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Female, 36 years old
ny, Western US

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i won`t have to anymore jon groff

Interests: Dogs / Dancing / Games / Theater / Singing
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Birthday:10/11/1985 (36 Years Old)
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Fav. Movie: good will hunting, you`ve got mail, dead poets
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Fav. Book: Without You by Anthony Rapp
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Fav. Food: Donuts
Fav. Car: bah. walkings where its at
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Solve my problems for me YT - Mood:Good
Tuesday September 15 201511:14:11 PM |
Back to what I usually used YT for- advice and opinions.

So I am sorta filling in at work. Getting trained today and Thursday to work the parking booth. To fill in I don't know when. To be on call. Since my current job is ending/ has ended. I am looking elsewhere sine I can't continue there after Sept 30th.

My parents are driving 12 hours down here Saturday, and staying til Friday. Saturday night we are staying in a hotel, then after that they are staying in the campgrounds i work at.

I got asked today if I could cover Sunday. I said 'probably? i don't think i have plans..' But taken as yes.


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While the husband is away the wife will... lay on the couch and watch Netflix. - Mood:Good
Tuesday September 08 20154:46:28 PM |
I find myself sitting on my couch lacking the motivation to actually do anything.

I'm watching a Christmas movie, playing gin on facebook.

My stomach is all wonky.

I don't have a job in 4 days. The suckage of being seasonal.

I'm on a softball team. Bought a pitchback to practice with, but it doesn't fit in the car. Oops. Game tomorrow night.

I got super into Girl Meets World. Nostalgia i'm guessing. It loses me when it gets too about the main girl. Gets me back with feeney and shawn and eric, etc. Out of new episodes though.

Trying to write a journal always reminds me of how boring my life is.

I therefore am just going to post a bunch of pictures I've recently taken.

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And let the petty arguments begin! - Mood:Good
Wednesday August 12 201511:38:46 PM |
Its like we are a real married couple. Oh wait, we are.

We are arguing over cookies. Seriously

I made a batch of cookies for my co-worker, its her last day tomorrow. She loves peanut butter, my co workers love chocolate. So i took a batch of pb cookies, and a batch of chocolate cookies, mixed a third from each into one, and had a third pb, third chocolate, and third chocolate pb.

It made a tray of pb, a tray of chocolate, and 2 trays of pb choco. However, one of the pb chocolates got burnt.

Husband asked if he could have some. I said he could have all the burnts her wants, but only 2 of the 'good' cookies.

I make him cookies allllll the time. At least once a week. He thinks I am completely unreasonable and refuses to eat just 2.

Ahh married life
Its nice. Especially cuz i know in like 10 minutes cookies won't matter and we will be snuggled up on the couch.

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Cyber Monday is just sad. - Mood:Good
Monday December 01 20141:31:52 PM |
I was up at 7am (not to shop).

I started shopping at 7:30am.

I have been popping in and out of every store website I can think of with 'cyber monday' sales and only found ONE THING to buy.

I WANT to buy things. I am TRYING to spend money.
But no. All I bought was a mug for my dad and a lamp timer for our christmas tree (not on sale).

Wtf people.

I'm sad to see my break off work end. Back tomorrow. Won't see my bf at all today. Saw him for a second before he left for work at 7am, he's getting home around 11:30pm.

Thinking about going to the library.

So enjoying Virginia weather. I'm still cold, but don't need 50 layers. Or snow boots.

I'm SO EXCITED to go back to NY for Christmas!!!!!

But first I have to get through teaching about 100 kids about Native Americans. Which I have never done, I don't know much about, and the subject bores me. Bleh.

To library or not.

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Just realized I don`t have a roasting pan. - Mood:Good
Thursday November 27 20143:12:15 AM |
Thanksgiving is ruined.
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Help me pick out chair for my craft table? - Mood:Good
Tuesday November 04 20143:05:32 PM |
My bf's mother offered to buy me a chair for my craft table and i can't choose between these two.

Its been two weeks and i just can't decide. I am awful at deciding.

So, help me out?

Chair 1:

Chair 2:

Continued, with pic of my craft table.

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Is this a good enough sketch for a brochure? - Mood:Good
Tuesday October 28 20143:18:53 PM |
So, I need pictures for the brochure of the trails I'm making so It's not just all words. It's just a little paper brochure, There's a ton of them here, But we need one for the trails. The best pictures that copy well are sketches. To not have to deal with copyright what I figure id sketch stuff myself. I'm not the best artist. But I am passable at times. But am i for a little clipart bit in a brochure?

