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Female, 36 years old
ny, Western US

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i won`t have to anymore jon groff

Interests: Dogs / Dancing / Games / Theater / Singing
Homepage: (None)
Birthday:10/11/1985 (36 Years Old)
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Occupation: Dancer
Marital Status: Married
Sexual Preference: (Decline to State)
Religion: Other
Politics: (Decline to State)
Fav. Movie: good will hunting, you`ve got mail, dead poets
Fav. TV Show: House, macgyver, poker
Fav. Book: Without You by Anthony Rapp
Fav. Song: i like broadway :-) and singer/songwriters
Fav. Food: Donuts
Fav. Car: bah. walkings where its at
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i think i`ll propostition YT - Mood:Good
Monday January 01 20073:22:30 PM |
Hi yt *shy girl eyes* what are you up to? *bedroom eyes*

I'm hoping yt can keep me entertained or at least occupied while i avoid all my relatives in the other room who keep coming to the door and hissing at me to 'be social'. i am 21 years old, for 21 years i have not been social. its not going to change because you hiss at me.

i'll come out when i'm so hungry i can't take it anymore. i think thats fair.

so whats new? anyone watching the M*A*S*H marathon? what do you usually do on new years? what was your dream to be when you were younger? whos your daddy? how many licks does it take to get the center of a tootsie roll pop? do you have any pets? will you post picture of said pets? do you have any siblings? older or younger? what are their names? anyone on yt a twin? identical or frat? would you like to follow me please? please place sample urine on the window sill in the bathroom. Have a nice day

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has anyone ever bought anything on borders/amazon? - Mood:Good
Sunday December 31 20065:32:01 PM |
i'm trying to buy the house dvd and a book. i have a borders reward card. since borders and amazon are the same site now, i can't figure out how to use my borders reward acrd. anyone know?
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Theres pizza in my fridge. However, it tastes like crap. and i keep forgettin that. its taunting me. eat me. eat me. then i go and go ewwww gross. - Mood:Good
Sunday December 31 20063:39:06 PM |
so i'm eating a turkey sandwich.

my house calendar is almost done.

i was watching house, season 1, episode 14. but had to frickin turn it off halfway through as to not upset my family and have them hounding me and having this weird uncomfortable unsaid thing in the room. PBTH now i gotta wait until who knows when because i usually watch things after gram goes to sleep but they are having a new years party here tonight so who knows when everyone will go. PBTH! i wanna know what happens.

i made cupcakes

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my family has a problem with me. excuse me while i rant and bitch. - Mood:Good
Saturday December 30 20066:29:59 PM |
they want pizza
i don't want pizza but i'm like okay.
they want carmines.
i hate carmines. but fine whatever.
they tell me its becuase i don't like "real sauce" and carmines has 'real sauce'. i'm like.. well, yea. its no secret i hate tomato sauce. pizza sauce, however, is different. i like pizza sauce. except at carmines.
then they said i'm too picky. that. i disagree with. i like every other pizza place around here EXCEPT carmines.
they ask what does everyone want on it. i say mushrooms and ham.
my aunt says just cheese. gram says whatever.
they get just cheese.
later, they are discussing their favorite pizza toppings. i say i like dough, cream soup sauce, ham, cheese and mushrooms.
they tell me thats not a pizza.
thats its not a pizza without tomato sauce, its a sandwich.
i'm like, fine. then i like open faced sandwiches with sauce, cheese and toppings baked in an oven.

they annoy me.

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side effects of face to pavement. - Mood:Good
Saturday December 30 20065:20:13 PM |
my ankle is KILLING me. i've been blaming it on my face to pavement thing but it started hurting yesterday and the F2P was tuesday. but i'm still gonna blame it on that since my ribs still kill and my knee is shot.

something is very wrong with my knee. i can't touch it, even just set my finger on it without howling in pain. but i can walk on ym leg (if i don't bend it too much). so its fine, right?

work sucks. a lot. i really don't want to work there. i spend much time wandering around the stockroom thining how to legitamtely get out of work. fire in the cosmetics department. fixture falling on my from 10 feet up. gas leak. then i get to thinking how long would i have to be passed out for, if i were to pass out, before i got sent home. and would i get paid? if not thats okay.

