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Female, 36 years old
ny, Western US

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i won`t have to anymore jon groff

Interests: Dogs / Dancing / Games / Theater / Singing
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Birthday:10/11/1985 (36 Years Old)
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Occupation: Dancer
Marital Status: Married
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Fav. Movie: good will hunting, you`ve got mail, dead poets
Fav. TV Show: House, macgyver, poker
Fav. Book: Without You by Anthony Rapp
Fav. Song: i like broadway :-) and singer/songwriters
Fav. Food: Donuts
Fav. Car: bah. walkings where its at
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hey australia people, does it snow there? - Mood:Good
Friday December 08 20064:52:46 PM |
i may or may not have an australian ss person and was wondering if it snows there.

i am spending WAY too much on christmas presents this year.

OH its so fun though.

my nose is defective. theres soemthing wrong with it but i can't figure out what.

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Its kinda weird to know all i have to do is make a phone call and there`d be a guy at my door in 30 minutes going 80mph if i said i`d have sex with him - Mood:Good
Friday December 01 20065:19:49 PM |
ahh friday. i spent 2 hours christmas shopping and all i bought was jalapeno popcorn and really cute boots (for me).

my mother is WAY to easier to buy for. if i was rich i would have so far bought her: a microwave (which me and my sister chipped in for), a headset for her phone, a pillow ( our dog peed on it), a gift card to payless, 4 bottles of cheer for dark clothing, Regis hair products, a wegmans gift card for 100 so we could actually havefood in the house (though i know she wouldn't buy food with it), and a pair of the same boots i bought only in a size 7. shes very easy to buy for. too easy.

everyone else though. i"m stumped. and my secert santa, who lives in chicago, who i only know through this website, gave me NOTHING to go by to buy for her i know shes a girl, shes 19 and she gives in chicago. NOT helpful.

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I want your love in physical ways, i`ll pretend its because you love me so its okay, don`t you wanna see whats under this sweater, i can`t hear my mama screaming babe you could have done better - Mood:Good
Saturday November 25 20065:45:32 PM |
i have no envelopes big enough to put my chrstmas cards in. which reminds me. anyone want a christmas card?

is there anyone out there whose family doesn't drive them nuts? imagine this: you are snowed in with your parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, kids, and possibly in laws for a week. would you lose your mind? or be a productive loving family singing songs around the fire? would there be one less alive body at the end of the week? more?

i like christmas. i like christmas shopping. this year me and my sister are buying our mom a microwave, 70$. she has told us shes spending 20$ each on us this year. i find it funny how its reversed now.

so theres a quiet war going on at my house/in my family between me my sister my stepdad and my dad. me and my sister want our stepdad to walk us down the aisle when we get married. our dad obviously wnats to do it and "would be very hurt if he didn't". (cont)

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help me out yall, if you don`t mind. all i need is your brain. - Mood:Good
Friday November 17 20065:31:39 PM |
so, i get my aunt an ornament every year for christmas. couple years ago i got her a singing alan jackson one (she likes country), and a canoe last year (we went canoeing for the first time last summer). this year hwoever, i am stumped. plus theres usually an ornament store in the mall and theres not this year so i am ebaying.

so my question is, she LOVES to travel. she goes to some far away country/state just about every year. she went to greece this year. uh. egypt the year before, hawaii, alaska, she took a tour across europe, etc. so how else can i search on ebay for a travelling-ish ornament other than "ornament travel"?

and if you are bored, can you help me look? not just on ebay?

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so, how do i see if something isn`t yt appropriate without getting warned/banned? - Mood:Good
Friday November 10 20067:12:32 PM |
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I should get naked - Mood:Good
Friday November 10 20067:04:56 PM |
i have the house to myself tomorrow afternoon, yayyyyyyyyyyy

i'm bored. as always. for my gynastics class i have to write a 5 page paper, observe a gymnastics center, teach a class how to dance and make a "program start-up" which i have no idea what it is and make a gymnastics word search. but the papers due the last of class, the teaching is on 12/12, the word search is due in a couple weeks and i don't know about the program. or the observation.

everyone was bitchy at work today.

i think i'm getting chunky.


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crossposted: don`t let a good computer die just because of a moron owner - Mood:Good
Sunday November 05 20063:48:14 PM |
i have a virus. or two. all my free anti vrius stuff has expired. what can i get to get rid of this virus (s? keeping in mind i have no money and i am slightly computerally impaired. it said trojan horse and worm. they don't sound fun. help me pleease
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Never lose your cell phone around me - Mood:Good
Saturday November 04 20066:38:37 PM |
i found a cell phone in the snow on thursday on my way out of school, i grabbed it so it wouldn't get buried, but didn't have enough time to run it across the building and up two floors to the lost and found so i shoved it in my purse.

i have been having way too much fun with this phone. its sprint and mine is verizon but it charged with my charger, it was dead when i picked it up. i went through text messages and contacts (mostly to see who to contact on there that i have the phone).

i texted the girlfriend that i have the phone but haven't gotten any repsonse. you'd think he'd miss his phone a bit. i thought about calling 'mom' but that'd be weird.

however, i'm not back at school til next thursday. oh the things i can thumb through on there til then.

any lost cell phone advice?