Turtle attempt. .
think I'm going to try an owl, a snake, maybe a frog, and whatever looks most decent go with.

I do enjoy the fact that I am at work, working, and sketching turtles.
And playing with one

Lynnhaven says hi.

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I can`t sleep. So I`m trying to think of all the tv shows with realistic dorm rooms - Mood:Good
Tuesday October 14 20145:24:57 AM |
I don't know why.
Or why I'm sharing.
It gets boring just laying here.

So. Saved by the bell the college years was semi realistic. Common room a bit to big perhaps.

Dawson's creek so not realistic.

Was boy meets world in a dorm or apt? If dorm wayyyyy unrealistic. Thinking of ref head girl Eric and what's his face.

That's all I can think of.


I need a new irrelevant topic to ponder.

If turtles were furry would they have the personality to be cuddly?

What to be for Halloween. Though i have no plans right now. I might dress up, never leave the apt, and not have trick or treaters.

Random picture time

Me, a book, and a goat.

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Pants off, shirt off, headband out, hair ties out and hair down. Socks off, hat off, laying on the couch. - Mood:Good
Thursday October 09 20145:15:18 PM |
Ahhhhh I'm home from work. Till next Tuesday!

I'm excited. And tired. Very tired. Couldn't sleep last night. Got am hour of sleep. Stuffed envelopes today for two hours. Only got two paper cuts! I Find that stuff fun.
Cleaned caked on owl either sh*t or vomit of the bottom of her cage. That was not fun. Fed the animals which is always fun. Tried to empty crickets from boxes into containers which was fun as well. Even though I jump more than they do.
I like my job

But I am glad to be home.

How are you?

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I am full of love and happiness and rainbows and butterflies and stickbugs. For now. - Mood:Good
Tuesday October 07 20146:54:33 PM |
I'm in a good mood. I do not know why. I took Saturday off, maybe i'm well rested or such.

I love my job. Really i do. If only it was paid it'd be perfect.
Led a bunch of 1st grade girl scouts down a trail today. Well, i was the caboose. But still. I took a stickbug into my hands to show them. It doesn't take much to impress a first grader.

The terrapin got a new tank!

Fall fest (hayrides, pumpkin painting, arts & crafts, apple pressing, etc) is coming up soon. Thats my JOB. To help put on all this fun stuff. Its awesome.

Survival program first! Ahh.

I'm making a brochure. I'm far too excited about it.

Birthday in a week!!! Think I'll get a coconut cake for it. And go pumpkin picking.

I want to play a game. Someone start one of those YT online game link thingys.

I like fall. Birthday, Thanksgiving, lead up to christmas.

Come! Let me splatter you with joy!

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These are my friends, see how they glisten, see this one shine, how he smiles in the light - Mood:Good
Thursday October 02 20144:06:03 AM |
I can't sleep

So I thought I'd pointlessly post.

I have Sweeney Todd stuck in my head. Which is just. ... disturbing to have going around in there. A love song to razors used to kill people and a song about a guys disgust with himself for being in lust with his daughter as he whips himself. Oy.I Couldn't have gotten into Hello Dolly or something?

I am meh about the movie, haven't seen it. Have a thing against musicals turned into movies. They usually suck. But I fOund out Asian rucksack is in it! I might need to see it nOw.

I can't sleep. It's annoying.
I have to be at work in 5 hours. A group of kindergarteners is coming in. Oh god. I am not ready. I will be rewarding myself for surviving the day with a donut tomorrow.

I've started hashtagging. It pains me.

Anyone around?

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I have a question for crafty people (and yes i came here uber) - Mood:Good
Wednesday October 01 20142:28:32 AM |
I'm trying to find these.. figurine thingys to paint. I want to search for them online somewhere but i have no idea what to call them or where to look

Picture coming.

In the meantime. Hi Birthday coming up. Wooooo! In another state though. Meh. I miss NY.

I'm watching Charmed. I can't wait for Prue to die. She irritates me.

Hm. I can't think of anything else to talk about. Odd.
I am very much looking forward to having a day off tomorrow.

I might make this into a 'random pics i have on my phone thread.

But first, the figurines.

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I can`t decide what to do for my birthday. I have some ideas. - Mood:Good
Wednesday September 24 20146:01:26 PM |
So, first option is Book of Mormon. Nose bleed seats. But still.
Second is So you think you can dance tour. Also nose bleed seats. Which don't work so well with a dance performance.
Third is awesome aquarium.
Fourth is Peter Pan.

