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Female, 36 years old
ny, Western US

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i won`t have to anymore jon groff

Interests: Dogs / Dancing / Games / Theater / Singing
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Birthday:10/11/1985 (36 Years Old)
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Occupation: Dancer
Marital Status: Married
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Religion: Other
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Fav. Movie: good will hunting, you`ve got mail, dead poets
Fav. TV Show: House, macgyver, poker
Fav. Book: Without You by Anthony Rapp
Fav. Song: i like broadway :-) and singer/songwriters
Fav. Food: Donuts
Fav. Car: bah. walkings where its at
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Gimme some good sci fi tv series please - Mood:Good
Saturday July 26 20141:19:56 AM |
All I can think of are

battlestar yadayada
star trek i suppose

What can you think of?

I need a new series to watch through.

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Kids Cuisine are just.. I am too old. - Mood:Good
Thursday July 24 201410:11:00 PM |
I am only in NY state for one more week. Its freaking me out. I need to hardcore pack.

Between not being to the grocery store in awhile and trying to finish off whats left in my apt... Uck. Mac and cheese. TV dinners.
Coconut cream pie which is delicious. Mostly going to waste though as i just can't eat it all myself.

I am watching Star Trek, the new movie one thingy. I don't do Star Trek. I don't know any of the characters, its not my thing. Which is probably a good thing since i have no "omg that actor is SO not Spock!" thoughts, etc. Its quite quippy. I am enjoying the bene-batch of course.

I watched Divergent yesterday. Just.. oh movies that come from books. Never a good. Always feel incomplete. Just not right. Can't put my finger on why. Just.. not quite.. something.

I am freaking scared out of my mind btw. Yes indeed. Leaving everyone/thing I've ever known.

Hold me.

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I bought some Hobnobs - Mood:Good
Tuesday July 15 20148:03:10 AM |
Everyone on British tv mentions them so often, And make them sound good. So I ordered some. Though i find the whole "digestive biscuit" title unappetizing still.

I liked the yt candy exchange. We should do a general junk food/cookie exchange. What are some foreign junk food I should be looking into?

I have tip be up in 3 hours to do some landscaping work. I'm gonna die. So im going to try to get some sleep.

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Dresses for flat girls/ parties/ I need ideas for long thing sticks/ my grandparents can skype now - Mood:Good
Sunday July 13 20149:14:25 PM |
I went to a reunion of my old dance studio yesterday. Awkward (because I'm me) but fun. Wore a dress.

Party today for Bf's birthday and going away party for us. Woo. Yummy. He got all walmart gift cards Hes obsessed with walmart. Wore a dress. Mystepdad almost didn't recognize me.

I need little thing poles for my flowers to climb up since they are vining around themselves and the other flowers, which is not good. I used to have chopstick/ shishkabob sticks but I tossed them. They were like 12 inches. I could use something about a yard long, maybe bit shorter. I'm not sure what to search for though.

I am wearing a cute dress, and realized, its cute because it actually fits me and my small chest. Anyone with more boobage couldn't pull it off. Don't need a bra, woo! Soit got me thinking, I should search for dresses that are made for us flattys.


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I am trying to plan a bus route and I am so drating confused. - Mood:Good
Saturday June 28 20149:21:57 PM |
I've tried to plan a bus route around the city I've lived in my entire life before, and it was confusing. I am trying to plan a bus route to get to my internship site in another state and my brain.. can't even comprehend.

I am trying to find an apt based on the bus route to get to my internship site. And.. its just not going well. I need to find me a Virginia Beachian to tell me where to go.
I'm thinking maybe if i call up the transit peoples on Monday they could help me


I have at least one internship offer, I think. Its exciting. And a giant relief.
I got cupcakes today As a congrats.

My sister's marriage is falling apart

I'm slowly losing my sanity, and falling more into mood/ thought disorders similar to schizophrenia. Fun times.

But, at least i think i have an internship.

I'm excited to pack now.

I have SO much paperwork to do. Ugh.

