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Female, 35 years old
Washington County, Oregon, Western US

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How young is too young? - Mood:Ashamed
Wednesday May 21 20086:22:11 PM |
As a 21 year old female, I find the idea of dating a 17 year old boy to be pretty disturbing....


When we hang out he's so damn charming and perfect I can't even stand it. He's more mature and polite and respectful than anyone I know my own age (or older for that matter).

I certainly wasn't looking for something like this, but now I've got it and it's really hard to try and tell him now that we can not be going out. He's clearly on the winning end of this situation, so the age issue really doesn't concern him, but I feel like such a perv.

Also, we work together...


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This week has rapidly gone to sh*t. - Mood:Spent
Friday April 18 20084:28:51 PM |
This week has been pretty miserable so far, which was fine because starting tonight I had lots of fun things to do which would make up for the completely lame nature of the past five days.

My weekend however is now being deconstructed piece by piece over the course of the morning/afternoon and now I've got one thing left to look forward to which will almost certainly be cancelled by the time I leave for work.

I'm trying to be positive here, but every time by phone rings something else goes wrong and I'm running out of patience with the rest of the world.

I just want to be mean and grouchy and sit around hating life, but instead I have to go be nice to people and pretend that I don't want to stab everyone in the building.

I need to find my happy face before three. Any suggestions?


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Has anyone ever gotten ill from yoga? - Mood:Exhausted
Tuesday February 12 20087:18:00 AM |
I took an actual yoga class last night for the first time, and ever since I've felt absolutely miserable. It's not just that my muscles are sore, but my head is throbbing, I feel like I'm going to be sick, I'm super tense and sort of dizzy.....

I don't know how rolling about on the floor stretching for a bit could do this to me, but it's the only thing I did last night and it started immediately after class.

I just want it to stop so I can go to sleeeeeeep.

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Have opinions? Come share them! - Mood:Good
Friday November 23 20071:25:53 AM |
I’m looking for 8-10 people to participate in a community development survey. It’s four questions (plus any follow-ups) that basically look at what people see as the most important world issues and how willing they are to make positive changes.
Here’s the questions for any one that’s interested in helping me out:

1.If you could change the world, what kind of world would you want this to be?

2.What could/should we do as a community to get there?

3.What do you think the first step is?

4. What do you think the biggest challenges are?

I also need some background/context info, if you’re not willing to give that it’s not a huge deal, you can just leave it blank.

Name(first only is fine):
Job/Education Status:

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving.

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For the technologically savvy... - Mood:Hopeful
Friday November 09 20075:31:56 PM |
Does anyone know if it's even remotely possible, under any circumstances, to recover a deleted file/image from a mobile phone??
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If you were told to write about gays in the city... - Mood:Bored
Wednesday May 02 200712:12:18 AM |
What would your focus be? The context of the coursework at this time is urban planning, but the paper was not specified to be about urban planning. And the only requirements are 6 pages, gays in the city.

I have no idea what to write about, that's so broad. So I guess I'm wondering what comes to mind for you when you think of those two things.

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Does anyone know what to do when your cat dies? - Mood:Exhausted
Tuesday April 03 20079:36:01 AM |
Is there some kind of "oh drating hell, my cat has died in the night" procedure? I have no idea how to handle this...
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Someone has got to remember this damn song... - Mood:Hopeful
Tuesday March 28 20062:17:39 AM |
I am completely aware of the music forum but would prefer a quicker repsonse and have chosen to post my inquiry here anyway.

Does anyone remember the song that came out in the 90s that was to the tune of the I dream of Genie song? I can't for the life of me remember who sings it or hear any of the lyrics clearly in my head. The only thing that comes up when I try to search for it is Genie in a Bottle, which is not the correct song...


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Completely useless - Mood:Disgusted
Thursday June 03 20049:28:33 PM |
My computer was destroyed and supposedly fixed (rebuilt) a couple weeks ago, but now it doesn't do poo. Everything is broken without any reason, the scanner, webcam, photosuite...nothing works! It's so frustrating, I was surprisingly dependent on this stupid computer and now it's up and running but offers nothing of use to me.

