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Female, 36 years old
ny, Western US

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i won`t have to anymore jon groff

Interests: Dogs / Dancing / Games / Theater / Singing
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Birthday:10/11/1985 (36 Years Old)
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Occupation: Dancer
Marital Status: Married
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Fav. Movie: good will hunting, you`ve got mail, dead poets
Fav. TV Show: House, macgyver, poker
Fav. Book: Without You by Anthony Rapp
Fav. Song: i like broadway :-) and singer/songwriters
Fav. Food: Donuts
Fav. Car: bah. walkings where its at
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Yall. - Mood:Good
Thursday May 03 20185:30:35 PM |
I need somewhere to post this as it happens. I have no one else to show it off too!

End of semester picnic party for husbands work tmrw. I'm making a chocolate cake, layered with ganache, whipped chocolate frosting, and homemade whipped cream on the side.

I wanna swim in it.

The kitchen is a mess. I am a mess.

Im still trying to figure out how to decorate it. I wanna so simple, but nice and maybe unique if possible.

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I need some clothing help. - Mood:Good
Wednesday May 02 20184:59:48 AM |
So, i'm making a shirt. Or tweaking a shirt really. It was a $1.50 walmart tank top that was too small for me. Two if you count the side panels.

I added side panels to make it bigger, then am trying to make a halter out of the top of it.
But, i can't figure out how to give more support to my boobs.

Now, i'm doing this just for fun and to try to better my sewing and designing skills. But its just for me, for fun, so please don't be too harsh at my 'skills'.

Its also very much still in work in progress mode. The neckline is pinned, and theres a lining in the chest area pinned in as well. Plus just a bunch of stuff that needs to be done to it to make it semi wearable.

But any ideas to make it better?

I can't figure out how to give more support to my boobs. Even my As need a bit more.. oomph and coverage. The neckline is wonky as well.

Any advice?

Pics coming in next post.

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I feel like my limb is missing. - Mood:Good
Friday April 27 201812:43:23 AM |
I left my phone in the room where my husband is sleeping.

It doesn't reeeeeally matter. Since i have a tablet, and anything id do on the phone, i can do on the tablet.

But still. I want it out here with me. It bothers me.

Theres a nest of bees outside of our apt door. I am allergic. And phobic. It's terrible. We called maintenance. They said they don't handle that. That pest control or animal control maybe could. For a fee.
I dunno. We feel like that is something the apts should take care of. But maybe not.
What do you think?

I tried waxing again. It went much better this time. I'm mostly hair free. On the pits anyway.

I made delicious blondie chocolate chip bars. Mmmmm. With m&ms for my husband's half

Id post a picture. But its on my phone

I've been watching Iron Chef America marathons. Lovely. Makes me wanna bake. And eat.

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I attempted to wax for the first time - Mood:Good
Tuesday April 24 20187:40:15 PM |
It did not go well.

After 2 hours, and many many many rips later, my pits are still hairy. And in pain.

Im doing something wrong.

But I'm starting to get lightheaded so I'm stopping for now

I should eat food.

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A silly journal about forks where I ask for your help - Mood:Good
Thursday April 19 201810:45:50 AM |
Okay so, our flatware is terribly mismatched. Theres a couple accidentally taken from my mom, my gram, his mom, picked up here and there.

I am very picky with utensils, I have discovered. We have 5 kinds of forks. I like 2, I'll use the 3rd kind if I have to. The other two don't feel right.

So, that leaves me like 6 forks to use. 4 of them started rusting, badly so I had 2 forks, stolen from my Grams good dining room set. We picked some new ones up from Target a couple weeks ago.
Well. They just started rusting.

The ones from my families don't rust. Probably quality, from wedding sets.
I've spent the last hour researching flatware specs.

***Question is: ***
Do I get a set of 12 artatse ones for 20$ that has pretty good reviews?
Do I get a set of 4 oneida ones for $25 that match the other 2 forks we have that were my grams and I know will last, but are pricey?

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Adulting is hard. - Mood:Good
Wednesday April 18 201811:46:33 AM |
I'm all by myself in the apt, again. And all tense and pbth.

Id take a bath and read but my skin would yell at me and itch.

I have a cute little virtual family to take care of
but they are fine and don't need me at the moment.

My stomach hurts. I think i ate too much breakfast.

I need a good feel good movie. A musical perhaps.

Someone come over and play a board game with me.

What are your favorite board games?

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I tried to use "real cheese" but its not as good. - Mood:Good
Friday April 13 201811:28:25 PM |
I made broccoli. I really wanted to put American cheese on it. But. I figured i should do cheddar.