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I wanna play a game. anyone else? - Mood:Good
Saturday November 04 20065:35:01 PM |
anyone wanna play a game with me? board game, card game, other? yahoo or somewhere else? anyone?
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Oh bless the Lord my soul His praise to thee proclaimedAnd all that is within me join To bless His holy name oh yeah Oh bless the Lord my soul His mercies bear in mind Forget not all His benefits The Lord to thee is kin - Mood:Good
Friday October 27 200610:25:05 PM |
I can never watch tv around halloween. i HATE scary movies. i stick with the great pumpkin. and maybe hocus pocus/ disney movies. but other than that, i hate to even flip through.

i do love christmas movies though, and those are coming up

the costume i am sewing piece by piece together by hand is going to cost me more than if i bought the whole thing:

- plastic leaves, a whoolllle pooload: 20$
- dress, free from dance costume past.
- green hat, 1$
- green tights, 5$
- green shoes, free, moms old shoes, spray painted green
- green lipstick, eh, sorta free, from last year
- green body paint, again, sorta free from last year

OH i need yalls help. this is my halloween day:

7am-12 - work
12-3pm - school

now i could either go to dance from 6-7:30 OR i could go with my co-worker friend, her newphew, and my sister (all of us are at least 21.. except the 1 year old newphew) trick or treating from like 6-7pm. OR

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i`m sure there - Mood:Good
Saturday October 14 200610:06:12 PM |
i'm sure theres something productive i could be doing right now. but i can't think of anything.

even anything unproductive.

i can't dance, i'm full of hot chcolate.
nothing on tv

no websites to visit.

my zen is all packed with music and charged

nothing to shop for

nothing to make

i baked cookies yesterday and they bought really expensive italian wedding ookies today so, no baking.

not close enough to halloween to pumpkin carve (plus no pumpkins). the house is already decorated.

i don't have any books with me.

my dog is sleeping

my halloween costume is at my house, so i can't work on it.

grandmas house is always scarily spotless so i can't clean anything.

i don't have a car, i can't go anywhere.

its cold outside. i don't know what that prevents me from doing, but it is.

i took a shower this afternoon.

maybe i'll download a movie. but that takes forever. and i can never find anything.

anyone have any ideas?

or should i keep compl

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I would like to take this time it appreciate my ass - Mood:Good
Saturday October 14 200612:14:35 AM |
thank you, ass, for always being there when i fall backwards.

thank you, ass, for helping to hold up my legs in dance class.

thank you, ass, for turning on my boyfriend.

thank you, ass, for looking damn fine in a pair of pants.

and thank you, ass, for putting up with the abuse i put you through at times. sitting for hours in uncomfy postions. the painful dance moves. the embarassing wiggly to elevator music. etc.

anyone else want to thank a body part for anything?

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sorry but i have to do this - Mood:Good
Sunday October 08 20063:13:31 PM |
YAY! its my brithday YAY! its my birthday

21. well not today really, on the 11th, but we are celebrating today. they bought italian wedding cookies (little box is 20$!) and we are having:

-rice krispy chicken
-green beans
-mashed potatos

HOLY CRAP I GET PRESENTS! i forgot about that.

*sigh* really, you'd think i was turning 7. but i love my birthday a whole celebration of me that never happens

happy birthday to meeeeeee *jumps up and down*

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Has anyone seen those new earmuff thingys that has the strap behind your head and under your hair? - Mood:Good
Sunday October 08 20062:17:15 PM |
i saw them at sears for 25$ and i wanted to ebay them or at least google them to see if i can find them cheaper but i can't remember the name of them which is making it impossible to find them.


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why you don`t you be my girlfriend, i`ll treat you good, i know you hear your friends when they say you should - Mood:Good
Saturday October 07 20068:23:02 PM |
flax seeds.
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What movies should i rent? - Mood:Good
Friday October 06 200610:42:58 PM |
i'm making a list of movies to rent. i used to have a list that i kept color coded and everything but when my computer died etc. so gimme some movies that fit this criteria if you don't mind

1) must not suck
2) no horror. i hate horror.
3) comedy is good. drama as well.
4) romantic comedy even better
5) action.. eh.. only action movies i like are 5th element and die hard.
6) must be rentable (as in, not still in theatres)
7) nothing that will give me nightmares
8) i generally don't like guns in movies. as in lets-take-out-the-whole-town-and-show-peoples-guts-spilling-out

all rules to be taken loosely except the no horror/nightmare things.

so, whatcha got?

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Don`t cry to me, if you loved me, you would be here with me - Mood:Good
Friday October 06 20067:36:31 PM |
my creative zen came a day ago i was just able to get to a computer. i know have about 6 gbs of stuff on there i'm still getting used to it and figuring out what all the buttons mean and whatnot. and haven't gotten my wall charger yet.

its beautiful though i can't wait to use it. seems stupid to use it sitting at my computer. maybe i'll go for a walk tomorrow so i can groove. eee

we are celebrating my birthday sunday. which i am sure to be talking about all weekend. yay. i'm old.

