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Female, 36 years old
ny, Western US

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i won`t have to anymore jon groff

Interests: Dogs / Dancing / Games / Theater / Singing
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Birthday:10/11/1985 (36 Years Old)
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Occupation: Dancer
Marital Status: Married
Sexual Preference: (Decline to State)
Religion: Other
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Fav. Movie: good will hunting, you`ve got mail, dead poets
Fav. TV Show: House, macgyver, poker
Fav. Book: Without You by Anthony Rapp
Fav. Song: i like broadway :-) and singer/songwriters
Fav. Food: Donuts
Fav. Car: bah. walkings where its at
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wanna hear a sound file of my psychotic family? - Mood:Good
Monday December 19 20058:23:58 PM |
Its kinda long, sorry bout that. i recorded it for a friend to hear my house and thought since i have it why not share

i don't argue well.

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I have a thing for gas station attendants - Mood:Good
Monday December 19 20052:49:50 PM |
but in my defense they are always my age and hot. but still. something about gas station guys, oo.

i went grocery shopping with my grandpa, he bought my groceries for me. i am SO shopping cart impaired. i crash into everything. you'd expect a 8 year old too, which i did when i was 8, even worse if possible. but not a 20 year old. but yes. it happens. alot.

i love grocery shopping with grandpa. he lets me get whatever i want (within reason) so i can actually eat for awhile. my grandpa treats me well

i got to buy expensive cereal instead of generic brand

doesn't take much to make me happy. switch my Sugar Sprayed Flakes with Frosted Flakes and i am a happy happy girl.

I AM OUT OF SCHOOL! last day was today, out for a month. however. i forgot to clean out my locker. so i have to go back anyways. i hope i passed. man i hope i passed.

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"oh look =-O theres a GIRL! lets go date her without knowing a thing about her!" - Mood:Good
Wednesday December 14 20059:22:17 PM |
I always think i hate shopping until i actually go shopping. then i really like it. but hate spending money. God do i hate spending money.

i bought all the rest of the christmas presnts i needed to all thats left is my stepdad and my grandma. my stepdads i have to get online and my grandmas is IMPOSSIBLE to find. i got all my secret santas i'm in, all my familys. yay. plus i got about 5 presnts to me from me. and found about 10 more things i wanted. remind me not to go into hot topic. i always think of i won't want anything in there and end up buying a million things. i bought this:

no idea what i'm gonna do with it but i liked it so i thought, i'm allowed, and i bought it.

why is it NO ONE hit on me when i was single and since i'm become unsingle i have had a record breaking about of guys hit on me? crazy. me and this guy don't even click well and he has been trying for like a year to date me and he (c

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Why do people grab onto the end of their sweater when they hug people? (pics) - Mood:Good
Monday December 12 20055:14:05 PM |
its such a popular girly thing, whats the point of it? "TIFFANYYYYYY!" *grabs sweater sleeves and holds out arms* *squeals*

anyways. i hennaed my hands. i get more comments on the 'henna incubator' i have on my hands for a day than i do on the actual henna.

i wanna go see brokeback mountain. its not out yet here though, bah.

heres a dog pic

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WHY must people pee on the damn seat? there is no reason for pee to be on the seat, theres just NOT. we sit! thereofre the pee has no chance of getting on the seat, what the hell do women do in there?? - Mood:Good
Saturday December 10 200510:44:24 PM |
OH how it annoys me. everytime i go into the store i work in's bathroom there is pee on every seat. WHY? damn people. if you do some weird germophobic 'hovering' at least wipe your damn pee off the fricking seat. i understand the nastiness of the seats, really i do, i cover the thing in paper but do i LEAVE the paper on the seat when i leave that i see almost as often as the pee on the seat?? NO, i flush it. holy crapping jesus, women who pee in the kaufmanns bathroom, hygiene and manners are a beautiful beautiful thing.

anything you guys wanna rant about? do it here, i love reading rants

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i am eating my past/ breathing is underrated - Mood:Good
Friday December 09 20058:25:02 PM |
more specifically i am eating a ghost of christmas past sugar cookie. yum

last class of adventure bound was today i love that class. so fun. oh i'll miss it.

next semester my schedule looks like this:

not positive that is readable heres the key :

PHL- is intro to ethics
MUS - is broadway musicals
GEO 103 - astromony
GEO 105 - mysteriesof the earth
PSY - is eating/body image
PEW - dance

and i am in another dance class that i am on the waiting list for. fun times.

