:05 PM |
So...I finally started my new job.
On Monday.
At a portrait studio.
It's lovely.
Except....I'm so f*cking tired since people bring in their children and you have to run around and deal with that.
It's ok, though.
They are cute.
I love kids.

The weather is finally getting nice.
I am so excited.

John and I are celebrating our 2 year this Saturday!!!
I can't wait.

How are you all?

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