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me + a scooter + a hill + rain= face dive into pavement - Mood:Good
Wednesday December 27 20064:20:41 PM |
ow. so maybe it wasn't the brightest thing to do. but i have gone down that hill many times before on a scooter. nveer in the rain however. and it wasn't the water that got me, it was uneven gravel under the puddle that got me.

so there i was laying in the middle of the street in the rain, in a puddle, because of course i had to land IN a puddle. trying very hard not to pass out, because i pass out very very easily, its a condition, aren't i special. ahh it was fun

then i had to do the shooping i went there for cuz what a waste of the trip if i didn't, so i limped around the craft store and the post office

i discovered i am too old for scooter head dived though, because i woke up today and couldn't move.

i did something to my knee. but i'm still young enough to ignore it and only do soemthing about it after its too late

but it was the most exciting thing to happen in my life for awhile. so thats sad.

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My freezer is better than your freezer - Mood:Good
Monday December 25 20068:48:46 PM |

Because thats in it. best custard in the history of the world

what food is your area known for?

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I gotta do it. we should really have just one of these things though. one ofiicial "what i got for christmas" then everyone can list and post pics - Mood:Good
Monday December 25 20063:32:36 PM |
so heres what i got:

-tank top
-long sleeve shirt
-gift card to dollar tree
-gift card to dicks
-canvas bag

and the family present this year, which is always a baord game. *0s trival pursuit we played. we suck i was born in 85. not good.

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it is impossible for me to be healthy on december 25th. IMPOSSIBLE. - Mood:Good
Monday December 25 200612:37:53 PM |
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So i woke up this morning to my gram and gramp screaming at each other and my gramp yelling that he`d wish he`d just die already. over cookies. - Mood:Good
Sunday December 24 20063:20:57 PM |
grandma wouldn't let him eat the cookies for tomorrow and it started a huge argument because she never lets him eat anything, shes always saving stuff for another day. and he starts screaming and she starts screaming and the dog got scared and came and laid on the bed with me, which she never does. then it ended with gramp screaming how he'd wish he'd just die already that he can't live with her anymore. ahh he's not kidding. i see his point though. i can't live over here for very long at a time myself.

what a fun way to start the morning

in other news, its christmas eve

ohoh and my bf called at midnight and my grandma didn't know who it was. so does she think to herse,f i don't know who that is? no, she makes up a story and tells gramp. her story was that my dad called (who i haven't seen in about a year) and he came over and got the cookies i made (because when she got up the cookies i made were gone- i had hid them. i know my gramp they would be gone).

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I wish my family weren`t so manipulative and robotic. - Mood:Good
Saturday December 23 20068:30:46 PM |
I just came back from my stepdads family christmas party. man. they are.. what a family should be like to me. goofing around, picking on each other but when it came right down to it, loving each other to death.

they do SS and three of the gifts made the recepient cry (only 2 were girls ) one made the whole family cry

gotta tell you. no one has ever cried at my family christmas. its a very organzied, precise giving out of gifts, one at a time then a thank you then next. everyone was all digging into everything at this party, lots of hugs lots of screaming (and not just from the babies, squeals ) ah. just. oh well. big buffet getg your own, bring soemthing to it dinner. we have this fancy sit down good china dinner. which don't get me wrong. is very nice and i enjoy it and its great and everything.

i just like seeing how other families do it too. different perepctive. i love it.