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Do you speak spanish? yes? si? then please come in here :-( - Mood:Good
Thursday December 08 20051:08:05 AM |
can someone make me a sound file of this?:

"Y hablando de ella"

please? *puppy eyes*

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whenever i walk up to automatic sliding doors i always get this 2 second period of panic thinking "what if it doesn`t open?" - Mood:Good
Wednesday December 07 20059:28:26 PM |
so now. i was hungry so i bought pasta salad, a pizza, a parfait and a package of mixed veggies. i ate the pasta and now i'm full

i don't like myself much today. well actually i like me just fine, i just don't like how i am with/around other people. i annoy myself that way. today anyway. i feel like an idiot. it'll pass

my hip KILLS. seriously. i refuse to stand up. i am stuck in this chair. honestly, if it feels like this when i wake up tomorrow there is soemthing seriously wrong. and i have to work tomorrow 4 hours of walking climbing reaching and bending. holy crapping jesus, god kill me now. is that sacriligious? i would like to think if there is a god he has a sense of humor. and not in a satanic "haha i can give you cancer" kind of way, more in a knock knock joke sort of way.


listening to spanish music after awhile starts to bug me that i have no idea what they are saying

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Which class should i take? - Mood:Good
Wednesday December 07 20051:07:00 PM |
They are both at the same time and i need one of them as a natural science credit. so:

Mysteries of the Earth- This course discusses various earth mysteries such as the Bermuda Triangle, Lost Continent of Atlantis, Ancient Astronauts, Origin of the Universe, etc. The student will learn and use the scientific method of inquiry, reason, common sense and logic to better understand unexplained phenomena. The student will be exposed to writings that might be considered sensationalist or pseudoscience and learn to recognize and evaluate these by critical reasoning and rational thinking. Three class hours.


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Stocking stuffer dilemma - Mood:Good
Sunday December 04 20054:50:33 PM |
mom said to give her a list of stocking stuffer ideas and i can't think of anything. help
so far i haveL

tic tacs

i don't wear much make up. i'm stumped. help? any ideas welcome

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cuz i`m a woman, w-o-m-a-n, iiiii`ll sing it again - Mood:Good
Saturday December 03 20059:28:08 PM |
whats new people?

i should be camping right now. i should be sitting around a campfire in the snow right now. goddammit. i was all signed up, i paid my 15$ i gave all my insurance crap and i am sitting home. why? i don't know. well yes i do. i get crazy carsick and its a 3 hour drive to get there, stay 24 hours and drive 3 hours back. and wel-.. they left at 5:30am this morning. i go to bed then

PLUS my mom kept trying to guilt me and manipulate me into not going and its usually too much of a hassle to fight with her.

so i gave in. and took one of mom's 'alternative to camping' ideas and went christmas shopping/

i almost have everyone bought for. i spent ALOT on my mom this year and i doubt she'll like any of it. its all practical stuff and she hates that. but PBTH on her i am sick of her complaining that shes cold i got her a heater, flannel sheets and flannel pjs.


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I wanna be the minority, i don`t need your authority, down with the moral majority cuz i wanna be the minority - Mood:Good
Saturday November 26 20056:45:24 PM |
oh my my my.

i am putting together an mp3 cd of every green day song known to man becuase i hate carrying around all 50 cds. i put all the songs on there and still have half the cd of room left. i hate wasting cd space.

grams making christmas cookies. i love making christmas cookies i just hate making them with her. she manages to suck every ounce of fun out of making them. its sad.

why am i so starving all the time? its disturbing me.

i convinced her to make some ghost ones for the ghosts of christmas past present and future. she groaned and bitched at me but i got to make 3

putting up the tree wasn't fun, making the cookies isn't fun, she sucks all the fun out of all the chrristmas stuff i love i don't like it.

