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Female, 29 years old
Winterhold, Skyrim, Midwest US

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There are strangers on my couch. - Mood:Surprised
Saturday January 25 201412:28:06 PM |
Two moderately attractive stranger boys are asleep in my living room. Who are these men and why are they here and why did my cat ditch sleeping on my lap to sleep on theirs and why did no one tell me there were stranger boys in the living room because I just walked downstairs in my undies.

It's my house, I should get to wear my undies whenever and wherever, right? All my roommates are either out of town or at work right now. It's supposed to be dance around the house in my undies time...

I'm a little upset/disappointed.

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Flirty conversations - Mood:Good
Monday July 29 20139:25:13 PM |
Getting hit on? I don't know what to even call it. I mean,"getting hit on" sounds so...aggressive..and inconsiderate...

Anyway, I've heard some ridiculous flirty lines lately, some of them more obvious that others.
Oh, pick up lines. That's a good thing to call it.
Back to the point. Tell me your best pick up line/getting hit on/hitting on someone/stranger flirt stories.

Or flirting styles. How do you flirt? I've come to realize that flirting is not something that I know how to do. Words are hard and I am not smooth with them. I see all my single friends and their courtship escapades and I just want to gag at everything they tell these potential suitors.

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Things I want - Mood:Good
Sunday July 14 201310:40:12 PM |
I want to be more vulgar.
I want to be able to make words more spontaneously.
I want to be done with college.
I want to make enough money to pay rent, have a nice car, and maybe shop at Whole Foods.

I'm sure I want more things, but I have a migraine and it makes braining hurt. I can't even really see my keyboard and I may throw up. I hate migraines.

I also f*cking hate relationships. I just talked to my bf on the phone and I asked if I could use his amazon account to watch some Game of Thrones. He was all reluctant to give me his password and then he went all, "You have been ignoring everything that I want. I feel like I tell you clearly what I need and you ignore it." Now I'm just migraine-y and upset. He hasn't told me anything. The only thing I can think of is that he seemed upset that I saw Word War Z without him.


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Bare midriff! Drink! - Mood:Good
Tuesday June 11 201312:37:49 AM |
I now understand sports. It's not about the sports. It's about yelling at the tele.
I'm watching Toddlers and Tiaras and drinking beer. A lot of beer maybe. And a lot of shouting at the tv.

In other news, I got a friend with a pole in the basement.

When does one know when they have a drinking problem?

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And suddenly, the smaller things didn`t matter - Mood:Good
Monday June 10 201312:07:31 AM |

So this happened. I was just sitting in my living room when the ceiling started to rain. We pulled a "90s sitcom problem solver" and used every pot in our kitchen to catch the water. Maintenance did an anti-ran dance. About an hour later, I was sitting on the couch, right in that corner seat that you can see in the picture, when the ceiling just fell. Shock, I was in. If I were just two feet to my right, man, two feet.

I hope they fix it soon.

I would also like to share this picture of my cat.

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Dear Lord I`m out of shape - Mood:Good
Thursday June 06 20136:27:08 PM |
Exercise hurts. Why am I doing this? Stop, child. For the love of God, stop.

First workout of the summer that didn't include the wii is complete. I fixed my bike. I thought it was such a waste to live without a bike within eyesight of a bike trail. This trail has too many hills and now I'm probably going to die. I'd like to be able to bike all the way to my hometown, though. It's about 30 miles down the trail.

You know what would be the best? I wish I had the courage to just eat everything that I want and never exercise and just get really really fat. It wouldn't be very hard. My metabolism is sh*t. If I ate greasy foods, I'd probably gain pounds like mad.

Who else is in for a healthy lifestyle? Let's be workout-then-complain-about-it-but-enjoy-the-results buddies.

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Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue. - Mood:Good
Monday May 06 20139:51:45 PM |
I'm drinking Pepsi from a hand-blown glass cup. Hand-blown by me. I blow glass now. This is not an invitation for dirty jokes.