*turns zen on again*

journals are sucking today. is it a friday thing?

p.s. yay for audiobooks on zen!

p.p.s. my stomach is weird today.

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Its almost october! Its almost october! - Mood:Good
Friday September 29 20066:30:12 PM |
my birthday is commmmmmmmmmmmmingggggggggg. i swear i turn 10 when my birthday comes.

everyone keeps asking me for a list though of what i want (as me and sis do for bd and christmas still, even though i'm 21 (almost) and shes 25) and i can't think of a thing.

since i got a job if i want something now, i buy it. makes it hard to come up with stuff.

so far all i'm come up with is the Thou Shalt Not cd.
help me think

happy really early bd to me!

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The trick to stealing food is to - Mood:Good
Friday September 22 20068:14:13 PM |
eat evenly around and in the dish, not in one spot therefore leaving a hole of vacant space where potatos once were. stealing food from the grams fridge that is, potatos o'brien to be exact, after she says "don't eat that! its for sunday!"

my mother. shook her ass. not shook, squatted, popped her ass out and wiggled in it obscene ways, at work today. to salsa music playing from someones car. outside. in broad daylight. oh. not something i wanted to see.

i work with some odd strange wonderfully funny people. but i suppose it doesn't count. cuz ones my sister. ones sorta my mom then various random people. everyone chipped in for pizza. which i wasn't happy about. i'm little. one fricking piece of pizza cost me 4$. i could have gone to subway and got a whole sub for 2.50. pbth.

i hate how when my grandma gets off the phone with somone she procedes to tell me all about the person she was talking to and what they were talking about. i don't care. really. i don't.

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Death by spinach - Mood:Good
Friday September 15 20065:50:43 PM |
man. we eat packaged fresh spinach A LOT. i'm all paranoid i'm gonna die now. thanks a lot people.

anyone wanna see my new name tag? it won't be all that exciting since i like blacking things out well. pinking things out.

not that you people don't know my name ha.

hm. nothing else is new. i am SO SORE.

monday: on my feet from 7am-3pm at work (stocking shoes as your probably sick of hearing about by now)

tuesday: gymnastics class from 12:30-2pm, dance from 5-7:30

wednesday: work 7-3pm

thursday gymastics 12:30-2pm, dance from 6-8:30

friday: work 7-1pm

i think ballet is whats killing me. ow.

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Every little thing I do, Never seems enough for you, You don`t wanna lose it again, But I`m not like them, Baby when you finally, Get to love somebody, Guess what, It`s gonna be me - Mood:Good
Saturday September 09 20065:32:22 PM |
all my burners decided to die at the same time. i had acoustica, then swicthed to nero then nero started skipping on cds so i used realplayer and even WMP. now none of them will work. fun. i had 4 things to burn too a cd for a friend, audio books, and a misc mp3 cd. pbth.

Macys grand opening today. i was gonna work today to be a part of it but my foot has been killing me so i'm keeping off it for a few days.
kinda glad now though, since all the associates had to go out and great people waiting in line for an hour. i'm not a greeting kind of person.

so i have 4 dance classes (two jazz, a modern and a ballet), a gymnastics class and a job where i'm on my feet all day, and i have a bad foot. this is going to be an interesting semester/year.

i have a craving for one of those 3 color mini italian cakes. anyone know what those are called? they are covered in chocolate and are.. i forgot what colors. pink, green and yellow inside or something, not occuring in nature colors.

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anyone have hitchikers guide to the galazy handy? - Mood:Good
Sunday August 27 20069:02:23 PM |
the book that is. can someone tell me what the first few lines are?
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Oh YT. what is wrong with thee - Mood:Good
Sunday August 20 200610:10:07 PM |
thee? thou? i should brush up on my shakespeare.

YT is good for so many things. keeping me occupied when i'm bored, but also making me go 'why the frick am i still on here' every so often with the quality of posts thus making go get some fresh air.

I like target.

i'd go dance if i wasn't so full.

*adds her crappy thread to the masses*

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time for a thread to keep me entertained for hours - Mood:Good
Sunday August 20 20064:37:52 PM |
anyone up for a guess the movie/ isketch/ post a picture of ___ / interactive thread?

problem is i can never think of them/ keep them going. so help out if you are bored too. anyone?

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Once upon a time i used to dress up Ken, But now that i`m a woman i like bigger men,And i don`t need a barbie doll to show me how, cuz mama i`m a big girl now - Mood:Good
Sunday August 13 20066:17:31 PM |
my life is boring. seriously. the highlight of my day today was waxing my aunts '34 ford.

i have corn stuck in my teeth

i may go for a scooter ride

i don't wanna go to work

school starts again in a couple weeks. i only have one class, that i am looking forward to far too much. oh how i like school 60000 times better than work. course i don't get paid for school though. and it costs me a fortune. but still.

i can never hold onto friends. or have a conversation with someone that doesn't end with them backing away from me with their eyebrows raised. ho-hum.

i am trying to concentrate on dance. but with school work and a lack of a studio.. its not working well. i WILL major in dance and i WILL succeed in it. even if i don't know what any of that french stuff means.

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