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i`m the geek in the pink yall, geek is the color for fall, i`m the geek in the pink - Mood:Good
Friday November 25 20057:32:18 PM |
The scariest two girls i have ever seen are on wheel of fortune at the moment. i have never wanted to punch people through the screen so bad before

we brought home 3 pies yesterday. two of them are gone. my grandpa ate two whole pies in 1 day. jesus.

rent on the view this morning that was nice.

i had to work today, i work in the shoe department. that was interesting. i'm in stock though so i don't deal with customers woo

my hair this length looks kinda cute with a hair band in it.

i can't wait to see rent again. thursday i'm going by myself which i don't mind. i am so rent obsessed its sad.

lets see, what else is going on in my world. not much of anything.

its COLD here yo. i hate the winter. snow is nice to look at but i hate it. i can't get anywhere, i walk as my mode of transportation and snow is just a pain in the ass to walk in, not to mention the freezing coldness. i went and got a video and froze my fingers off. anyway

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help me out: Is anything open on thanksgiving? like, say, blockbuster? - Mood:Good
Thursday November 24 20052:43:31 PM |
does anyone know? i was gonna go get a movie but i have to walk there, in the snow, and i don't want to freeze my ass off, get there and have it be closed
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don’t throw your hand, oh, no, don’t throw your hand when you feel like your alone, no no no, you`re not alone - Mood:Good
Sunday November 20 20051:09:21 AM |
*sigh* another night to kill or be killed. i still have to clean the kitchen. i want to dream for awhile but i don't want to sleep. i'm still figuring out how to do that one

i feel like i should be doing a million things but when i go to narrow it down to do one i can't put my brain on any single thing.

i miss human kindess.

RENT party tomorrow. yay. i made rent themed cakes but since no one really cares i'm too lazy to upload them just for the heck of it.

i feel like theres soemthing hanging over my head and resting on my shoulders. its not pleasant.

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So i made myself a shirt (pics) - Mood:Good
Sunday November 13 200512:56:48 AM |
This is going on the back of a black shirt, whatcha think?

i don't know. it just. doesn't seem right.

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ahh i`m in pain, i love it - Mood:Good
Wednesday November 09 20057:42:16 PM |
am i just crazy or do other people love that hurt from working your muscles? my arm is sore from combo of tennis, work and dance class and my abs KILL from dance class, a dance i'm working on. i love it. i feel in shape

i'm watching devil's advocate. and its scaring the ever loving crap out of me. crazy morphing people. good movie though. but SHHH i'm only about halfway through

i made my schedule for next semester

-mysteries of the earth
-dance technique pew 145
-dance technique ppe 245
-broadway musicals (i can teach this class. if i fail this class i will kill myself, my LIFE is broadway musicals its sad really. but can come in handy for once!)
-psychology: body image

this one last semester and i graduate with a liberal arts degree and (hopefully) transfer to another college as a dance major. woo, gotta love having direction.

don't gotta love everyone in my life saying i'm crazy for majoring in dance.

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my ****ing math homework was ****ing due at ****ing noon NOT midnight. god ****ing dammit. - Mood:Good
Monday November 07 20056:27:12 PM |
i am hanging on by a thread in that class, i can NOT afford to miss a homework. BAH i hate that its my fault

my mother is driving me NUTS. between the constant 'are you gay?'s and now she bugging me about a guy i hang around with, we are just friends, she keeps asking if its more and saying i'm robbing the cradle because hes two years younger. shes being all.. sickeningly giggly when SHE talks about him. THEN when i say i HAVE a boyfriend, hello tj is my bf, to get her off my back about the last two things she laughs and says no hes not hes in alabama. did i miss something? is she in our relationship too? who is she to say hes not.

my grandma is getting company in 3 hours and she keeps telling to to make dinner and clean up fast, like seriously rushing me. 3 HOURS away. god. its a miracle i don't kill them all

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Don`t mind me just typing out my ****ed up dream - Mood:Good
Sunday November 06 20053:20:09 PM |
So. someone was doing something to me. my family but they weren't my real family in the dream but in my dream they were my family if that makes sense. anyway they were abusing the hell out of me and i ended up killing someone and being sent to this half orpanage half mental health-type place. i was lead around by my former phys ed teacher who i loved in hs only she wasn't who she was in my dream.