But. It doesn't taste as good.

Apparently its the "windy season" here. Dust storms are intriguing. The weather here is intriguing.

I made the best lasagna the other day. The best I've made anyway.


Husband's on the left. He's not a fan of cheese so his has less.
Man it was good.

I got a giant cookie sheet. Like, 15in by 21 inches. It says dishwasher safe but it won't fit in it fits in our oven though.
Woo i can make less batches of cookies.

I have a problem with the show Rise. (Cont)

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Since yall are bored, I`ll give you something to read - Mood:Good
Saturday March 31 20185:24:47 PM |
And look at.

I'm at my husbands work. Here about 4 hours later than he thought it would be. That's super fun. But it's not too bad in general, my plan was to wander around. The bad is that it's been "just a few more minutes" for 4 hours, therefore, i can't really wander too far away.

However, he has a marker board in his office

So i drew us.

I went to go to the library but it was closed when i got there. Surprising open for a few hours today.

Got some food. Turkey sub with avacado. Its gooood.

Toasty out today, 83 degrees. I saw a dog but it was too far away, by the time i tried to stalk it it was gone

Dear lord. We are going to be here forever. He has to export and sort 42 files.

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Zucchini bread/ Sara Gilbert/ Books/ Lion King/ Adulting/ Etc - Mood:Good
Friday March 30 20188:18:25 AM |
I'm all by myself, again. Husband and I have had off schedules for the past week.

I have an extra loaf of zucchini bread yall! I can't figure out what to do with it. I usually send baked stuff in with husband but holiday weekend, no ones really there.
Its probably just going to get tossed

I like Sara Gilbert. I started watching the Roseanne reboot and I think it should be a reboot spin-off called Darlene. Less Roseanne. More Darlene. And Dan. Roseanne gets hit by a car or something and the rest of the family goes on. I also hope it gets away from all the politics. I had that problem with Will & Grace coming back too. But it veered. Hopefully this will too.

I've been trying to right my sleep schedule. I went to bed at 4pm yesterday and woke up at 10pm last night Was hoping for more like 3am.


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I intend to watch movies all day. Suggestions? - Mood:Good
Wednesday March 14 20189:13:35 AM |
Some guidance if you'd like, preferably on Netflix or Hulu, but i'll rent from Amazon if its gooood

I hate horror movies (i'm a wimp), not super into action or slapstick. My jam tends to lean towards dramas, coming of age, sci-fi, romantic comedies, and dramadies. I'm good with kids movies too Other than horror, I'll give anything a try.
Absolutely no dogs dying though please😧 Oh. And my eyes can't take subtitles

But suggest any and all you can think of please!!

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Tip for carry out? - Mood:Good
Saturday February 24 20185:45:32 PM |
If you get about a 60$ order, of like 4 meals, from a semi nice restaurant, and go and pick it up, do you write in a tip?

I was reading a thing that said preparing a to go order takes time away from table waiting so you should tip.
But. It seems like a no. My family says no. My husband is an adamant no.

But from reading sh*t online I'm all confused now.

Also, we went mini golfing today. W were highly distracted by the amazing smells coming from the restaurant next door.

Also did batting cages ( i rock at the softball. Baseballs were too high. I'm short.)

Also did arcade. Kids have no sense of space. I got ran into by at least 4 kids.
I am also freakish good at the basketball game. Get double my husband's points every time.

Got bunch of food to go, since there are like no restaurants around here. Aaand thus the tipping.

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I left a man asleep in the nude. My name in my pocket, with my lipstick and rouge. - Mood:Good
Tuesday February 20 20181:02:33 AM |
My husband hit his head on a cabinet and won't let me clean his wound. The big baby
Also his plantar fasciitis is acting up. And he has canker sores and no orajel. Its been a rough day

I got a new bike! 13 frame. Its.. new. Ive had my old one for like 20 years. We are used to each other. This new one and i still need to get acquainted. Its harder to hold steady. But its gears actually work.

I finally found a decent pizza place in town! Woo.

Im still watching Everwood. Ephrams a bit of a douchey jerk. Amy can do better.

Also Toby can do so much better than self-centered self-involved Kate on this is us.

Watching ER as well. Its pretty 90s on our tv. 90s had some good stuff. Music mostly. Decent tv as well. Oh the fashion.

Im not sure what to do with my time.


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A Journaly Journal of Journaly Things - Mood:Good
Monday February 05 20187:21:21 AM |
It's early in the morning. I'm somewhat bored. Mostly just.. by myself and have to be quiet. And my stomach is all crampy for some reason. Back too.