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Friday December 22 20064:48:49 PM |
the line for gift cards was never less than about a 45 minute wait. why?? if you would have dragged your ass here a week ago you could have just walked right up and got it. people EVERYWHERE. 20 minutes to get out of the mall parking lot. why?? i don't understand. i just don't. you know christmas is coming. why wait til the last possible two days??

crazy people trying to get a two kid stroller up an escalator. it ain't gonna happen, thus why we have elevators. though i must give them credit. they were very relieved when i told them we had an elevator. unlike people who ARGUE with you determined to put their childs life in danger. then we are supposed to hit the emergency shut down button. which. just isn't fun.

half the store was partying, half the store was SCREAMING at each other. they got all the managers and allll the upper people involved. managers crying. dock guys screaming and throwing things. my sister losing her poo.
all because the dock guys are useless.

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i don`t believe i`ve ever made one of these, really because i hate them. but this one is very very well deserved. - Mood:Good
Thursday December 21 200610:47:32 PM |
i LOVE duffbear4moe. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE, in a platonic sense, don't get scared

i have been going CRAZY trying to find House dvds/ SOMEWAY to watch the first two season. i came THIS CLOSE to selling myself to see 4 episodes but now i have them all at my fingertips kinda blurry, but there so LOOOOOOOOVE love love love love love

i feel like a crack addict.

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Do you shop last minute? like say, tomorrow/saturday? at macys? are you snippetty because your running out of time? yea. hate you. - Mood:Good
Thursday December 21 20068:55:56 PM |
i don't wanna work tomorrow and saturday. stupid crabby people who wait til the last minute then are all grumpy.

they took down my house calendar. blah blah blah copyright rules well if they made one i would buy it. but they don't. so i made myself one

oh pissy customers. please don't come into macys tomorrow.

yay store party! i'm bringing pigs in blankets. half the people bring stuff and the other half don't bring anything and just eat theres an unspoken rule of if you don't bring, you can't eat. but no one follows it. *mutters* how hard is it to go to the grocery store and pick up a tin of cookies? or if its THAT hard, don't eat!

anyways. yay christmas. PBTH on working.

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Hi i`m rpoud so i`m whoring it - Mood:Good
Sunday December 17 20068:50:43 PM |
the calendar i just made

i've never made a calendar before, i hope it comes out alright


i don't wanna go to work tomorrow i miss having two weeks of nothing to do around christmas. pbth.

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My family is being nice to me. of course the only conclusion i can come to is that i`m dying. - Mood:Good
Sunday December 17 20067:08:09 PM |
i made these god awful cookies. following my grandmothers 60 year old recipe. they all keep raving. they are gross. why.

my grandmother got two ornaments from her friend for christmas. she let me hang them on the tree. why.

i didn't eat dinner with them tonight. it bothers my grandmother to her bones. she likes sunday family all together dinner. usually she slam bangs around for a bit and is all huffy for most of the night muttering about family and togetherness. tonight she just said "ok, make your plate and put it in the fridge." why.

no one has yelled at me today. not even gotten snippetty at me. this is just. not normal. its not right. i usually get yelled at 24/7 for breathing. yet. people are talking to me civially. asking me things instead of demanding or barking them at me. WHY.

i wish they'd cut it out, its freaking me out.

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Does cold weather kill germs? - Mood:Good
Sunday December 17 20064:48:45 PM |
my family is forever saying it does and i would like some proof and i can't find any.

anyone got any?

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How to know if pants are too low: if i have to shave to wear them - Mood:Good
Sunday December 17 20063:07:46 AM |
These pants are so skanky. but make my ass look fabulous. but i wear a long shirt to combat the whole low thing therefore no one can see my ass. oh well. i can.
i swear they shrunk. no way would i have bought these like this. plus they are short in the leg. i'm 4'11. nothings short in the leg on me. therefore. shrunk. i really don't mind giving tmi. i have realized this. i give it freely. i don't get why others are bothered.

anyways. i watched broken bridges. i quite like it. its so my type of movie. angsty girl. long lost father. singing. perfect.