Aquarium and peter pan would be right on my birthday.
SYTYCD and BoM are whenever they come (at the end of october I believe)
BoM is touring. Peter Pan is local actors i believe.
Aquarium is cheapest.

Or other! If I can think of what else to do.

Its going to be weird celebrating my birthday states away from my family.

I took the day off work though So even if whatever we do isn't right on my bd, we will go out to dinner and such.

I'm old.
One, because I am turning 29. Two, because everything aches.

I spookified the apt. Ghosts and skeletons everywhere.


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I think i just got taken for $50 - Mood:Good
Wednesday September 03 20146:59:28 PM |
On one hand.
I kinda knew there a good chance I was being taken while I was getting taken.

However, I am super.. just.. not confrontational. I wish my bf was home. I'd still have $50.

Theres still a chance the guy was legit.
But if not. He was pretty good. Was charming. Asked to use bathroom then chat on the couch, good technique for getting in.
Selling magazines he said. Each he sold gave him points.

i wonder if i could have given him a check. and like.. cancelled it. . It would bounce, But then I get penalized and such. So cancelling would have been good.

He was sitting on my couch for a good about half hour. I'm kinda thinking if it like.. he charged me $50 to chat. Like counseling prices.
Asked for a snack before he left. Took some ramen.
I'm rather freaked about how easy I am to take advantage of.

I regret answering the door. Thought he was UPS. Peephole that poo.

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i`m a-scared - Mood:Good
Monday September 01 201412:46:53 AM |
First day of internship in 9 hours.

I dont wanna go.
You can't make me.

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We went exploring, ended up in a mall. - Mood:Good
Saturday August 30 20149:52:04 PM |

Dave & Busters. Where has that been all my life???! A giant arcade, food, giant tvs for bf. Very loud though.

Okay. Okay. So, okay. There is a pet store with like 15 pups in windows. Where you can go into a little room and play with one of the pups. I just about died of happiness/ cuteness.

Interesting food court. All upstairs. Meh food to me. Sub place, pricey though. Everything is pricey here.

Virginia SUCKS FUNKY SWEATY ASS for health insurance.

Groceries for 2 people is different. Splitting the costs of things is also.. interesting.

Went to a mall and didn't buy anything. Well, almost an adorable little grey puppy

I am trying to appeal for an increase of cost of attendance. So much letter writing.

First day of internship Monday

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I find myself in a state of wanting to make a journal. - Mood:Good
Wednesday August 27 20144:13:06 AM |
I ate far too many cookies today. Made sugar cookies in the shape of hearts for my bfs first day of classes. So addictive.

I amd listening to Loveline and not sure what else to do. I need a break from Netflix, meh about book, getting tired of fb games.

I need a life basically. I haven't left the apt in days. I am alone during the day now.
I couldn't have left today anyway, massive cramps. I need some f*cking insurance. Thats the last big thing left on the 'big sh*t we have to deal with/ straighten out from moving' list.

I want to go to the beach. Someone go to the beach with me tomorrow.

I wanna chat. Anyone have anything to chat about?

Conversation me.

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I need some kind of fish dipping sauce. - Mood:Good
Sunday August 24 201410:32:31 PM |
I have no tartar sauce. I have no pickles/ relish. I have no lemon.

I do have mayo.

Bf is freaking out about first day of PhD school. He'll do fine. Hes super academic minded. But also a catastrophizer.

I met with my internship supervisor Sounds awesome. I might be taking care of animals! Educations animals they can't release back into the wild. 4 turtles, a lizard, a frog, a snake (), an owl, and a bunch of fish.
Site is awesome. Is right on the water.

LONG walk. Bf is determine to drive me everyday. I like to walk. Wakes me up. I chose MThSa to work. Hes not happy. he can't bring on mondays. But mondays(WF) are when the animals eat. And as much as I'm not looking forward to feeding a snake, it sounds like a cool experience.


I need a new netflix show to watch.

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I refuse to pour a bucket of ice water on my head and I barely have enough money to get by. - Mood:Good
Wednesday August 20 20149:26:38 PM |
I am of course therefore a terrible person.

I have the apt to myself tonight. Its.. boring. He starts school next week and has a crazy schedule, I will probably barely see him. Thats okay. I'm a bit of a loner at times. Well, its not okay but its how it is.

We took a practice run of my route to my internship. Oy. 15 minute walk to bus stop, 15 minute bus ride, 30-40 minute walk to park. Gorgeous walk though.