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Any gardeners out there know about Jade plants? Houseplant? - Mood:Good
Wednesday June 25 20147:13:29 PM |
So, a nurse at the health center knows I like to garden and grow stuff, we chat about it every time I go in. So today when I went in to get my meds refilled she said she had something for me, came back with jade clippings Said they are dried and calloused and ready to be planted.

Thing is, I am moving to Virginia in a month and can't transport it then.

So I'm thinking of potting it, leave it at my grams (she is like the plant whisperer), then picking it back up at christmas when we come visit.

I accidentally left the clipping in my bfs car though He took them out but I won't see him for like a week or two now, anyone know if it'll stay that long or if it needs to be potted right away or if theres a way to nourish it for now?


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here`s my of question of the night - Mood:Good
Wednesday June 25 201412:50:30 AM |

If you live(d) alone would you bother using air freshener in your bathroom to cover up poo smells or is it just for other people?


My wrists hurt from trimming shrubs.

In bfs (moms) new apt (where he is living for a month til we move). Holy suPer cramped. Home tmrw.

Im growing things

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Come on skinny love just last the year - Mood:Good
Monday June 16 20141:54:00 PM |
I have eaten more in the past two days than I have in the past week. I don't know why! I am just constantly hungry. Odd.

I feel more sane. Thats nice. Intake for outpatient partial on Wednesday. Fun times. Going to this thing for 2 weeks is so not in my plan budgety thingy. Ugh. I have to pack, and find an internship. If anything it just causes more stress.

I am so bored. If i was home i could be packing and such but i am still at my bfs. Hes at work. I have the apt to myself. I'd leave and walk somewhere but i don't have a key to get back in.

I need a good game to lose myself in. I like Diner Dash type stuff. Anyone have any suggestions?

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I have an apt to myself. Not sure this is a good thing. - Mood:Good
Saturday June 14 20142:28:32 PM |
I am at my bf's by myself, he is at his friends working on his car.
I still don't feel sane. But I am trying my damnedest to keep it together. Staying off of ledges today Still not sure I should be roaming free. But I'm alright. Its not just me now. It doesn't overly bother me to be in a psych ward. It scares the hell out of my bf. So, trying to be alright for him.

I can't get his tv to work I am watching sytycd on my laptop. I am running out of shows to watch though. Oh the boredom.

We are going to my family's tomorrow for fathers day. Trying to act normal is going to be hard. Bad things happen when they know whats real going on with me, they are the opposite of support. My sister knows, but i have to put on my actress skills and masky hiding skills and try to reign in the crazy for about 4 hours.

Hows your day? Any plans? I want to send baked goods to people. Grrr poor.

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nice to know some things never change, isn`t it - Mood:Good
Thursday June 12 201410:06:16 AM |
Got a visit by the police this morning. I impress myself with my ability to make up poo on the spot.


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I need yalls help on professional phone interview whatnot - Mood:Good
Tuesday June 10 20147:29:02 AM |
I got an email back from a place I am hoping to intern at in the fall, she gave me a few times to pick from to do a phone interview.

I'm having a hard time trying to word an email back to her. Mostly because I don't know how this all works. Do I call her? Does she call me? Do I give my phone number or ask for hers?

I'm scared.

At least I don't have to dress up

I am poo at talking/ social whatnot though.

I'm going to plan some flowers outside my window today I think, they are just not doing well in my window sill. Not sure the apt people are going to like that, but i don't see why they should mind that I am helping to beautify their land.

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I`m going to be homeless :-( - Mood:Good
Saturday May 24 20147:15:12 PM |
Trip to Virginia was great I do believe I will like living down there. Interview went alright. I suck at that stuff. Hopefully hear son if i got the position. We tried to look for an apartment, signed a lease but I had a bad vibe, and it got bad reviews and I didn't feel safe. So we cancelled it and now are homeless for now.

I started a GoFundMe to be able to get back down there because it really really bothers me to move 3 states away into an apt I haven't seen in person. But we are still at 0.

We found a nice apt thats out of our price range. Is alright for the first year since its a 'special' rate, but after that would go up too much to normal price and bf is against moving again.