I was also told the information off my 'corrupt' harddrive would still be accessible, but there's no point to that either. None of the old programs or screensavers or anything is functional on the new hardrive either.

I haven't posted a journal in so is everyone else tonight?

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What topics would you like to see in an indep. magazine? - Mood:Anxious
Monday November 03 20039:20:33 PM |
The highschool's Activism Awareness and Free Speech Club is putting out a zine, our first issue is done but we need ideas for the next issues. So far there's a lot of political/war articles, and hte next issue might have some stuff on the pledge, techonological advances and at-home piercings.

We also need a name, but no one in the group will suggest any thing, any ideas?

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My first F of the school year... - Mood:Indifferent
Wednesday October 29 200310:15:54 PM |
Thursday before last I was put in an Algebra 2 class. I suck at math, first of all. And as of that point I was 2 months behind. In the last week I've spent $300 dollars on a tutor and a graphing calculator which I don't even know how to use. From last Sunday to Sunday of last week I spent at least 2 hours, every single day with a tutor. And we worked until I was pretty much caught up. Then I take a test, and get 50/100.

The quarter is almost over and I don't understand why they're making me redo all the work when tests are what matter and I'm going to fail them all. There's also other things the class turns in, like warm-ups and worksheets that will no doubt drop my grade that the teacher isn't telling me about.

I should just start over with the new quarter. This is massively depressing, I was so damn happy not to have a math class this year. I should have known it was too good.

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I got my x-mas presents early!!! - Mood:Good
Saturday September 27 20039:22:09 PM |
Me and a friend went downtown and walked up a street in Portland and went in a bunch of shops today. Mostly antique shops and little gift shop type deals. My friend bought me an Elvis x-mas record, and a pack of about 75 X-Files cards.

Then I got some Elvis matches, and a Rooney cd for $1 and a picture or some woman from 1955. She's really pretty. Today was a good day for cheap crap. And I found lots of neat stuff to buy other people for x-mas.

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I don`t think I`ve EVER been this excited... - Mood:Ecstatic
Tuesday September 16 20039:07:05 PM |
Not only am I seeing the White Stripes tomorrow guilt free, but Noe Venable is going to be doing a free show at a store near the concert an hour before hand.

For those who don't know, I've been struggling with whether or not to go see the White Stripes b/c I live with just my dad and that would mean him driving to Portland at 11 at night when he has to work the next day. And I don't feel right making him do that. But now I'm going with an older friend who can drive and is awesome and I'm making her take me to both shows!

*Does happy dance* I wish I had a cool dancing smiley for this special occasion. Where's Tim-tom when you need him?

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Should I be worried that I don`t want to talk to my friends? - Mood:Confused
Wednesday September 10 200310:14:36 PM |
I don't even have the energy to respond to them any more. If it wouldn't be rude I'd just stare at them all the time and never say a word. I like having (some) of them around, but the conversations we have are so draining and meaningless.
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Look what my friend got at the Dollar Tree!! - Mood:Good
Monday September 08 20039:19:06 PM |

Oh yeah, animal masks, so sexy. She bought at least 10 of them and had them scattered all over the back seat of her car. So I stole the cow and the bunny, now I've got Halloween and Easter covered.

There were lions and tigers and bears (oh my). Gorillas and elephants. It's awesome. We plan to run around school with them sometime soon. I can't believe to were only a dollar each.

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Good times. Finally. - Mood:Happy
Friday September 05 20039:19:29 PM |
Even though I will most likey have a bunch of homework, I'm pretty happy and excited about this school year. My classes are fantastic, my teachers are awesome too (except for my english teacher...) and I don't have any math classes.

After 3 months of being hug free, and finally got my hug buddy back. I know I won't get very many hugs this year because of some drama with the people around us, but the hug I got today will last me awhile. It really made my day.