Oh dammit. Someone just died in the show I've been watching. They are making me cry.

Being an adult sucks. Health insurance sucks. Lost hats suck. Crying over fictional characters suck.

Anyone wanna come have dinner? You should bring the food though since we have.. olives and cereal.


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a picture thread of the last 2ish weeks. Mostly for myself. - Mood:Good
Sunday August 17 20145:18:16 PM |
So, as we were driving down I noticed a license plate that reminded me of YT

This little guy skine drew made it to va

DELICIOUS friedb chicken

First grocery Run was pAinful for the wallet.


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death to crickets - Mood:Hysterical
Wednesday August 13 20145:35:09 AM |
Or just this one in particular.

Though im okay with it just moving on. Anything as long as it stops making all that racket. It's so LOUD. it's not IN my room as far as I can tell, thank god.

I cant believe I'm being kept up by an insect.

Well and my stomach. It's a bit wonky.

I've decided I dont like the ocean. So not a fan of saltwater, bleck. And I dont find it fun or relaxing to have to fight strong big waves. I want to leisurely walk and swim about. Not possible. Beh.

The family friend who lives out here who had my sister in her wedding at age 5, who I havent seen in like 20 years stopped by to welcome us to va. Brought us a bottle of Asti :-0 and sunscreen we aren't wine people, we have no idea what it is, but I told my gram via Skype and her face went all :-0 I am pretty sure I'm not going to like it, but appreciate the gift

Anyone else out there?

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things I`ve learned since moving - Mood:Good
Tuesday August 05 201410:37:50 PM |
- Virginia drivers are CRAZY. Jesus Christ. I feel like we take or life into our hands every time we get in the car.

- it sucks to not have internet. But I can do about 80% of the stuff on my phone, just slower

- me and my Bf dont mesh our things well I'm thinking that just might be a time thing.

- I never want to travel in a moving truck again. Oh god. So cramped and bumpy.

Bf and i are trYing to get our families back home together. His mom is all alone now. My family (the women) get together every Saturday for bRunch, hoping his mom will join them. My aunt is all excited about it.

I feel roomless at the moment. Im staying in my bfs room, his brother is spending the week in what will be my room.

There is a lack of food in the place.

My body is all thrown off. Head, stomach, sleep. I'm hoping that gets better.

I still cant believe I live in Virginia now. Craziness.

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I am in Maryland. - Mood:Good
Sunday August 03 20144:57:05 PM |
EverYthing we own its in a truck outside. Oh god the drive is not fun. Staying in a hotel them making the rest of the trip tomorrow.

I cant believe we are moving to Virginia. That's just. .. the years ago if you told me I was I would have said no way. But been excited ive aLways wanted to see places other than ny. Get some life experience and such.

So tired. Packing the truck was stressful. First we had a 24 foot truck, then 16, then 24, which my Bf was not happy about driving then he ended up with a 16 which made him happy but me nervous since I was afraid not everYthing would fit. We have a lot of stuff. Bf, 3 of his friends and stepdad loading. My dad is a genius at packing and somehow we hit everything last thing in. Well. Except my second desk, tv and his dresser.

Craziness. I am tired and meh feeling and all thrown off physically. OrdeRing in food.

Nicole out.

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Everything in my apt will no longer be in my apt in 18 hours. - Mood:Good
Friday August 01 20148:59:57 PM |
I still have quite a bit of packing to do. I keep sleeping for 22 hours (wtf?), thus losing precious packing time.

This whole moving thing is just... i can't wait til its over.

I could use some packing help. However, I have no packing help. I can't even offer cookies in exchange since all my baking stuff is packed.

So much moving drama. I am already falling asleep. I woke up 6 hour ago, after sleeping 22 hours. WHY.

I'm too tired to think of anything else to type

Hows you?

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I cried and snotted all over everyone :-P Apparently I don`t do godbyes well. - Mood:Good
Monday July 28 20143:24:44 AM |
My family doesn't show feelings. They just don't. They don't hug, they never cry, never yell, just.. stoic. Or happy. I somehow didn't get that gene.

Today was the last day I am going to see most of my family until Christmas.
I hugged my aunt goodbye and could feel it coming, but choked it down.
Five minutes later I hugged my sister goodbye and had to make it into a joke and hide my face, then compose. I don't think I've hugged my sister since I was 8. Just that in itself was kinda emotional to me.
I hugged my dog and had to pretend to lose the ball and look for it in the other room. My puppy


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