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Female, 36 years old
ny, Western US

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i won`t have to anymore jon groff

Interests: Dogs / Dancing / Games / Theater / Singing
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Birthday:10/11/1985 (36 Years Old)
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Occupation: Dancer
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Fav. Movie: good will hunting, you`ve got mail, dead poets
Fav. TV Show: House, macgyver, poker
Fav. Book: Without You by Anthony Rapp
Fav. Song: i like broadway :-) and singer/songwriters
Fav. Food: Donuts
Fav. Car: bah. walkings where its at
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i make too many of these things in music so i post it here. Name me some upbeat songs you can dance to, from just about any era or genre - Mood:Good
Saturday March 04 20064:36:40 PM |
i'm making a cd, as i said in a past thread, to listen to at work. at 6 AfreakinM in the morning. i need music to not only keep me awake but wake me up and make me shake my groove thing. i made one before, whistle while you work, i'll give you that tracklist to give you an idea of what i'm looking for.

katie wants a fast one
trouble - pink
cup of life
because the night
we didn't start the fire
tu vuo fa l'americano
me neither - brad paisley
devil went down to georgia
father figure (eh, i like it but its not very fast)
geek in the pink - mraz
mister booze
when god fearin women get the blues
joy n pain - rob base
cruel summer
canned heat
save a horse ride a cowboy
rock steady - whispers

so, on this one, shake your derrière while putting away footwear, so far i have:

cotton eyed joe
hey mama

thats it help me out!

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Anyone speak french? - Mood:Good
Saturday March 04 20063:54:24 AM |
so this is bugging me. the movie les cages aux folles, the american version is the birdcage, does les cages aux folles really translate into the birdcage or soemthing else? me and foreign languages don't get along.

oh and i free translated folles and it says crazy/insane. does that mean its 'the cage of crazy people' or soemthing? and does that make sense in french?

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I need your help finding images - Mood:Good
Saturday February 25 20068:45:08 PM |
so i'm working on a project and am stuck on this one thing to convey.

i need an image of two people crying, with their heads together. "tear to tear". or something to convey that. help! i'm looking but i suck at finding this stuff.

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I need yalls help with a dance move - Mood:Good
Thursday February 23 200610:04:37 PM |
so i'm in this position

WHERE can i go from there? i don't want to just come back down i either want to get back to my feet in a cool way or maybe go up into a handstand or soemthing? but is it possible? i'm thinking i'll go from that^ and tuck my legs together so my knees are on top of each other with the bottom one resting on my elbow. but i can't figure out where to go from there.

and its a slow piece it has to be some kind of slow gaceful move maybe i should just take that move out. ohh but i like it.

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Come on baby mauaha thank you. jack! jack ! nooooo! mother#$%^&*#$%^& - Mood:Good
Thursday February 23 20063:39:46 AM |
god i swear a lot when playing poker

RENT ON DVD! i can't go buy it yet though or i'll never do my homework. not that i'm THAT bad, just that my homework is watching a movie as well and i gte burned out on movies esily.

my cold is much better, i know you can all sleep easy now knowing that. but i have that cool cold smell taste thing going on, i kinda like it.

i need to actually DO something tomorrow. everyday i've been getting up at 3-4pm, getting on the computer, watching tv, eating. i was sick though so i don't feel that bad. but now i'm not and i want to do something. and i'm getting fat. i hope some of its bloat cuz jesus.

i'm tired of arguing with people. why must people argue? me and gram argue every god damn day.
is it me? is it them? maybe both.

i should go to bed soon

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How does one go about writing an essay on a broadway musical? - Mood:Good
Wednesday February 22 20064:59:46 PM |
i hate when they don't give a direction. actually, i hate when they give essays so i have to write a paper on aida. maybe i'll compare it to romeo and juliet. you know you can compare a ridiculous amount of things to romeo and juliet, i love it. west side story too. which i may have to write a paper on too haha. but yea, i don't think he'd like me comparing everything to romeo and juliet.

so. how does one go about writing a paper on a broadway musical? i can't critique the performance, it has to be all story. lyrics and music too but i suck at critiquing those. well pbth. this is going to take all the fun out of my favorite musicals.

at least it gives me an excuse to see them all


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I feel like making a pointless thread. - Mood:Good
Wednesday February 22 20063:45:59 AM |
that has nothing to do with sex.

my cold is getting better, yipee. but lets see if sleeping with actually happen tonight without the help of nyquil. being on nyquil is scary. i think the house next door could blow up and i'd still be in my nyquil induced coma, snoozing away. plus i hate taking medication of any kind. which pisses off therapists by the way, if you refuse medication for personal reasons. but anyway.

my vacation is almost half over

got any stories or adventures of the day, no matter how small, to share?