I've always lived at most 30 minutes from my family. He isn't close to his family at all. I want a home down there, not just a place to live. I want to feel comfortable. He doesn't get it.

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Yt, help me figure out this female scottish comedian - Mood:Good
Saturday May 10 20141:27:44 PM |
I think she's scottish, and I think she's a comedian. Positive shes female.

Possibly red/ brown longish hair? Purdy.

She was on either QI, or 8 out of 10 cats, or would I lie to you. Can't figure out what I saw her on.


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Its 3am I must be lonely - Mood:Good
Monday May 05 20146:11:50 AM |
Actually its 6am and I'm not really lonely.

I had a bad cold/ flu for 2 weeks. Was just getting over it, had a week long intense dance performances thingy, last show yesterday.. Am getting cold/ flu back again. Wtf.

I'm supposed to do a presentation today. On "World Demographics and their impact on Therapeutic Recreation." Due to a combination of not caring, feeling like sh*t, and not having time, I won't be presenting. Or going to class. I'm not going to pass this class.
Its the last week of classes. I am over this semester.

I need a movie to watch. Something with feels that has a happy ending.


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That feeling you get when you find a new show that has 8 seasons already of shows to watch.. then remember its British, which equals out to only about 10 episodes. - Mood:Good
Tuesday April 29 20141:33:16 AM |
I haven't pissed people off with a long title in awhile.

Night two of tech rehearsal for the show! It's.. kind of a mess. And i'm kind of doubting its ability to come together in two days. But ah well, still fun.

My costume is.. interesting. Oh God. Slinky would DIE. Its a whole lot of clashing. Its alright though. Cute-ish. The cut anyway. Not difficult to dance in which is my number one concern for a costume. Not overly revealing which is my number 2 concern.

I don't feel as much like death. Though going out in public with my hacking cough made me feel like I had the plague People scatter so quickly

I sprayed blood everywhere today. Fun times. From my nose, accidentally. I will be so happy when this sickness is gone.

It HAS to be the week of the show. Grrr.

I get very micro-managed by my boyfriend. It annoys us both. Living together in 4 months.

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I don`t know why I have such a hard time finding stuff on amazon. - Mood:Good
Sunday April 27 201410:01:59 PM |
I am looking for.. like.. these little pour-y cups my gram has. creamer cup thingys? At least 8 oz. Not shaped like anything. Not over $10. Impossible. Especially when I call them pour-y creamer cup thingys

I am miserable.

I am super sick, I missed day one of tech rehearsals for the show, have two classes then a night full of tech tomorrow. This is my last smester of college, my last chance to dance in this show am i am f*cking sick. What the f*cking f*ck.


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I`m pretty sure I`m dying - Mood:Good
Saturday April 26 20149:35:44 AM |
Have dance performances this week.

Tech rehearsals starting tmrw, then every day. Shows start thurs then run through Sunday.

I'm gonna die.

I've been working a sleep for an hour then wake up coughing and snotty thing. Ugh.

Bf brought over bread and day time cold meds and left them outside my door

This sucks. So much.

Someone come take care of me.

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Its a lazy Thursday. Well, sorta. - Mood:Good
Thursday April 17 20144:05:03 PM |
Don't have anywhere to go today.

Should be doing a million things but meh.

Ordered food in. Mmmm. Pizza, BLT, mac salad. Almost got a cannoli, but I order very strategically to have have to get change back. Cannoli would have put me over.

Trying to stay out of a psych ward, so far so good.

I planted things!! 5 different types of flowers. A bit cold here still though. But they are in my window sill. Exciting.

My neck is killlllling me. I think I slept weird. I remember at one point during the night thinking, this pillow is really uncomfortable.

I have odd odd dreams.

Going to build a bear tomorrow Twas my valentines present. On one hand, I like them and they are cute. On the other I am surrounded by 5 year olds and its weird.

I have to make a dessert tonight. I was gonna do cakeball but they are such a PITA. Dunno what. Has to be cake-y, since bf wrote that.