song recommendation for you

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i send all my crap out today. and i am offically a graduate of college. with my associated degree. yay for me (pictures) - Mood:Good
Friday December 15 20066:35:35 PM |
i have a AS in liberal arts woohoo. bout damn time.

i send 6 of my 7 christmas packages out the other is drying. a very lucky jason mraz fan got this for christmas:

i clay

i got more packages! i so completely love my ss. gee i wonder who it is my dogs LOVE the toy. the puppy and ducas play tug of war with it. its adorable. i'll have to take a picture.

oh and heres my "well kids" clay thingy for my stepgrandmother:

i haven't put snow on the wood yet.

wooo no more school. well. til next fall. oh. yippee. work.

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holy ****ing crap its gonna cost me my whole paycheck to send a package to australia - Mood:Good
Sunday December 10 20065:43:19 PM |
i think it'd be cheaper to take it over myself.

tell me a sotry, about anything. true though please. i'm all fictioned out.

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Something is upsetting me. so what do i do? make a journal about it. - Mood:Good
Sunday December 10 20065:03:50 PM |
Two years before my sister learned how to drive he gave her his old car to do what she wants with (drive it or sell it) she sold it, took the money and bought a car she liked. that was about 2-3 years ago.

grandpas getting a new car again. he is giving the old one to my sister to sell and get the money for.
i. am feeling very left out. my aunt keeps trying to get him to see that he already gave a car to my sister, give this one to me. but he won't. keeps saying i can't drive. neither could my sister when she gave it to her. i have to drive to school next year, she already has a car. it would make so much more sense to give it to me.

but its not really not getting the car that bothers me. i can get my own car really. its that he won't even consider giving it to me. hes talking about giving the car to my sister now with her fiance, about all the details of it. plus he keeps calling me "the problem". pbth. i'm such a girl. i refuse to cry into my chicken.

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i love danny kaye. oh yes. yes i do - Mood:Good
Saturday December 09 200610:25:35 PM |

i do believe i am about 50 years behind though.

but thats okay. he made many wondertastic movies for me to love and swoon over.

anyone else share my dk love?

or if not, post your love your are a century or decades too late for. repeat FROM LONG AGO. as in by now they are in their 70s+ or not with us anymore.

i made crepes. you can have one if you want. i made pudding too. yummy.

(p.s. pbth on big pictures)

i'm watching hans christian andersen

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Are you/ were you a dance teacher? have you ever taught dance to people 15 and under? yes? please come in :-) theres cookies and juice. - Mood:Good
Saturday December 09 20066:22:49 PM |
Howdy, i have to write a paper on teaching 15 and younger kids dance. however, i have never taught anyone dance. so i am stumped. can yall give me some pointers? tips? things you learn? things one should knwo to teach youngins dance? what your role was? etc? stories? anything?

anything at all you can possible think of about teaching dance to youngins would be very very appreciated

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Dear Secret Santa, - Mood:Good
Saturday December 09 20063:00:01 PM |
According to my mother, i have received a package addresed to "Nicole Slove". First she gave me a weird look and asked if that was me, then she told me its from petco and the dogs have knocked it on the floor 8 times before she had to shove it up in a closet. pepper keeps barking at it.
I'm at my grandmas for the weekend but i am very curious!! so is my mom now

Love, Nicole Slove

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So we got home and there was a package on the porch. i saw it was addressed to "Nicole Slove". i hopped up and down. then my mother looked at me weird than laughed at me. for quite a long time. probably because i kept hopping - Mood:Good
Friday December 08 20065:00:52 PM |
someone sent meeee chocolatttttttttte. REALLY REALLY good chocolate.

scared the crap out of me though. it came in a can. yea. i remember being a kid and my aunt had a can that said it was mixed nuts. was it mixed nuts? oh no it wasn't. it was snakes that jumped out at you. i have since been tramatized at opening cans. (i may have made my mom open the can )

i demand to know who sent it! NO don't tell me! i love christmas

*bounces away*

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