I arrived to my mother's place of residence this evening. I'm going to live on her couch for the summer. I'd say it like any normal college student does and be all "I've come home for the summer!", but my mom moved and I don't have a room at her new place (or a bed). It's okay though. I plan on spending the days I don't have to work at my lover's. I'm going there tonight. I cannot express how glad I am to know sexy times are only a few hours away.

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I`ve had a startling realization - Mood:Bored
Sunday May 05 201310:57:20 PM |
I'm going to be an elementary art teacher. I will be working with kids all day.

I've also never had the chicken pox.

I don't like these facts in the same context.

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Well I`m popular - Mood:Exhausted
Saturday May 04 20138:32:03 PM |
It's like one of those gritty high school movies where the outcast teenager throws a party and no one shows up and she ends up eating pizza and cake by herself in a corner...except I'm not really an outcast and I'm perfectly fine if no one actually shows up.

I invited some friends over to watch Star Wars. A bunch said they would definitely come, except no one is here yet. It's the weekend before finals, so there's that. Part of me is kind of hoping that no one shows up. I can go to bed then.

I went kayaking this morning. It was a blast, but my arms hurt.

I got of a bunch of free things today. This, I like. I've been too bummed lately. Here, have a picture of me and my cat.

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Guess who just got herself a job! - Mood:Good
Monday April 29 20138:23:18 PM |
At least, she got herself a two-week trial job that she gets to keep if she's good at..which is no probably because she will rock this. Guessing who it is was rhetorical, by the way. It's me. I got the job!

It's at one of those cute little pottery painting venues. I'll be putting on my people face (which I do all the time anyway because someone I turned out to be an extrovert) and host birthday parties and camps and other groups.

I'm super proud of getting this job because I didn't even fill out an application or send in a resume. I basically just found their website and decided that I would be awesome there. (Look how I used their vs. there properly in one sentence!) The website had no information on employment, so I just emailed the manager and told her why my experience and aspirations would make me a good employee.

I get a gold star.

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Drunk rants - Mood:Suspicious
Saturday April 27 201312:07:44 AM |
It turns out that if you mix cream soda with vodka and then dissolve a cherry jolly rancher in that, you get a delicious drink htat tastes like adult childhood and dreams and then you're drunk. Excuse my typing, should I mistype. The keys keep moving.

Men, why do you suck? You suck. Go away. I hate you. Let's get it on.

I need summer break to come. I'm drowning in school work. Only one more week, but stupid art projects and portfolios are killing me. My glass final is due Tuesday and the thing I ordered to use for it isn't going to arrive until Wednesday. FML.

I got a job interview. That's nice.

But seriously, men, why do you suck? Maybe I suck. My head feels nice when it moves.

I have less rants than I thought. Get drunk with me.

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Today is the best day - Mood:Good
Tuesday March 19 201311:43:01 PM |
Because we got a kitttttttttttttty!

His name is Grover and he is 2 years old and he has the most beautiful eyes and soft fur. He's friendly and likes to lay in my lap and I love him already.

I am ignoring all other responsibilities, because cat.

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I went on a non-date. - Mood:Good
Monday March 11 20134:41:00 PM |
We met up at an arcade-type place. We sat down near the bowling alley and he took out two boxes of crayons and a Star Wars coloring book.

It was the best non-date I've ever been on. It's too bad that I'm in no place to really date anyone new right now. I told the non-date guy this. I didn't want to lead him on. He's a super cool person.

In other news, I was drunk pretty much all weekend. It started with my first experience at a bar. It was karaoke night, so my sister and her boyfriend took me. I got hit on by a guy named Doug with a D. It ended with the Southside Irish Parade. Apparently if you wear enough green, they don't even notice that you're nothing close to Irish.

Also, sometimes I get super distracted by my own boobs.

Also also, I need a job. Someone find me an artsy summer job. Kthanksbye.

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Why is this glory hole giving me a tan? - Mood:Good
Thursday February 28 20135:09:17 PM |
Today wasn't a good day for glass blowing. I didn't make anything well.
Today isn't a good day for art at all. I couldn't even decide on wood at Menards. I did teach a student how to draw a cube. Then I gave her an inspirational speech about how she shouldn't be afraid to make something just because she doesn't know how yet. I'm such a good teacher.
Last week was a good art week. These happened last week.