Last night was awesome too. I went and saw Chuck Palahnuik at Borders, and got my books signed. He also told a couple stories involving rectal prolapse, two headed retard babies and candle wax being inserted into some one's penis. One lady fainted.

I'm glad I have bad short term memory and that the last two days were good enough to make up for two bad months.

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$40 in books and now reading is unappealing to me. - Mood:Sad
Sunday August 31 200310:12:35 PM |
I was prepared for a couple solid days of pleasant reading. Now my night has been spoiled by my life's protaganist and I'm sure it will carry out into the rest of the week.

How nice it is to know people who's goal it is to try and piss you off. Even better that they don't realize they're doing it.

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Well I was in a good mood... - Mood:Sad
Friday August 29 200311:52:08 AM |
For about a week I thought everything would be ok. Then I realized that I was making absolutely no progress. As much as I'd love to bring a happy note to YT things just aren't going well. And I'm 13-17 so it must just be that.

Maybe being 18-29 will make everything ok. I'm not that far off so maybe this is all just my imagination. Everyday sucks but on March 20th of 2005 things will get better. That's what's been said so that's what I'll wait for. The start of school has put a bad spin on things, I thought I'd be ok if I pretended I was fine but I don't think it's working anymore. Thankfully I don't start until Thursday and I have a chance to make things a bit better.

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I`ve finally done it - Mood:Good
Thursday August 28 200310:19:40 PM |
I've lost one of my books. It's one of my favorites too! I don't really keep my books all in one spot, and now I can't find one. I'm sure it will turn up tomorrow when I can search the house without worrying about being quite. But still, I'm a little distraught.
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Picture day has made me realize... - Mood:Good
Wednesday August 20 20032:45:22 PM |
I have a head tilting problem. I don't think I'm capable of holding my head up straight. It might be all the neck cracking, or possibly the two muscle spasms that practically glued my ear to my shoulder for a week...Who knows, all I know is now I'm paranoid about it.
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My excitement for the week... - Mood:Good
Saturday August 16 20039:54:05 PM |
Yesterday my friend picked me up and took me around Portland for the day. We don't see each other often but we try to get in one long day a month. These days generally include the mall, the movies and dinner. But this time I got some music too.
The day included
*About an hour in Waldens books where I got Choke by Chuck Palahniuk
*A walk to an indie record store in downtown Portland where I got a Mazzy Star cd and a Saddle Creek compilation
*2 hours in Powells, the new/used book warehouse of Portland, searching just one section of the store.
*Dinner in a creepy little mexican restaurant
*And finally, we went to see Grind. Not bad.

It's probably for the best that I only get out once a month, I spent about 40 dollars...but it was fun and I got some CDs and a book out of it.

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Crazy lady update - Mood:Indifferent
Tuesday August 12 20035:32:57 PM |
Yeah, so the lady(Trashed)that said I was hot earlier today finally PMed me back after asking her how she even knows what I look like. This is what I got:
"your picture or wait is that the guy from the vines?"

...Hmm...Now I know she's new, but it says right next to my avy that I'm female. And she knows the picture is of a male...She wasn't even sure if it was me, but still decided to inform me that I'm 'really hot'.

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Wow, some people.... - Mood:Confused
Tuesday August 12 200312:51:44 PM |
This here lady PMed me to tell me that I'm really hot...But I don't know her, and my picture isn't up anywhere around here. Or anywhere at all for that matter...Seeing how she's never seen a picture me, that's a strange thing to say.
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Is a minidisc player a practical purchase? - Mood:Good
Sunday August 03 200310:15:25 PM |
I've searched around, and found the best one in terms of price and function for my purpose. I'm buying it on Ebay so it's risky. But it comes with cables, software, a remote, and a minidisc. It's $82 plus $10 shipping which is good seeing how it's normally $150-230. I'm not sure if it's really worth it though. Does anyone here have one?
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How can they not have my movie? - Mood:Good
Saturday August 02 200310:25:58 PM |
They didn't have Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas at Blockbuster! That has to be a crime or something. It's not even that it was already rented, they just don't have it!
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