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i hate sneezing for many reasons. i cover my mouth and wash my hands and all that junk, but people give you nasty looks and are disgusted- like i can control if i sneeze. plus then theres the ever embarrassing "ohmygod theres something gross-&qu - Mood:Good
Sunday February 19 20068:26:26 PM |
"-in my hand how do i discretely dispose of it?"

now that i have sufficently grossed you out, hello

i have a cold slightly. not really. i just keep sneezing is all. not much more than that at this point.

but i'm bored. isketch anyone? picture thread? "post a picture of your___!" thread?

someone post some sort of thread to keep me ocupied for about 2 hours

i miss taking picture of body parts for various yt threads

ohoh week off woooooooohooooooo. no school. but no work thus no money. thus no fun. and no food. BAH

but i might go see a movie. i have no car i'd have to walk up and its like 0 degrees though pbth!

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Unscramble this: eggloo - Mood:Good
Friday February 17 200610:52:12 PM |
Do you have one of those nifty google search bar things? yes? whats the last thing you googled? is it still in there?

if no, then can you remember? whats the last thing you googled?

if you are, like, completely anti-google and use some other search thingy, what was the last thing you searched for on that?

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Don`t people realize when they are being creepy? - Mood:Good
Friday February 17 20063:23:50 AM |
like when i'm 20 and a 31 year old scrubby guy hits on me over myspace and signs it with a ?? did he think i'd respond??

i have class tomorrow. i should be in bed. its 3:30am. butbut. i have so much useless crap i could be doing.

what are you doing, everything hat occupies space in the frontish of your brain, at this moment?

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i can take the rain on the roof of this empty house, that don`t bother me - Mood:Good
Friday February 17 200612:47:06 AM |
I'm bored. i'm thinking some kind of picture thread but what kind? i'm a fan of 'dig out your cam' kind of thread, no celebrity pics poo. got any ideas?
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for the love of my eyes help me - Mood:Good
Thursday February 16 20063:35:23 PM |
first off and most important, how do you change the font size? the writing and everything is HUGE and i tried the little ctrl button roll the ouse way but it doesn't work. help.

second of all, my grandpa went out and bought a new monitor. UAGH!!!! he had no idea what he was buying, he plugged it in but has 'two extra wires left'. and this one has no mic!! thats what i use most augh

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holy mother of mork and mindy. I need you guys opinions on this insane of my family. - Mood:Good
Sunday February 12 20065:50:53 PM |
i have this coat:

only the c*ck is spelled out (grumbles at yt)
my family HATES that coat but its my coat so pbth. i wear it to school and stuff, pretty much everywhere i need c oat

i am going to a rascal flatts concert and they are just about forbidding me to wear it
"its fine for school and wherever but to go to a concert? i don't think so"
wtf? to me thats the best place to wear it, not like i'm going to some fancy opera thing, i'm going to a concert where everyone is going to be drunk and screaming.

so yes, its snowing, my family would rather i freeze than have a patch that says 'c*ck' on my coat.

what do you think? inappropriate or fine?

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take your purse, flip it upside down, spread all your junk out then take a picture - Mood:Good
Sunday February 12 20062:38:22 PM |
describing whats in your purse just doesn't do it for me, i want pictures

mines coming in about 3 minutes

oh and you could identify whats what in the pic too, that'd be cool

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Nicole no feel good - Mood:Good
Saturday February 11 20066:26:14 PM |
rascal flatts concert tomorrow, we have had tickets for awhile, i was/am SO looking forward to it, i LOVE rascal flatts. but no. i have to have the worst luck (i had the stomach flu and slept through christmas remember?) and timing for illness cuz i am fricking sick AGAIn BUT I REFUSE TO MISS THIS frickING CONCERT.

i never fricking so anywhere, its so unfair.