so she stuck me in a room and some roostery sounding person in there asked me what i had done and i wrote "i killed someone" on a activity book and held it up behind me without turning around.
THEN my grandpa (in real life) started screaming then my gram joined in so i got woken up and my dream ended which i was royally pissed at cuz i really liked that dream, it felt cool.

anyways. i had another dream. somewhat similar though, that was cool. (continued)

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My names not nicole - Mood:Good
Saturday November 05 20056:27:40 PM |
what shall i do tonight? i can't go out. i don't have the tv. i can't bake. i'm stumped. i was gonna burn some cds but i can't figure out what to burn. hm.

i could be rearranging my room, i am switching it all around. here i'll give you a diagram. why? becuase i have nothing else to do.

what it used to look like:

what it will look like when i'm done:

right now everything is everywhere.

heres some real pics of my room:

but anyways, i'm not home thus i can't rearrange my room when i AM home i am busy, it sucks. maybe i'll stay home next weekend. nah.

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You know whats fun to do? Watch soap operas with the sound off - Mood:Good
Wednesday November 02 20053:44:30 PM |
its entertaining. to me anyway

ok. what time does it get dark? i am having an argument with my grandmother about walking to dance at 5pm. she thinks its pitch black. i don't. even if it is, i don't care

i miss halloween candy. i should have squatted and gone treat or treating./ wait a minute- i'm 4'11 i don't need to squat.

i want free candy dammit. well not so much. i just want the variety

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Does anyone remember fraggle rock?? - Mood:Good
Sunday October 30 20054:58:19 PM |
ohh help me out. Did boober has a tail? some of the plush toys of him have tails but they aren't always accurate. here's boober:

i really need to know if he had a tail.

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I actually ate in my kitchen - Mood:Good
Saturday October 29 20058:07:04 PM |
i never actually eat in my kitchen. its half room half hallway, you have to walk through it to get to the family room/living room. its a hallway with a fridge stove and counter on one side and a cabinet and closet on the other.

so anyway, i actually ate in my kitchen. sorta. onto of the counter. which i love doing. my grandma hates me doing that though its quite comfy though. and i don't have to go far to clean up.

oh sorry, this journal really didn't have a point

OH hey, halloween. heres how my day is looking:

9-11 school
12-3 going back to old HS to visit and hear annual ghost stories
4-? work, entering costume contest

i have to be covered head to toe in green paint which i discovered rubs off on whatever it tocuhes. ha this should be interesting. remind me to hug as many people as i can.

i was ordered to bake somehting 'halloweeny'. but what. maybe a choclate cake with orange pudding in the middle. maybe a caker shaped like soemtrhing. hm. any ideas?

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I know this is really hard. but how does one tell their parents they aren`t gay? - Mood:Good
Wednesday October 26 20054:52:12 PM |
AUGAH oh my god my mother is driving me nuts. NO i'm not gay. no i'm not gay! i'm just not! i'm sorry mom. this is so backwards my mother is convinced that i'm gay. mostly because i wear a rainbow necklace, read gay and lesbian books and have a subscription to the Advocate. does this make me gay? no, having sex with and liking women does. do i? not particularly no. weell-ll ok i would say i am bi-curious. as for the magazine and books, gay books make for better reading, to me anyway. they are unconventional, i like that. as for the advocate i kept buying them for like 5$ off ebay becuase i like articles (rent on the cover, melissa etheridge on the cover, QAF on the cover, etc, all things i like) and a subsciption was 13$.


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I love how when people find out i am a virgin i get "aww its okay"s and sympathy. - Mood:Good
Thursday October 20 20054:38:41 PM |
didn't it ever occur to them its a choice and not a disease? seriously "aww you'll find someone". its not about finding someone, its about waiting. ayie some people.

i have nothing to do today. i will have the house to myself in about an hour. maybe i'll bake something. blast music. ahhh. but what do i do til then.

i SHOULD be working. but nooooooo. whos hours for the ENTIRE week got cut? me. and whos fault is that? my mom. seriously. she worked about 70 hours compared to her normal 40 for the last two weeks and our boss comes in and cuts my hours, my sister's hours and two other girls becuase 'the well has run dry". AHH! grrrrrrrrr

so i have the day off and i'm bored as all hell. and broke.

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