I might get a new bike! A Nishiki Pueblo. 13 frame. 26 wheels. An interesting combo. Exciting.
It is SO DAMN HILLY here. My knees and legs in general are not fans.

I have a lack of fruit and veggies in the apt. Meh. I don't have the car for awhile now.

My gramp might give us his car. Thing is, he in NY, we are in NM. Its 13 years old. But only has like 30,000 miles. And its huuuuge. But a free car? We can't figure out if its feasible to get this car. Plus insurance etc costs. Hm.
Ive always been slightly bitter that my sister got a car from him when she was like 20. I didn't get a car. But i only learned to drive like 3 years ago. Still though. Slightly bitter. But, i didn't have license.


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Tattoo poll - Mood:Good
Sunday February 04 20181:14:30 PM |
What are the chances I can get a tattoo?
I've wanted the same small tattoo for like 15 years, but i would pass out getting shots. I don't pass out anymore, as long as i am laying down. But still, it's not pleasant.

Am i just SOL?

I'm not sure where i would get it. Somewhere i can see but can cover.
Ive always wanted to get it on my wrist but i heard that hurts like a bitch there.


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You know what, I`ll just make a journal - Mood:Good
Thursday February 01 20182:41:12 AM |
Instead of rambling all through the complaint thread.

Can anyone explain to me what a 'clinical decisions unit' at a hospital is?

While watching uk and aussie tv, i have to Google a lot
Google didn't really help this time.

i ran out of episodes of bondi rescue i love that show. I'm not entirely sure why i love it so much.

We have bikes! Husband got a bike, we tried to fix up mine as much as we can, and we went biking! It was so fun. Man our crotches hurt now.
Hoping to go again this weekend. And also get more girl scout cookies, mmmmm.

We are going back and forth on getting me a new bike. On one hand, this one still rides. Its about 16 years old. I have to keep my thumb on the gear switchy lever or it will move by itself. And i swear is leaking air, even after we got new tires. And its like 1-2 inches too tall for me.
Plus i want a shiny new one

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The Eternal Chicken Debate - Mood:Good
Wednesday January 24 20185:32:45 PM |
I bought raw chicken, boneless, skinless breasts. It says "Packed on the 18th. Sell thru the 22nd". Its now the 24th. Do i cook it or ditch it?
I never know. I forgot it was in there.

I worked out for the first time in forever. Well. I did yoga and stretched. I'm all sore now. Which is a bit sad, but nice. I miss feeling sore. In a good worky-outy way.

Finally took the christmas decor down. Tree is still up, but its naked. Just need big strong husband to put it away. I could. But its heavy. and Hes all no, no, i will. So. He will.


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We are in santa fe - Mood:Good
Monday January 08 201810:03:46 PM |
We've been here 3 hours. And it's been an AMAZING 3 hours. And we haven't left the hotel yet.

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I have a hair question - Mood:Good
Monday January 01 20186:31:14 PM |
The back of my head, crown maybe?, the hair is short, asks like, bubbles if not done.

Is that normal? I have long hair. The hair that is directly in back, that starts at the top, only goes to the nape of my neck. Like, it never grows. It won't grow longer than that.

What the hell?

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I need a festive but not super festive movie to watch. - Mood:Good
Friday December 22 20171:41:49 AM |
I was thinking Home Alone(s), but none of my streamy channels have it.

Harry Potter maybe? I've seen/ read them so many times though. And I'd rather re-read than re-see.

I don't know. Whats other good holiday-but-not-really-holiday movies?

I made chocolate crinkle cookies. Plain for me, then the plan was to make half the mix mint chocolate for husband. But I didn't have any mint extract. Or mint chocolates to chop up. So i melted some mint chocolate chip ice cream into it Though unfortunately, now they are too minty for me and not minty enough for him.

Hm. Heartwarming, but not outright christmas movies. Hulu needs a category for that.

Though I do enjoy Hulu's categories. I watched through all of the "90s sitcom Holiday episode". excellent. Cuz while i enjoy a Full House Christmas episode.. thats about all i wanna see of it.

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I`m making chili. Which is difficult. Since not only do i not like chili, i have no idea what its supposed to be/taste like. - Mood:Good
Thursday December 21 20173:17:49 AM |
For my husband. I found a recipe. Followed it. Mostly.

It looks.. i dunno. Like a bunch of chopped up food simmering.

My family wasn't a chili family. I make him tomato meat sauce, which i also hate, but my gram made it from scratch every week, so i have an idea of what I'm doing.