But anyway, I'm going to an orientation at The children's museum. I orientate and then I will volunteer there to teach art to kids. Let's hope it goes well!
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Updates and things, plus Struggles - Mood:Good
Monday February 25 20139:03:57 PM |
Breakups really do suck. I'm still not doing so great, but at least I'm not crying every night. I've got far too much to do with school to think about it much, really.

I've gone down a whole size because of this breakup, though. I suppose that's a silver lining?

I don't know if you read my previous journal about my most recent painting, but the critique was today. I think it went really well. The class seemed to enjoy the fact that they had to interact with it.

Struggles. Struggles is mine! Mwahaha. I named my sister's car Struggles. It's an old piece of poo that barely works, hence the name. It's old, but it's a car and it's free and it's mine.

Also, I want to share with you my beautiful new blue cardigan. I've always wanted one this color. I'm obsessed with it.

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I have an idea and my professor is MIA - Mood:Good
Tuesday February 12 20137:16:50 PM |
So YT opinion party!

I have a painting project due in a few weeks. The subject is "metaphor" which is a really silly topic, if you ask me, because almost any painting with meaning is a metaphor. You paint birds flying into a sunset and it could be a metaphor for freedom or something.

Buttttttt anyway. As my last journal described, I have been going through the worst breakup of my life. It's all I can think about now, and it seems like all the great artists make great things from their "blue" periods. Picasso, anyone?

So my idea. I want to paint a sort of series on the 5 stages of loss/grief. I think it'd be so "done" if I just have 5 little canvases and painted one stage on each of them. What I would like to do is to make one large canvas, which would be the canvas for "acceptance."


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This is a horrible horrible feeling - Mood:Exhausted
Sunday February 10 20131:50:44 AM |
I got dumped a few hours ago. I've never been dumped before. I really really love him. I don't want this.

We had all these plans. I turn 21 next week. We've been plotting for months bout going out to the bars together finally. We just went to Vermont to visit is family. When we're together, we have so much fun.

Distance. He said it's the distance. I'm 2 hours away at school. I thought the times we got to share together made the long distance worth it.

I was home a few weeks ago. He told me that we wanted to tell me when I was home, face to face, but he chickened out. He let me f*ck him 3 times when he knew he would break up with me. The worst part is that he said that he loves me. He said it literally 5 minutes before the breakup.

He's an ass. This feels so bad. My two best friends showed up. One brought whiskey and one brought weed. I'm so incoherent now...and it still hurts...

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Class Ditching Status: Satisfied - Mood:Good
Thursday February 07 20137:15:01 PM |
I didn't go to class today. For shame, Tay, for shame. The thought of staying at home in my footsie pajammies was overwhelmingly pleasant.

I made hot chocolate! Then I drank it. Then I drank limeade. When I was in middle school, I had limeade for the first time and I thought it was some magical drink from another country. I thought that well into high school.

I spent a great deal of my day dancing around my room to David Bowie. Then I put on David Bowie makeup. Then I took a picture and put a rainbow filter on it because rainbow is my favourite colour.

My lip looks so puffy. Lip stick is so weird. Ladies, how do you wear this stuff?

But um, yeah. Wanna go to McDonald's and eat 80 hamburgers with me?

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I finally feel excited about my future instead of immobilizing fear. - Mood:Good
Thursday January 24 201310:05:21 PM |
I decided today to add another major to my degree. I have just been enjoying glass so much that I'm going to double major in art education and glass blowing. This choice makes me happy. When working with glass, I'm forced to focus on the task at hand. There aren't distractions like the internet or tv. Time flies. It's this damn internet that has been draining my enthusiasm about school...but I like learning. I like knowing things. Plus, how cool would it be to say someday, "Hah, yeah, I majored in glass blowing in college."?

Oh, and kind strangers! I encountered one today. Kind of. I went into a coffee shop and ordered a drink and they lady told me that the person in front of me paid for my drink. Except I was the only one in line. But still, that was a lovely addition to my day.