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Who wants to me nice and proofread my paper? - Mood:Good
Sunday February 05 20065:27:51 PM |
anyone? the topic is "how does vaudeville reflect society at the time?"

tis about 1 1/2 pages long

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I spent 2 hours hot gluing mirrors on my ceiling above my lamp to make my room brighter. my mom came in and said "why don`t you just get a brighter/better lamp?"..... Ohhhhh... - Mood:Good
Friday February 03 20066:44:33 PM |
9 more days to the RF concert !

i don't want to write a paper

i bougth the Without You anthony rapp book! EEEEEE!

i have no frickin money because my freakin minimum wage job keeps giving me 3 hours a week. 20$ a week woooo i'm rich.
and there is SO much work to do in my department, its all going to hell without me there to keep it organized. seriously.

i cut my finger while hot gluing the mirrors. i couldn't get them out of the little plastic holder they were in so i snapped it in half and one of the pieces stabbed me. i hate cutting my fingers, no matter how much washing i do of them or covering with various tapes and bandaids they always get infected. not bad. but still.

my lamp sucks. it looks like this:

the only thing that gets light is my ceiling, the thing around the bulb is opaque and dark green, no light gets anywhere.
pbth i can't afford anything else though.

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jehovah witnesses scare the crap out of me - Mood:Good
Saturday January 21 20065:02:57 PM |
mom made me look up literature on it and holy crap. they now scare the ever loving poo out of me. who on earth come up with that stuff? sounds more like a cult than a religion to me. but whatever. to each his own as long as they don't kill me.

in other news. school in 2 days. all my class are either in building 12,11, or 10 so yay, not too far away. different floors though.

things i have to remember to do:
- file intend to graduate form
- send applications out
- keep an eye on my waitlisted class

i am going to go from having nothing at all to do, no school no work, no obligations in the least, to having 16 credits of school a week, work, and dance class.

if i don't come back i've collapsed

i need to get my sleep schedule back to normal. right now its sleep from 6am-3pm. thats gonna be fun

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"are you over 18?" "yes" "congratulations you just won 2 tickets!" - Mood:Good
Saturday January 07 20066:34:52 PM |
jesus my nerves can't take this i'm listening to the country station 24/7 to try to win tickets to a Rascal Flatts concert. caller #9. if i don't win i'm gonna buy them anyways. woohoo! i love rascal flatts. and i'm waiting for brad paisley to come around here

when your only ride to concerts loves country music you learn to love country too

good thing they love broadway too but nothing comes here and when they do they are expensive. pbth. yay for bootlegs

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How do you google search for mp3s? - Mood:Good
Thursday January 05 200611:13:16 PM |
Someone on here told me before but i forgot and i can't figure it out. help
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I am not in the mood to feign happiness and friendliness. don`t get me wrong. i am in a pretty good mood. just not a social one. - Mood:Good
Sunday January 01 20062:17:41 PM |
Ahh the annual new year party at my aunts house with relatives i never see and am happy about never seeing. I am, of course, as usual, hiding out in the den on the computer. I know i can't stay here long though, then they yell at me, nicely though, with smiles and gritted teeth becuase there are guests afoot, to get off the damn computer and mingle.

problem is i don't mingle. i don't do socialness. and furthermore i don't like these people.

and thus i will be coming into this thread from time to time to moan and bitch and complain about both my family, their family, and a combo of both.

plus i'm on dog duty. goddammit.

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getting drunk off grenadine - Mood:Good
Saturday December 31 20057:22:32 PM |
ahh new years. i get to sing all my rent new years references. woo. lobster for dinner. i really don't like lobster but whatever. making spice cupcakes mmmmm. may have one of those later.

grenadine and ginger ale. only time i ever drink soda, or grenadine for that matter, is on new years. cheers!

anyone know how to make giner ale flat/unbubbly other than letting it sit out?

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Since YT i seem to be incapable of making a decision for myself without first running here and posting a poll - Mood:Good
Saturday December 31 20052:21:39 AM |
so heres my recent decision

i had a barnes and noble membership card, it lasts a year. it costs 25$ and you save 10% off your purchases. i don't buy a ton in b&n i'm not sure if i actually got my 25$ back. but its handy because you save a few bucks here and there at the moment.

its expired a few days ago and question is, do i spend another 35$ and renew it?

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"tainted soup: don`t eat me please, i have the chance to make you sneeze" - Mood:Good
Sunday December 25 200511:27:02 PM |
So i am sick and i had soup but i am lazy and also don't want anyone eating my soup so i put the rest into the bowl i ate it from and put ^ that note on it.

what are the chances my family members will actually get the joke?

what are your plans for tomorrow?

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Nicoleslove almost just died. which would have been a shame cuz then i couldn`t whore my avy that took me forever and a day to make - Mood:Good
Friday December 23 20056:26:09 PM |
uncle bens bowl. penne and shrimp. almost KILLED me. i almost died coughing and choking on the incredibly spicy hotness. wOw. that poo almost cut off my air way. me and spicy hot food don't get along well.

anyways. i have space as you can see in my avy in the bottom right if you wanna be on it

christmas! 2 days!

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