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YT, I need another word for `screwed` since it doesn`t sound professional. - Mood:Good
Monday April 14 20143:23:00 PM |
I'm writing an email to my professor and the only way I can think to phrase this is "if A and B doesn't happen, then I am screwed". Since.. I am majorly freaking out about it, screwed is the only word that comes to mind Probably should find a better word.

Hi YT.
I'm waiting for class to start.

I am oddly chipper and peppy.

I have a paper due today, in 10 minutes that I haven't even attempted to do. I figure I'll hand it in late wednesday. I have been trying to drop this class. But its too late now. Which sucks.

Oh YT.

I am crazy stressed.
But happy.

Do you feel like a room without a roof?

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I need iPod help. - Mood:Good
Saturday April 12 20142:44:15 AM |
I know nothing of iPods. I am very anti iThings.

But i found one on the bike path.
No contacts or anything, no way to get in touch with whoever it belongs too.

So i figure, free iPod.
I did some research.. i think its a nano..?


I need a cord for it.
What the heck kind of cord am I looking for?
If i google nano cord i get a little micro-looking cord that doesn't look like it fits.


Pictures coming.

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Pretend I`m 16 for a moment please. - Mood:Good
Sunday April 06 20147:38:45 PM |
Its not hard to do.

In between two cars! And no one died! Nothing got smashed! WOOO

(I'm learning to drive if you didn't get that)


I drove into the apt complex then parked. Then drove out, and parked again, next to a car. Then drove out. Then parked next to a car on the other side. Then parked next to a car on one side via a 'pull through' (which i learned the term of today). Then I parked there.

As a family, mother and two kids, looked at me with roostered heads The boy never took his eyes off me and stayed pinned to his hockey goal on the edge of the lot. Smart boy. I am not that good a driver yet.

Yes this is a silly journal since i'm sure yall can thread thru two cars going 80 mph with an inch on each side to spare, but this is exciting for me!!

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I have a question for US YTers - Mood:Good
Wednesday April 02 20142:47:47 AM |
I was thinking. And reading a story online where a cashier in the US refused a Canadian quarter since its foreign currency.
Here in upstate NY, I'd say I have about 1 Canadian coin for every 10 American coins i have in my wallet/ pocket. Except for vending machines, everyone takes Canadian coins like they are American (at least i've never had anyone refuse any).

Is that just an upstate NY/ border of Canada state thing?

Also. Hi. I should go to bed.

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I find myself pondering what to do. - Mood:Good
Tuesday March 25 20146:55:36 PM |
I am frustrated with my boy. So thats mostly on my mind,

Also is the quiz i have tomorrow.
Also is my internship hunt.
And that I should be calling loans people but talking on the phone scares me.

I just ate horrid pizza. Like, not bad. Just.. Good but awful. Like, drunk food pizza.
And a cannoli

I am playing an online game. As i do. And listening to Loveline.
I don't feel like moving. Pizza.

I should shower. I will eventually.

Oh the frustration.
Its eating away at meeeee

What are you up to?
Wanna come over and play?

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Lets talk cell phones, companies, and plans. - Mood:Good
Sunday March 23 20146:40:41 PM |
So.. I have been set on the task of lowering our cell phone bill since I am under 50, and do everything in terms of our cell phone bill except pay it.

We have 4 lines. One of those lines is my grams basic phone that she carries with her and only really uses in emergencies.
With Verizon, it costs 35$ a month for her line. My mother (who pays it) gave me the task of trying to figure out how to have gram still have a cell phone but pay much less.

I'm thinking we may have to go elsewhere
Or like.. pay as you go.. or.. i don't know.

Is it possible to have a one line plan for under 35$?

I don't know about these things. I just happen to be under 50 years old in my family, and therefore must know everything about anything technological.


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Fashiony/ creative people of YT, I need your help - Mood:Good
Wednesday March 19 20142:44:29 PM |
I bought a dress, online, plain dress, maxi, that i was either going to wear as a night gown or alter as a lovely comfy dress.

Unfortunately when it came I accidentally cut it when opening the package.
So theres a hole, on my lower ribs.

What can I do to hide/ fix it? I thought sash/ belt but its too high for waist and too low for empire waist.

Pic in next post

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