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Well, Schucks, my life is kinda cool - Mood:Good
Tuesday January 22 20136:21:03 PM |
I blew glass today for the first time. It was wonderfully terrifying. Ah, it was brilliant. Today does not feel like it was a school day.

I'm in a pretty good mood, watching Law and Order n' sh*t. SVU, baby. Yesterday, I cleaned my house. The tidy environment definitely has a positive effect on my mood too.

I'm in a good place regarding my love life, as well. The boyfriend and I got into a disagreement a few days ago. It wasn't really a fight, but rather an unpleasant discussion. After we talk things through, though, I always feel like we're so much closer. It makes things nice. Plus, you know, make up sex.

I'm thinking about giving the bottom layer of my hair rainbow highlights. Color is my favorite.

But yeah. I got problems, sure, but I got me some nice lemons of life. I haven't felt this elevated in a while. I like this.

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So what is a good flight like, then? - Mood:Good
Thursday January 03 20136:28:45 PM |
I just got off a plane for my very first airplane experience. I thought it was so exciting! My boyfriend feels that that particular ride was unpleasant. If that sucked, then how good is good?!

I'm really excited for this trip. I'm driving through New York right now (well, passengering) We're on on way to my boyfriend's parent's house in Vermont. I have never met them before and they live in a mansion and that is intimidating. What kind of people need an elevator in their house?!

I guess we'll go skiing. That sounds fun. We'll also see his mom's opera. My boyfriend's mom is in an opera. Schucks. Oh and then I get to go on a plane again! All for free, too. Thank you, flight attendant aunt of mine!

I feel so good.

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Oh my god, yt, I think I`m going to die. - Mood:Good
Friday December 21 20128:40:22 AM |
I was freaking out all week because my period was late.

Now, I have never wished more in my life to be pregnant.

Cramps. They hurt. Like f*cking hell oh bajeesus f*cknugget they hurt. Whyyyyy? Why would God do this to me? Ahhhhhh the painnnnnnnnn.

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Living with boys is hard - Mood:Good
Thursday December 20 20125:57:58 PM |
So I'm staying at my boyfriend's place while I'm on break. He has two roommates, which I'm used. I am not, however, used to having roommates that are male. I haven't lived with a guy since I was 8.

This is all very different for me:
1. Men walking around in only boxers
2. Me wanting to walk around in only boxers and a bra and not being able to
3. Toilet seat up (also, if the majority of people living here is male, then should the rule be that I leave the seat up?)
4. Very dirty shower
5. Very dirty kitchen
6. The only thing in the fridge being beer (which I fixed-I can't eat out everyday. That's gross.)
7. My boyfriend's bed is just a mattress on the floor. I feel like I should be hosting heroine parties.

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Thanks a lot, dad. - Mood:Good
Wednesday December 12 201211:49:48 AM |
Genetics, man, genetics. I have such a weird nose. I mean, I got a lot of my more dominant physical traits from mi padre (my eyes, my round face, my non-vampire teeth) but come on man, the nose? It's like the nostrils and the shaft have no barrier and from certain angles it looks huge but then I turn and it's like LOL NOPE because my nose actually isn't big at all.

I'm such a freak.

I guess other than my troll snout, my self-esteem is aight. Not that I think highly of myself, I just have a complete lack of an embarrassment button.

Self-esteem. How high is yours?

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I got so much done today! - Mood:Good
Monday December 10 20127:59:59 PM |
I took two more finals, plus finished the take home final. The only thing I have left to do is show up for class on Thursday. Woohoo!

I also cleaned the kitchen and the living room. It's beautiful.

I painted an entire picture IN OILS. That's not normally a one day ordeal.

I wrapped my boyfriend's Christmas present, too. I didn't want to buy wrapping paper for both his birthday (which is the 21st) and for Christmas, so the Christmas paper says "Happy Birthday (Jesus)". I'm classy like that.

Man, I even played with my hamster today. I love productivity. Now if only I could finish the painting I haven't touch in at least a year...

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