Chili? No idea.

I made myself a tomato sandwich. Accidentally too much garlic salt. Lips are burning a bit now.

Its almost christmas!! Which I'm excited about. But also sad. The first christmas i will ever spend not at my grandma's.
Even the one i slept through (i was sick), i was at my grandmas. That was a sad, disappointing xmas after i was well

I haven't seen my family since last christmas. It kills me a bit.

But! husband and i will make it special. Hes keeps saying anything i want to do, let's do. He's so trying to make it awesome and make it sad.

Hi. Do you make chili?

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I have no internet. Which means no tv, no computer, no phone. That`s all i do :-/ - Mood:Good
Tuesday December 19 20174:36:11 AM |
This sucks. I'm on my phone now but i don't wanna use all my data to stay on it.

My 2 main things to do right now, at 2:30am, is to watch tv and play my phone app game. I was watching a poker marathon, roku, youtube.

We don't have cable, just roku. And antenna. But where we live we get about 8 channels, half of which are in Spanish. Plus it's 2:30am. Not really the time for quality programming.

THOUGH, ironically, 2am watching Poker After Dark is how i got super into watching poker.


I suppose i can read.
What makes this more difficult is that my husband is sleeping. So i can't make any noise of any sort. He's a super light, super crabby sleeper. But hed a bit sickly atm.

I ate week old lemon cream pie. I'm afraid I'm going to die now. But god damn that was good.

I suppose i could go take a shower. It's all the way across apt from husband.

Then read.


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Can you translate a foreign language? - Mood:Good
Monday December 18 201711:21:17 PM |
I'm not sure what language. Or if it is a language.

My brother in law is posting stuff on Facebook. his husband is from India, so.. possibly a language spoken in India?

His brother has some mental health issues, we'd like to know what he is saying to see if we should be worried or not. He's been a bit... off lately. And his husband away.
He posting the text in picture form though, can't copy paste to translator.

Id post the pictures here but seeing as i don't know what they say i don't wanna get warned for posting swear words or threats to murder people or such.

Anyone wanna give it a go? I can pm stuff.

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I need fashion advice. - Mood:Good
Sunday December 17 20173:27:51 AM |
So, i have this dress.
It was supposed to be part of a halloween costume, but it got replaced.

So now i just have this dress.
It's cute, I'd like to wear out.
But it's tighter /more form fitting than i am used to.

So my question is; what under garment to i wear under it?
Keeping in mind that i would like to be covered in case i accidentally flash people ( i will..I'm not used to wearing dresses). Also that i don't do thongs, and would prefer not to have a panty line. Oh, also, i hate tight things on my stomach.

Which leaves me with.. nothing that i know of



Is it doomed to be a nightgown :-o

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I feel like a Disney princess/ I realized something about pants - Mood:Good
Saturday December 09 20177:07:15 AM |
When I wake up, after a long nights sleep, I feel like i'm in a Disney movie. I want birds to show up at my window sill, and i want to burst into rooms joyously singing songs. "Its moooorning!" Throwing my arms into the air, dancing with coat racks.

Its nice.

I have about 20 pairs of pants. Maybe 30, counting pj pants, fancy pants, etc. For a while evvveryone was buying me pj pants for all gift giving occasions.

However, I realized I wear about 3-5 of them 90% of the time.
Exacerbated by the fact that I am pretty house-bound.
And before that I wore a uniform to work.

I will even go so far as to name them. I wear a super super soft fuzzy pair of black pj pants. A pair of blue with clouds super soft pj pants. And a pair of used-to-be-soft- but-not-so-much- anymore black pj pants with purple and white stars on them.
90% of the time.

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Might as well make another one to highlight my non tech savviness. - Mood:Good
Wednesday December 06 20176:40:45 AM |
We just switched our tvs between rooms so we can plug headphones into the one in the living room since i am awake at all hours and he's sleeping.

I thought i knew how to turn on and watch the dvd player on the other tv (though i haven't done it in awhile). But i can't figure this one out. Everything looks connected right. I turned on the player with the button. But Input isn't showing it, just the roku and antenna.

Grrr. I had serious movie plans tonight too, watching Ellen Foster then Curly Sue.

We have to make a major life decision in the next 24 hours. So, that's fun. It's not an obvious choice either, we don't think, which drives my husband crazy. I'm more, whatever we decide is meant to be. He's all, that's bullsh*t, there is a right and wrong choice. Or at least a better choice.
I just can't think like that. It would drive me bananas.


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